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30% Ben 10: Apex Hero / Chapter 1: A new life as Ben 10

A new life as Ben 10 - Ben 10: Apex Hero - Chapter 1 by Daichi_TBR193 full book limited free

Chapter 1: A new life as Ben 10

I guess I should be really thankful for the time skip, I didn't need to know what the sensation and experience of being born really is like.

Well, allow me to introduce myself, my name is…

What was it again?

I come from…


How old was I?

I remember that I went to college and spoke multiple languages, but where did I live?

Wait, I've been here talking all day about this cartoon that I really care for (pilot chapter), even recalling having a friend who also enjoyed it, but I can't remember his name or even his face. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

Nor could I remember the faces and names of the people I cared for.

Family, friends, girlfriend… whenever I think about them, It's all a giant blur in my head.


Scratch that, the weirdest thing was that I didn't even feel bad about it.

It's a weird sense of distortion that I wouldn't be able to pinpoint, perhaps that's what they call selective amnesia.

I guess whatever brought me here wanted me to use my memories about this fictional world without having distractions from my previous life.

And for some reason I just came to accept it.

I might not remember much about myself, but I do know that being reborn as Ben Tennyson was a dream come true to me.

Guess my personality has been somewhat preserved.

Anyway… after my brief existential crisis ended, I waited to meet some form of omnipotent being that would order me to do his or her bidding.

But no one came.

Are you shitting me?

I get the opportunity of reincarnating as one of the most powerful fictional characters in existence without having rules to abide.

Just like that?


Don't mind if I live my life to its fullest while taking great liberties with the reality I've been inserted into.

And so I began my ten years before that fateful summer trip with my grandfather and cousin.

During my toddler days, I didn't have much to do beyond going through everything I knew about the Ben 10 universe.

Or should I say, Omniverse.

From timeline to lore, and even listing every piece of trivia I had once learned.

The problem I found recalling everything was all the countless headcanons and inconsistencies that plagued the franchise.

Was I Ben Tennyson Prime?

Will Ben Ten Thousand be a reflection of me?

Or, god forbids, have I reincarnated into the reboot?

Looking around, I noticed that the world isn't as cartoonish as I had feared.

From my parents' talks, this world resembled the real one, with accurate geography.

But as a kid watching TV, I just couldn't recognize anything that was being broadcasted.

Honestly, the quality of entertainment here was very low.

That made sense to me, I never understood what Ben liked about Sumo Slammers, always took it as a generic lame fictional property.

Not much different from Kangaroo Commando and Super Alien Hero Buddy Adventures.

But that gave me an idea for the future.

Anyway, besides spending my time recollecting everything I remembered from watching Ben 10, I had another passion project that was even more important that it succeeded.

I spent most of my time meditating, seeking to find a trace of the energy that I knew resided within me.

My parents Sandra and Carl were very glad that I was a calm baby, only calling for their attention when strictly necessary during the most opportune time for them.

They were a little surprised with how quick I learned how to speak, but I did nerf myself to not appear too suspicious.

I searched for the source of power that I inherited from my Alien Grandmother.

And after an entire year, I am proud to say that I finally found it after giving my first steps.

At first I would describe it as a warm misty aura that flowed through my body, but with time, I finally could feel it's nature.

Despite having my eyes closed, I could see its greenish color.

Still faint, probably due to my age.

But I immediately set myself to correct it.

Spending my second year alive in trying to exert some influence over this source of power.

At first it seemed to completely ignore my attempts, almost like a mist ignores a physical hand.

But with time, I could feel my subtle push and pull slightly affecting the course of the misty aura.

And by channeling it towards parts of my body, I notice it enhancing them to certain minuscule levels.

Walking became much easier as my legs became more capable of sustaining my weight.

Taking advantage of that, I pushed myself to my limits when walking and running, mostly to improve my physical strength and stamina.

I noticed my senses increasing ever so slightly whenever I channeled my aura purposefully.

Better sight, hearing and smell.

As my control increased through the months of practice, I was still unable to make the energy leave my body to perform unnatural feats.

Whenever I tried to expel it from my body and make use of it, I felt it immediately evaporating into nothing as the environment consumed it.

After countless tries, by my third year I concluded that It had to become more dense if I wanted to have it resist being absorbed by the environment.

My aura had naturally grown more dense since the time I first took notice of it and had continuously practiced with it.

But I wanted to strengthen it faster.

My solution to the problem was compressing it.

That was really harder at first, since I had only channeled it with metaphorical puffs.

Restraining and compressing my aura was like trying to hold my breath underwater after running a full marathon.

