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Chapter 18: A former king and a former knight.

Varian was sitting at his war table, with him were his most trusted advisers, and his….guests.

They were all quiet, eyes were darting around the room.

"You should probably contact the other major cities." Jaina finally broke the silence.

Varian raised an eyebrow.

"Dare I ask why?" He said hesitantly.

"The others should be cleaning up their ends as we speak." She said with a small smile.

Others? There were others they all thought? Were they all as powerful as the ones before them? The situation was getting more ridiculous.


At Iron Forge, a familiar portal opened at the same time as the one in Stormwind. The Dwarves could recognize the magic as being from a human mage so they were not that suspicious.

The portal opened up just behind the front lines of Iron forge, they had the high ground around the mountain entrance into the city. The undead were trying to storm up the mountain and take the city, there must have been well over a hundred thousand.

Some of the dwarves turned around to look at the newcomers. They were humans with odd clothing but beyond that they did not spare them a glance. Only a single dwarf walked up to them.

He looked at them a moment and was about to speak before saber cut in.

"Reinforcements" She plainly stated.

The dwarf nodded and returned to his position. As he walked away he was lost in thought, why had he so readily accepted what she said?

They walked up to the front line and drew a few glances from the nearby dwarves.

"This be no place for kids n' women" An older dwarf said.

They didn't respond to the dwarf directly. Shirou looked towards the advancing undead army and finally muttered a phrase.

"Trace on" He said and a large black bow materialized into his hands. It was the bow of Archer and by extent, his bow.

For the next part he would need to go a step further.

"I am the bone of my sword." He said and the words echoed out. They had a strange power to them that had the surrounding dwarves turn to look towards the human. Even Yoruichi raised an eyebrow at the feeling.

Shirou held out his right hand, palm facing up and it began to come into existence. A sword in the shape of a drill.

All the dwarves stopped what they were doing to look at the sword that had appeared. They had forging in their blood. They could recognize the quality of the sword he had just produced. It was beyond anything a mortal should have.

They watched as he knocked the sword into the bow. It started to deform until it turned entirely into an arrow.

A magical energy washed over the boy as he spoke his next words.

"My core is twisted in madness, CALADBOLG"

And the "arrow" was let loose.

Light bent around the drill sword as it shot into the center of the undead army.

The explosion resounded throughout the battlefield. Everyone stopped to look over at the boy.

The undead army stopped its assault. The various leaders of said army looked up towards the origin of the blast.

It had taken a sizable chunk out of the army, and they had begun to retreat.

The dwarves were about to start cheering…until they head the earth shake.


Undead Giants.

Several dozen of them came marching towards the city.

The eyes of everyone present looked towards Shirou. They were watching to see what he did next.

He sighed as he chanted the next verse of his aria.

"Steel is my body, and Fire is my blood."

Once again he words felt heavy as they passed by everyone present.

This time Shirou materialized a different sword, if it could even be called that. It was familiar to saber.

It was the axe-sword of Heracles.

The dwarves also saw what he created this time. They were aghast at such a shape, it would be an insult to call it a sword, yet there was something divine about it.

As Shirou picked up the massive weapon that was larger than himself, he started the processes of turning it into an arrow and locking it into his bow.

The eyes of the battlefield were on him.

It was at this moment Magni Bronzebeard, the thane of Ironforge walked out of the city. He had been told of the boy who had taken out thousands of undead with a single arrow/sword.

He saw the supposed bow and then what he was aiming at, he heard the words the boy spoke.

"Nine Lives, Shooting the Hundred Heads."

Shirou's hands moved so fast that space warped around his bow. He fired 100 arrows in a fraction of a millisecond.

They shot towards the giants and promptly tore them to pieces.

Everyone was looking at him shocked.

Shriou ignored the attention as he dismissed the bow. He showed clear signs of exhaustion.

Saber knew how powerful those abilities were and the cost of each one.

She put a hand on his shoulder.

"Good work Shirou, we'll handle it from here" She proclaimed as her and Yoruichi walked past the defensive line.

The dwarves were too dumbfounded to do or say anything.

The undead leaders saw that the boy slumped down and put the bow away, they took it as a sign that he was spent. They proceeded with their original attack, the scourge army once again marched on Iron forge.

But what surprised everyone was the fact that two young girls were going to meet the army head on.

Magni approached the boy without introducing himself. "Are you sure it's a good idea to let them go face that army by themselves?" He asked the question that was on everyone's mind.

"Its fine, they're both stronger than me" He said nonchalantly.

Magni and everyone gaped at this answer. Their eyes looked towards the battlefield.

Yoruichi had a wide grin on her face and Saber had a rare smile.

This was going to be fun they both thought.

As they walked towards the approaching army, Yoruichi pointed out her finger.

"Byakurai" she said, and a bolt of white lighting pierced through several dozen undead infront of her.

