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Chapter 24: Chapter 24: Moving on

"Gain experience?" Asked Huang Li

"Hm," nodded Don Yuki.

After that all the presents began to frown

"Brat, do you happen to know how rare this opportunity is for you to simply lose?" Said Bong Zutian

"The worst part is that Bong Zutian is really right," another guard nodded.

He really was not joking, after all the opportunity was only given to a few lower realms ... Because it is such a big sieve, how many kingdoms crave for this opportunity? It is worth remembering that in 20 years since the alliance, this was the first time that the Ryong Common Kingdom invited the supreme lower realm

Huang Li said nothing, but he was frowning.

"No need to worry! I will definitely not make the master's efforts in vain if I go alone ... But if any of you accompany me, forget it." Don Yuki said

"Wh-what, should I really teach you good manners?" Zutian Bong said as he stood up

Don Yuki did not say anything, nor did he run, he stood there waiting for Bong Zutian.

But when Bong Zutian was on his way to Don Yuki, someone said

"Bong Zutian, sit down!" who had said it was nobody any more or nothing less than Huang Li

"But master ..." Bong Zutian wanted to explain himself

But before he continued to speak, Huang Li interrupted him again

"I really agree that the boy should arrive as soon as possible ... But he seems to have already decided, as long as we do not follow his demands he will not even go to the competition" Said Master Li

Unlike the others, he seemed to know much more Don Yuki

When they said this everyone was silent, nobody dared to refute old Li, after all everyone was already waiting for the next words

"Boy, even against my will you must go! But let's make a deal ... I will accompany you from the shadows, I will always be days away from you, in case you can not even get halfway there in 3 and a half months, I I'll take you to the location, "said Huang Li

He did not want to disrupt Don Yuki's growth process, but wanted him to go to a Common Kingdom

"I agree," said Don Yuki.

"So let it be so! We'll leave in the morning," said old Li.

No one dared to rebut or publicly disagree with Huang Li, besides being the strongest, he was the leader.

And so he spent that night



The next morning

"Take care, all care is little" said the Chief Guard

"Boy, it will bother Boss Li in vain," said Bong Zutian.

"Do not worry ... I certainly will not disappoint the master" Don Yuki said, he did not appear to be so worried about these issues, after all he thought that he would surely reach the imperial ones

"Little friend, come on!" Huang Li said

"Hm," nodded Don Yuki.

And so they left the tower and headed west.

Master Li's tower was to the east, while the orphanage was to the far east

Continuing towards the West, they would arrive before the center, in the central region of the inferior kingdom was located the imperial ones

After walking for a while Huang Li spoke

"Little Yuki, you must go ahead, I'll camp here," said Huang Li

"You sure do not think we should wait until we get to the first city?" Asked Don Yuki.

"Haha ... Boy, you really do not know much about things! I'll explain to you all the way to the city of the Imperials"

''Way ? The book I read in his library said it was just a road '' Say Don Yuki with a curious tone

'' Really, this was just a way ... the way through the sky! '' Huang Li said

'' Way through the sky? Is this really possible? '' Don Yuki was very curious and surprised

"It is only records, but it is said that to reach a certain level of cultivation our body would merge with the law of heaven, so that we can fly in the sky," Huang Li said with a lively expression, after so many years he made only 1 advance ... He is currently a 9th Rank of the Carnal Division, is one step away from entering the Earth Division, but far from merging with the law of heaven ...

* Hummmf * snorted Don Yuki and said

''Wow ! The world of cultivation is really incredible ''

'' You still have not seen anything kid, '' Huang Li said quietly, then spoke again

'' Finally, I'll explain in a nutshell the way ''

"There is only one route to the imperial city on either side of this kingdom, ie North, South, East and West, in these 4 directions there is only 1 route to the imperial city ''

"Many years ago, the first imperial defined that these routes were to be separated into three parts, we live at the end of the third participation."

"The three partitions of our eastern area, from our direction to the imperial city are:

Red Monkey Mountain

Forest of a thousand colors

Blue commercial city

"These are the divisions," explained Huang Li

Don Yuki was surprised by the size of this lower kingdom, after all he knew that one day this kingdom was once a Higher Kingdom

After following for a long time alone Don Yuki finally said something

"Damn book, can you hear me?" Asked Don Yuki

* Buhha * a sound of something stretching was heard

"What do you want, idiot brat?" Said the cursed book in a discouraged manner.

