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Chapter 19: Chapter 19.

He rested on his seat with his eyes closed as he continued to puff some smoke, without replying anything and I just stood beside him waiting.

After a couple of minutes raised his head looked at me and said.

" You continue to scout the Uchiha, see in the next few meetings whether the Uchiha Patriarch has decided to Coup or not. If their is no problem I will come forward to meet him, and if he succumbs to the temptation and decides to rebel we must use full force to cut this bud from seed." At the end his face was filled with determination and slight helplessness while some of his oppressive aura radiated outwards.

I nodded at him and said " I will live upto your trust." and rushed out as I couldn't stand the aura he unconsciously radiated because of undulating emotions. Outside I could feel my back soaked with sweat. As I drew a nervous smile and continued to move towards Naka shrine to take cover early.


A couple of weeks passed in between these there were 4 meetings in which Great elder and other high level members of Uchiha clan continued to put pressure on Uchiha as he still didn't give his opinion.

Today at the end of the meeting he silenced all the chatter by saying.

" I will give you an answer on the next meeting at end of next week."

Getting his everybody dispersed as he sighed at these peoples IQ while feeling suffocation and headache on what to do. He rubbed his head while moving towards his house. Seeing everyone disappearing I quickly recorded all the information on the scroll. And retreated back outside and headed towards Hokage office.

Reaching there I entered the office through the window and stood silently in front of Hokage desk after placing the scroll on the desk. He didn't even turn his head up, not even looking at the scroll on the desk and continued to browse through the piles of papers in front of him.

Couple of minutes later He looked up at me and dryly said.

" Sorry to keep you waiting." I dare not accept his sorry and humbly replied " It's nothing Hokage-sama. It's ok."

He nodded and asked.

" What is the situation this time." While opening the scroll to look.

I knew he was asking for my opinion at this time.

" I think you should meet him this time. In the last 5 meeting he has been delaying the aggressiveness of the Uchiha high but he won't be able to take it for long. This time he even declared to give his opinion in the meeting next week. "

I hesitated and said.

" Sorry to say but if you can't contact him in this week then the consequences will be terrible it might become a true genocide of Uchiha clan while other clans might not show anything on the surface but they might be dissatisfied. If their dissatisfaction continued to rise someone will take advantage of it leading our Konoha Village to an internal collapse. Best situation would be everyone goes there own way while worst might lead everyone in the village to their death." I raised my voice on the last word emphasizing the importance of this small meeting,

He looked at me while thinking about my words. After a few seconds he nodded and said.

" Look for a good opportunity and secretly contact Uchiha patriarch and decide the time and place to have this meeting."

"Yes Hokage-sama" I replied slightly bowing.

He reached towards me and patted my shoulder while saying.

" Good work complete this last mission and you can take a rest for a period of time."

Just at this my face changed as near-Jonin level aura radiated from me and wind rose on the sides while the papers flew away and Hokage-sama standing beside me nearly stumbled.

Just as my aura flared both the personal guards in the office placed their necks while Hokage-sama looked with an indifferent and confused expression.

Not caring about the sword on my I said in an anxious voice.

" Hokage-sama you need to come with me. Quickly."

Still not reacting he asked me in an confused voice. " Why?"

I anxiously, nearly pleading voice replied.

" Danzo has attacked Shisui. They have circled him near the Anbu base in the forest of death. Near the outskirts."

Hearing this he raised his voice in surprise. " WHAT!"

I anxiously nodded at him. Taking a deep breath and gaining back his composure. He waved his hand towards the ninjas beside me to release me and said few words in the ear of the ninja on my left. Hearing the word she nodded and rushed away. Hokage-sama looked at me and said.

" Lets go." I rushed forward leading them towards the fighting place while Hokage-sama and his other guard followed behind.

Following Hokage-sama was quite astonished at my speed which was similar to the speed of Elite Jonin. Eh! this kid has truly grown up. He picked up his pace slightly and ran beside me while asking.

" What happened. How did you know Danzo attacked Shisui." While still running I replied.

" From my few sources in the village I heard some news that Shisui has been contacting Danzo lately. Truth be said I don't like this guy who can get the results using every despicable there is in the world. Although he has contributed way to much for the village but at the same time he is also a cancer that is developing in the dark. You can take todays fight as an example of how unruly this guy is." I stopped talking here to take some breath while to take a peek at Hokage-sama expression. Seeing that it is still gloomy I continued.

"So just after I received this news I met Shisui and warned him not to deal with him. But knowing Shisui for village and Uchiha clan to get together he has to go and meet Danzo Because he is the one among the elders that oppose the Uchiha clan openly and has a deep grudge against them. So I placed a shadow clone to always track his movements and if something does happen he can help at the same time notify me about the danger so I can bring some reinforcement." I finished here and wanted to continue suddenly I got some memories.

As I burst forward using wind and lightning combination Body flicker. I call It Speed of storm. My whole body was covered in wind while slight lightning can be seen on skins and Soles. As I moved at the speed of a Quasi Kage. Seeing my sudden burst he knew the situation has gone dire and asked "what happened this time" while rushing at the direction pointed by me in full force. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

I quickly replied him. "I just got the memories of the shadow clone made by my earlier shadow clone to stay and help him while he dispersed to give me information. Now that shadow clone also dispersed in an attack. While It killed 2 root members while Shisui killed 4 but there are still 14 ninjas attacking him at once and the worst point is Danzo himself has joined and has taken action against Shisui. Shisui is badly injured and is using Half-body Susanoo."

Hearing the name Susanoo the guard following behind exclaimed while Hokage-sama didn't care but raised his fully demonstrating his super-kage level as he left us behind and headed to the position I pointed while we were running.

We continued to follow our path as his back started to fade from our sight. 3 minutes later when we reached the destination we could only see badly battered with pits all over the place and 18 corpses wearing root uniform. Seeing the situation pain flashed though our eyes while anger rushed into our brain as both me and the guard stared at the Danzo who was busy quarrelling with Hokage-sama.

Seeing us glaring angrily he looked back and said loudly demonstrating his power "what."

We quickly lowered our head as I clenched my fist hard feeling weak.

He just glanced slight at the guard and focused his attention on me.

" You kid you are very brave dare to attack me and my people. Do you know you are defending a traitor. Do you want to get killed."

Hearing this blood rushed to my head as I angrily growled at him.

" You bastard what did my friend do to you. Do you have any proof he committed treason If not who gave you the right to declare him a traitor. Do you truly think no can face you. Do really don't take Hokage-sama in your eyes." I continued angrily without giving anyone a chance to talk.

" Oh! I know you bastard covets Shisui's eye. Don't you dare deny this. If you hadn't coveted that how san I feel his chakra in sleeves on your back. Don't you look at me like this I know you are....." At this time felt slight tugging from behind angrily turning back I saw the guard crazily shaking his head.

Seeing this calmed down and turned to look at Danzo whose face was filled with killing intent while Hokage-sama was gloomy to the extreme. Not daring to look at their I just faced down and stood beside Hokage-sama.

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