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Chapter 13-Late Hero - Berserk Stick System - Chapter 13 by Zontal_Zev full book limited free

Chapter 13: Chapter 13-Late Hero

Before I knew it today was the day I would return to the village. I saw a lot of people standing in front of the manor gate, preparing for the upcoming battle.

The troops and adventurers here were only partially in the city because if everyone went to the village it would paralyze the defense of the city which would certainly be very dangerous.

I'm currently wearing armor under my shirt, and a dagger on my waist. In front of me, Celyne looks at the group nervously and turns her attention to me.

"Lute, are you going to be okay? I was so worried," Celyne looked at me with a very worried face.

"Don't worry Celyne, I'm pretty confident in my abilities," I replied to Celyne with a smile.

"H-how about I come with you too?" Celyne looked reluctant to leave me.

"That's not going to happen, you're too early to come along."

Celyne looked frustrated that what I said hit the mark.

"Okay, don't worry too much, I'll go now."

Saying that I hugged Celyne gently. Celyne also hugged me tightly. We hugged for a few minutes.

Braine saw us hugging in displeasure because Celyne didn't look worried about him at all.

After letting go of her embrace, Celyne went towards Braine and hugged him. Braine who was initially displeased now had a gentle expression. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

"Father, I hope you will stay safe,"

"Don't worry Celyne, the forest doesn't have too dangerous monsters," Braine said soothingly.

As Braine said the forest only had monsters with the highest rank being at Rank C, even so, it was powerful enough to destroy many villages, because most villages didn't have strong people protecting them.

"Then Father and Lute will go, you are with your mother in the manor, wait for us here ok?" Braine turned to Sina.

"Um," Celyne let go of her embrace and returned to Sina's side.

Braine and I started to board the carriage and waved at Celyne and Sina. They also waved in return.

Our carriage is heading towards the village, to fight the impending disaster.


--PoV Silvie—

In the village right now, I'm practicing in a large garden. I cast various kinds of magic into the air.

Since Lute's departure, I really miss him. I miss his smile, his demeanor, even when he teases me.

"No-no, what I was thinking, I should be practicing, not thinking about it," After saying that I started practicing again.

Before Lute hit his head with a sword, I was the one who always bullied him. But since then, I've become the one he bullied which makes me unhappy.

I don't know what happened but he seems to be starting to change. He who used to be playful and lazy is now a completely different person.

He likes to tease me, help people in the village and even try to be strong. I also couldn't imagine before, he dared to go to the forest alone even without me. I certainly didn't let this happen, so I ended up going with him.

'I'm starting to think why it happened, was it because his head hit the sword that made the contents of his brain change, I don't know at all'

The thought of him not even being here makes my head heat up, it's like a Wife missing her husband.

"Silvie!! are you here?"


A girl my age called me suddenly, it startled me and screamed unintentionally.

"Natille!! You surprised me," I held my chest and sighed.

The girl in front of me is called Natille Carol, she is one of the children like me who live in the orphanage. She has shoulder-length black hair and is neither pretty nor ugly.

"Hmm, what's this? Ahaa you're thinking about your lover?" Natille clapped her hands and giggled teasingly at me.

"Wh-what lover is you referring to," I feel embarrassed now.

"Hahaha your face is red, let's go back, mom has prepared lunch,"Natille pulled my hand.

When we arrived at the orphanage, Natille and I entered and saw that the others had gathered in the dining room. Natille and I also sat on chairs, we all started to have lunch together.

After lunch, I went back to training until the sky started to get dark. I met up with Natille in front of the orphanage.

"You're back Silvie, aren't you tired of training all the time," Natille asked me in surprise.

"Not at all, I want to be strong to enter Mervbanis Academy, that's my wish, that way I won't trouble the others," I smiled at her.

'I don't want to lose to him either' I said to myself.

"I envy your aim, but since I don't have any magic talent, I can't do it," Natille just sighed.

"Don't worry Natille I'm sure you have other goals,"

Natille just smiled at my answer. We both went into the orphanage. I chatted with Natille until dinner arrived. After dinner, I went out and sat by the grass, where I slapped Lute hard.

"Beautiful view," I said hugging my knees.

