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Chapter 5: Chapter 5: The Selfish Ming Xue

When the Guide Chief left the three of them stood there looking at each other for a long time until they said something

The first words were spoken by Ming Re

'' Guys, do not you think we should go to that waterfall soon? Anyway, the sooner we get out of here the better. ''

'' Hm '' Headed Ming Xue and Don Yuki

Soon everyone entered the waterfall and sat on stones near the waterfall of the waterfall

They were all perplexed by what the Chief Guide had explained ... Ming Re thought of how formidable the girl of her age who was with Old Li

Ming Xue was thinking how tolerant he would have to be all this time.

Already Don Yuki was the calmest, in fact he was truly excited about what the Chief Guide had described on each floor, he was very curious to get to the next floors, all he could think of was that he would become a cultivator.

After 3 hours sitting on the stones, roughly deducting the time they had arrived, it should be close to lunch, the 3 came well fed, so they were quiet.

Don Yuki who had his eyes closed for the last 3 hours suddenly got up and told the brothers

'' Guys, I think if we just sit, it will be impossible to refine the body, we have to be submerged in these waters ''

'' CALADO '' shouted Ming Xue

'' Ming Xue stop '' spoke Ming Re

'' Sister, do not you see? He wants us to get distracted while he climbs the waterfall, he obviously wants to stay with the 3 '' meals

Ming Xue said with anger

Don Yuki wrinkled his little forehead as he said

'' Ming brothers, you can believe me if you want, just as you may not believe me, but accuse me of something so selfish I will not accept it ''

'' Who gave you the courage to talk to us like that? '' Ming Xue got up and headed for Don Yuki

Don Yuki pulled away as he said, 'Do you want violence?'

"I never liked you brat, if it were not for you, my sister would probably have become Old Li's personal disciple for a long time, after all she's exceptional."

'' Today, in an isolated environment, I have the chance to put you in your place. '' Ming xue ran towards Don Yuki while raising his right hand, as if tapping the small Don Yuki

"This will depend on whether you have the ability," Don Yuki said with a smile.

While he smiled he said some words that sounded like a song, after that he crossed his fingers, and gestured up

In doing so a current of air passed by Ming Xue and knocked him into the water

'' Yours ... '' Ming Xue did not understand what happened, but he knew it was something done by Don Yuki

'' Is this a spell? '' Ming Re

Ming Xue tried to get up a total of 11 times, all of it was knocked over by a draft

"Don Yuki, you coward, stop now!" Exclaimed Ming Xue with a disgruntled expression.

'' Do not be an idiot, I'm helping you, I believe you've already realized that this water has different properties ''

Don Yuki said

'' How do you know I figured it out? '' Ming Xue said in amazement.

'' You did not believe me before, so I wanted you to prove for yourself, now that you've fallen so many times and got in more contact with the water, you can say that this is the solution to get out of here, '' a serious expression

'' Brat, idai, if you're right? This water really is different, but I think in the end it's just climbing that waterfall, what can this water help so much? '' Ming Xue spoke with disgust

After speaking he got up wobbled his wet hair, and started walking in the opposite direction of Don Yuki, it was for that waterfall, to be more accurate was for climbing

"I'll prove to that brat that even without understanding a spell, I'm still amazing," Ming Xue murmured.

So he reached the waterfall, as he entered the center of the waterfall, he felt the water coming down in an extremely strong way

He soon found the path of climbing to the top, were composed of 12 stones of different sizes, some seemed more slippery than others and others more treacherous than the others.

