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Chapter 7: Chapter 7: Reflections

'' I-impossible, it is completely impossible, a child of even 2 years, completed the first stage in 10 days is already something surreal, now bring two more people with it to the second floor is even more impossible, old Li, you the Did you help with something? Please explain the situation ''

Exclaimed the Chief Guide, he seemed very euphoric, he was scared and excited at the same time.

Even old Li, who was calm all the time had a shock expression on his face, after a long time he finally spoke

"That child, Don Yuki, used an enhanced charm, most likely he used the same spell several times to accomplish this feat, which he did was something simple, but very clever ..."

"He prepared his body 100% by training the 12 sensations, most likely he helped Ming Xue and Ming Re to have 60% of the full training, so the stones would recognize that the two had more approval than denial in their training and that they are able to reach 100% ... Most likely anyone who has reached 50% of the training would have managed to climb, but the water fall makes everything more complicated, so you need to master the 12 sensations! He simply understood all this while climbing, so he just turned the water fall and helped his friends up, just great ''

* Hummmff * Old Li sucked in a mouthful of air

After a while he looked at the chief guide and said

'' Go with them on the second floor, I think you need to pass the training to them ''

'' Yes ​​sir '' said the Chief Guide


2nd Floor

After climbing the flights of stairs they reached another field, this time there was no waterfall, to the north one could see the other flight of stairs to the third floor, but there was a gate of bars blocking the way, this gate only could be opened by a key.

Looking a little more around it was possible to see 3 small blocks, in the first there was a lake, in the second it was a moving target, and the third was a beast that was fixed to the ground, instead of arrows it contained discs.

When repairing in these areas, Don Yuki, Ming Xue and Ming Re went there

Arriving on the spot they noticed that someone was already waiting for them, this person was no other if not the Chief Guide

Seeing that they arrived the boss guide gave a slight smile and spoke

'' You arrived earlier than I expected, you really surprised me. ''

'' I will not have a long conversation, I'll explain this floor soon ... ''

'' On this floor it is necessary that the three succeed in their tasks to go to the next floor, in it each one of you will pass through all the tests, even if one of you finish all the tests, it is necessary that you wait until the other finishes all''

'' There is 3 evidence, the first is simply to get the goldfish in the lake, while you get it, you have completed the test, the 2nd test is simpler still, as long as you hit 1x the mobile target the test will end and the third test it is necessary to deviate from the 3 discs released, if you deviate from the 3 discs, you will pass ''

Everyone understood, but soon Ming Re asked

'' You did not say that the second floor would be Agility? Why do these tests only train our reflection?

'' The most agile person is the one who reacted the fastest, for the best reaction it is necessary to have excellent reflexes, I must have expressed myself badly '' The Chief Leader smiled, it seems that he had purposely said about being the 'agility' theme , thus seeming to sound like something simpler.

'' Any further questions? '' Said Chief Leader

'' When I finish the test can I help them finish? When we finish everything, how will we go to the next floor? '' Asked Don Yuki

'' It's individual evidence, each person must come to his own resolution alone, so you can not help them .. And for the next floor, do not worry, I'll know when they're done ''

Don Yuki smiled, at last he concluded his hypothesis that they were being watched from the beginning and that old Li must have been displeased with his cheating on the first floor.

'' I will go now '' The Chief Guide turned and disappeared again

After he left, all three were not exactly for the races, they looked around and noticed the amount of trees with fruit, most likely would be their feeds in the next few days

After completing this each went to a test

Ming Re went to the mobile target race

Ming Xue went to the disc test

while Don Yuki for the Lake Proof

Not long after getting used to the environment began to train ...

Everyone had many difficulties, we can point out Ming Re, the target was really very fast, to the point of becoming unpredictable.

