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Chapter 14: A long Journey ahead.

Shirou and Saber were currently walking into town, hand in hand.

Shirou decided they needed more ingredients for the house, and no one was in a position to argue with their new chef.

Saber took the opportunity to have a nice quiet day of shopping with her lover.

Barely any of the non-humans even gave them a passing glance.

A couple of devils was nothing to be alarmed about in this town at the moment.

They had an enjoyable walk, until the happened upon two people.

Both pairs of people stopped several yards between them.

No one spoke for several moments, they just continued to stare at each other. If someone was to walk by they would see, that on each side was a petite female with blonde hair. They were practically twins.

"This is…surprising." The man said. He also had blonde hair, and familiar characteristics to the two females.

He looked towards the woman by his side and then the women across from him.

"My name is Arthur Pendragon." He said to the unknown duo.

A shocked expression appeared on both Shirou's and Saber's faces.

"Le Fay Pendragon." The women identical to saber spoke as well.

"Emiya Shirou" Shirou answered, knowing full well that they were only interested in saber.

"You may call me Saber" She said.

Ley fay began to cast a magic, all the surrounding people stopped what they were doing and began to walk away.

Neither party moved while the place was still crowded.

Saber gave Shirou a look, and he could take the hint. She wanted to deal with this herself.

"The light of Excalibur was felt in this city, and here I find someone who looks almost exactly like my sister who is a descendant of King Arthur just as I am." Arthur said.

"I would not have thought that light would originate from a devil" He said towards saber.

"I do not wish to fight" Saber said.

"Sorry but I think we're past that point now." He responded taking out his blade. It was strapped to his side and covered in a cloth with special runes on it to make it go unnoticed to normal humans.

"I put up a barrier, you can fight without anyone watching" His sister said.

"Than you Le fay" He thanked his sister.

He revealed the blade to the ones present.

All four of them recognized the blade. Saber and Shirou stared at it dumbfounded. It was different but the aura was the same.


Saber could barely contain herself. Caliburn the blade that started it all. She had lost it and never forgave herself. She missed that blade very much.

"You recognize my blade?" He asked surprised. Not many people had known about Caliburn, much less seen it.

"Caliburn, the sword of selection. The sword that the king of Camelot pulled from the stone. The sword that the king lost and then acquired its replacement, Excalibur." Saber said.

It was Arthur's turn to be dumbfounded. Outside of the Archangels and the elders of the Pendragon family, virtually no one knew the history of the blade.

"I see, you really are the one we were searching for" He said.

"Why do you not prepare yourself for combat, do you mock me?" He said towards saber.

"There is no need to fight you." She said without hesitation.

Arthur was angered at this point. He had never seen someone look down upon himself like this before. Especially knowing the power of the blade he wielded.

He pulled out Caliburn and charged at Saber, she didn't even move as his blade slashed down at her.

He and his sister both stared in shock, the blade was an inch above her head, it would not budge. It refused to move down anymore. It would not harm the person in-front of him.

"There is no need to fight, because that blade will never harm me." She declared.

He tried with all his might to push the blade down, yet it refused.

He finally backed off a bit, before he asked her a question.

"Your name and status, please tell me." He asked.

Saber hesitated, she didn't want to cause anymore trouble for her new comrades. She was hesitating and she turned to look at her emotional support, the man who would always stand beside her.

He gave a smile and a nod. He knew she needed to do this. It was her pride as the owner of Excalibur and previous owner of Caliburn.

Saber took out her blade, clad in wind.

She slammed the tip into the ground and grabbed the top of the hilt with both hands.

"Artoria Pendragon, The once and Future king" She proclaimed as the wind was removed from her blade.

They saw it. The Glory of humanity. The sword of assured victory.


Caliburn acknowledged its superior, the blade all but bowed down to the king. Its light went dim, it dared not try to shine in ITS presence.

Arthur's and Le fay's eyes went wide. "The once and future king" is the title only held by the true king of Camelot. They wanted to argue they wanted to shout that she was a liar. SHE was king Arthur? She was a woman and not only that, she was a devil!

Yet…they couldn't argue. They couldn't even speak, it took all their effort to not kneel down before the proclaimed king.

Artoria and Shirou had disappeared by the time the brother and sister regained their composure.

It was then he started to laugh, Arthur laughed harder than he had ever before.

"For once I am thankful we are no longer associated with the Pendragon family" He said before finally calming down.

"Lets keep this a secret for now, I want to see what change this will bring to the world" He said to his sister who only nodded in agreement.


"And your sure no one else saw you?" Rukia said, scolding the pair.

Saber and Shirou had just returned from the town, and revealed the events that had happened.

Ichigo just brushed them off saying no harm was done.

"So how was this worlds' Caliburn compared to yours" Rukia finally asked.

"I think mine was stronger, this was felt…..odd" Saber said.

"It was clearly the counterpart to mine, but it felt more forged than created, its hard to explain" She added.

"The Caliburn in my Unlimited Blade Works wanted to come out " Shirou said.

"That would cause even more problems, if two Caliburns were confirmed to exist" Rukia said with a sigh.

"Maybe we should leave the world for a few months to let the unwanted attention fade?" She said towards everyone in the room.

"What a splendid idea!" A voice was heard heard behind them.

They quickly turned to look, it was Zelretch…..wearing a Ninja Halloween costume.

They all stared. No one spoke a word.

It was Zelretch who broke the silence, he put his hands together in some weird hand-sign in front of him. "Nin Nin" He said.