It clearly wasn't meant to be used like that, after all, Anodites were a free-spirited race that absorbs mana from the environment continuously.

But I wanted to have better results.

I needed to.

It was all a massive gamble, treating Anodite physiology as if it was a regular magical/cultivation system.

The consequences could be catastrophic, but I needed to prepare myself in case this wasn't the original universe of the series I knew.

Having magic was only the first contingency that I wanted to have at my disposal.

Combat training and hacking skills are other worthy goals for me.

In the end, I found a winning strategy.

Instead of compressing my aura for longer periods of time and having me blackout due to exhaustion, I took a different approach.

By rapidly compressing and releasing the flow of my aura, I noticed it's density growing, albeit at a much slower pace, without feeling like shit and fainting as a result.

That also allowed me to practice my manipulation of energy without having to take a lotus position and clear my mind.

I got a little greedy and decided to test it while doing something like playing with my toys or balancing myself on one foot.

And sure enough, that was a massive success.

By using my mana to enhance my body, I became capable of performing feats that four years kids shouldn't.

Lighter, quicker, tougher, stronger, having better flexibility and stamina.

I was probably capable of trading blows with ten years old Ben before he received the Omnitrix.

Picture Ben after being affected by Fountain of Youth and turning into his four years old version, I was slightly taller and more athletic.

The constant flow of energy seems to be nurturing my body as a result.

Unfortunately, I couldn't confirm exactly how it improved my intellect, since my cognitive functions had been preserved from my past life.

As I approached my fifth birthday, I became capable of actually compressing my aura for periods longer than a second, so my power received a considerable boost as a result.

My schedule suffered a little since my parents made me enter Kindergarten, but as some doors got closed to me, new ones were open.

I'm so thankful that I forced myself to multitask while manipulating my mana, I wasn't too much affected by the change.

For now, I still wasn't allowed to explore the city, but my time will soon come.

Despite having my body being nurtured by inner aura, I wasn't negligent in working out appropriately.

And neither would I stay stagnant with my intellect, I will push myself harder than any kid twice my age.

I was working on a theory that my stats would influence my transformations.

If I get stronger, my tetramand transformation will get stronger proportionately.

If I got smarter, my galvan transformation will get smarter and process all the information much faster.

At Kindergarten I met many kids my age, including my cousin Gwen.

Our parents met from time to time, so we had a few opportunities to get acquainted before then.

I did enjoy meeting aunt Natalie and Uncle Frank from time to time, they were very different from my current parents, but they resembled each other in regards to my aunt being the alpha of the relationship.

Sadly, my cousin Lucy Mann didn't join us at the Kindergarten.

But at least we still saw each other during our family reunions.

She was very sweet and adorable.

A very upbeat, mischievous and happy-go-lucky girl, who I knew would grow to love playing pranks on people.

Especially on Gwen.

We immediately get along well.

She being a Lenopan only made me more open to befriend her.

Not sure if she could sense my aura or if it affected her in some shape or form, but Lucy became very attached to me, despite us not seeing each other all that frequently.

To be fair, I really enjoyed the attention and her reliance on me.

I kept my appearances as the cool kid that despite outperforming all my peers still kept his composure.

Never bragging.

Never showing off.

Despite that, Gwen still wanted to compete with me.

I beat her in regards to speaking and walking first, so her time in Kindergarten was spent trying to be more intelligent and popular than me.

You might be thinking that I should teach her a lesson and make her submit to my authority.

But the truth is that I find her bossy attitude adorable.

Especially when, despite being frustrated for not being better than me, she still tried to impress me.

Besides, she's just a kid.

Not a pet.

Looking at you Kai.

Anyway, I still had lots of fun not obeying her orders.

I even had a few girls acting on my "defense" whenever Gwen got too bossy.

And seeing her blush whenever people pointed out that she liked me was priceless.

During my time there, I looked for other relevant characters.

Having not found Kevin, I remembered that not only he was a year older than me, but that around this time his father died protecting his plumber partner.

The partner being Max Tennyson.

So no Osmosian ally for now.

Sadly, other than a few familiar yet insignificant faces, I didn't find anyone.

Thinking back now, Cooper Daniels is a year younger than me.


A Technopath would be very useful for my plans.

Guess I will have to wait to meet him as well.

But on a side note, by pushing my multitasking capabilities while manipulating my Mana, I made a major breakthrough.

I finally managed to extend my aura beyond the limits of my body.

Tempering with its color affected its density, but not to the point of making subtle use of it useless.

Its inherent quality had made it harder for the environment to dissipate it even by making it sparse.

And since its nature has a deep connection to me, I could freely alter it even outside of my body.

