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Chapter 8: Roommates

They were now on the 5th floor and Eirlys was only silently following the woman in front of her. After walking for who-knows-how many minutes, they made a stop in front of a door which had an "845" written on it.

Eirlys immediately gave thanks to the woman as they parted. She glanced once again at the surroundings then she knocked the door.

"Come in."

She was startled for a moment and thought, (Aren't they not too cautious? What if it wasn't me who was knocking and instead a person who has an evil intention?)

She shook her head slightly and opened the door.

As she looked inside, she saw three girls who were just as the same age as her. The two were smiling at her while the other was just silently reading a book while lying on her bed. The room was somewhat spacious. Though it contained four beds and four small tables.

It was no wonder that every gap of the doors here was too wide, so every one room was actually this huge. She then started thinking that it would be better if they had just divided the rooms into two. Two people would then occupy each room. Why put four people within a single room if it's this spacious? If Eirlys brought her own bed, she could still put it here without disturbing anyone.

As she was absorbed with her own thoughts, a girl coughed and said, "So you're our new roommate, right? Pleased to meet you. I am Vanessa Springfield."

After hearing the girl's words, Eirlys was awakened from her wild thoughts and she instantly replied, "Hello, I'm Iris."

She was wearing a face mask, so it's only natural that she wouldn't introduce herself as Eirlys Bonneville.

As she turned her gaze towards the girl beside Vanessa who also smiled at her earlier, she was startled again. (Isn't she that Chloe Arundell?)

As her gaze was still fixed on her, Chloe also made an introduction with a huge smile, "Hello, Iris. I'm Chloe Arundell."

Eirlys really didn't know what to say and she just nodded her head as an acknowledgement to Chloe.

As she was about to move to the vacant bed next to the other girl who was reading a book, she heard Vanessa behind her asked a question, "Eh? Iris, don't you have any luggage or something? Where did you put your clothes and your other belongings?"

Eirlys didn't know what she should reply at first. She really didn't want to talk too much as she hated it. She would rather sit in a corner and mind her own business and be absorbed in her own world.

As she sat on the bed comfortably, she just said these words: "I don't like carrying heavy things so I just put them all in a storage ring."

When they heard this, they were stunned as they looked at Eirlys. Even the girl who didn't spare a glance to Eirlys earlier was also startled. (Did she just say a storage ring? She has a storage ring?! A single storage ring could be considered as treasure nowadays since it's gatting rarer and rarer. From which high-class family did this girl come from?!)

The girl who was lying on her bed shot a glance to Eirlys. From earlier, when Eirlys was still outside the room, she felt something strange from her. She, however, could not say what exactly it was that made her feel like that.

Eirlys didn't have any idea that her roommates were actually thinking of different 'possible' hilarious things about her especially the two who were so friendly to her; she's pampered child from a very rich family, a spoiled brat, a conceited girl, a lady who doesn't pay any heed to everyone and etc.

If she had known any of these, Eirlys would surely vomit blood on the spot. She was already accustomed of not having long conversations to anyone aside from her father. Even her superior back then in her past life could only get to hear a few sentences from her.

She didn't know that her actions today caused a great misunderstanding.

Since her butt still felt some ache because of her long travel and she was also so tired, she just lay in her bed without saying or doing anything else.

After seeing their new roommate who seemed so tired laying in bed, they didn't ask her any further and let her get some rest.


In the room located at the highest floor of one of the buildings in Waltridge Academy, a man on his twenties was talking with a middle-aged woman. Surprisingly, the woman was the one whom Eirlys had met earlier.

"Are you sure that it's her?" The man asked the woman in front of him.

"Yes, headmaster. Although the portrait you gave me doesn't match the appearance of the girl earlier, the invitation letter that she handed over to me was definitely the one that I gave to the Bonneville's residence. It seems like the young girl is planning to conceal her identity." The woman spoke out respectfully.

