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Chapter 12: What a Great Discovery

"It's getting late now but we still couldn't see even your pet's shadow." Chloe looked around her and when she found a huge clean stone, she then sat on it.

"Even so, we still have to continue searching. Iris' pet must be in danger," Vanessa spat out. Although they didn't have any trace of Eirlys' pet yet, they don't want her to feel down.

"It's alright, everyone. We still haven't eaten dinner yet. We should go back now," Eirlys said as she smiled faintly. She felt warm when she knew that everyone was doing their best just to find her pet. It simply shows that they were deeply worried about her.


It's already morning and the pathways were so crowded as the students walked to their classes.

Eirlys was just in the same class as Chloe and Kracie. Since Vanessa was admitted to Waltridge Academy much earlier than them, she was the only one in the group who was in the other class.

Eirlys was just silently sitting on her chair inside their classroom.

"She's really a quiet one, huh?" [Classmate1]

"Must be because she feels so proud of herself after she defeated Xander yesterday. Perhaps, she's thinking now that no one's worthy to talk to her." [Classmate2]

"Haha, no way. Although Xander got some skills, he wasn't that strong at all." [Classmate3]

"That might be true, but Xander is still a second-year student whereas Iris is just the same age and year level with us." [Classmate4]

"But still, that's still not enough for her to be this conceited." [Classmate2]

"Hush, lower your voice or she'll beat us up." [Classmate1]

Eirlys seemed to not have heard the gossips around her since her expression was just tranquil as ever.

The truth was she heard them but she didn't have time to deal with them as she was deeply thinking of something. Ah, right, even if she has time, she still would most likely think that she will not deal with kids just to kill her time.

Kracie on the other side was also not paying attention to the noises around her while Chloe was still showing her calm expression and took a few glances to Eirlys direction.

Chloe knew that Eirlys didn't care about something like this and she's also aware that there's something more important that was bothering Eirlys at that moment.

Not long after, an instructor walked in through the door and everyone stopped chatting as they arrange themselves properly.

Before getting the class started, the instructor gave announcements first and that included the newly admitted students to join a department.

Some of the students were just attentively listening to him. However, most of the students were just sitting there without paying attention to the instructor. This is because they had nothing to do with the announcement at all.

"Alright now, since I have already explained the different departments, the new students for this month should choose the department that you want to join. You can go to the department's headquarters to sign up."

After announcing, the instructor started discussing for their class.

Eirlys on her seat was already absent minded from the moment that the instructor started announcing. She was thinking of the possibilities about the Little Tyke's location. (Perhaps, Little Tyke accidentally broke the spell...? No, that can't be. If that's the case then the small sack must have been in the storage ring.) She guessed and guessed until another thought popped up in her mind. (That's right! I once took out the sword from the storage ring. That was the first time that I took something from the storage ring after I carefully stored the small sack within it. Then after that, I took the healing potions... right!!)

A sudden movement could be seen and everyone looked at Eirlys direction.

"Miss Clinton, is there a matter?" the instructor asked.

"I guess I'm just not feeling well, instructor. May I ask the instructor to let me excuse for a bit?" Eirlys requested.

"Go ahead. Come back when you're feeling better."

"Thank you, instructor."

Everyone in the class had different thoughts in their minds as they looked at Eirlys' living figure.

(She didn't get mad from earlier, did she?)

(She was not planning to ambush us when the class ends, right?)

Chloe noticed the expressions of her classmates. She just snorted in her heart then she looked at the door where she last saw Eirlys with worried eyes.


Eirlys had already left the class building and was heading to a certain location.

After walking for about 3 minutes, she finally arrived and she walked past the door. This was the stadium where she and Xander fought for a duel-match yesterday.

After walking for a bit, she arrived at the platform and looked around the stadium. She ensured that there's no one inside the place aside from her and after confirming it, she started to search.

She headed towards the other side of the platform where she last stood before she did her last attack to Xander back then.

It's not been 15 seconds and yet, she already found the fist-sized small sack!

She instantly arrived in front of it and picked it up. "This is.. I'm not hallucinating, am I?"

She really couldn't believe it!

She suddenly got an idea and used her spiritual energy to feel her contractual magical beast.

"Little Tyke really is here!" she excitedly exclaimed with her eyes sparkling with joy.

After she shouted did she only realize that she was in a stadium that people could go in and out. So she immediately shut her mouth as she instantly fled. She was afraid that someone might catch her and be suspicious of her.

She made her way towards a secluded area. This location was found by her when she was looking for Little Tyke. She was thinking that this is perfect to be a meeting place. (Wait, what meeting place? I'm not meeting with anyone or something though.) Eirlys laughed at her own self.

She looked around and found a place to sit. She started an incantation. There's a slight flash at the small sacks hole then a little guy appeared on her hands.

Little Tyke looked at Eirlys' face with its pitiful eyes. It was 'abandoned' by its owner, how could it be not sad?

Although the little dragon didn't have rationality yet, it still had its emotions. It would only form its rationality a week after coming out from an egg. In addition, it could also speak the human language when that time comes.

Since it had only been 4 days since the day its shelter (egg) had cracked open. Eirlys still have to wait for few days for it to start having conversations with her.