And so it was 15 days

'' Hey Ming Xue, are you going to continue for how long on this test? '' Said Don Yuki, he seemed to be discouraged

'' Do not fill the brat! I'll get it soon '' Ming Xue replied, he was wearing all his clothes dirty and full of bruises, it looked like he was beaten

'' What anger, this beast shoots very strong, the speed of each disc doubles with each shot, it is almost impossible to deviate from the last disc, even knowing the direction he goes, this boy has already finished his test to 12 days, that lake really should be the easiest, '' murmured Ming Xue.

Ming Re in turn was doing the test too, but unlike Ming Xue, she was more confident, it seemed that at any moment she would end

By the twentieth day finally Ming Xue had finished, Ming Re had finished 2 days ago, they reversed the activities

Ming Re went to the Lake

Ming Xue went to the target

Don Yuki went to the pitch

* Tsk * '' Brat, you will be underestimating yourself, you were soon to the test that I left, we will see what your reaction will be when failing '' Ming Xue said with a mocking expression

Don Yuki came forward in front of the beast, took some distance and started the shots, Ming Xue and Ming Re were watching

1 shot, was shot horizontally, was aimed at the chest of the little one

It is necessary to emphasize that if it were correct it would probably leave with bruises and strong pains.

He did not avoid the shot, he simply jumped, thus completely deflecting.

The Beast reloaded its shot and began to change direction, soon it fired again

the 2nd shot was upright, the disk fell like lightning, from top to bottom, if Don Yuki stood still he would hit him in the head.

He simply stepped aside avoiding the shot

In the third shot, it was different, the beast was shooting 2 1x disks, one vertically and the other horizontal, the shot was like a cross, the vertical shot came like lightning

Don Yuki turned to the left, for very little he deflected, the second disc horizontally came loga behind, he did not have time to jump, or to go to the sides, what awaited him was cer hit in full

Ming Xue smiled as he talked to his sister and said, "It took me so long for this, after several attempts, I noticed that the best way to divert was a right bearing, since you would dodge the vertical disk and the disk in the horizontal would not catch me ''

Ming Re still had his eyes fixed on the field of Don Yuki

To the surprise of both, he was down, the record of the Horizontal had passed through him, in the end he concluded this test in his first time.

Ming Xue who was mocking him, had an expression of discouragement now, after all it took him 20 days to figure out a way to divert

Little Yuki just got up and spoke looking at Ming Xue

'' It seems like the lake was really harder, good luck! '' After that he walked to a tree and lay lazily there

* Gluub * Ming Xue swallowed, after all now he knew that this lake would be his true challenge

In a blink of an eye another 20 days have passed

Ming Re and Ming Xue had finished their tests

Finally they changed again

Don Yuki went to the mobile target

Ming Xue to the lake

Ming Re to disk

After getting ready, everything started again, this time Don Yuki noticed that the target was not really simple, it took 2 days to finish the race, he was the first to complete all the steps, he would have arrived quietly on the third floor in 15 days, adding the 10 days spent on the first floor and the 5 days on the 3 tests on the second floor.

But after finishing the test Don Yuki had to wait for another 23 days

He could not take the boredom anymore, Ming Re had already finished his test a few days, only Ming Xue was trying to catch the fish

Don Yuki could not stand seeing Ming Xue fail and then said

'' Ming Xue, listen to me! This test is really the most complicated, the fish is a kind of illusion, you will not be able to meet him with your eyes let alone listen to him jump out of the water in the direction you imagined ... Close your eyes, you must listen to the his way into the water, so you can predict his trajectory. ''

Ming Xue completely listened to Don Yuki and started to apply this technique, he noticed results immediately, however the fish was really mischievous, it took another 5 days to finalize the test.

In total since arrival on the second floor, they stayed there for 2 months, Don Yuki estimated that if he was alone he would be at the minimum on the fourth floor.

He was a bit discouraged, for he wanted to be a cultivator

Thinking a little these last few days, it would probably take a little over a year to complete the tower with Ming Xue and Ming Re, it was a considerable but not so great time after reviewing the performance of Ming Re and Ming Xue, if the two of them were alone, it would probably take almost three years.

After some time waiting in front of the gate to the third floor, the chief guide finally appeared and guided them to the third floor

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