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Chapter 23: Chapter 23: Gaining Experience

"D-don Yuki !!!" Huang Li shou scared

He really was scared, but gradually he opened a smile so big that it was possible to really notice his happiness!

"Bitch, when did you get back?" Said the Chief Guide with a smile

"A few days ago, I really worried about you, after all, I did not meet anyone at the top of the tower," Don Yuki said with an expression of concern.

"What do you know about worry?" Huang Li said

"I have not stopped thinking about you for a minute, all this time ... All the others left before you, I really thought the worst had happened," he commented again

Don Yuki was embarrassed, after all he did not know its importance to the master

"Master .." he really did not know what to say

Huang Li realizing that Don Yuki was not happy said

"Do not worry, do not worry, you're back! This is a celebration," said old Li

"Hm," nodded Don Yuki.

"Boy, you really grew up! Last time I saw you, you were so much smaller hahaha!" Who said that was the Chief Guide

After all he was not wrong, the last time he saw Don Yuki was when he was still 3 years old! This was the moment that Don Yuki overcame the ninth floor, after that for a series of events he ended up losing contact with the boy

"Oh ?! Really, are not you growing up too fast?" Riu Huang Li

He had seen Don Yuki from the moment he arrived at the orphanage, today he was already a teenager

Speaking of his appearance, Don Yuki really was different.

His hair is now bigger, even using a samurai coke, he still looks great, his body became larger, but thin, his eyes were more penetrating, it was as if he saw through people ....

"It's been so many years, some changes would have happened," he smirked. Yuki

"Boy, spare words for our banquet, wait a little longer and I'll fix everything!" After Huang Li said this he began to run back and forth, with the help of some servants and maids, he quickly prepared a full meal



Huang Li took Don Yuki, the Chief Guide and the other guard, as well as other guards from his tower to this banquet

"Cheers!" Huang Li raised his mug with wine and toasted with his guards

"Long live the boy!" He smiled at the guards, after all they knew who Don Yuki was, as well as the expectations of Chief Li in him

Soon everybody started talking to Don Yuki and then someone asked

"Boy, you've already become a Yuuta at such a tender age, which contract did you manage to sign?" Asked a guard.

"Oh ?!" Don Yuki frowned.

After all, he was surprised that even a guard knew that Yuutas had contracts with the laws

But considering that old Li possessed a large collection of books, as well as knowledge, he soon only replied

"Unfortunately this Junior is incompetent! I only performed a common level contract with the wind element" said Don Yuki

If it were Huang Li who had asked and gone private, he probably would not hide anything. But whoever asked was a guard, for not knowing him he considered it better to conceal this matter, as well as not to say much about his technique of cultivation

"Why, little Yuki, do not be upset, after all most Yuutas have a common contract," said the Chief Guide

He had a good impression of Don Yuki, he did not want to discourage him

Then he said again

"Apparently, your fitness may not be for spiritual arts, but martial arts! I can feel that you have become stronger," Chiang Ga smiled as he spoke.

"You're right, Chiang Ga! Apparently my disciple is really very thin haha!"

Said Huang Li to Chief Guide

"What level of cultivation resides Don Yuki?" Asked another guard

"Currently by my analysis he is in the 8th rank of the primordial division," said Huang Li with a smile

"How could a child reach this crop so fast? You're sure it's human," said the guard in admiration.

"Hehe!" Don Yuki smiled.

"Master, you really are correct, I am currently in the 8th rank of the Primordial kingdom," he said.

"What is your cultivation technique?" Asked the Chief Guide curiously

At this moment, all present were silent, even Huang Li who was full of smiles became attentive

After all, he knew that this altar would provide 5 great cultivation techniques

"The technique I got is called the Elemental Lotus, its rank is rank 4" Said Don Yuki

Not that he liked lies, he thought that with his new abilities, in case his power is known it brings problems! Even though he was new, he noticed from SLT's surprise that his contract was not common and looking more closely at his technique, she really did not fall behind her contracts ...

"Wow, really amazing!" Said a guard in admiration

"Little Yuki, congratulations! I really did not disappoint you" smiled Huang Li


"Master Li, you are being too solemn, you know full well that among your other apprentices, Don Yuki was the one with the lowest achievements," said another guard

The name of this guard was Bong Zutian, he was the guard who arrived with Chiang Ga d Huang Li

"Zutian, do not be rude!" Said Huang Li with the dissatisfaction

"Master, I just told the truth, you know very well how special the others were," said Bong Zutian

"Oh ?! Really so special? They are your idols," joked Don Yuki.

"Pray your ..." Bong Zutian was really angry, so he said again

Ming Xu and Miao Su have achieved cultivation techniques rank 3, and Ming Xue has achieved an incredible technique rank 2! As for Qing Tong he has been even more incredible, his technique is of rank 1 "said Zutian Bong with a look of admiration

Suddenly he looked at Don Yuki and his gaze turned to despondency.

"Any one of them overcame him a lot!"

Huang Li frowned, after all he did not want Don Yuki to feel bad about these offenses

"Really incredible! I may not be as incredible as they are, but I'll do my best for the master." Yuki smiled.

Instead of drawing a new discussion, he tried to admit his "weakness" and "inferiority", so that Bong Zutian felt better, thus treating him well

"How great you recognize!" Smirked Bong Zutian.

