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Chapter 61: Going to Orario.

As the other half of Ichigo's group hit the floor, they realized what had just happened.

"ICHIGO" Yoruichi squealed as she jumped into his embrace. The other two joined her shortly. Zelretch had been kind enough to inform them, after the fact, that he had 'borrowed' Ichigo and the others for some help. Ichigo and his group were away for about a month in their time whereas several months passed for him.

"I missed you girls" Ichigo said as he grabbed them tightly.

"Yes yes, that's sweet and all but we need to discuss where your going to next." Zelretch interjected.

"Why are we going to another world again so soon?" Ichigo asked.

"Because I said so" Zelretch responded with a smirk.

"Something about this new world has you unusually giddy" Ichigo said, eyes narrowed.

"You're right, and I do have to say, this one I'm proud of" Zelretch said boastfully.

"He's right, I'm honestly amazed at what he did and I have access to infinite worlds." The hat added.

"….what did you do…?" Ichigo asked hesitantly.

"I hacked the world" Zelretch said in triumph.

"What?" Several people voiced out in unison.

"Its quite complicated, but that is honestly a pretty good summarization." The hat added in.

"You know, if this was a couple months ago, I may have asked why there was a talking hat" Naruto said.

"Oh, I like you." The hat said, as it floated away from Zelretch and landed on Naruto's head.

Naruto's eyes went wide as the hat went inside his head and by extension the kyuubi's 'house'.

"You don't have to be so rude, jeese" The hat said as he went back onto Zelretch.

"Do I want to ask?" Ichigo said.

"Kurama and the hat got into a bit of a disagreement." Naruto answered.

"Can we get back to the main issue here?" Rukia said.

"Ah yes, my magnificent accomplishment." Zelretch said with a grin.

"So basically, this is what you could call a 'game world'." Zelretch explained.

Most of the group immediately perked up. While Ichigo was away, everyone else were bored so they delved into the world of games.

"Basically an rpg, there is a dungeon and everything, you can even level up." Zelretch explained. The group were starting to get excited.

"Now what I did, basically the gods descended to the earth about a thousand years ago for some sort of entertainment. They sealed their power to live like a mortal and developed 'familia's which are like clans. Here's the kicker, a god/goddess can give something called 'Falna' which is basically a 'character status'. Then a person with a falna can earn whats called 'exilia' or experience by training and killing monsters. You can develop skills and your basic stats go up the more experience you gain. Eventually you can have your god/goddess level you up, which resets your stats back to 0 but doesn't remove what you gained previously. And to top it all off, the monsters drop crystals, and items." Zelretch said with excitement.

"That still doesn't explain how you 'hacked the world' " Ichigo responded.

"I'm getting to that." Zelretch retorted.

"Anyways, I tricked the world and this system into thinking I'm a god. Not only that, I was able to get it to work on you guys. The actual status requires a drop of divine blood to create, but a 'god' can do any of the other features without being checked for divinity. Since the world thinks I'm a god, I was able to create a 'familia' as well. I call it the Kaleidoscope familia." Zelretch explained with glee.

"So you're going to stick around and run this 'familia'?" Ichigo asked.

"Do you really think I would sit around for months at a time and do something like that?" Zelretch said in seriousness.

The group looked at him in confusion, he had just said their 'god' would be required to level them up.

"I'm handing over administrator rights to your new leader" Zelretch said, taking off the hat and giving him the floor, so to speak.

"Please take care of me" The hat said with a laugh.

"We already registered the familia with the guild that oversees the city, and we even purchased a compound at the edge of the city so your pets can roam around." Zelretch said.

"This actually…doesn't sound to bad" Ichigo said.

"Well its decided, let go!" Zelretch said, not giving anyone a chance to argue.


A portal opened up in the middle of Orario, the town that held the famed tower of babel which stood atop the only dungeon in the world. Something that wasn't thought possible, it was known that the city had many magical protectors put up by various gods to stop such a thing.

All the adventurers looked on in shock as several figures strolled out.

They were mostly wearing odd looking clothes. But what stood out the most, they were radiating power. It was almost suffocating just being in their presence, if they didn't know any better, they would say the individuals that had just come out of the portal were gods.

Ichigo's group didn't linger too long as they followed Zelretch to what was going to be their home for awhile.

It was interesting to see all the different architectural styles in a single city, it seemed like every time they went to a new street the style had changed. What grabbed their attention the most was the tower in the center of the city, to be more specific the person on top of it that was staring intently at their group.

