/ Eastern / Because I’m Too Handsome, An NPC Wants To Make Me Marry Her

Because I’m Too Handsome, An NPC Wants To Make Me Marry Her

Because I’m Too Handsome, An NPC Wants To Make Me Marry Her

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Author: Red ShadowTranslator: Nyoi-Bo StudioEditor: Nyoi-Bo Studio


4.14 (14 ratings)

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A mysterious force came upon the world, sending everyone into the game, Deity Domain.
At the starting area of the game, Su Fan came across a fairly pretty NPC girl. After he invited her to become part of his team, he began on his journey to lead a team to fight monsters and level up.
“The NPCs of this game are programmed so well! Not only is she pretty, but she’s also fun to talk to!”
Whenever Su Fan was bored, he would talk to her about game strategies, recent happenings and he even knew what underwear color the princess liked.
Su Fan said to her, “I heard the prince of Wind Empire is coming to ask for our princess’ hand in marriage.
She replied, “She’s not going to marry that prince.”
Su Fan was surprised. She explained, “Because there’s someone else she wants to marry.”
One day, when Su Fan and the NPC girl walked into the palace and everyone immediately bowed before them, Su Fan suddenly realized that he was about to be forced to marry her!

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    Hilarious but also worried he's going to be a simp MC lol

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    This is a romantic comedy with no harem elements. I actually did laugh at a few of the scenes which is rare for me. As it is a gamer type novel there is a livestream chat. While I did find the chat was a bit too much in the earlier chapters, it seems that it is becoming less as the story progresses. The MC seems a bit dense at the start but he is more intelligent then we are lead to believe. He doesn't seem like he is going to be a simp, just a regular guy hanging out with a hot girl. The translation quality is pretty good as well. I recommend giving this a go.

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    Simply- humorous and witty with a regular game world, but expect laughs. The world is complex and is as you would expect of a game world, simple mechanics that work for any game novel, levels, monsters and pretty ladies 👀 The characters seem fleshed out as can be in 20 chapters, its very interesting and the humour had me laughing. So just for that i would recommend reading it The MC isnt a simp either which always helps

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    I love the romance in this novel and the interaction between the MC and FL. My only problem with this novel is that the MC gets railroaded/babysat way too hard by the FL. I genuinely hope the FL will eventually realize that she needs to let the MC experience hardships and grow on his own.

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    If anyone knows or finds the raws for this please let me know I have searched to no avail maybe I’m just to stupid for it so need help.

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    Rom-com story with OP female lead, haven't seen any struggle but only fluff and FMC spoiling the MC. It is good to read and I give me lot of laughs. Almosta NPC are humorous, you should give it a try.

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    shove this on the other gender side and from perspective of the fml and u got urself a story......................................................................................................

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    needs a bit more world building, maybe like a chapter zero to explain a tiny bit of background. other than that I feel it's a.really good story, and had huge potential to be picked.

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    I really enjoyed reading this novel I recommend others to check it out

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    The background is well built and the character interactions are wholesome.Tthe female lead is too much wholesome that she does crazy thing some for him like going and threatening a gobling lord of the dungeon...Anyway the story is super good so please start writing again

    Reveal Spoiler
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    Me intriga lo que vendra en un futuro, la verdad es que se esta llevando por un buen camino la historia de esta novela, lo que la hace mas interesante cada ves mas

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    Amazing Hope this will get pick Hehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehejehehehehehehehejehehejehejejejejejejejejjejejejejejejjejehehejejejehejejjejejejejejejej hehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehejehehehehehehehejehehejehejejejejejejejejjejejejejejejjejehehejejejehejejjejejejejejejej heheejehejjehehehehejejjee

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    Author Red Shadow

    Translator Nyoi-Bo Studio

    Editor Nyoi-Bo Studio