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Chapter 54: Tsujigiri & Escudo

After the fleet manage to hold out the attack from Sistine kingdom's flying cavalry, the plan for occupying Perak city has been set.

Inside the Queen Eliza aircraft carrier, the men are busy at well deck. They are currently preparring the LCAC (Landing Craft Air Cushion), a millitary hovercraft that capable of carrying one tank, or 180 fully armed soldiers. This time they are loading it with six Tardec RST-V (combat car) and eight KLX250 (scout motorcycle). Behind the LCAC, six AAV-P7 is also getting prepared. They are an amphibious troop transport, capable of carrying 16 fully armed troopers.

While on the runway, six V-22, four Bell UH-1, eight AH-6C and four MH-6C are on stanby. Each plane are filled to the brim, with either human sized troops or large sized demihuman troops, except inside two of the V-22. The two V-22 were loaded with one carrier type storage space filled with Eldia's newest tank and it's tank crew in each plane.

Half an hour after the retreat of the remaining enemy cavalry, Hughes then give the green light to occupy Perak city. The well deck crew then open up the stern gates, then filled the ballast tank with water, causing the carrier well deck to be flooded. The well deck crew then give the LCAC permission to go. The LCAC craft master then turn the engine on, causing the ballon fiiled with air and the LCAC to rise up around 2 meter high. The LCAC then exit the aircraft, followed by the AAV-P7. Seeing the amphibious group already heading out, the helicopters then follow suit.

Inside the city, the onlooker looked terrified when they see a large number of boat and helicopter heading toward their city. They already witnessing their country's pegasus and dragon cavalry getting decimated in less than an hour. Thinking that the Eldians will attack the city next, the people then run to their houses and didn't dare to come out. The only one still outside were the city guards.

On the shores, the landing party has arrive without any ressistance. While in the air, the helicopter quickly land at their designated landing place, except the AH-6C and the Bell UH-1 who will provide the ground troops a cover from the air.

When the LCAC deflate it's baloon and open it's ramp door, the motorcycle team then hit their throttle, and quickly head toward the city to recon for any possible hostiles. The Tardec also quickly exit the LCAC and join the scout team to secure the city. After the LCAC finish unloading all vehicle and starting to return back to the Queen Eliza, the AAV then arrive. The six AAV drive trough the beach side by side, stop few meters from the nearest beach house, and then unload all the troops inside.

Just as all of troops finish exiting the AAV, the tank crew are currently summoning their tanks from the storage space. What appear is a giant, red colored tanks. It's the Eldia new MBT (Main Battle Tank), the OPT1-A1 'Tsujigiri'. The Tsujigiri has same shape as the Abrams, but it has much larger specs in many aspect, from it's size, firepower, speed, mobility, and weight. The Eldia think tank manage to finish building the prototype around 6 months ago. But the result made Al so impressed, he immediately order the Tsujigiri to enter production, in order to replace the Abrams.

The Tsujigiri, has a length of 9 meters long plus 2.5 meters with the gun forward, a width of 4 meters wide, and a height of 3 meters tall. It's armor has two layer, the first layer is a thin sheet of mythril that has been inserted with a chamelon spell. If activated, the tank will be completely invisible for 6 hours. After that, the mana engine will need to be cooled down for 2 hours. The second layer is a new metal that were made by the Eldia think tank. The metal has a red velvet color. Currently, this metal is the strongest man made metal in this world. The person who made it, named the metal with 'Vernium'.

The Tsujigiri engine is the newest nuclear reaktor engine, that's capable to made the tank run at speed of 75 km per hour at road, and 60 km per hour off road, for non-stop for 4 month before the nuclear batery need to be changed. The main armament is a 135mm smoothbore gun, that has the firepower to destroy the Abrams tank with just one shot. The tsujigiri have three secondary armament, two Browning M2 one pintle-mounted, one coaxial, and one GAU-19/A mounted on top of the tank as AA defensive.

Inside the Tsujigiri, there are two heavy type storage space. The first one were loaded with 5.000 tank cannon rounds with many variety. And the other were loaded with more than a million 50.cal bullet for the machine guns. Similar to the Abrams, the Tsujigiri also need 4 men to crew it, the commander/machine gunner, gunner, loader, and driver.

The tank crew then enter their tanks, and quicly move toward the planed defensive line, with their cannon pointed toward the nearby forrest. Before they deploy, the ground forces commander, Alveil Dite, suggest to immediately made a defensive line, to 'welcome' the uruk-kai.

Hughes accepted the plan. The plan is made of three forces. First force is the amphibious force, that will be in charge in securing the city. Second force will be the AH-6C and the Bell UH-1 that will in charge to providing air cover to both first and third forces. The third force will be the combined forces of the tank column and ground forces, that was in charge in making a defensive parameter.

After the third force arrive, while the tank crew is preparing their tanks, the combat engineers immediately spread out and put some kind of round mine like device on the ground, with 3 meter distance from each other. When they finish putting over a thousand of this device, one of the engineer then shout. "Clear out!" The engineers then stay clear of the device. "Escudo, activated!" Suddenly, a 3 meter high wall has appear along the whole 3 km, half oval shaped, defensive line.

The Escudo is also the newest invention from Eldia. The Escudo is a nanobot, that is progamed to turn itself into a defensive wall when activated. The user can program it to become any shape of wall with the maximum width of 3 meter, height of 5 meter, and thickness of 20 cm. The operators can also change the shape of the wall however they want. They can add a shooting window, or a small hole to take a peek, or just below the waist in height, anything goes, as long it's within the parameter. All of the Escudo can be controled only using a single computer, and powered by a single portable nuclear generator.

Inside the city of Perak, on the ground, any resistance were being suppresed using non lethal means. Such as using the taser shell, tranquilizer rounds, stunt grenades or hand to hand combat. Majority of the resistance is the city guards or the adventurer/traveler that refuse to stay inside. Although the city guards number reach more than 250 men, every resistance they made were easily neutralize. The already neutralized men, were then send to the church, where they will be taken care of by the nuns and Eldians field doctor.

While on the air, the AH-6C and the Bell UH-1 are currently circling around the city providing cover for the ground forces, while playing a recording that saying 'To citizens of Perak. Because the Sistine kingdom have declare war with our kingdom, we the Eldia force are now here to occupy the city. Fear not, we will not hurt anyone, as long as you cooperate. Return to your home, and stay inside until further instruction. I repeat. To citizens of Perak..' over and over again.

An hour later, the city are cleared, while the combat engineers are currently finishing the minigun turrets instalment.

After the ground team say it's all clear, a helicopter then landed at the town square. The person who exit the helicopter, is the ground forces commander, Alveil Dite. He came to Perak to begin his main work, to made the Perak's citizens their allies. First he called for the town's leaders, which is the guild master Cuza Barret, the city's head nobel Countess Dia Landfria, and the most influential merchant in town Nauro Nomada. All information about the three people were already provided to Alveil, thanks to the sleeper agents.

After Alveil send his men to invite the three leader, to his surprise, all three of them agree to come. Alveil then made a meeting with the three head inside the town hall, where he explain his plan for the city, and the truth about the war.

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