"Hehe .. you really do not change" said Don Yuki

"How do you think the kingdom should be

"Senior, is this kingdom as great as a Higher Realm?" Questioned Don Yuki

"Oh ?! Small Yuki ... Definitely not, if we put ourselves in front of the smallest Common realm, we would be at least 5x smaller!" While to the great common realms, probably dozens of times. hundreds of times smaller "said Huang Li

He noticed that there may have been a reason for Don Yuki to say this, so he said again

"This lower kingdom is definitely the greatest of the lower realms! But in the end we are still a lower kingdom ... The main reason we became a Higher Realm in the past was because of Huang Longtian"

"His achievements were enough to elevate the status of this kingdom," explained old Li

"Longtian's ancestor must have been incredible," murmured Don Yuki.

After this he was silent wondering about the great deeds that Huang Longtian might have done


"Boy, you should not be long here, there's still a great way to go, I'll stay here and I'll keep going," said Huang Li

"Hm," nodded Don Yuki.

"Master, you're right, I should visit that common realm" smiled Don Yuki

"Hehe" smiled back Huang Li

And so Don Yuki said goodbye to his master and headed toward the mountain of the red monkey

Upon realizing that Don Yuki was far enough away not to hear it any more, Huang Li spoke low

"Little friend, you should definitely be careful, this realm had potential to become a common kingdom even after Huang Longtian's gone ... But by internal conflicts everything went by water down, we do not live times of peace on this earth, I believe that not even the imperial ones can defend you if all are against you "

What he had said was truly true, after Huang Li's departure with the cultivation resources at the time and with the experts, it was entirely possible to become a common kingdom! But all these people either disappeared or died, and the farming resources? They were all used as a bargaining chip with other kingdoms ... Simply the supreme lower realm was in a precarious situation.

After a long time walking, Don Yuki suddenly spoke

"Damn book, are you there?"

* Nhaa * a yawn was heard

And then

"What do you want with me idiot brat? Stop calling me so I have a name!" He spoke the book lazily

"Idai? Yours is too long, get used to it, hehe." Don Yuki tried to explain, but the reality was that he loved provoking the book

"Why do you ..." The angry book spoke.

"Damn book, do you think it will be long before you get there?"

"Brat, you only have 4 months to reach the imperial city, so you would have to at least get 1 participation each month, thus completing the journey in 3 months"

"But with your current speed is impossible! It will take you at least 2 months to get to each partition, adding everything you will finish your trajectory in 6 months!"

"I think you should use your martial technique of movement," said the damn book.

"Martial technique of movement?" Questioned Don Yuki

He knew the content, in fact he had already learned, but never practiced technique, for it was just a technique that should be used at intervals and not in constant movement

"Are you so useless like that? Read the technique," said the book.

"Hm." Don Yuki nodded, then imagined the book in his mind, and there was his introduction


It is characterized by using the element of air!

After activating this ability, your feet will become light and soft as a feather.


Stealth Pitch and Increased Speed

"Wow, it really says it can increase speed, but the effect is long-lasting?" Asked Don Yuki

"The effect lasts as long as you control it, if you control it 1h lasts an hour, as if controlling 1 year, lasts a year!" Explained the damn book

"You must first try ...."

* Fuuuuah *

Before even the book finished speaking a draft passed by Don Yuki

* Fliiinng "

And if it condensed on your feet

"T-so fast!" Exclaimed the book surprised

"Hehe, it was not that difficult," said Don Yuki.

And then he began to move, he noticed that his steps really were lighter, it was as if a charge had been taken

"Book, thank you! I believe I will divide the time it takes to arrive in half!" Don Yuki said

"Spare me boy, let's get out of here!" Said the damn book

"Oh ?! You're right, come on!" Answered Yuki

And so he prepared the technique of movement and went back to the imperial city

In the blink of an eye he walked a great distance, his speed was at least twice as fast as before.

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