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Chapter 51: A Spar?

After the students and guests had gone off to bed, the teachers convened in the headmaster's office.

No one spoke for a few moments as they needed time to collect their thoughts.

"The ministry is going to try and get that girl no matter what." Professor Flitwick said.

"They can try" The sorting hat said with a chuckle. He was currently placed on the shelf in the headmasters office.

"You've been oddly talkative tonight sorting hat." Dumbedore said towards the old hat.

"I was a bit stunned at the information so I didn't notice it before, I thought you were not allowed to reveal private information." Dumbledore spoke to the hat again.

"A couple loopholes, they didn't consider the information confidential and they did not care if I revealed it. The first time I shouted was out of surprise, the other times was for fun" He stated.

The teachers were staring at the hat, there was something else he wasn't talking about.

"Anything else you want to tell us?" Snape asked in annoyance.

"Nope." The hat replied bluntly.

Dumbledore sighed, you if the hat did not wish to speak there was nothing he could do, the wards were too powerful even for him.

"I guess lets start with he teacher they brought…." Dumbledore said, starting the discussion.

"Her display was…..eye opening" Snape said.

"She uses a completely different branch of magic, without a wand, without the need for butchered Latin. I think 'eye opening' Is a bit of an understatement." Flitwick said.

"I'm concerned how nonchalant she was about being trained for combat" Mcgonagall interjected.

"Well if what she said about Japan is true… would seem like a requirement on their end." Flitwick responded.

"She has seen combat, they all have. They have the eyes of soldiers." Moody spoke for the first time.

They all turned to look at the new professor, they knew his past experiences.

"The way they walked, the way they held themselves, they had constant vigilance regardless of the situation. Even that teacher was ready to fight if the situation got out of control." Moody stated.

"They're just kids….." Mcgonagall said with sadness.

"War doesn't care how old you are, it will come all the same" Moody said, in a rare case of compassion.

"How did she even end up in Japan, I'm pretty sure 'Jaina Proudmoore' is not a Japanese name."

Mcgonagall said. That wasn't even mentioning how King Arthur ended up there….

"There must be a way in and out that they can control" Snape said.

"So they probably know about us but we know nothing of them" Moody said, a bit hesitant. He didn't like being left in the dark.

"Lets move on to the first boy, Shirou, I believe is his name" Dumbledore said.

"As soon as he had to walk towards the hat, his eyes were darting around at all the exits and choosing targets if the situation turned dire" Moody said plainly.

The other teachers were a bit shaken at his comment.

"His magic….the one the hat accidently pulled out. I've never felt anything like it before, it was like we were entering a new world." Flitwick said.

"He called it his soul" Snape said with a snort.

"Does that mean it's dark magic? the Ministry defines anything involving the soul as dark." Flitwick said.

"There were reporters and Ministry representative present…we'll probably get a comment from them soon regarding this incident." Snape said.

"A soul is supposed to be pure and light....not that barren landscape that flickered for a brief moment.." Mcgonagall interjected.

"The chant also had me worried, it felt sorrowful, like he considered himself a sword." Dumbledore stated.

"Has anyone tried to repeat the chant?" Flitwick asked.

"I tried a couple phrases, they did not have any power like when the boy said it" Snape said.

The hat started to chuckle quietly The thought of Snape using the boy's Aria would be quite the comical image.

"Whats so funny?" Snape snapped towards the hat.

"Your Face" The hat replied.

"I believe we should move on" Dumbledore said, calming the professor down.

"Miss… Artoria Pendragon." Dumbledore stated.

All eyes looked towards the hat.

"I can not lie, no loophole for that" The hat stated plainly.

Dumbledore knew this, he had peeked at the wards before. He never considered the previous loopholes, but this one was as plain as day. He simply could not lie under any circumstance.

"So the King as returned…" Flitwick said with a bit of awe. He was part goblin, part fae. The reverence was built into his being.

"This is going to cause quite a few problems." Snape said.

"We should have her go to Gringotts and claim the Pendragon vault." Mcgonagall stated.

"Wonderful idea, Minerva" Dumbledore praised. They could truly confirm her identity if she were taken to Gringotts. Not only would she have to prove herself a Pendragon, the goblins would not take kindly to someone impersonating the king. The fae have A LOT of respect towards King Arthur.

"The next girl, Rukia Kuchiki." Dumbledore said.

"The hat called her something, it was apparently surprising enough to warrant being compared to King Arthur" Flitwick said.

"Shinigami" The hat spoke up.

"And what is this 'shinigami'" Snap asked with a sneer.

"Figure it out yourself" The hat said with amusement.

Dumbledore would look into the term later, he was more focused on the next boy.

"And lastly….Harry Potter, now Ichigo kurosaki" Dumbledore said.

"Clearly blood adopted" Snape said.

"Not even his father would be so gaudy as to dye his hair such an absurd color" snape sneered again.

"He was wearing a sword" Mcgonagall said.

"And it looked like he knew how to use it" Moody stated.

"Oh please, are you going to tell us that Harry Potter is a Warrior?" Snape said in annoyance. The man had a very deep grudge against his father.

"He would cut you down without a second thought" Moody stated. He could feel the sharp aura the group emitted. He couldn't very well explain that to a group of "teachers". They wouldn't

understand, they haven't been through battle like he has. He considered wizard's these days to be wimps, they just stand a few dozen yards away and threw a few spells at each other, and called it a day.