It was impossible that the invitation letter in the Bonneville family's hands was taken by someone. So she came with a conclusion that the girl earlier was the Bonneville family's young miss disguising herself as another person.

As it turned out, the man was actually the headmaster of the famous school. No one ever imagined that the refined old man in public was in fact a young man only on his mid-twenties.

After hearing the words of the woman, he nodded his head and said, "Alright, you did a great job. Just let her do as she likes. Don't leak this information. Do you understand?"

"Yes, headmaster."


Eirlys didn't feel anything strange around her and so she continued half-sleeping on her bed. Suddenly, she heard the talkative Vanessa said something to her.

"Iris, it's already dusk now. Are you going with us to the dining hall for dinner or you'll take a bath first?"

Eirlys opened her eyes as she got up. She replied, "You guys can go there without me. I'll take a bath first."

"Alright." Vanessa replied with high spirits.

They walked out from the room and only Eirlys was left inside.

She didn't bring anything with her as she walked to the bathroom.

Earlier, she only took out a bedsheet for her to sleep and didn't plan to arrange her things in this room. It would be better if she just bring her belongings with her everywhere since she had a storage ring.

Before taking off her clothes, she didn't forget to pull off the face mask and put it beside the bathtub. She then comfortingly soaked her whole body in the warm water with only her head could be seen above the water surface.

After a few minutes, she's done and dried herself up. She just wore a plain black dress and simply tied her hair in a ponytail with a piece of cloth. She slightly adjusted her dress and picked up the face mask. She then put it on her face and her entire body changed. She turned back to the young girl known as 'Iris'.


Eirlys was now in the dining hall. The dishes' counter was divided into three. The dishes in the first one were free for any students. They could get as much as they want there but the foods there were not that delicious and nutritious at all.

The other two parts were not free. The dishes in the second part could be said as delicious just like the foods in the restaurants whereas the foods in the third part were considered as precious. Only the highly skilled people who were also well known in the academy could eat there.

The Waltridge Academy didn't allow the students to exchange money with foods, instead, the points that the student earned in the academy were what used as an exchange for the dishes in second part and third part in dishes' counter.

The points could be gained by completing missions in school. It was like being a mercenary. If they completed a mission successfully, then they could gain points.

Some missions were easy and some were quite hard. There were even some that were considered as X-level missions which were the most difficult missions that whoever accepts it should stake his cultivation on line. Of course, the rewards were also extravagant that was why many students were still tempted to it in spite of its possible negative outcomes.

At most, they would be crippled. There weren't any students who died in a mission. In the shadows, the instructors who were assigned to ensure the safety of the students would show up anytime if the students get into trouble that might cause to end their lives.

As Eirlys was still new to this academy, she didn't have any points at all so she could only go to the first part of the counter and ordered some decent dishes there.

After filling up her tray, she looked for an empty table in her surroundings and she instantly found one at the corner of the hall. She immediately made her way there without paying attention to anyone.

As she was about to approach the table, a group of students blocked her way and their leader said with an arrogant tone, "You're not allowed to sit at this table. It is already reserved for someone. Just find another table for your own."

Eirlys was already irritated inside but her face still showed no expression. She said, "Step aside."

The leader of the group was stunned by Eirlys' indifference. He got angry and said, "Are you deaf?! I already told you to go find another table because this one here is already reserved for someone!"

Eirlys showed a cold expression and asked, "What are you? A manager here? Is this a restaurant that someone could just reserve a table as he wants?"

The young man was so angry after hearing the words of Eirlys. He replied, "How dare you say those words to me?! I am a young master from Treyarch Empire! How could I be someone managing a restaurant?! And this is obviously a dining hall of Waltridge Academy."

Eirlys waved her hand and said, "There you go. Since you're not, then don't block my way. I'll sit there in any case because I want to."

Before she finished her words, she was already sitting on the chair beside the table and put her tray on it.

