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Chapter 35: Giants.

Everyone quickly gathered themselves after Shirou's little display. They all readied themselves for battle.

Moria didn't order Oars to attack just yet, he was watching the newcomers. He didn't know anything about them.

Jaina was the first to act, she took a step forward and firmly planted her foot into the ground.

"Ice Nova' She called out.

An eruption of ice flowed out, it targeted all she consider he enemies which was the giant infront of her.

The giant's feet were firmly frozen to the ground.

Zoro ran up the side of the giant's arm, he made his way to the head.

"Santoryu….." He called out.

His arm muscles started to inflate as he held up a blade in each hand.

"…Ni Gorilla" He finished as his blades swung at the giant's head. They didn't cut so much as leave a gigantic indentation on the side of his head, knocking the monster's head several meters away. If he had been able to move, he would have fallen.

The ice around his feet began to wear off. The giant steadied himself, he felt no pain as he was already dead.

He raised his arm and swung it down to swat at the group in front of him.

Saber had brought out her new blade to meet the giant's blow head on. A familiar aura took hold of the petite blonde.

Ichigo looked at it, his jaw slightly open.

She had learned Sword intent. Though, it wasn't that surprising considering her experience.

Her blade began to turn a metallic black, the light of Ashbringer still shined though.

As the hand approached, she brought down her blade, the air pressure released by the slash had cut through the giants hand with ease and continued into the nearby buildings.

It was her first time combining both haki and her sword intent. It was powerful.

"" Ichigo asked dumbfounded.

"When did you think I didn't learn it?" Saber said teasingly. She had learned true swordsmanship since a young age, to apply the concepts of this world onto her own wasn't a very hard task for one who has walked much further down the road.

The giant pulled back his arm to look at the new stump that had appeared.

Moria was angry and scared. They were taking down his greatest zombie with ease, they were having fun.

He grit his teeth and continued the battle, it was too late to back down now.

Ichigo's group were not taking the fight seriously. They were able to judge the strength of their foe with relative ease, his shadow taking ability was problematic but they could stop him easily enough if it came down to it.

Ichigo and Rukia had even opted to not attack as they watched on.

Sanji flew in with a kick the giants right knee,Yoruichi followed up with a punch on its lower shin. The giant's leg was shattered.

The Giant was brought down to his knees, he used his good leg and arm to support himself. He was being disassembled quickly.

Franky's hand was displaced to reveal a cannon, he fired several shots into the giant's face. The shots were explosive enough to reel him back and disorientate him for a moment.

Sarah, who had flown to the top of the mansion, pulled out her sniper and took aim. The sonic booms erupted as the air was pushed aside at the acceleration of her bullets.

The shots tore through the shoulder joints of the giant's good arm, causing it to go limp.

Tier pulled out her blade and held it back in a thrusting motion as it flared up with a yellow energy.

"Ola Azul" She called out as she thrust forward, a blade of yellow reiatsu shot forward and cleaved through the left thigh, severing the rest of his leg.

The giant was about to fall over, Naruto and Luffy both jumped up. Luffy enflated his arm to the size of a giant's and Naruto activated his Chakra mode to create a giant chakra fist. They both connected with the giant's stomach, creating a crater on the ground where the giant's body now rest.

Moria was hurt, Oars's body didn't take all the impact from the blow. He was disorientated and dizzy.

He barely poked his head out of the cockpit and he felt it. The feeling of death was nearing him as he heard a certain word.

"Amaterasu" Sasuke said.

The body of the giant was consumed with a black flame, being reduced to ash.

Moria barely escaped, he manipulated his own shadow to pull himself away.

The body of Oars was almost completely gone at this point, the last vestiges were starting to burn away minus the pieces that had been severed. Just as the main body was destroyed, a shadow was seen shooting out of the flames.

The shadow shot right back into Luffy.

"I kinda wanted to see if a black key into the giant would effect luffy…." Shirou said jokingly.

"Hey luffy, go get your shadow stolen again so we can test it" Zoro said, with a chuckle.

Moria who had been in earshot started to rage, his greatest zombie had been easily beaten and turned to ash. He spent years repairing it to making it function and here they were laughing after the battle.