Eirlys suddenly remembered the words of Vanessa when Little Tyke had gone missing. Vanessa stated that Little Tyke might just be bored so it probably went outside to hang around.

After thinking about this, Eirlys also started considering to not let Little Tyke be stored in the small sack as much as possible. She also realized that she didn't have much time to play with Little Tyke after she started attending school.

She thought for quite some time as she also played with the little dragon's belly. She put the little dragon in the sack by a magic spell and carefully put it in her storage ring. Only after that did she went back to her class.

The place where she left was completely isolated once again.


"Headmaster," Instructor Darren respectfully saluted.

"Any news?" Franklin was busy with his own matters that's why he entrusted Darren to look after some things.

"Replying to the headmaster, the small sack is confirmed to be Miss Iris' possession. She also seemed to be rather cautious in her surroundings."

"As I thought... Anything else?"

"Also, Miss Iris found the secret place of Young Master Lance. I didn't know how she managed to find it but she seemed to have known that place before because she directly went there after she took the small sack."

"Alright," Franklin casually nodded as if it wasn't really a big deal that someone just had intruded his own son's favorite place. After pausing for a while, he continued. "That's right, Lance will arrive soon."

"Then, do you want to warn Miss Iris to not go there anymore, Headmaster?"

"Haha, no, no. I actually have a strange feeling about this." Franklin paused once again then he added, "Just let it be. Either they'll cross paths or not, we should just leave it to fate."


Eirlys came back to her class with a calm expression.

When Chloe saw her, she sighed because she felt that Eirlys didn't seem to be down anymore. Everyone in the class also noticed her but they didn't say anything and just continued listening to the instructor.


The class finally ended and everyone went outside the class building. There were only morning classes in the Waltridge Academy. The other half of the day was used to let the students either cultivate or do their responsibilities in their chosen department. Even so, slacking was not a common thing in this academy at all since there were periodical examinations and whoever fails will then be kicked out without hesitation.

"Iris, you're mood seems to have gotten better. Is there any good news?" Chloe asked as they were heading towards the main building where the rooms of the students at.

"Mn, I finally found Little Tyke," Eirlys smiled as she took out Little Tyke inside her loose robe.

Earlier, after the instructor dismissed the class, Eirlys already chanted the magic spell and let Little Tyke just hide. It's a good thing that she was wearing outer loose clothes.

She didn't want to make her roommates know that she possessed many uncommon things. She had also discovered that only there were only a few students in the academy who had storage rings. If she also tells them about the small sack, then that would be troublesome.


Before Chloe could react from the appearance of Little Tyke, an excited voice rang out from behind them.

"Ah! Is this the Little Tyke that you were talking about, Iris?! It is so cute!!" Vanessa snatched Little Tyke away from Eirlys hands.

Although Eirlys could easily evade it, she didn't do so since she didn't mind Vanessa touching her magical beast.

"Look! So what you've said yesterday were all true! I thought you were just exaggerating things but looking at it now, it's really fluffy! Its fur is so soft!" Vanessa excitedly said without restraining her voice.

Eirlys could only laugh at this. Chloe was quite annoyed when Vanessa took Little Tyke first. When she was about to complain, she noticed that there was a strange change in the atmosphere.

She turned her gaze towards the source of it and she saw Kracie who was staring at Little Tyke with somewhat complicated eyes.

Eirlys also had seemed to notice it so she also looked to Kracie. Her heart skipped a bit, (could it be.. she knew..)

"Kracie, do you want to.. carry it?" Chloe asked with hesitation.

"Uh.." Kracie seemed to have awakened from daydreaming. She turned her gaze away to the other side and said, "No."

But to everyone's surprise... Kracie's left face that they could see was already flushed red.


Chloe and Vanessa exclaimed in their hearts, even Eirlys was also shocked!

"Cough*, here, Kracie. Seems like Little Tyke wants you to carry him." Vanessa stretched her hands to Kracie as it was holding Little Tyke.

Little Tyke's limpid eyes turned to Kracie's face. Kracie's heart was beating so fast and her face became redder because of this.

(Oh my god, did the sun rise in the west today?!) The three gulped silently.

Kracie subconsciously stretched her hand to take Little Tyke away then she moved it closed to her chest as if she was holding a child.

Little Tyke's light blue soft belly faced to the sky. Kracie played with its small paws and her face suddenly showed a faint smile.

The three were so scared out of their wits. Of course, who wouldn't be scared after witnessing a scene like this? They even thought that Kracie might have been possessed by an evil spirit who was pretending to be a harmless kind girl.

The three looked around them and they noticed that some students were looking at Kracie. They immediately pushed Kracie from behind and headed towards the main building.

"What the hell was that?"

"Isn't that the cold genius first-year student?"

"Yeah... To think that the cold genius did something like that in public..."

"This.. this... what a great discovery!!!"

EllaiziaMorales EllaiziaMorales

Hello, everyone.

I'm dropping this novel here in twelfth chapter... and am also planning on rewriting it. My sincerest apologies to those who were waiting for another chap. I'm really sorry, guys.

I'm going to finish the whole novel first and publish it here in webnovel soon. I don't know how many months it would take me though.

And yeah.., thank you so much for reading my novel this far... *bows deeply*

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