They were speechless.

They all got up and left the room, making their way to the kitchen, leaving Zelretch there with a sad look under his mask.

"Why won't anyone even ask!" He said in a whining voice.

Zelretch joined them at the table to eat dinner.

Again no was speaking, Zelretch looked like he was starting to get anxious.

"FINE" Ichigo said.

"HEY GRAMPS, WHY ARE YOU WEARING A SHITTY NINJA COSTUME" he said with as much sarcasm he could muster.

"Ninjas" He replied in a deadpanned voice.

"Ninjas?" Yoruichi asked.

"Ninjas." Zelretch said with a nod.

"Ah Ninjas." Yoruichi replied.

"Mhmm, Ninjas" Zelretch responded again.

"Goddammit, your doing this on purpose!" Ichigo yelled as he grabbed the salt shaker and threw it towards Yoruichi.

She vanished in a puff of smoke before she was hit. She had clearly been prepared for this whole situation. Her laugh echoed in the house.

"Alright, I'll be serious now" Zelretch said, taking off his mask.

"I found a couple of new people for your peerage." He said.

"I assume they are going to be ninjas?" Ichigo asked.

"The correct term is Shinobi" Yoruichi answer from behind, she wrapped her armed around him a gave him a kiss on the cheek.

"Their story is not a happy one." Zelretch said in a serious voice.

He told them of these ninja's lives. Being shunned by the village he grew up in, having a monster put inside of him and used as a sacrifice since the day he was born. He had no family to look after him or anyone to give him attention.

His only goal in life was for people to notice him.

The other boy, his entire clan was killed by his brother in order to save him. His village lied to him so he walked the path of an avenger. Only to find out the truth and swear vengeance on his village after he killed his brother in revenge.

He continued on there current situation that really brought it home for the Ichigo and his girls.

"Alright gramps" Ichigo said.

Ichigo knew the troll was pulling at his heart strings. These two were part of his plan somehow. But he honestly didn't care. They needed help, they were in a situation very similar to ichigo's.

He could understand the pain they were going through, everyone in their world was gone...

A would-be god killed the worlds inhabitants to spite the duo when they were about to defeat her.

They won but they never achieved victory.

They were alone, wallowing in despair.

"Theres something else your not telling us" Ichigo said towards Zelretch.

"And what makes you say that?" he said with a sly smirk.

"You are intentionally telling me a story that was very similar to mine."

"You wanted me to be too focused on the similarities so I would rush in without hesitation, what are you hiding from me old man? Ichigo said with conviction.

"Jeez, when did you decide to get a brain." Zelretch said with a chuckle.

"Fine." He said.

"I need you to disappear for a couple months, so after this trip to the shinobi world, you will have to travel to two other worlds before you can come back home."

"And by the time you come back, I need you to have your full peerage, and before you ask, regardless of when you come back, two months will have passed." He said.

"Are you not going to tell me about the other two worlds?" Ichigo asked.

"Nope, its going to be a surprise." He said with a smile.

"What are you going to do while we're gone" He said, narrowing his eyes towards the vampire.

"Secret" Zelretch replied.

"I'm guessing I don't have a choice in this matter" Ichigo said with reluctance.

"Ichigo, you always have a choice. It's just that regardless of the choice you make, I'm making you go. " He replied with a sincere smile.

The other people in the room were just watching the exchange between the two. It was amusing watching them actually act like a Grandfather and Grandson.

They would follow Ichigo regardless of where he went so they didn't input anything into the conversation.

"Okay, but I want something from you before we leave." Ichigo said.

"Oh?" The vampire replied in surprise. He hadn't been expecting Ichigo to agree so easily.

"I want matching uniforms for Shirou and Saber." He said.

"I can do that" Zelretch agreed


They were all standing in the large room they had dubbed the portal room.

Shirou and Saber were in their new uniforms.

Saber's was similar to her outfit she had as a servant, her gauntlets were less bulky, her dress was more of a skirt with her greaves going up to her knees. Covering her was a white cloak with a fur collar, it was designed similarly to the teams haori. On the back was the symbol with a Knight in the middle.

Shirou had mixed feelings about his uniform. He had the same black bodysuit that Archer wore, but with a white haori like the other members. His had a picture with 3 pawns on the back like Rukias'.

"It looks good on you Shirou" Saber said to her companion.

She knew how he felt about archer. Though his desire to be a hero wasn't as all consuming now, which she had to thank Ichigo for later, it was still present. And the thought that he may turn into Archer was still at the back of his mind.

He didn't say anything, he only embraced her and gave her a kiss.

She helped him stay grounded. She would always be there for him. He would never become like Archer he thought.

"Alright you two love birds, just a heads up, you can call forth and dismiss your uniform into your soul, courtesy of Zelretch."

"No idea how he did it with you two, but just accept it at this point." Rukia said.

"Also, your uniforms are reinforced, they are basically armor and they gradually restore over time so don't worry about them breaking." She finished.

"Everyone ready?" Ichigo asked.

They all nodded in agreement.

"lets do this, Open Portal to: Shinobi World"

And the group disappeared.

Coraulten Coraulten

Yup. I added in two cliche characters. as with the other characters i have, i'm going to take liberties with the canon. Naruto will be more level headed and know more than just rasengan and kage bushin. Sasuke will have less of a stick up his ass.

I decided to just push for the completion of his peerage. These inbetween chapters were getting harder to write then the group was trying to hide from the world.

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