"DO YOU THINK THIS IS A GAME" He roared at the group.

"When you look like a balloon its hard to consider it anything but so" Sasuke said.

Several Strawhats couldn't hold in their laughter.

Ichigo's group all turned at the Uchiha, he made a funny.

"I'LL SHOW YOU" He yelled angrily.

Moria called upon his shadow powers. Every zombie on the island collapsed, thousands of shadows shot up into the sky and converged on him. He started to grow, his aura grew stronger.

"I never considered what would happen if multiple shadows were put into the same vessel…." Shirou said a bit hesitantly.

Moria continued to grow, he approached the size of Oars before he finally stopped, his aura grew in strength with him.

Shadows were leaking from his mouth, this form was clearly unstable and potentially dangerous to the user.

The giant Moria started to thrash around, this wasn't like the previous monster that was a bit dimwitted and was relying on commands.

A single punch of his was strong enough to crack the island. The group managed to dodge out of the way, those who couldn't move fast enough were grabbed by those who could.

"Okay, he's a lot stronger than before" Ichigo said, stating the obvious.

"Brick Bat" Moria roared, thousands of shadow bats formed and shot towards the group like bullets.

"Trace on" Shirou chanted.

Black keys started to materialize around him, floating in the air.

"Trace Bullet. Aim. Fire." He called out.

The hundreds of black keys shot towards the shadow bats.

The black keys easily pierced through any bat it met, the bats merely dissipated upon touching the blades. They continued forward, piecing into moria who let out a roar as dozens of shadows left him.

Sasuke tried the same thing his did to Oars. "Amaterasu" He spoke as his Sharingan locked onto Moria.

The black flames materialized on Moria who continued to roar in pain. He quickly used his own shadow to shift the flames over. His shadow that took a form similar to his before he grew in size, melt down due to the flames and slowly merged back into him.

"He can countered my Amaterasu" Sasuke said annoyed.

"Lets show him a bit of shadow manipulation of our own then?" Naruto said with a smile.

Sasuke nodded at his friend, he pulled out a scroll and activated it, producing a large shuriken. He channeled his lightning chakra into it and threw it past Naruto who was standing infront with his hands in the sign that is used for his Shadow clones.

As it gained distance, it suddenly poofed into a cloud of smoke and hundreds more of them appeared, all clad in lightning. They connected with the easy target that was the massive Moria. The amount of lightning that was just channeled into his body caused him to stiffen and paralyze for a moment as more shadows escaped.

His aura was slowly decreasing along with his size at the loss of the shadows.

Moria tried to cover his mouth in an attempt to stop the shadows from escaping.

Rukia decided to join the fray, "Hadō no. 31: Shakkahō" She chanted with her palm facing the massive body of Moria.

A red burst of energy shot out toward his mid region. It connected in a large explosion, Moria's eyes were starting to roll back as he tried to hold down his shadows.

Tier took the next opening, she clad her right arm in haki while channeling her demonic energy and reeled back. Yellow reiatsu erupted around her fist.

"Bala" She called out, the energy exploded out with the extra force of her haki combined with demonic energy.

The shot displaced the air as it moved forward with much more strength and speed than a normal Bala. The concussive force that connected with Moria knocked him back, he subconsciously moved his arms to brace himself which caused the shadows to finally erupt from him.

It was like geyser as they shot out into the sky. Most of them just kept going with only a few looking for their correct place on the island.

Moria's body began to shrink back to normal, his eyes rolled back and him unconscious. The strawhats looked on at the battle they just witnessed. That would have been hard fought for them yet this group took him down with relative ease. Most of them didn't even fight.

They all gathered around the now unconscious Moria.

"Should we finish him off…?" Ichigo asked, his hand on Zangetsu's hilt.

"It would leave a bad taste in my mouth to finish a foe when they are unconscious" Saber said.

Naruto and Sasuke didn't say anything to Saber's comment, they agreed with her wholeheartedly but their training almost made them instinctively grab a blade and slit his throat.

The strawhats also didn't interject, it was not for them to decide as they were not the ones who won the battle.

Everyone was broken out of their thoughts by a newcomer arriving.