That allowed me to influence people close to me by extending an invisible cloud of my power.

By channeling hostile intent I managed to intimidate bullies (Yup, they exist even at this age).

By channeling friendly intent I managed to boost my charisma, making others much more susceptible to agree with me.

I think you got the idea of what happens when I channel lustful intent using this technique.

But honestly, I kinda pity my young female teacher, she will certainly seek lots of psychological help for climaxing after looking at a four year old kid.

At least, she was still cute for an adult.

Back to my magical progress, when I don't make my aura invisible, it is actually dense enough for me to make a static barrier.

For now it is a little weak, but I can at least use it as a step to reach higher places.

It's color now is a tone darker than the green it once was.

Regardless, after I made my sixth birthday and had such incredible results for my age, I was presented with a choice.

To go one year earlier to preschool, or to wait another year.

Unfortunately Gwen didn't receive the same offer.

But since I had already met and befriended Cooper Daniels for an year, there wasn't a motive why I shouldn't push myself to seek the genius label this early.

And now having six years of age, but the appearance of ten, I could finally explore Bellwood.

Or how the town's welcome sign describes: "The Most Normal Town in America"


No kidding.

Despite being in the state of New York, Bellwood was a quiet, and somewhat boring, place to live.

Had tall tress for me to climb, all the four seasons to break the monotony.

My seventh year alive was spent helping my neighbors, with any tasks and chores I could do, even making some cash out of it.

Besides, I needed more and more exercise to strengthen my body and master my mana manipulation for physical activities.

I was growing taller and taller as a result, having lost most of my baby fat as signs of muscle definition began to appear.

With more frequent visits of my cousin Lucy, we got even closer to one another.

One time I could even swear that she almost told me about her sludgy secret.

You see, as a Lenopan, her natural abilities revolve around her race's primarily blob-like biology.

She can mimic the voice and appearance of other people, and can release her sludge in water-like waves at enemies.

Being basically immune to most physical attacks and also being very elastic, she would prove to be one of my most important allies.

Perhaps she feared that I might call her a freak.

As if there was an actual chance that I would bully my dear shapeshifting cousin.

Since history played somewhat similar to how I remembered from my previous life, I multiplied several times all the money I made by simply investing in the right places.

And would continue investing with the profit I made.

That was only possible due to my parents being all about freedom and supporting me in whatever decision I set myself to.

At least, as long as it wasn't illegal.

Which meant, I could apply to every type of extracurricular classes that suited my interest.

Unfortunately, my angsty osmosian left the town before I started exploring around.

But I did spend time with Gwen during our birthdays and during our martial arts classes.

And Cooper became a close friend of mine, teaching me lots of things about computers at such a young age.

The preschool was nice and all, with subjects finally having some sort of difficulty, and being allowed to play sports with kids much older than me.

My knowledge has continued to grow.

Despite being in 8th grade, I could easily compete with high schoolers.

So just like back at the kindergarten, I quickly assumed the title of the cool kid.

Excellent grades, outstanding talent for sports while still maintaining an aloof personality.

Not gonna lie, I was aiming to become the Sasuke Uchiha of my class, without all his edge lordness.

And I'm proud to say that it worked.

Had my fangirls gushing over me and even some older kids that kept trying to compete with me.

A calling I didn't know I had was for debate.

And was precisely that calling that drew the attention of the organization I've been wanting to make contact for a while now.

As secretive as they tried to be, as soon as I received their letter stating their interest in nurturing my talent, I recognized their style.

The Forever Knights.

Created by Sir George, they are an organization of knights that frequently fought the original Ben and his team.

They were first introduced in the original series as a rivaling faction to the plumbers.

In Ultimate Alien, it was revealed that the organization had been divided into various factions with each on their own motivations until Sir George reunited them.

And in Omniverse, the Forever Knights became nothing more than small remnants after the war against Dagon and the Esoterica.

I know, why would I purposefully put myself on the bad guys' radar?

What could they possibly offer to me, that the plumbers couldn't?

The answer to the first question is because I saw an opportunity by joining their ranks and gaining influence.

The answer to the second is pretty much everything. Take into consideration that for the time being the plumbers aren't a full fledged intergalactic force yet, they have limited themselves to be an underground organization with most of its core members in retirement or recruited by the "bad guys".

As for the Forever Knights, I would argue that this is the highest they had ever been. By raising myself through their ranks I'm sure there will be plenty of benefits to reap.

Besides, I just dig the entire Medieval Knights motif.

Maybe after I gained enough influence, and had the Omnitrix on my wrist, I might change some things I find that are hampering their progress.

Their hostility to all alien forms as an example.

