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76.92% Black Djinn Celestial / Chapter 20: Chapter 20: Bronze Star

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Chapter 20: Chapter 20: Bronze Star

"Hey SLT, now I'm a white-mantled Yuuta?"

Asked Don Yuki

At this point, the senior finally awakened

He was still shocked

"V-you actually have 4 elemental laws and all are of absolute contracts"

He said in a loud, timid tone

* Hummmmpf *

"Senior, you already told me this and I understood ... Since you can not help me I'll leave" snorted impotently


"Please wait! I'll tell you"

The attitude of this exchange student is completely different from 3 years ago, he seemed to be talking to someone else, it was really something of 180º

"You are now a Yuuta, yes!"

"And how do I get a cloak?" Don Yuki asked

After all a mantle was a matter of status, if it were something simple, anyone could pretend to be a Yuuta

"This is a very simple matter, the mantle is only dispersion of your soul in the outer environment! That is, the mantle is formed by the soul, just control your soul to wrap your body, when you do that the mantle will be formed in your body "Said SLT

"Do not forget that the robes are not just for status, depending on your strength your mantle improves your utilities such as invisibility, block cultivation analysis, hide their appearance ..." These are simple things but only the Yuutas can do!

"I got it!"

"I'll go now, I have yet another way to go!" Don Yuki said

After saying this he smiled at the senior and clenched fists respectfully at him

"See you, boy!" Said SLT

Don Yuki, he moved his hand and that space broke.

When breaking that space Yuki returned to that circle, to be precise, on the altar!

"So I went back to this place? Interesting"

After that Don Yuki noticed his soul and noticed that there was a diagram, but this diagram was much more complicated than the other, so don Yuki already knew what it was

It was definitely a diagram!

"Does he really increase his difficulties at every level?" Don Yuki murmured

"Well, I'll have to find out for myself anyway ..."

After this he began to make some seals by hand

This seal caused the Qi in the environment to cover it

When covered, he released some of his aura

This aura immediately became a white robe

This white cloak was very comfortable and served perfectly in Don Yuki

Don Yuki looked at this cloak a little and noticed that it would make him feel neither cold nor hot, it was definitely a good dress ....

"When will I see ..." Before he finished saying, Don Yuki's conscience was taken again.

This time it was an exquisite white room with marble details, in the center there was only one altar

"Eeeei, hey! You soft ass"

A voice sounded from that hall

"Talked to me?" Answered Yuki

"Not great!"

"Are you going to use me? Please say you will, please, please!"

"Who are you ?" Questioned Don Yuki

"Are you stupid? Who else is in this room without us?"

"We two? You would not be the ..." Don Yuki was coming closer and closer to that altar

When he arrived he heard the voice again.

"Tchaaaaamm !! Surprise" said the altar

More specifically the book that was on the altar, that book on its cover was a huge mouth

"Who are you ?" Little Yuki said after all.

"I'm a book! Can not you see?" Spoke with that mouth

"Yes, but what's your ..." Before Don Yuki finished speaking

"Bla, bla, bla, shut me up," said the book.

"Pray your !!!" Don Yuki was completely annoyed, he was someone very patient, but he would not accept this treatment of a book

Don Yuki came in front of that book, lifted his fist

"O-what are you doing ??? It did not hurt me ..."

A punch came book

This punch was very strong, would easily leave a small hole in the ground

But nothing happened exactly with the book

On the contrary he suddenly smiled when Don Yuki's hand contacted him

"Let me see what skills you have, brat!" The book said in a mocking way

And then it started to glow white and it opened, its pages were all blank and the most interesting thing is that that book had only 5 sheets

"What's going on?" Don Yuki asked.

"Do not you want to get a cultivation technique?"

Don Yuki's eyes widened and he reflected, after a short time he understood his situation

"Tell me what you need!" Don Yuki said with a serious tone

"What is your name ?" Asked the book

"Don Yuki" he went straight to the point.

"What an ugly name! Hahahaha" the book laughed at Don Yuki

"You're playing with death," Don Yuki said as he frowned.

He raised his fist and prepared to punch that book again.

When his fist came into contact with a book a noise was heard

* Suuuuuh *

It was a sucking noise, the book stopped blinking white and then only a page of 5 came back to glow blank

That page started recording something on top of her

That was a name "Don Yuki"

* Suuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuh *


The suction noise was getting louder, next to this noise came a vortex that pulled Don Yuki into the page

When Don Yuki reacted he was already in another scenario

This time there was an inconvenient book or an exquisite ambiance

On the contrary, he was in an open environment, the sky was starry and dark

And little Yuki was standing on a lake ..

