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Chapter 8: Chapter 8: Temperate bodies

The Chief Guide was laughing and talking to the 3

"You really surprised me, I've seen a lot of people come to this tower, these trainings have existed for thousands of years, many would give their lives to train in this place, after all it is with this type of training that the warriors arise" the guide

'' So you mean we're going through military training? '' Ming Re

"In a way yes, after all the warriors are those who have temperate bodies, they are different from ordinary humans, their bodies are much stronger and resistant, and their sensibilities and reflexes are superior. Everyone with the status of warrior in the lower realms passed through these 3 levels that you passed ''

The 3 were surprised, after all warriors were something that only existed in the imperial city, and they could be considered warriors at these ages? And to become a cultivator it took 9 steps, instead of just 3, how amazing were the cultivators? And those who reached the 6th step what were their titles?

'' So does this mean that this tower exists in all lower realms? '' Asked Don Yuki

At this moment the chief guide burst into laughter

'' Little friend, obviously not! This tower does not only possess the physical levels, it possesses the spiritual and formation levels. This tower is quite capable of generating cultivators, unlike the others that only form warriors! Of course there are several other ways to grow cultivators, but the most practical is to plant cultivation or challenge a tower created by a specialist ... And who created this tower? No one more than the legendary expert Huang Longtian, it differs from all other towers in this lower kingdom, even in the common realms would be a rarity, I do not doubt very much that even the higher realms use this type of tower to generate their cultivators' 'Exclaimed the Chief Guide

"So in the supreme lower realm there are not so many growers like that?" Asked Don Yuki again

"This tower is really unique, its value is exceptional, if it were not for its defenses, the emperor would have taken it to himself at times ... But this is not the case, not only did he fail, year he sends his best spiritualists to become cultivators '' Answered the Chief Guide

'' Oh .. Does that mean they have towers that go up to the 6th step right? In this case, the imperial ones also see training here? '' Said Don Yuki

"No, the imperialists would not go down here with the spiritualists... They have their own towers up to the sixth step, when they become spiritualists, they have the cultivation inculcated in their bodies by specialists in the realm, these specialists, using the Qi of his body, molds the person's soul, until he becomes a cultivator, is something much faster compared to the towers, but they do not have the soul strong enough, so they need to stay in closed-door training in the ' The guide said

'' Is it possible to get a person to be born with cultivation? '' The little boy had a serious expression on his face.

'' Yes, it's really possible, but you do not have to worry, this kind of thing is done by a Yuuta, they are beings who only live in the higher realm, so relax ''

When listening to '' Yuuta '', the brothers Ming and Don Yuki were left with doubts

then the Chief Guide explained

'' When you become a cultivator, you are actually a Qi caster. You can use your core that has Qi to communicate with the Qi in the environment. Throughout the history of our universe, we discover the Celestial Laws, which are formed by energy, using the energy we come in contact with the common laws, that is the common elements, to get in touch with the celestial laws we must become cultivators heavenly. ''

"Common laws, heavenly laws, celestial elements and cultivators?" Ming Re murmured, she was dying of curiosity

'' Do you know what we are charming little Re? Enchantments are conjurations to use 1/4 of a spell, usually it is necessary to learn the enchantment to understand the magic ''

'' We call magic in this lower realm, but in the common and higher realms they call it martial techniques and spells of martial introduction, or simply simple conjuration ''

'' Yuuta's martial techniques are different from cultivators, they are beings who understand and come in contact with common laws, using laws, they can create runes, these runes are used to form spiritual language, through of this language they can form spiritual seals ''

Generally the cultivation path for the Yuutas is different from that for '' marcus cultivators ''

"I'm not saying that you have to become a Yuuta without being a cultivator, but rather that when you become a Yuuta, you often have to choose which branch to focus on, whether it is martial or spiritual."

Explained the Chief Guide

'' But what does a Yuuta do? Anyone can become? Are there cropping levels as well as normal cultivation? '' Asked Ming Xue

"The yuutas are those who do martial techniques, barriers, equipment and various other things that work without the need of someone controlling them. As well as martial cultivation the Yuutas have rank as well, but that does not matter for now. Not everyone can become, after all only those who understand the common laws will achieve this "

* Hummmf * The 3 sucked a mouthful of cold air ...

They now admired and very much the Yuutas.

After all this talk they got to the third floor

Soon the chief guide again spoke

"This floor there will be no evidence, you have only 1 goal, each one must destroy a rock using only his fists" He pointed to a set of rocks

"C-how will we do it? The rocks are so hard, not to say the rock even if it were a rock I would not have this ability" Said Ming De

After all she was right, her body was weak and delicate, how would she destroy a rock?

The boss boss smiled

"I already explained to you that by completing the third floor you would become warriors, but that does not mean that you are the same as before" while saying that he held three stones the size of an egg and threw in the direction of the 3

Don Yuki turned the stone easily

Ming Xue and Ming Re reached out and grabbed the stone, as if they were a hawk

When they released the stones, when they fell to the ground they became dust.

"Do you now understand me? Besides reflections, your bodies have been tempered in the most diverse conditions, you can not be compared to normal people"

The Boss leader spoke with a smile on his face.

"So it's really so now ..." Ming Re reflected.

Soon she smiled, she thought it would be easy to walk

"Do not go cheering up as fast as that haha. Everything on this floor has been coated with spiritual techniques, these rocks can be easily compared to iron

"Then these boards and this tree are compared to what?" Asked Don Yuki

"You must have realized what you will do on this floor hehe," said the Chief Guide

"I will not oppose you trying to break the rocks directly, but I do not recommend, you will be wasting time ... No matter how much your bodies are tempered now, they lack technique and control of strength. with a punch, you do the same in a tree, until they can break .. the same for the rock, "he explained.

"So that's the way it should be, I will not ask any more," Don Yuki said with a satisfied expression.

The Chief Guide nodded and turned to leave.

There were only 3 of them again, they had already gotten used to the way the chief guide did things, he always gave a brief introduction and disappeared, food could always be found in the trees or vegetable gardens, they survived water, fruits and vegetables ...

"We should start," exclaimed Ming Xue.

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