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Black thorns

Author: frozenvoltage

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Chapter 1: Found her

The familiarity of the dark world had become a drab for the young demon, the everlasting screams of torment from sinners, the incessant clattering of chains and moans of monsters enjoying their meals of human blood was beginning tip him closer to dementia.

He remembered when he was introduced into this world,  the screams had given him a sick thrill, the sweet clattering of chains had become music to his ears he wanted to dance whenever he heard them, but now,  as he gazed from above his office's balcony he couldn't help but wonder what went wrong.

He did not seek to leave this place for it was his home,  what he wanted was a bit of change in his monotonous life, an empty life without an iota of joy present.

He stalked towards a frame in the corner of the room, tapping significant figures memorized to heart, the wall began to quiver from age moving slowly to the side revealing his most precious object in his life.

A single black rose which thanks to some magic, lasts longer than its actual life time.

This singular rose was an unspoken promise,  a promise he would make sure to keep,  he could still remember the day he got the rose


The wind blew tousling the young girls hair haphazardly, her once well kept hair which her mother had spent time on, forcing her over active daughter to stay put, hoping she would act like a girl for once but her hope was soon crumpled in the mud pie she was making,  her yellow sundress was no it's bright yellow instead blobs of brown were decorated horribly on it, yet she did not care the only thing on her mind was how she was going to get extra worms for her worm pie.

She scrambled up from the dirt rubbing the icky mud on her once yellow sundress searching for a worm for her delicious treat,  she advanced towards her mother's little garden knowing there would be enough worms there to make two pies .

She was right, when she held a heap of the sand in her arms she had already seen two of the slimy wriggly creatures, she grinned in delight and continued digging setting the worms in a heap beside her.

Satisfied with amount of toppings she had gotten, she scrambled towards her uncompleted pie,  she hummed to a song her mother always loved singing to her mimicking all she had seen her mother do when she was in a kitchen cooking for her always hungry father,  although they didn't need food,  they enjoyed the taste.

She was so entranced with her pretend cooking she didn't notice the little boy sneaking behind her.

The little boy had been watching her since she brought the extra worms for her worms pie,  the one food he was never going to eat ever.

He snuck up on her his breath fanning her back, he leaned into her ear and whispered, "Boo!"

The little girl squealed spinning around and delivering a punch right on the boys nose, knocking him backward into a heap of groans.

He groaned concurrent words, the girl stood above him her hand over her mouth in shock, when her brain registered what just happened her shock expression was replaced by a look of satisfaction

"Serves you right..  Never disturb a woman in the chicken"

The boys rolled over on his stomach and scrunched his face "What did you just say? "

She rolled her eyes "I didn't hit you that hard... I was playing chicken duh and I was baking a pie"

The boy rolled his eyes, "Kitchen... "

The little girl furrowed her brow in confusion, "What?"

"You said chicken..."he elaborated, "It's called a kitchen "

The little girl rolled her eyes," That's what I said... Chicken "

The little boy pursed his lips,"No your saying chicken... It's called a kitchen"

The little girl narrowed her eyes not backing down so easily"Chicken... "


"Chicken... "

He scrambled from the floor glaring at her his head tilted to look into her eyes since she was taller than him"Kitchen!! "

She glared back at him but waved him off, "Whatever come to my chicken, and I'll serve you some pie"

The boy huffed ignoring her clear attempts to annoy him but nodded nontheless following her to the little house she loved playing in.

"Sit. " she ordered turning away from him to get the pie.

The both looked uneasy squirming in his seat, I will not eat,  I will not eat.

He said to his self,  a mantra that he must not forget

The girl came back with a plastic plate and a brown substance with pink -still alive- worms wriggling in the brown substance.

He squeezed his face leaning away from it in disgust, "Eww.. I'm not eating that... That.. "

He searched for a word but when he saw the downcast look on her face he found the word, "Delicious looking food"but it was the wrong one.

She beamed at him placing the plate and a fork before him.

He picked up the fork a worm wriggling around in it,  he resisted to urge to gag looking to the girl, "Do I have to"

She nodded her head,  her eyes set meaning she wouldn't change her mind.

He looked back at the fork then at her, the the fork, he didn't want to eat it,  but he didn't want to hurt her either.

He closed his eyes and held his nose bringing the fork to his mouth when a scream stopped him.

She squealed laughing "I can't believe you were actually going to eat it !!"

The boy dropped the fork, sand and worms everywhere, he growled lunging for her "You lied to me you... You awful human being"

She was taken aback but was able to dodge him in time running around giggling "You can't catch me.. "

The boy smirked taking the challenge he grabbed a handful of dirt and ran after her flinging it at her while laughing like idiots.

Occasionally he would hit her with mud and she would run after him hitting him with mud,  it had turn into a game of mud tag with no winner since they were equal in strength.

Soon they were panting in fatigue, dropping on the ground in heaps of laughter.

"That was fun"

He chuckled "Yea it was"

"You almost ate worm pie"

He rolled his eyes "I'm gonna get you back for that"

She giggled standing up from her position ambling towards her mother's garden,  when she returned she had something behind her.

The boys eyes narrowed "If that's another worm...  I'm gonna "

She shook her head quickly "No it's not... "

She brought out her clasped arms before him.

"Then what is it?" he asked.

She opened her hands a dark rose in hand,  her mother loved dark Roses so her father planted them for her,  they were high maintenance but worth it,  that's what her mother always said.

The boy looked at it in amazement "It's beautiful... Like you"

The girl blushed and the boy had registered what he just said.

"I mean.. I didn't...  Your not... "he ranted

The girl giggled placing the flower in his sweaty hands

He looked at the flower puzzled"Why are you giving me this?"

She shrugged "It's a gift... Just take it... It's your flower"

The boy grinned from ear to ear," Your my flower too "

The girl blushed again, "Whatever... "

The boy smirked noticing her blush.

She looked away hiding her blush "Thanatos?"

He hummed in response

She turned holding her hand to him

"What another flower?"

She shook her head "No a worm... " she threw the slimy thing on his head and ran away cackling.

He roared in surprise"Michaela!!!! "

They played all day long till their parents came to take them away,  in their child-like minds they would see each other again.

That was the last time Thanos saw Michaela the next day he heard they had packed up in the middle of the night and moved away,  he was devastated and the only thing he had of her was the black rose and a mouth full of worms.

Thanos snapped out of the trance when his phone rang a familiar name written on the screen.

He pressed the green button, "What? "

He wasn't ready for what the person had said,  he didn't want to get his hopes up, he waited for her to say gotcha, I was just joking

Then he remembered who he was dealing with, those three words set his world fire,  rejuvenating cells he never thought were still alive

Those three words replaced his drab world with a new feeling,  a feeling of hope, of determination

Those three words were his Salvation.

"I found her"

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