The commotion earlier caught everyone's attention in the hall. They were just silently watching them as if they were witnessing a good show but they didn't expect that the young girl was actually not afraid of the group of students who were blocking her earlier. What's more, the girl could actually move so fast like lightning just like that.

Feeling humiliated, the leader of the group shouted at her, "You!! Stand up! Now!"

Eirlys seemed to have not heard the young man's words as she continued eating slowly.

The young man couldn't stop himself anymore as he approach Eirlys and was about to slap her. Suddenly, a small hand appeared and stopped his hand as it grabbed his wrist.

He tried to move his hand but he could not. It was as if the small hand was a mountain that he could not move away.

He looked at the girl who was grabbing his wrist tightly and exclaimed, "You..."

He was surprised to see this girl. He knew her as she was so famous in the academy. She was the known genius from the Skyrim Empire. The empire was just in the same continent of the young man's homeland. So he clearly knew how great the girl is that was in front of him.

He was about to say something but the young girl spoke out in a cold tone, "Doing shameless things like this would just bring shame to Granz Continent. Now, get lost."

When he heard those words, cold sweats appeared on his forehead. He immediately nodded his head as if he was a chicken specking rice at that moment.

The young girl let go of his hand and turned her gaze to Eirlys. She didn't say anything to her and walked to the chair opposite to hers on the other side of the table.

The group that was previously so imposing was now running away as fast as possible. They were afraid silly by the sudden appearance of the young girl.

After seeing the show ended just like that, the other students didn't look at Eirlys' location anymore and just continued chitchatting and eating.

Eirlys raised her head to see the young girl. She didn't spare a glance at her the entire time since she showed up. Only now did Eirlys look to her. She was surprised to see the young girl in front of her. This girl was her silent roommate!

Since both of them loved being silent, no one said a single word as they eat. The people in the nearby tables suddenly felt a cold atmosphere. What the hell is going on?! They then turned their gazes towards the source of the chillness around and saw the two young girls silently eating in the same table as they emanating an extremely cold aura.

The people around them suddenly felt chill running down their spines after seeing the scene. Although the two girls looked so peaceful in their vision, the atmosphere around them was so heavy that they would suffocate if they stay any longer. The words that popped in their mind were... Terrifying! Completely terrifying!

As they were about to leave, a cheerful voice suddenly rang out.

"Hey, you two. Why are you guys not saying anything to each other?"

The voice was so familiar to the two who were silently eating so they looked up almost simultaneously. They saw their other roommate, Vanessa, making her way to them with Chloe accompanying her.

"We originally planned to not disturb the both of you but this one here was so worried since the commotion started. We didn't interfere earlier since we knew that Iris isn't someone that's easy to trifle with. But who would have thought that Kracie will make a move all of a sudden." Chloe claimed as she walked side by side with Vanessa and pointed at Vanessa's face when she said the first sentence.

"Yeah! I was so worried earlier. I thought something bad will happen." Vanessa sighed and turned her head to Chloe. "Chloe, you shouldn't have stopped me earlier. Just look how Kracie stole the spotlight for being a cold 'prince' saving the calm and indifferent beauty," Vanessa continued as she pouted her lips.

Fortunately, the heavy atmosphere was lifted up by the sudden appearance of Chloe and Vanessa. The people around them heaved a sigh of relief and they continued eating.

The four talked for a bit, or to be precise, the two friendly girls kept on talking and asking questions to the other two who dislike noises.

Vanessa admitted first to the academy 4 months ago and Kracie followed after just a month ago. Chloe also arrived just yesterday since the Arundell residence was just near the academy as it was also allocated in the same empire. So based on their ages, Vanessa was just few months older than the three. Followed by Kracie, then the two who had just took the examination a week ago, Chloe and 'Iris'.

As they talked, the other two had just either nodded their heads or replied with few words in flat tone. After their chit-chat, the four went back to their room.

The four didn't know that all this time, someone's gaze was locked at their direction when they were eating in the dining hall.

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