Publicly, they were a prestigious boarding school and university with reputed influence in the scientific community.

I would enroll into their group and be accepted as à "page", lowest ranked of their organization.

I will be coursing subjects varying from geography,history, mathematics, chemistry, biology, physics, finance, information technology, languages and literacy.

Not to mention advanced physical education.

Despite all the educational opportunities, I only accepted the offer after they informed me that summer school wasn't available for pages.

There was no way that the omnitrix would stop being my top priority.

So, after completing my eight birthday alongside Gwen, I went to the campus I've been assigned.

It wasn't that far from Bellwood, only a few hours of distance by car.

But the place left me in complete awe.

The main campus sat on about 500 acres in New Jersey.

This university looked more like a palace fit for European royalty than a school.

The architecture and design of the campus buildings were creatively planned and executed to make a lively and connected learning environment while still maintaining the medieval theme.

The classrooms were innovative and designed to be flexible to support a variety of educational experiences.

Every student that roamed the place were supposed to be geniuses in their own way, ranging mostly from young adults to a few teens.

By far I was the youngest of all the students, that was clear by the way everyone looked at me.

Their uniforms doubled down on the idea of a medieval society, with some pretty interesting attires and fashionable colors.

But enough speaking of this place.

The classes were, to be honest, harder than I was expecting.

Even with my previous knowledge, I had to bury my head on a pile of books to not embarrass me in my first semester here.

But thanks to all that pressure, I finally discovered that by channeling my mana through my brain, I boosted my learning curve with added bonus to my nervous system.

In this state I became ambidextrous and had my reaction time shortened considerably.

Which gave me an edge during physical training and combat classes.

Since I hadn't made much use of it, this technique left me completely drained after my first uses.

Only after using it continuously, did that massive drainage problem lessened into some annoying headaches.

The following years went by faster than lightning.

It didn't take long for my accomplishments to make me famous even among people much older than me.

Having college girls interested in ten year old me was a little much, but you won't see me complaining.

And in martial arts and gymnastics, I was second to none.

I even had the opportunity to practice horseback riding, softball, skiing and cross country.

Sadly, weapon training wasn't offered to me yet.

Hope I didn't give you the wrong impression.

I didn't waste my time in the last two years before the summer trip with Grandpa and Gwen.

By the year 2006, my investments had already paid big time, so I've made good use of it by opening a small business unrelated to me that would serve as cover for my future inventions.

My anodite power has progressed greatly, with my cloud of influence now being capable of controlling other beings with lesser intelligence, like animals and plants.

Though it's range is a little too short for my taste.

Also, my barriers have become much larger and stronger than before, with me finally making some progress in regards to range attacks like Gwen's projectiles during Alien Force.

Wish I had been as lucky with the mind reading idea, or at least with my aura detection, that would make my life so much easier.

I did consider venturing out the country to seek out any relevant item before my summer trip, but without the omnitrix, it would be just too risky.

I had ended my semester a week before summer vacations, so I had time to prepare myself for the adventure to come.

Though to my surprise, I had received an offer to become a "Squire" after my summer vacation ended.

I will have to take a series of harder tests, but if I succeed, I might become the youngest "Squire" in quite some time of the organization's history.

That would certainly keep me busy before the events of Alien Force began to unravel, and give me more influence over the Forever Knights.

But for now, I had a powerful device to collect and master its use.

Looking in the mirror I noticed how different I've become from the original Ben.

While still maintaining my hair in an unkempt style and having the same eyes, I had a more athletic build with a proper surfer tan.

I was already taller than Gwen and would only continue to grow.

Out of nostalgia I still used the usual clothes like the black-striped, white shirt with short sleeves, military green cargo pants with side pockets, and black and white sneakers with black stripes.

I picked up my notebook, camera and iPod. I bought these with my own money.

Packed multiple types of food and drinks, in case Grandpa's cooking doesn't work for me, and a few medicines and first aid kits just in case.

With my backpack filled with everything I found that would be useful for the next months, I said goodbye to my parents and waited for Grandpa Max to pick me up.



*Hey there! Thanks for reading my work! I hope this chapter is of your liking. I tried getting done with the prologue arc. Sorry if you expected more of the MC past.

I might include something during a flashback in the future if I find it really necessary.

Any ideas for powers, adventure arcs and girls is more than welcomed. I might not use anything, but you will have my gratitude for trying.

If this chapter is a mess of grammatical errors, please wait that I'll promptly try to fix it. But for that I need your feedback.

Thanks as always for your time, hope you have a fantastic day and please stay safe.


Daichi_TBR193 Daichi_TBR193

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