Saber summoned forth her wind-coated blade and began slicing through the army.

Yoruichi wasn't far behind her as she jumped straight into large groups a bit further away from her.

Saber didn't have any magic, she didn't have any fancy abilities outside of her sword, she just swept through hundreds of opponents with sheer martial prowess.

Her ability as a knight did not go unnoticed to the leader of this army. Even while Yoruichi was wreaking havoc across the battlefield in a much flashier manner.

Yoruichi was having fun. She had opponents she could completely cut loose against.

She Shunpo'd toward a rather large undead and reeled her fist back "Shunkō" She called out

She had lightning wings emerge on her back, and lighning crackled all around her.

She punched toward the undead, her arm coated in lighting, the undead she made contact with completely disintegrated and a large line behind the undead was carved out from the army from the point of impact.

Each punch and kick of hers sent wave of concentrated lighting and disintegrated large portions of the army.

She was having fun.

This destruction did not go unnoticed by Saber. She sighed at Yoruichi's blatant disregard for anything close to holding back.

"I'm glad she is my ally" She whispered to herself.

She was about to reengage the foes before her until something unexpected happened. The army started to step back to allow a clearing and before her an undead knight step off a skeletal horse and walked towards her.

He stared her down and she did him.

Regal was the Death knight's thought regarding her.

"I'm sorry for acting in this manner, its unfitting of a battlefield, but something inside of me was telling me to come over and fight you, a strange kinship I felt when I looked at you." He said towards the young knight before him.

"My name is Mograine, I was once a respected knight that served the light and now in death I'm forced to wield this disgusting blade and bring death upon my masters foes" He said while revealing the corrupted Ashbringer.

"I was betrayed my by own son because he wanted my position in our order, and I'm not quite sure what is prompting me to share all this" He mused at his own strangeness.

Saber was surprised at the undead knight before her.

"I see, I had a similar history" She spoke plainly.

The deathknight raised an eyebrow at this. "It seems you have more a story than your physical appeared would let on"

Saber smiled wearily at his statement.

"Let us engage in combat Morgraine' Saber declared to her opponent.

"I agree" He said getting into a stance.

The two knights crossed blades. Saber could tell the quality of the blade he wielded. Though it was corrupted beyond all measure, it was once a holy sword that sought justice and peace. It was made to smite the wicked and protect the innocent.

Morgraine could also catch a glimpse of Saber's blade. It was hidden behind the wind but he felt it.


A blade more powerful than his own at its peak. He wanted to see it. He needed to see it.

A few clashes later Morgraine stepped back.

"Why do you retreat Morgraine" Saber asked.

Morgraine didn't answer her question.

"Would you please show me your blade" He asked with sincerity.

"I know when I am defeated, and I wish for it to be at the end of such a magnificent weapon and user.

'Very well Morgrain" She answer.

"I never did introduce myself, I apologize for the bad manners."

"My name is Artoria Pendragon, Former King of Camelot, I reveal my blade henceforth." As she finished, the blade revealed itself to the world.

The light shined to all that were watching the battlefield. The nearby undead collapsed in its presence. It allowed for no desecration when it shined.

"You were a knight of honor once Morgrain, for that I will offer you my stongest attack"

She lifted the blade high above her head for the world to see.

The dwarves that looked upon the scene cried and worshipped the magnificence of the blade.

Globes of yellow lights started to sprout from the ground all around the battlefield, any undead touched by one was purified in an instant.

The light began to gather toward the King and swirled around the blade.

She took a step forward and the light burst outward, the torrent of power swept across the battlefield. The undead were falling at a rapid rate.

She swung the sword down while calling the name of the Legendary blade



A blinding burst of light shot forth towards Morgraine, he tried to block with his ashbringer but it was to no avail. He was destroyed almost instantly and the rest of his army was wipped out.

After the light settled, the only thing left of the former knight was his blade. But it did not shine with that familiar aura of corruption….it was golden. It shined with the light of hope once again.

She dismissed her weapon and picked up the newly purified Ashbringer.

"Spoils of victory" She said, as Yoruichi walked next to her.

"Stole my kills" Yoruichi said with a pout.

"Maybe you should try harder next time" Saber said in a rare case of teasing.

As the duo approached the defense line, a round of cheering could be heard. The dwarves saw the spectacular battle.

They offered the three of their heroes all the food and drink they could stomach and anything else as a reward.

Saber smiled at the mention of a meal, she would take them up on the offer of ALL the food she could eat.

There would be a food shortage for the next few days. No reason was given by the thane.

Coraulten Coraulten

4th chapter of the day for me, thought technically its Monday, i don't go to sleep yet on my schedule for a couple more hours, but i'm done for the night.

I think i can finish up the warcraft arc in 3 chapters. Then its back to DxD for some plot for several more chapters, i haven't decided how many yet.

Anyways, will try to get a chapter in tomorrow morning before i got to work.

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