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Chapter 9: Chapter 9: Changes In Attributes

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When the car stopped, the two of them had already arranged their clothes, but there was still a hint of obscenity in the air in the back seat.

After paying the fare, the two of them exited the taxi one by one. Mu Shuyan was sort of a celebrity in the university after all, so Chen Yi didn't wanted to be too flamboyant before she broke up with Pan Long. He waited for Mu Shuyan to enter the school before walking in himself.

Today is Saturday, and guards knew the virtue of these senior students very well. So they just looked at his student ID card and then let him in.

After returning to the dormitory, Chen Yi took a shower, lay on the bed, and took out his mobile phone.

At noon, he had been rewarded 2 points for Physique just because Mu Shuyan gave him a blowjob and swallowed his sperm. Tonight, although he didn't have time to fuck her asshole, he almost played with her whole body. Don't know what rewards there will be. As soon as the game was opened, a series of prompts filled his screen.


[Mu Shuyan completes Rimjob for the first time. Reward: Penis + 0.2] (to be claimed)

[Completed sexual intercourse with Mu Shuyan for the first time. Reward: Sexual Skill—G-spot Capture] (to be claimed)

[Mu Shuyan's Favourability +10]

[Mu Shuyan's Favourability +20] (Reward: Physique + 0.1)

[Mu Shuyan's Favourability +10]

[Mu Shuyan's Favourability +30] (Reward: Physique + 0.2)

[Mu Shuyan's Favourability +10]

[Mu Shuyan's Favourability exceeds 80! The Favourability degree has advanced to Training degree!]

[Mu Shuyan's Training +2] (Reward: Physique + 0.2)

[Mu Shuyan has been successfully hunted! Congratulations, Player]

[Rewards: Hunting Chest*1, Prey Position +1, Player Qualification (official and unique)] (to be claimed)


Chen Yi guessed that tonight's harvest would not be small, but he didn't expect it to be so big. In particular, the degree of Favourability has soared directly from 10 to 82 and has also advanced to the degree of Training. But what surprised Chen Yi the most was the huge wave of "to be claimed" rewards.

Chen Yi chose to collect all the attributes first. Immediately, a familiar warmth emerged; the physical strength and energy that had been consumed tonight after endless indulgence recovered a lot at the same time. This was actually an illusion brought about by the increase in attributes. Because the foundation was now stronger, the impact of consumption correspondingly weakened. In addition to the physical aspect, the penis was also enlarged by a warm current at this time.

First of all, the length increased by about half a centimetre, and the loose foreskin seems to be tighter. This was not an illusion. The Penis attribute, as one can expect, is very closely related to the length and diameter of the penis. The improvement of 0.2 is actually very obvious. But it will be more clear after the erection.

After ejaculating 6 times in one day, Chen Yi felt that his dick was sore, so he decided to wait until tomorrow. After the warm current disappeared, Chen Yi's state improved significantly in all aspects, which made him very satisfied. But he was not done yet, there were more rewards have not yet been received.

The first was a skill called "G-spot Capture".

You can tell from the name that this was a Sexual Skill. After mastering this skill, you can easily find a woman's G-spot.

This skill can play a very powerful role, whether it is used for caressing or making love. If he had mastered this skill from the beginning tonight, Chen Yi guaranteed that it would make Mu Shuyan feel better; at least it would not be a problem to increase her Training by a few more points.

"Dirty enough, I like it!" Chen Yi chuckled and then received the Prey Position reward.

Needless to say, the Prey Position was the most critical attribute of the game.

Only by pulling prey into Prey's Position can he obtain their black material, the importance of which is unquestionable, as can be seen through Mu Shuyan's case.

According to the game rules, after a Prey is successfully hunted, and the Training degree reaches 100 points, it will no longer occupy the Prey Position.

Mu Shuyan's Training degree has just reached 82, which was still a bit far from 100. And he knew that getting these last remaining points was actually the hardest!

So it can be said that getting a new Prey Position at this time was quite a boon.

With an empty Prey Position in hand, Chen Yi felt relieved and confident.

Then there was the "Hunting Chest", which was equivalent to a novice gift package in those system novels. After opening it, he can get random skills, attributes, items, and other rewards.

Chen Yi didn't waste any time and directly chose to open it.

After a gorgeous cutscene, a cartoon picture of a man in a white training suit jumped out.

[Congratulations on getting a new skill—Hand Combat Overlord (Master Level)]

The next second, Chen Yi felt his blood suddenly start to boil, and the bones all over his body began to creak.

At the same time, multiple martial arts knowledge, practice, and combat experience all flooded his mind. The whole process lasted for a long time, and when Chen Yi returned to his senses, his whole being was different.

This feeling was amazing. It was as if in an instant, he had practiced martial arts for decades and decades in an unknown time and space.

Chen Yi raised his arms and made a single move; all the strength in his body instantly gathered into an extremely condensed force. Even if it wasn't sent out, the power contained in it shocked Chen Yi.

Although he didn't understand how powerful he actually was, he felt that if he were to hit someone seriously, they might fly out dramatically for at least a few meters. And this was just from a random blow from him.

If he hits with all his strength, even concrete walls wouldn't be able to withstand it.

"As expected of a Master-level skill, it's really awesome!"

According to the game, the general skills are divided into "Beginner, Proficient, Small Success, Great Success, Master, and finally, Grand Master".

A Master and Grand Master are almost the same in abilities, the difference lies in the path they take. While Masters master the already existing techniques, Grand Masters go a step further and develop their own unique techniques.

But just being a Master has already made Chen Yi very satisfied.

He's not a martial arts idiot and doesn't want to waste his time practicing martial arts day and night. Wouldn't it be nice to fuck a few more women in that time instead?

It was enough to have Master-level combat power. At least in modern society, it is estimated that few people are his opponents without guns. Chen Yi smiled in satisfaction; now, he doesn't have to worry about being beaten for stealing other people's wives!

After digesting the skill, Chen Yi focused on the last prompt.

[Congratulations on becoming the only player in this game. From now on, you don't need to access the game through your phone. You can access the game just by meditating inside your heart]

Chen Yi was overjoyed; this reward surprised him even more than all the previous rewards combined. Ever since he realized the magic of this game, what he was worried most about was what to do if someone discovers the secret of the game or what if his mobile phone was lost or damaged.

He might be fine in the former aspect as no one touches his phone but he was quite worried about the latter aspect. Because he has been using this HWAWEI mobile phone for almost three years, if it suddenly breaks one day and the game cannot be opened, then the problem will be big! Now that he doesn't have to worry about it, he was quite relieved.

Chen Yi muttered in his heart, and suddenly a light blue attribute panel appeared before his eyes.


[Player: Chen Yi]

[Appearance: 66]

[Physique: 7.9]

[Penis: 6.2]

[Sexual Skill: G-Spot Capture]

[General Skill: Hand Combat Overlord (Master Level)]

[Prey Position 1: (Mu Shuyan: Training Degree 82/100), Prey Position 2: (empty)]


Seeing the changes in attributes, Chen Yi was very surprised.

"Why has my physique increased so much?"

Obviously, his Physique should now be 5.5. But now it has skyrocketed by 2.4 out of thin air. Soon, however, Chen Yi realized that it should be the effect of "Hand Combat Overlord". It seems that not only this skill made him a martial arts master, but also made him much stronger!

After solving the doubts in his mind, Chen Yi picked up the phone again. Now that the game has integrated directly with his body, the app on the mobile phone disappeared. Chen Yi was completely relieved. In the future, there is no need to worry about the game being leaked, or mobile phone getting lost, or anything!

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