Thinking back, Lute is moving closer to me here, that night. Recalling that incident made my head smoke.

"W-what's wrong with him even though I was just sitting next to him, he suddenly approached me it surprised me," I mumbled hugging my knees.


'As expected your face looks beautiful,'

'W..wa..wa..wa..what are you saying you pervert!!!'

Remembering this flash made my head hotter, I finally couldn't take it anymore and go back into the orphanage. I immediately rushed to my room and lay on the bed covering my face with the blanket.

"What's the matter all of a sudden?, your face is so red," Natille asked me with a strange face.

"N-nothing," My voice was muffled in the bed.


That night around the village, many village guards were currently fighting the monsters that came to the village.

"What happened tonight? There are so many monsters," a guard shouted.

"I don't know either, it seems something happened in the forest," Another guard replied with a frightened face.

"We have to inform the village head immediately,"

Saying so, after all the monsters were defeated. The village guard went to the village chief's house.

"Are you saying that a lot of monsters attacked the village before!?"

The village head shouted in surprise. He was an old man who looked to be 50 years old. His hair had partly turned white and his face was starting to wrinkle, indicating that he was not a person with a large mana capacity.

Because the stronger you are, and the greater your mana capacity. You will look young even after being hundreds of years old. The village chief's name is Larrie Olpo.

"That's right, village chief, we don't lie,"

Larrie started to think about this problem and looked for the best solution.

"Tighten the guard in the village and don't let anyone into the forest, if something bad happens, evacuate the villagers immediately," Larrie shouted loudly.

"Yes, village chief," The guard who heard this rushed back to their guard post.

"I hope nothing bad happens," Larrie mumbled.

What he didn't know was, in fact, the most terrible calamity was hiding in the forest, stalking its prey.


Two days later.

After today's practice, the sky was already showing that it was already evening. I went back to the orphanage to rest.

During the training my current abilities improved, I also learned a new spell, "Frozen Thorn" this is a spell that releases sharp chunks of ice from underground. This spell is very destructive when hit by an enemy.

'I can't wait to show my skills to Lute,' I laughed inwardly.

After dinner, suddenly there was a loud noise from outside the village.

"Monster attack!!! Quickly evacuate villagers!!" Someone shouted.

The village is now in a state of chaos, many monsters are attacking, the guards are holding it back. The villagers start evacuating the children.

What I see now are a lot of monsters that are in a large area close to the forest. The monsters coming out of there are so many that I can't count them.

I saw this terrible state, didn't stay still, and joined the guard group to fight the monsters.

"Silvie why are you here, many monsters here, quickly evacuate," a guard who was fighting the bear monster said.

"No uncle, I will help fight monsters," I said and fired magic at the monsters.

"Haah.. we'd better talk about this later," The uncle said and fought the monster in front of him.

I also fought monsters by firing various spells. But even after many monsters died, other monsters came.

Suddenly there was a tiger shaped monster measuring 3 meters in size rushing towards us. I saw this scared. My body has reached its limit, I can't fight anymore.

The tiger looked at me with its gaze that looked hungry, as if it saw good prey. The tiger jumped up and opened its mouth wide at me.


A guard shouted very loudly. He tried to help me but he was currently fighting another monster which made him unable to move.

I saw the tiger trying to eat me, was horrified. Suddenly flashbacks of my memories with Lute started flooding my vision.

Laughter, anger, sadness, fear, happiness, various memories appeared in my vision. Unknowingly, tears started to form in the corners of my eyes.

'Is this my end? If I knew this would happen, I would be honest with my feelings, Lute I miss you, I don't want to die, I want to be with you forever'

I cry over my helplessness, in expressing my feelings. If I have the chance, I will tell him that I love him.

Closing my eyes, wishing for a painless death. Suddenly a dark shadow flashed in front of me and crushed the tiger's jaw.

Hearing the tiger screaming, I subconsciously opened my eyes. There I saw a handsome boy, white hair and bright yellow eyes appeared in front of me. He was holding a black dagger stained with tiger blood.

I looked at the boy in front of me, finally unable to hold back the dam of tears and broke.

"Uwaaaa.. uwaaaaa.... Lute I miss you,"I hugged Lute with all my might.

Zontal_Zev Zontal_Zev

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