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90.94% Blackened Male God, Bye Again [To Be Deleted] / Chapter 221: Vixen Above, Mensao Below (35)

Vixen Above, Mensao Below (35) - Blackened Male God, Bye Again [To Be Deleted] - Chapter 221 by 00110111 full book limited free

Chapter 221: Vixen Above, Mensao Below (35)

There were four helipads on the mansion, but Ye Minzhe made the helicopter land on the wide lawn because he wanted to take Song Jia on a tour of the Ye estate.

The butlers were also very capable, and immediately understood his intention.

Soon after, a Rolls Royce electric golf cart stopped in front of them. The servant that was driving it hopped off.

"Young master, I've already prepared everything," he said, his tone deferential.

"Jia, let's go." Ye Minzhe took Song Jia's hand and helped her get on the passenger seat, while he hopped on to the driver's seat.

"Ye Minzhe, this isn't really necessary..." Song Jia wanted to protest.

"Jia, we're going to build our house in the future. You need to tell me what you like so that I'll make the architect build it according to your preferences. You can just point out the things you like and don't like along the way. I won't take too long."

Song Jia was speechless. He was really serious about marrying her? Besides, he hadn't asked for her opinion yet!

She felt that a male god's brain circuit could forever never be understood. They just think differently than normal people.

"Ye Minzhe, you just kissed me all on your own. Now, you're building our future house all on your own. Continue this way, and you can have a wedding all on your own."

Song Jia crossed her arms and pushed out her lower lip, looking very dissatisfied and stern. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

Ye Minzhe looked at her disapproving expression and his heart went soft. At this time, he already knew he had lost. Whatever this girl wanted, he would give without any hesitation.

There was no dignity in his affection at all. From the moment he had noticed her, she had already stepped on his head, like a little ancestor.

Even one look of hers could cause his heart, which had been a still lake for many years, ripple with endless waves.

Ye Minzhe touched her puffed up cheeks, "Alright, whatever Jia says goes. Don't frown and smile at me, okay?"

He could give her everything she wanted, but Ye Minzhe also knew there was an exception to this. If in the future, she wanted to leave him...never see her again, and not stay by her side...if one day, she would come to like another man...

He would have to tell her to cut off his legs, chop off his arms, and directly kill him. Only in this way, Ye Minzhe believed he would not become a demon that would do everything in his power to keep her by his side and only look at him.

Maybe this was why red salvia was the symbol of the Ye family. Regarding their habit of loving obsessively, Ye Minzhe was not only the same as his old man, he even surpassed him.

Forever mine.

She could only be forever his, claiming every part of her heart, body, and soul.

As long as he had her, he would never desire for anything else.

Because she had become everything he wanted and needed.


Ye Minzhe's quick tour refreshed Song Jia's impression of how extravagant rich people really lived.

They still didn't explore the mansion yet, but she already saw a tennis court, an olympic sized pool with a pool-house, and an outdoor eating area. There was also a basketball court, and in the front yard where several fountains flowed out sparkling water, there were walkways that one could use to visit the aviary, the koi pond, the rose garden, and several greenhouses.

Song Jia finally understood why Ye Minzhe had to use a golf cart to tour her around. The Ye estate was so wide that they wasted more than two hours just to have a quick look. No wonder there were so many servants around, simply the upkeep alone would keep them busy from morning to night.

When they entered the mansion, two butlers met them at the entrance, along with two maids.

"Welcome back, young master and young miss. Young master, we had already prepared the young miss' room according to your request."

"Let me see."

Ye Minzhe took Song Jia's hand as they followed them. Song Jia tugged at her hand, trying to free it, but Ye Minzhe only held it tighter.

He lifted the corners of his lips and said, not lowering his voice at all, "Sister, be obedient. Let your older brother take care of you, okay?"

Hearing his words, goosebumps rose on Song Jia's arms.

The two butlers showed them Song Jia's room, which was on the second floor. Seeing that the Ye siblings' relationship seemed to have gotten better, they put Song Jia's room right next to Ye Minzhe's. When Ye Minzhe saw it, he suddenly fell silent.

The two butlers were very aware of their young master's short temper. Seeing him become quiet, they quickly shook in their shiny black shoes. Wuwu, it seemed that they had guessed wrong?

Looking at his ugly expression, it seemed that their young master still very much hated his half-sister!

"Young master, it is our negligence, we should have moved young miss' room to the fourth floor..."

Before they could finish their sentence, they watched, stupefied, as Ye Minzhe went into his room and came out with a long ruler he often used at school. Then he started measuring the distance between his room and Song Jia's.

The servants shook even more. The young master was so dissatisfied that he personally measured the distance between their rooms?!

Ye Minzhe finally stood up. He threw the ruler on the floor with a 'bang' and shouted, "Why is her room so far away? Is this distance even meant for humans? We're siblings, the two closest people in the world! Yet you actually placed her room somewhere so far away?!"

Song Jia silently looked at the distance between the two rooms. Only three steps, and he would probably reach her room. If she only listened to what Ye Minzhe was saying, she would have half-believed her room was located in Antartica.

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