That's right, on a lake! This lake looked like it was covered with glass on top, after all it was possible to stand on it

'' Wow, this place is really amazing, is it just like the other place is a dimensional space? ''

Dimensional spaces were created by Yuutas, the better his ability, the greater the dimensional space he can create!

'' Hey damn brat hahahaha, '' said a voice

'' Damn book are you still here? '' Don Yuki has automatically recognized this voice

He was not angry that the book brought him here, but rather because of his offenses

The voice of the book sounded from the sky, it was as if it had everywhere

'' You're inside me, it's like I've eaten you HAHAHA '' The book said.

'' there is not, I did not see grace! '' answered Yuki

After saying this the book did not answer any more

then he said again, 'What should I do to get a cultivation technique?' '

'' Brat, did you realize you're on top of a lake right? '' The book said.

'' Yes, I did! '' Said Don Yuki.

'' This glass floor can only be broken by Yuutas! In case you are not a Yuuta, that is, an incompetent Yuuta will probably die here, after all the person who created this environment used the elemental law of fire ... When the sky dawns, those who are not strong enough to enter the lake will burn until death! "He narrated the Book

Don Yuki did not have the impression that he was joking, after all the sky was very dark and starry, it seemed to be around 00:00, if it really was true, around 6 a.m., there would be a phenomenon that imitated the conventional sun and would burn somebody to death .. Don Yuki thought the creator of this book was too strong to simply play with it!

'' Boy, you're getting into this place means that you meet the requirements to be here, that is, to be a young man and have a cultivation technique, but it does not mean to have my master's approval! He will only allow those who are skillful Yuutas ... In his life he joined several cultivation techniques, he decided to separate 50 of them and make available '

'50 techniques? Why are there only 5 people then? '' Asked Don Yuki

'' What do you know, little brat? You're not even in the mood! There are 50 techniques, but who said people will be compatible with all these techniques?! Below you there is a pentagon, in this pentagon there are 5 possibilities ie a person can be compatible with one of the 5 possibilities! In each 1 of 5 points there will be 10 cultivation techniques, they are ranked from the weakest to the strongest, from rank 10 to rank 1! ''

"There really is a ranking of cultivation techniques, not my master ranked from 10 to 1," said the book proudly.

'' And how do I get into the lake? ''

Beneath Don Yuki's feet a seal began to form

When the seal finished the book came back to speak

"Break this seal, using your spiritual energy. You just have to do this ..." said the book.

"Just this ?" Asked Don Yuki

"Humpf, this is 'just' for you? Do not worry boy, with your strength, maybe you can get out alive after the remaining 6h." Laughed the book

He did not put faith, that Don Yuki could really

"So that's all!" Don Yuki smiled.

Soon he held out his hand and said

"Laws that dwell in me, grant me power!"

His hand started to change, so 4 stamps of different colors appeared in his hand, it was almost the same phenomenon that happened previously, the only difference is that the stamp brightness was much less intense now

* Bang *

Don Yuki punched that seal

At first the book said it was just to channel, but as Don Yuki's energy was so strong, only contact would be necessary to break this seal, after all it was just an inferior seal!

"M-but what's going on?" "You idiot brat, you're probably stealing, are not you?" Shouted the book

"How could I steal in the space your master created? Would not he have identified?"

Don Yuki spoke


"Well, whatever! There are still chances that you will not be able to do anything," the book said casually.

"We'll see," Don Yuki said in a nonchalant way.

And so he entered the lake through the hole he had created



When he entered the lake he soon spotted the Pentagon

That was actually a star, but having 5 interconnected points formed a Pentagon!

That star had a center as well, Don Yuki deduced that it was there

Arriving at that center Don Yuki sat down

Even if it were impossible for ordinary people to get out of the water or sit down, it was not for him!

This is not because Don Yuki was so incredible so, all this was thanks to that incomplete seal, or rather, the owner of this place!

Obviously this was not ordinary water, after all it was possible to breathe normally, as well as control your weight

Definitely an ordinary Yuuta would not be able to do this

Don Yuki sat in the center of that star for some time, until he finally stood up

"What's the use of sitting down? Probably this Pentagon is inactive, I think the activation mode should be the same to enter here," Don Yuki said to himself.

"Alright, let's go!" He already had where to start now

And so he did the same process as before, but this time he placed his hand gently in the center, and left for a few minutes

* Pleeeeem *

* Pleeeeem *

* Plimmm *

* Plemm *

* Plimmm *

5 noises were heard, they were the tips of the star

These tips provided energy for the rest of the star

Soon everything was shining, this glow was a half rusty color

Gradually it became more a lighter and lighter shine.

Until Don Yuki said

"Wow, it's a big bronze star!"

He was amazed at her beauty, unlike that rusty glow, this color was much more beautiful now!

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