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83.12% Blackened Male God, Bye Again [To Be Deleted] / Chapter 202: Vixen Above, Mensao Below (16)

Vixen Above, Mensao Below (16) - Blackened Male God, Bye Again [To Be Deleted] - Chapter 202 by 00110111 full book limited free

Chapter 202: Vixen Above, Mensao Below (16)

Song Jia quickly came out after being inside the lobby for only a few minutes, looking as if she was being chased by something terrifying. Naturally, Gu Yuan, Sheng Li, and Wen Yan thought something terrible had happened.

Sheng Li anxiously grabbed her arm. "Ye Jia, what happened to Ye Minzhe? Is he alright?"

Gu Yuan also hurriedly spoke up, "What about the zombies? Did they chase after you?"

Song Jia caught her breath and silently looked at them. "He's fine."

He was more than fine. He even had the leisure to get angry and scold her. As expected of a high-ranking male god, ten zombies were merely chicken feathers and garlic peels for him [1].

Song Jia shook her head. She had worried for nothing.

It wasn't long before the sliding doors opened and Ye Minzhe went out. His baseball bat was dripping with blood, and his face was still black, looking as if he wanted to eat a human being as well. Song Jia could almost see the avatar of King Yama behind him, with bulging eyes and the characteristic '川' character between his eyebrows.

He walked straight towards Song Jia, making her heart jump. Feeling a sense of crisis, Song Jia tugged the sleeves of her sweater farther down her wrists and met him halfway, raising her arms.

Before Ye Minzhe could open his mouth, she took the initiative to wrap her arms around his waist and look up at him. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

"Gege, are you angry at me? Don't be angry, it's bad for the heart~"

She blinked her eyes, which looked moist and watery as if she was about to cry.

Ye Minzhe, "..."

His heart felt as if it had been hit by twenty-pound sledgehammer, and the resounding vibrations shattered all of his thoughts, leaving a blank white space where his mind used to be. His arms reflexively hugged her back.

His mouth, temporarily unconnected with his brain, moved and complained, "Tighter."

Song Jia obeyed and hugged him with all of her strength. But Ye Minzhe was still dissatisfied. He bent down and pressed her body against his, almost crushing her in his arms.

Song Jia's knees buckled and her breath left her in a whoosh. She felt like a mantou that had been squashed flat.

She struggled and gasped, "Can't...breathe..."

This grandma already tried to coax you and you still want to kill me, ah?!

Ye Minzhe instantly loosened his grip. He came back to his senses and looked blankly at Song Jia who took a few steps away from him. He felt a sudden loss, missing the soft and fragrant warmth inside his arms.

Ye Minzhe tried to make his tongue work, and slowly said, "Are you...okay?"

All of his anger and worry left him, replaced by an urge to drag Ye Jia back and make her hug him again. Ye Minzhe touched his chest. The heart inside there was still beating quickly. The tips of his ears turned red.

Song Jia subtly massaged her aching breasts and glared at him.

"I'm fine!" She snapped, resisting the impulse to kick him.

Sheng Li and Wen Yan had already seen how close Ye Minzhe was to Ye Jia earlier, so aside from the slight widening of their eyes, their faces didn't have too much of an excessive reaction. They wondered what made the school prince become so affectionate to his half-sister, his personality even becoming strange because of it. But they knew how to keep those thoughts themselves, not wanting Ye Minzhe to get angry at them again.

As for Gu Yuan, having accompanied the duo from the start, he was already used to Ye Minzhe becoming a silly white sweet [2] in front of Ye Jia.

"Did you finish off all the zombies?" Gu Yuan asked, unable to look Ye Minzhe in the eye. He was embarrassed that although he was older and was an authority figure, he had not helped much at all.

"It's done." Towards other people, Ye Minzhe's tone was still arrogant and cold. "Jia, let me carry you, the floor there is dirty."

Song Jia only gave him a look and walked towards the lobby without saying another word, ignoring his extended hand. Let him carry her? Didn't that bone-crushing hug already made her almost meet King Yama? What else did he want to do?

Ye Minzhe touched his nose and felt that he had done something wrong again. Clearly, he was the one who wanted to scold her for being reckless, but their roles reversed in the blink of an eye.


Wen Yan let out a sharp gasp.

Song Jia saw the corpses littered on the floor of the lobby and aside from nimbly evading the puddles of blood on the floor, her expression remain unchanged.

Sheng Li staggered and paled. Without Song Jia as his audience, along with him venting out his anger and worry from earlier, Ye Minzhe didn't hold back at all. There was not a single body left intact among the corpses.

Because the other three were busy trying to hold in their nausea, Song Jia and Ye Minzhe were the first to get onto the lifeboat deck on the other side. Ye Minzhe had scouted it earlier, so he told his findings to Song Jia.

"There are no lifeboats left on this side either."

Song Jia pursed her lips and did not respond. Somehow, she had already expected it. Whether they liked it or not, unless somebody from outside rescued them, they were temporarily trapped in this cruise ship.

[1] Ch. idiom that means no big deal, a trifling matter.

[2] cute and adorable but with no strong personality

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