He was large, similar in size to Moria. He had a hat with panda ears on it and paw prints around the base of his shirt. On the center of his shirt was a large crosshair. He was carrying what looked to be a bible.

"I would like to ask you all to not kill him" He spoke.

"Bartholomew Kuma" Robin spoke, raising a few eyebrows at his identity.

"Whats another Shichibukai doing here?" Ichigo asked, he had remember the "lesson" robin gave them on who the Shichibukai were.

More so than his presence, he was wondering how he had not sensed the man before him. Ichigo had good sensing abilities even among Shinigami. This man had approached them without notice, now that he focused on the man, he had an almost machine like aura.

"I had received orders to secure Moria" Kuma spoke emotionlessly.

"Is that all you're here to do?" Ichigo spoke, his hand tighteneing around Zangetsu.

"Originally I would have removed all witnesses to his defeat…..but I do not see that as possible anymore" He said.

"Are you telling us to go away?" Ichigo asked curiously.

"I believe that would be the best case for everyone." He spoke monotone once again.

"And if you could keep Moria's defeat silent for now I believe the Government will overlook this" He added.

"The government is worried about another Shichibukai falling in such a short time and they're offering a free pass to keep quiet?" Ichigo said with an amused expression.

"Yes." Kuma spoke, not mincing any words.

"Alright, its not like I care about the man one way or another and I would rather not have the Government hounding my group" Ichigo said, taking his hand off his blade.

Ichigo's group and the Strawhats agreed to walk away without any repercussions on either side.

It was when they were out of sight that kuma let out a long breath. He had been mostly turned into a machine, mostly being the key word. A bead of sweat ran down his forehead. His fists were gripped tightly. He was scared, he could feel the residual aura emanating off the unknown group.

He would have to report his findings to the higher-ups.


The groups made it back to their ships with ease, it had been a great time all around. Ichigo enjoyed the company of the Strawhats and his peerage felt the same way. It had been awhile since he met people who had just been enjoying life for the sake of it and their easygoing nature was contagious.

He watched as Luffy convinced Brook to join their crew, he had been tagging along this entire time without voicing any complaints.

Before they finally parted ways, Ichigo stopped them.

"I wanted to give you something…" Ichigo said to zoro.

"But I realized It would be better to give to Luffy since all trouble would probably be centered around him" He said with a smile.

He took out one of the glass orbs that Zelretch gave him and handed it over to luffy who looked at it with his group.

"If you crush that, it will open a link between me and its location so I can open a portal and come help with my crew." He told the strawhats.

They realized what this meant, he basically gave them a second life considering how strong his group was.

"Focus on it and picture it going into your hand" He told luffy.

At his amazement, it was absorbed into Luffy's hand and turned into a tattoo.

"You can do the same thing to bring it back out" Ichigo said.

He watched as luffy caused the orb to go in and out of his hand with a laugh.

"Luffy…." He said which grabbed the excited pirates attention.

"Don't ever use this as an excuse to do something you normally wouldn't. I'm giving you a second chance if you ever run into a situation you can't get yourself out. "

"I want to make this very clear, it better be a life or death situation. I know where your morals lay and I wont tell you not to use it to summon me to do something despicable. It doesn't matter who or what you are up against, We will come and help" He finished as he smiled at the Strawha…..his friends.

"Our time together had been short but I consider us friends at this point, so be safe even though I know you wont be" The Shinigami said as he walked to his own crew.

The groups finally left as they sailed in different directions.

It was when the Strawhats were on the horizon and barely in sight that Rukia spoke.

"Something's going to happen soon huh?" She said towards her lover.

"Too many coincidences, Zelretch wouldn't give those orbs for no reason, and two Shichibukai appearing together when we so happened to be here?." Ichigo responded.

"But regardless…..what should we do for now?" He said to his peerage.

"We shall make the name Proudmoore feared by all pirates in the ocean" Jaina declared, resuming her captain persona.

Coraulten Coraulten

Thriller bark over and wanted to set up the white beard war but thats several chapters off from now. I wanted them to experience the world a bit more before the final arc in one piece world.

next chapter
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