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Between Heaven and Earth, I Alone Am The One Squished Between Softies Between Heaven and Earth, I Alone Am The One Squished Between Softies original

Between Heaven and Earth, I Alone Am The One Squished Between Softies

Author: Yuri_Lover23

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Chapter 1: Reversed Grip Technique

[This is a Smut, 18+ and Mature Content. Read at your own discretion. 

Disclaimer: This is just for fun and I don't intend to take this story too serious.]

(Kiryu's POV)

"Oh...." I said as I closed my eyes, "Yes.....Just like that, girl...." 

I felt the wet and drooling tongue wrap around my large and erect cock as it was inside a throat, tightening around it completely. The blowjob was so damn good that my entire body was completely melting from the sensation. 

"That's right....." I said as I reached down and grabbed a handful of soft breasts, " always, your blowjobs are heavenly....." 

I opened my eyes and looked down to see the Grade 1 Sorcerer, Mei Mei, sucking on my cock as she laid on her back on the bed, taking my cock in a reversed position. The sight of her bare, naked, and sexy body was arousing. I couldn't help but just

"Mmm~" She moaned through the blowjob as I groped her massive and soft tit

I moved my hips, slowly fucking her throat, "Yea, take it..." I said softly, "Your throat-pussy is amazing, I might just bust inside you...." 

Mei Mei took my cock out her mouth, "That's extra~" She said with a smile

"Oh?" I said, "Girl, I'm the Head of The Gojo Clan, I have the money." 

Mei Mei sat up and turned around as her beautiful white hair flowed on her shoulder, she gave me an erotic smile while she got on all fours. 

"Money that your cousin, Satoru, gave you?" She said while licking her lips

"Bah!" I scoffed, "Satoru doesn't fund us like he says he does. The wealth of the Gojo clan is generational. He happened to get significantly richer cause he's Gojo Satoru. The bastard single-handedly took the Gojo name and made it himself. I don't complain, he's chill." 

I then leaned in and grabbed Mei Mei by her chin as I stroked my cock as she smiled. 

"Fufu~" She said, "I am serious when I said it'll be extra if you cum in my mouth." 

"And I'm serious when I said that I have the money, girl." I said as I rubbed my cock on her cheek, "I'll cum inside your pussy, asshole, and any hole you'd have if you want me to. You and I, we're both freaks." 

"You don't act like this with Shoko or Utahime." Mei Mei said as she licked my shaft, "And you're an extra simp for Yuki." 

The thought of those three babes aroused me even further. My cock got even harder and stiffer upon hearing it. 

She's not wrong though. 

"Shut up." I said with a smirk, "You just bring it out of me. Come on, girl. I want you to deepthroat me like you always do....." 

Mei Mei chuckled, "Forget that~" She said, "Just put it in my ass already~ I have to go pick Ui Ui up from his tennis practice later." 

I frowned, "The little shit has a teleportation Cursed Technique and needs you to pick him up?" I said, "That spoiled fucker." 

"Don't insult my brother." She said as she licked my balls, "Just put it in my ass and get it over with." 

I rubbed my hair, "Fine." I said, "Turn around, I'm railing you doggystyle, like always." 

"Your favorite position." Mei Mei chuckled as she turned around

"Don't act like you don't love being fucked like the bitch you are." I said as she pointed her fat ass to me, "You always act like one in heat with me." 

I slapped her ass, watching her cheeks ripple. 

"Ah~!" She let out a moan, "Hurry~ I won't charge you for this one~" 

I smirked, "Music to my ears." 


"What?" I said as I had the phone to my ear, "What did he do this time?" 

I was gripping Mei Mei's ass as I pulled my cock out of her asshole, semen pouring out of it and making a big ass pool of white as her entire body trembled. 

She was lying face-down, her entire naked body covered in sweat as she was clutching the bed sheets hard. 

"Ahhh~~~" She said as I groped her ass

"Gojo Satoru has threatened the Jujutsu High elders." A voice said over the phone, "You must do something about it, Kiryu." 

I frowned, "The fuck you want me to do about that?" I said, "What did the old fuckers do?" 

"They declared Itadori Yuji's execution." the voice said

"Who the hell is that?" I said as I rubbed my cock on Mei Mei's ass-cheeks, "One of his students? Is this another Yuta situation?" 

"Itadori Yuji is Sukuna's vessel." the voice said

"Okay." I said, "I don't care about any of that. Let Satoru do whatever he wants to do, I mean he's fucking Gojo Satoru, for fuck's sake. He's running around adding reputation to my name, let him do as he pleases. He doesn't threaten the geezers if they don't piss him off. Wanting to kill a kid is asking for Satoru to kill you. Don't bother me with this again." 

"Please, Kiryu." The voice said, "If you refuse to reprimand him again, the Zenin and Kamo clans will call a meeting." 

"Fuck them." I said, "Especially Naobito and his family, fuck them especially. As for the Kamo Clan, we're cool. I think. I don't know." 

"Please take your responsibilities as the Head seriously." The voice continued, "The higher-ups will send Yuki to sort you out again....." 

I shuddered in excitement, "Oh, I wish they would." I said as I slapped Mei Mei's ass, 

"I wanna that baddie to ride me hard again..." 

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