"Are you saying he's a killer?" Dumbledore asked in shock.

"Not like what your implying, I'm saying he is a fighter and a survivor." Moody reiterated.

The mood turned a bit awkward. This had been a long night.

"Lets stop for now and sleep on what we have learned tonight" Dumbledore said to which the group agreed and left for their rooms.

As the teachers left the room, the hat spoke to the headmaster.

"Don't play your games Dumbledore, you won't be able to deal with the fallout if you truly make them angry" The hat spoke before going to 'sleep'.

Dumbledore payed no heed to the hat as he began to write letters to be mailed out.


Ichigo woke up with Rukia pulled in tightly. She was a bit excited last night at the prospect of having him all alone for a year.

"How do you always wake up first?" She said rhetorically.

He just smiled and gave her a kiss on the head. He was still exhausted from the previous night.

He was just enjoying the moment when he heard his phone beep. Zelretch had been kind enough to adds some magic to their devices to allow them to work in Hogwarts.

"You guys up?" -Shirou.

"Taking a shower, be out in 30" – Ichigo replied.

They had agreed to move around together, the thought of dealing with hordes of dealing with these kids alone was nightmarish.

"Lets shower and go meet the others" Ichigo said, getting out of bed.

Rukia noticed "mini Ichigo" standing at attention.

Ichigo saw the look on her face and reached for the phone.

"Make that an hour" – Ichigo sent.

Rukia pulled him into the bathroom with her as they 'showered'.

An hour passed by, Ichigo and Rukia left their room at almost the exact same time as Shirou and Saber. As they walked into the Gryffindor common room, The two men exchanged exhausted looks.

"You too, huh?" Ichigo said to his comrade in arms.

Shirou gave a sigh.

Saber and Rukia were practically glowing as they left their dorm rooms.

At this point everyone in the house knew that these two couples were sleeping together.

Jaina was sitting in the common room and reading a book as she noticed her 'students' leave their rooms.

"Well…..atleast you had the decency to sound proof your rooms" She said with a chuckle. Everyone in the common room had their eyes widen as they stared at the two couples.

Before they could comment on her teasing, she spoke again. "Lets go get breakfast".

Saber perked up, forgetting the previous statement. She practically dragged them to the great hall for more food.

They garnered quite a few stares as they made their way from the dorm room to the great hall.

"So, you're Harry Potter" a voice was heard from behind.

Ichigo turned around to see a blonde boy and two rather large students.

"I guess?" Ichigo answered.

"You're not what everyone was expecting" The blonde kid said.

"Okay?" Ichigo answered bluntly again.

The boy was a bit confused with how to respond to Ichigo's blunt responses.

"I heard you no longer go by the potter name, what a shameful thing, to abandon such a prestigious Wizarding family name for some foreigner one" He said with a sneer.

"I'm not a wizard" Ichigo retorted.

"What?" The boy said in shock.

"Are you slow? I said I am not a wizard, none of us are." Ichigo said on be half of his group.


"I think you are mistaken, we're all part of the moonlit world. We're just not wizards." Ichigo corrected.

The boy calmed down for a moment and asked, " Moonlit world?"

"The supernatural, anything abnormal" Ichigo explained.

"You consider wizards abnormal?" The boy said with anger. AT this point a crowd was forming.

"Do you consider forcing your will over the laws of the world to be a normal thing?" Ichigo said.

The boy was a bit taken back by his statement, he had never considered it from that perspective. As the blonde boy was deep in thought for a moment, Ichigo's group quietly slipped away.

"Seriously…dealing with these kids is harder than fighting the Lich King" Ichigo said with annoyance.

As they continued to walk towards the great hall, all ghosts in their path seemed to scurry away in a hurry. This did not go unnoticed by the students.

The group arrived at the great hall and took some seats at the Gryffindor table. Jaina joined the teachers at the head table.

"Miss Proudmore, good morning" Dumbledore greeted.

"And to you, Headmaster" Jaina responded.

"I had been thinking, it may be beneficial to have Miss Pendragon and Mr. Kurosaki claim their vaults at Gringotts." Dumbledore said to the mage.

Jaina knew what Gringotts was, thanks to the dozens of books Zelretch had dropped off.

"That sounds like a wonderful idea, it will give my students a chance to see a bit more of Wizarding Britain as well" Jaina said.

"I also have something I would like to discuss." She said. All the teachers turned her way.

"Quite a few students and faculty have approached me and my students to ask about our brand of magic. I thought maybe we could hold a demonstration?" She asked.

Dumbledore's eyes lit up. It would give him a chance to analyze their power and find any weaknesses.

"Wonderfull, we can clear out the hall and have a few sparing sessions." Dumbledore said in delight.

"Um, if I may. I believe the hall is a bit….cramped" She said a bit hesitantly.

Dumbledore raised an eyebrow.

"Do you have a stadium or something similar in that regard, somewhere where any damage would be negligible?" She asked.

"We could use the Quidditch pitch" Flitwick Suggested.

"There would also have enough seating for our guests and students to both watch" Mcgonagall said.

"It sounds like a plan then, Ichigo and Shirou will spar for the school to watch." Jaina said with a smile.

Coraulten Coraulten

First chapter of the day, will start on the next one soon but i have to do some cleaning so it may take a little bit longer.

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