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14.28% Beware Of The Bunny (BL) / Chapter 1: Chapter 1 : A Bunny
Beware Of The Bunny (BL) Beware Of The Bunny (BL) original

Beware Of The Bunny (BL)

Author: Noona_Kim

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Chapter 1: Chapter 1 : A Bunny

Jasper shifts in his chair to find a comfortable position. He checked his computer, sound system, internet speed, and his water bottle— alright, he's ready to start his stream. Today was different from usual days. Today is a special day. The day where he reached three million subscribers. This is a huge achievement for Jasper. He loves playing games. But mostly he wanted to show off his gaming skills to others. But he never thought that many people would admire his face.

Many of his admirers came just to see his face. Of course, many said he is very handsome. But Jasper never cared.

The stream begins with Jasper playing an MMORPG. He chats with his fans, beat a couple of bosses, then an hour passed. This segment was everybody's favorite. Where he would turn on his camera and talk with others.

"Hm? skincare product?" A yawn followed with a lethargic question made the chat went wild. He's also well-known for being sleepy almost every single time. The fans take that as one of Jasper's traction. "I don't use a skincare product," Jasper admits truthfully, adding a bragging tone. His cocky smirk was spread proudly on his handsome face.

His eyes caught a name that he knows for a long time. This fan has been with him since day one. He's always curious who is this person under the name "Spicybun140". Spicybun140 always donates a lot of money. His fans also know this username. Jasper is lucky to have a rich fan.

"Ah, I love bunnies," After reading what is his favorite animal, Jasper's drowsiness slightly decreased when he mentally imagined a fluffy bunny. "A bunny for three million subs?" A chuckle escaped his lips. "That's a great idea,"

He must've missed some chats because it's going super fast, but he saw others mentioned Spicybun140 username over and over again. Jasper saw a donation from Spicybun140 and saw a message saying "I'll give you a bunny!"

Jasper smiled brilliantly. "A bunny for me? Of course, I want one!"

A fan asked what is he going to do if he has a bunny. "Hmm, I would take care of it. And ah, I need to buy carrots, and toys," Jasper started to blabber on a lot of things. A lot of fans called him cute as Jasper continued to talk about what he's going to buy for his future bunny.

Jasper and his fans knew that it was a joke though. But Jasper would absolutely adopt a bunny for his three million special. He even promised to show the bunny on the next stream. The fans were thrilled and the stream ended.

He turned off his camera and microphone, then logged out of the website. Jasper wanted to adopt a bunny as soon as possible. Animal adoption websites he visited one by one. But somehow, nothing grabbed his attention. A sigh escaped his lips upon realizing he wasted half an hour of his time.

"I'll look again tomorrow,"

He said that to himself as he gets up from his chair. It's only recording but he's exhausted. Sitting for hours, gawking into the monitor, and talking while gaming at the same time. His parents didn't apprehend what he's doing, but at least he's making money. A lot of money.

The brunette changed his clothes to pajamas. Pajamas as in a plain black shirt and trousers. As soon as he lay his head on his pillow, his body began to get heavier, and eventually, his drowsiness took over his consciousness.


The next morning Jasper's alarm went off too early than usual. Causing him to curse under his breath before his eyes could even open. He turned off his alarm and went back to sleep. He cursed his past self for making so many alarms. After battling with his own sleepiness, he opened his eyes and turned off his alarm. The rest of his alarms too.

Jasper tossed his body to the other side, yawning and stretching his arms and legs to regain his consciousness.

[Ding Dong!]

What kind of a lunatic who visits so early in the morning?

Jasper checked his phone. Nevermind, it's almost twelve o'clock. He groaned in annoyance. The doorbell rings once more. He didn't remember ordering anything. And he lives in an apartment where his neighbors were the same as him.

Bunch of introverts.

Well, he can't just ignore whoever is in front of his doorstep.

With a loud grunt, Jasper crawled off of the bed and make his way to the front door.

His apartment was bright thanks to the sunlight that went through the glass window. Blinding rays caused his eyes to squint. He rubbed his eyes and wiped some saliva from his plump lips with his thumb. His hair locks were sticking up everywhere, but he couldn't care less.

The brunette tried to focus on pressing the buttons underneath the monitor to unlock the door. He's too sleepy for this. He got it wrong twice, but eventually, he got it right and the door was unlocked.

"Good morning, Master!"


The drowsiness and the voices inside his head that kept telling him to go back to bed shattered after seeing two bright pink eyes staring into his own.

A boy that's shorter than him greets him with a cheeky smile. His fringe stuck on his cheeks. First impression; cute. Shiny rings adorning his delicate fingers, wearing a branded hoodie, jeans, and then there are those two ears that caught Jasper off guard.

Bunny ears?

Fifteen seconds passed.

Jasper closed the door quietly, then locked it.

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