When placing the foot in the first stone Ming Xue felt the pressure of the water increase, it was like a mud waterfall

Putting his foot on the second stone, it was as if the waterfall had been transformed into glacial waters, it was so cold that his whole body shook, he clenched his teeth in a way that could be heard the cracks * Craack craack *

When he finally reached the third stone, his face became extremely red, it resembled a tomato

Now it was completely hot, so hot that it seemed to wash, Ming Xue soon could not stand it and let go of that stone, when he released he slipped and fell on his butt in the water

* Plug *

He sat for a long time, after a while he turned to his sister and said out loud

"Sister, sit in the water, try to understand its properties, feel all the thermal sensations and season your body, climbing is not so difficult, but the sensations change with each stone, it's better to be prepared"

After saying that he looked at Don Yuki with a smile on his face, which seemed to be competing with Don Yuki, he walked close to his sister and sat in the water, getting submerged to the belly

His sister did the same, but the water ran in his chest.

As for Don Yuki, the water covered him completely, but it was not a problem for him, after all he had conjured an enchantment, he was still controlling it by the seal in his hands. Every time he ran out of oxygen, he simply waved his hand so that the wind would blow the water away from him, so he filled his lungs with air again and was submerged again.

All continued in this state until late at night


At the top of the tower

There was the Chief Guide, the old Li and his two apprentices, all looked at a mirror, this mirror reflected the image on the first floor, next to this mirror there was a shell, it was identical to one that was near the stones, through it was possible to hear everything they said on the first floor.

I mean, old Li was watching all three of them all this time ...

Suddenly the old li said

"This boy Don Yuki is really special, before he even touched the water, he already knew that it was related to climbing, most probably he already must have felt the sensations of that water and must be thinking of a way to temper his body, just fantastic ... ''

Old Li was simply amazed.

'' That Ming Xue has a very incredible body too, in his first attempt, he managed to reach the third stone, many of our guards fell or were unconscious at the first stone ''

Exclaimed the chief guide, he seemed to have enough interest in Ming xue

'' 'Hm' 'Old Li nodded with a smile

then said, '' I just think he has an explosive temper, but he's not a bad person, he's always put his sister above him ''

Old Li was almost satisfied.

After they spoke a boy of about 13 years said

"That girl does not lose either, because of her reactions, she has already begun to understand this water, by the face of Ming Xue and Don Yuki, most probably both have not yet"

The 7-year-old girl next to him smiled and nodded, then Old Li and Chief Guide also smiled.


Arriving in the evening

Finally the Chief Guide re-appeared and this time he held 3 bars of cerals, he looked at the 3 and his gaze locked on the Ming Xue

Soon he said, '' Ming Xue, you were the one to go further in the climb, soon you will decide the distribution of the food '' He gave the 3 bars of ceres to Ming Xue

After leaving the food, he turned and disappeared again

The three stood there looking at where he left, after some time Ming Xue finally spoke with a mocking smile on his face as he looked at Don Yuki

'' Boy, you really dared to take me down 11 times, then I'll leave you 11 days without food, consider it a punishment ''

After hearing this Don Yuki had an ugly expression on his face, after some time he gave a smile to Ming Xue and spoke

'' Do you know that feeding will be given to anyone who goes farther in the right climb? Today was the first day, today was your victory, do not think this will continue forever, I will show you what to do with me Don Yuki your enemy was your worst choice, one hour the magic will turn against the sorcerer '' By saying this Don Yuki walked back to the waterfall and returned to training

Ming Xue continued with a mocking expression on his face, he took the 3 bars, gave 1 for his sister, 1 for himself, and the one of Don Yuki he divided in half, taking half and giving the rest to his sister

Ming Re had an uncomfortable expression, then said, "Brother, this is not wrong, after all he is practically a baby, if he were a normal child, he would probably wear diaper yet, is not it too bad to leave him without food? ''

'' Don't worry, Don Yuki is someone with a special body, I can not treat him like a baby, and as a man he has to deal with the turbulence of opposing the strongest. But do not worry, if he admits his mistakes I will give him the right food for him ''

Ming Xue replied, he seemed to be telling the truth

* Hummmf * snorted Ming Re relieved, after all she was worried about the little Don Yuki

after eating, the two brothers returned to training.

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