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90% Becoming The Ultimate Mage / Chapter 27: NIGHTMARE

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Chapter 27: NIGHTMARE

Yesterday was a traumatizing day for Ai, his group never stopped teasing him about the division he went it.

Especially Liu who made him so mad that he wanted to hit, he was embarrassed at first but with the so much teasing it turned into anger.

A fight almost broke out between the two, luckily Mei Mei stopped them.

As for how Mei Mei stopped them that's a secret.

The group slept after their dinner and bath.

Tomorrow would be the real start of becoming a mage, a teacher guiding them to create a spell on their own.

"Finally, I'm starting to walk on the path of the Ultimate Mage" Ai was mumbling while in his bed, he hadn't slept yet,


A notification came onto his mind

"hmm?" Ai was curious what is was

[The download of the Mother Goose System successful, Initiating drive]

[Drive initiated]

[Agent Wretched Egg Activited]

Ding Ding Ding!

Streams of notification came in Ai's mind, he just let these series of dings, to halt and ask the system about what is was

[Agent's Primary Function Opened]

Suddenly Ai's consciousness was pulled into another world, there he saw different magicians, their magic was terrifying indeed,

Ai saw a red robed man who was fighting a green robed woman,

'They must be mages' Ai thought to himself

At first they were just staring each other, and a moment later they talked,

He can't understand what those two were speaking as it was a different language than his,

It was a long chit chat at those two, but what was really eye catching was the background of this two.

It was a place filled with craters, the whole world seemed to be destroyed, magic after magic was released below those to. Demons and humans fighting each other, human after human killing each other.

It was a horrific sight to see, blood were spilled everywhere, the skies was already stained by blood,

A scarlet glow is blanketing the skies, and a very large rift is visible in the sky, and demons where spawning there.

It seemed like this was a war between three parties, a demon, a human, and a human also.


The two mages who were talking earlier was now clashing!

The red one had a sword in his hand and the green one had a hand in her hand.

Clank! Boom! Fwish!

The two was just purely fighting using a sword and a wand.

The green robed seemed to be at disadvantage in this fight, every time the duo would clash, the green robed mage would be pushed away and the red one would stand there with a smug smile.

Boom Boom Boom!

Impacts between their clash had killed those who were near in their perimeter. Shockwaves was visible everytime they clash.

A moment after the green robed mage was already filled with different wounds, her left hand was cut, while the red robed mage was perfectly fine.

She was clearly losing this fight,


Suddenly the woman raised her wand in the sky, and a light penetrated the sky.

When the light penetrated the sky, the clouds covering the skies disappeared replaced by multiple magic circles, A grand magic array was seen throughout the sky.

Different colours of magic circles were circling in the sky, they shone majestically shining the whole place with different colours

The red robed mage was alarmed, he sent a black light towards the rift, a moment later black mass was flowing out of the rift, it went to the red robed mage,

The mage was coated by the black mass, he had been completely devoured. There was no traces left, all that was there was a floating black mass

Hong! Hong! Hong!

The black mass produced shockwaves, it was shaking intensely, vigorous booms can be heard in its shake,

The land in the world was cracking, lightnings all over the black mass,

Suddenly it turned to a round mass. A black egg it would likely be.

Crack, Creak

The black mass outer shell was cracking, and a ferocious being was seen.


This demon had a 8 arms and 4 heads and 9 tails.

The body of this demon is purely black, and a blackish red mist was shrouding the body of his.


The demon roared so loud, it made the Ai's self shiver in fright. His Soul was shaken at that roar, he was full of sweats and was swearing to himself that demon was a very dangerous being.


The metamorphosis of this demon didn't last long, after it's successful transformation, it darted off towards the green robed mage who was still chanting her magic.

A fist was coming straight towards the chanting mage's head.


Before the fist even made contact to her head a barrier appeared, it protected the mage and send the demon backwards with the impact of its fist

The demon was surprised that this human still protected itself from its surprise attack.

Still the demon darted, but now he didn't use a hand but he summoned a large sword in his right hand,

A large sword materialized and directed towards the mage

Before the sword could even made a swing, the demon was bombarded with magic below.

The humans were focusing their attack towards the demon who was gonna kill the woman.

The demon smiled and swung his sword.

Swords appeared in the skies, millions of sword were raining in the land,

Swish! Fwoosh!

Ugh! Blergh! Ahg!

The magicians who disrupted the demon earlier was wiped out!

Ai was truly feeling this the word fear in his heart.

This scence was a freaking blood-bath!

There were million of those magicians earlier and they died in a blink of an eye!

'Heck! How strong really is this guy!' Ai was shivering in his spot now, he couldn't believe this scene at all, did it really happen before? If so, how come humans still lived like the way they are now

Seeing that all the ants were taken care of, the demon looked at the lady who had her eyes closed still and blood flowed in hey eyes, nose, mouth, and ears.

Immediately the demon send the huge sword towards the woman


Multiple barriers were formed to protect the woman.

But it was futile all barriers were easily cut by the sword and it did not stop heading towards the mage.

When the sword almost cut through the heart of the mage. Her eyes opened

The Magic array in the skies shone!

The whole world was put under a tremendous pressure, even space itself was being distorted at that time, the demon plummeted to the land.


A crated was created where he plummet.

The demon tried to stand up be he cannot. The demon was trying his hard to stand up but it was futile.

The magic array transformed into multi-colored shackles.

They chained the demon on the ground and raising it to the sky.


A light ray shoot down to the heavens directed at the demon who was shackled in mid air


the demon cried in agony after being hit with the light ray.

Next after a door appeared in the sky, a giant door with multi-coloured carvings,


The door opened and a huge suction force appeared


A black vortex was sucking everything in its wake.

Everything was sucked even the ground, the corpes, swords, even the light didn't escape from its sucking force

The demon who was shackled tried its hardest to avoid sucking, the woman who casted the spell just smiled and got sucked in the vortex, the only thing left was the demon who was shackled.

Shing! Shing! Shing!

3 mighty golden swords appeared in the sky beneath the giant door.

It stuck the demon.

"ROOAAAAAAAAAAR!" a loud cry was heard after it penetrated the body of the demon, the demon lost its strength and it was sucked.


The door in the sky disappeared and a crystal with a 3 swords carved in it fell from the sky.

Ai was shocked to all this happening, the battle earlier was now ended by in an instant.

There was nothing left, there only the crystal with a 3 swords carved was in the ground.

And Ai was pulled out again and he woke up sweating..

"It was just a dream, thank god!" Ai was nervously shaking in his bed that time,

He still couldn't move on from the fear the demon instilled to him.

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