"Master, where are the others?" Asked Don Yuki, obviously he was talking about Ming Xue, Ming Re, Miao Su and Qing Tong

They came together at the altar, now it was years ago, he felt like getting to know them better

"Boy, you must hurry! The imperial ones are submitting themselves to a Common kingdom, in exchange for the increase in their forces, our kingdom has submitted to pay very high taxes to the Common Kingdom of Ryong ..."

"If it were ordinary circumstances, we would just ignore it ... but this kingdom coincidentally is where Qing Tong and Miao Su came from! It was also discovered that the empire was in an alliance with this Common Kingdom from 20 years ago ..."

"20 years? This explains why Qing Tong and Miao Su easily arrived in this lower kingdom," said Don Yuki

"Hm," Huang Li nodded.

"The imperialists have opened up subscriptions for those interested in taking the name of this lower kingdom out! They have opened vacancies in their sub-divisions, both the older generation and the younger generation.The older generation will take 100 people out of the empire, while the younger generation may take only 10 people! 10% of the value of the older generation ... "

"You definitely can not miss this inscription" Said Huang Li

"But master, this is not a particular matter of Miao Su and Qing Tong?" Asked Don Yuki, after all he did not want to involve others in his problem with his home kingdom, he imagined they would desire the same

"Oh? Don Yuki, make no mistake that I am so supportive of the imperialists in letting my apprentices into their hands hahaha!" Smiled Huang Li and then said

"The Shenlong Higher Kingdom is controlled by the Ryu family, and in this family there is a Supreme!" This supreme one undoubtedly is the ruler of this kingdom ... "

"According to my friend who is in the imperial palace, he told me that the Common Kingdom Ryong is indeed a great sieve! This kingdom lives in peace on account of the Supreme on its back, and on account of this Supreme several people want to join the kingdom Superior Shenlong! "

Huang Li said

"So you're implying there's a way to enter the Shenlong Upper Realm?" Asked Don Yuki

"Hehe!" Riu Huang Li

"I'm not insinuating! This information is really true ... The allies of the Ryong Commonwealth receive a housing invitation."

"Housing invitation? What would it be?" Don Yuki said

"These invitations are to allow a certain kingdom to bring a quantity of people to the Common Kingdom Ryong! Upon arriving there you will be marked, so that it will be identified later!" These invitations, at least in the lower realms, allow 100 people of the older generation to go and only 10 of the youngest.but all is right, while the members of the older generation may try to join in some power and live in the city, the opportunity of the younger generation is much wider! "

"What would be the master martial schools?" Don Yuki interrupted

"Martial schools would be the big sieves of which I commented! Hehe ..." Smiled Huang Li

"Every year the Ryong Common Kingdom opens its dimensional gate to countless common and inferior realms that are its allies ... Not only do they open their dimensional gate, but they also open their martial schools! one of these schools, he will gain Ryong citizenship! "

"After obtaining this citizenship, you can enter the supernovas competition!"

Huang Li looked at Don Yuki who was frowning and said again

"Before you ask, supernovae are titles given to those of the younger generation with talent, only those with talent deserve to be cultivated by the Shenlong Upper Kingdom, so only those with the best ranking in this league will be able to enter the Shenlong Upper Kingdom!"

Huang Li explained

"Now I understand Master! So you want us to be 5 out of 10 people who will go to the Ryong Common Kingdom." Arriving at the Ryong Common Realm, you want us to enter good schools and be cultivated by them, passing through this stage too, to finally reach a higher realm! " Said Don Yuki, he had understood the purpose of his master

"Exactly!" Huang Li nodded

Don Yuki knew that Huang Li's efforts were all on behalf of Huang Longtian!

He knew that only by being strong did his disciples succeed in completing the will of his ancestor. He also knew that the best way to stay strong was to feel a higher realm .... So with this opportunity, definitely his apprentices could not lose.

"At least you understand quick boy" laughed Bong Zutian

"Boy, you must hurry, there are only 4 months left until the end of the inscriptions"

"Under normal circumstances, going from here to the empire, it would take about 6 months! But if you run, I think 4 months is enough, maybe you can still sign up," said the Chief Leader

"Senior, truth be told, I trained a rank 9 martial skill called 'Smooth Steps', I believe my speed can hit twice! I am sure that in 4 months I will definitely be there!" Don Yuki said

After stating this, some looked up

"Oh ?! You learned that technique? What did you think? I had it recently, I did not expect you to have it already," said Huang Li proudly.

"I lack training yet master" smiled Don Yuki

"I see," said the old man.

"Since you are confident in your speed, I will tell you how this selection will work"

"Everything will be done in 10 arenas! Each arena will have a plate, I suggested that you write on different plates so you do not confront each other!"

"These arenas, in fact we can call the Coliseum, only the one who is standing last wins, the 10 winners would be chosen by the empire" said Chiang Ga

"Little Yuki, I think it would be recommended that you leave now, after all the more time you lose here, the less time you have to get there!" Huang Li said

"We should prepare to leave early tomorrow then," said the Chief Guide

"Seniors, I believe I can not accept your offers, after all I need to gain experience" smiled Don Yuki

At this moment everyone looked at him with curious faces.

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