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93% Blackened Male God, Bye Again [To Be Deleted] / Chapter 226: Vixen Above, Mensao Below (40)

Vixen Above, Mensao Below (40) - Blackened Male God, Bye Again [To Be Deleted] - Chapter 226 by 00110111 full book limited free

Chapter 226: Vixen Above, Mensao Below (40)

"If you don't want to leave me behind, then I'll just go and fight with you," Song Jia said.

This was originally what she wanted to do. As a person with a hero complex, she also wanted to join the fight.

"No!" As expected, Ye Minzhe fiercely refused her.

"Ye Minzhe, what do you want to do? You don't want me to go with you, and you don't want to leave me here. But it's even more unacceptable if you won't go and help your father. Once the zombie wave arrives, the mansion wouldn't be able to hold out and we'll get trapped."

"Then we'll just evacuate using the family helicopter..."

"Our supplies are all here, we won't have the time to ship all of them out," Song Jia interrupted him. "Besides, you've already fortified the mansion. For now, this is our best stronghold. And think of the number of servants here. Are you going to be able to evacuate all of them in time?"

Ye Minzhe became silent. Sometimes, he wished she wasn't so smart, that she would be able to see all of the loopholes in his plan. He looked down at her upturned and solemn face.

"I don't really care if any of them gets rescued, I only care about you."

He didn't want to lie to her. Seeing her eyes become wide with shock, he slowly touched her cheek.

"But if I go and make the mansion become a refuge for them, Jia, would you like me a bit better?"

In the end, he couldn't really resist her. Ye Minzhe left.


The snow fell lightly through the day—soft, quiet snow that made everything it touched look pure and ethereal, like they were inside a snow globe.

Song Jia stood outside the mansion in her parka, watching as the last car went out of the gate. The collar of her parka was turned up, the hood pulled all the way to the top, blocking nearly half of her face. Only her pair of clear eyes were showing, along with the tip of her nose that was becoming red from the cold.

The snow dusted her head and shoulders, now and then kissing her hair that was left outside the hood. Song Jia blew out a breath, misting the cold air.

She had just said goodbye to Ye Minzhe.

She had seen that he had been restless throughout the day, even sporting a pair of panda eyes from the lack of sleep. He didn't argue with her again about not wanting to leave, but she saw from his little actions that he was still feeling restless and uneasy.

Even when he got into the car, he kept disassembling and assembling the gun Papa Ye had handed him, which he had already done for the twentieth time. He also kept rhythmically shaking his leg, a habit he didn't have before.

The borrowed phone inside her pocket vibrated, and Song Jia didn't even need to look at the caller ID to know who it was.


"Jia, you didn't forget right? As soon as something happens, you need to call me...did you put my number in your speed dial already? Also, keep a weapon with you at all times. Don't try to save anyone, if there's any danger, just run straight to the rooftop and get on a helicopter. Although the doctor said you didn't sprain your hand back on the ship, don't use it too much..."

Ye Minzhe was still not finished. "It's cold, so don't stay outside. Drink hot tea, stay away from Ouyang Che and that old teacher. No, stay away from anyone. Wait for me to come back. Jia, did you miss me? I miss you already."

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Song Jia stomped her boots on the welcome mat at the front door to get rid of the snow. Ye Minzhe had just left barely a few minutes ago. Her shoulders were still hurting from his tight hug.

"Jia, did you see my gift? I was afraid you'd miss me, so I delivered it straight to your room before I left. Jia, make sure to avoid Ouyang Che at all times. He peed his bed when he was eight years old. Also, that teacher, I discovered a bald spot on his head yesterday..."

Ye Minzhe was still talking on her ear, almost as if he was afraid she would put down the phone if he stopped talking.

Song Jia slightly wrinkled her eyebrows. "What gift did you give me?"

Ye Minzhe finally took a breath and with a hint of happiness, his words interspersed with a 'hehe,' "It's a secret! Jia, do you want to guess what it is?"


Song Jia hung up.

She went inside the mansion and walked straight to her room, wanting to see just what 'gift' it was that he left her. She had a bad feeling about it.

On the other side of the call, the phone on Ye Minzhe's ear had not been taken down for a long time. As if he wanted to pretend that as long as he didn't take it down, the other person was still on the phone.

Finally, Ye Minzhe sighed.

Forget it, he'd just do his job quickly there and return. His hatred against the zombies rose by another point. First hurting his wife, and now taking him far away from her.

If he didn't make them roll away and call him father, he wouldn't be called Ye Minzhe!


Facts proved that Song Jia's instincts were right. When she opened the door to her room, she almost let out a scream.

Turns out, Ye Minzhe left a life-sized statue of him inside her room, made with gold and carved so delicately it almost looked realistic.

Song Jia, "..."

There was a note pinched in the statue's hand, and Song Jia gingerly took it out. Ye Minzhe's handwriting was terrible, so it took her a while to read through it.

It read, "Jia, you think I don't know, but I actually know what you want to do. I've searched Baidu yesterday, and it turns out that when a woman pushes a man to leave, it means she wants to break up! Jia, don't even think about it! I'm telling you, even if I die today, this monument will stay here forever! You will be looking at me before you sleep and right after you wake up!"

Then at the end, along with a smiley emoji, "Love you, Ye Minzhe."

Song Jia was speechless. She looked up at the ceiling and wondered what kind of evil thing she did in her past life to have met this brat. Did he want to scare her to death with his statue?

Besides, they need to be in a relationship first before breaking up.

She tried to push the statue out of the door, but it didn't budge. Song Jia crouched down and looked at its base.

The statue was directly welded to the floor.

Song Jia sighed.

This grandma really wants to cry, ah~

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