It seemed as though someone was trying to peer into their essence. It was easy enough to block for anyone in the group, but annoying nonetheless. Feeling like a pair of eyes were glued on your back, Ichigo was tempted to charge a giant cero and blow the tower away.

The people continued to gawk at the group even when they reeled in the aura they were leaking. They had odd clothing…and were carrying some interesting animals along. Fawkes was still on Ichigo's head. The combination of a scowl and a phoenix really was an interesting sight. Fluffy was happily being carried by Saber. He was normally too big for any kind of cuddling so he had taken to his new life easily. And Chappy was perched on Rukia shoulder, acting like a silent guardian. And finally, the hat that was loudly singing as they walked through the rather crowded city.

Rumors were already being passed around by the time the group finally made it 'home'. They were followed for quite a bit, up until they went inside. It wasn't every day such interesting individuals teleport into town and cause such a scene. Information brokers were in very high demand, you never know what information could be worth a lot of money.

Zelretch was eager to get the group started on their dungeon diving. He explained how the process worked. It didn't take very long to write the required 'spell' on the backs of his familia. He also gave a rundown on how the stats worked.

You had your basics; Power, Endurance, Dexterity, Agility, and Magic. Each were given a rank and had a corresponding number that went like this.

I [0-99]

H [100-199]

G [200-299]

F [300-399]

E [400-499]

D [500-599]

C [600-699]

B [700-799]

A [800-899]

S [900-999] Which is supposed to the cap, but there were two parameters past that.

SS [1,000-1,499]

SSS [1,500-2,000]

When you level up, your stats are 'reset' back to zero and you get to choose a development ability out of some that will appear. Development abilities do not change at each level up.

Zelretch had 'acquired' several drops of divine blood to for the 'ritual'. Due to his machinations, he didn't require his specific blood, just any god blood and registered it under himself as a 'god'.

"Lets go explore the city" Yoruichi said in excitement.

"We can find somewhere to eat while we're out" Saber added.

"We could probably get some of the currency used here" Naruto quickly interjected. God forbid they are given the bill from her eating and find out they don't accept gold.

As the group were making plans, Shirou spoke to Zelretch who was just watching in amusement.

"Hey Zelretch, would It be possible to get somesort of portable magic kitchen that's similar to what we have back home?" Shirou asked causing everyone to stare in shock which quickly turned to anticipation.

Zelretch started to think for a few moments before answering.

"Give me a few days and ill see what I can do." He said. He was also pretty tamed by Shirou's cooking. It was one of the main reasons he showed up at their house as often as he did.

"My job seems to be done here, Mr. hat can take over" Zelretch said as the hat perked up.

Zelretch didn't give anyone a chance to say anything as he disappeared.

"Hehehehehehehehe" The hat started to laugh maniacally. He had never been the one in charge before.

As the hate was distracted, ichigo's group quickly left the house.

They walked around, some people were whispering and pointing at their odd group. Though they left the pets at home, who wee happy to run around and claim their own territory, they were still wearing odd clothing for the area.

They were given a basic rundown of the city and how the guild works, which would be their first stop.

It didn't take long for some wandering and asking some passerbys, they eventually found the guild. There were quite a few adventurers present.

They had to wait in line until they came to an advisory.

"Hello, how may I help you today?" A woman spoke who had pointy ears, they could guess she was some kind of elf.

"Do you have a service for exchanging gold into the currency used here?" Ichigo asked.

"Yes we do, though you might be able to find some better exchange rates somewhere around the city." The woman answered.

"Its fine, just want to unload it and get something to eat." Ichigo said, waiving off her concerns.

The woman at the counter was Eina Tulle, a half elf. She took her job very seriously and was always trying to help out new adventurers whenever possible. It was clear that this group were new in town, but something felt off. They had a presence like only those at a very high level possessed.

"Are you new in town?" Eina asked, trying to get some information regarding this strange group.

"Yeah, just came earlier today." Ichigo responded.

"Are you…..that group who came in through a portal?" Eina asked hesitantly. There had been a lot of rumors regarding that incident a couple hours ago. There were not actually any rules about entering the city that way….it was just thought to be impossible after several gods put the protection around the city hundreds of years ago.

"Um, yes?" Ichigo answered, a bit confused.

"Are you apart of a new Familia?" She asked again.

"Yes….?" Again Ichigo was a bit confused at her questioning, it was a bit aggressive.

"Have you registered your levels with the guild yet?" She continued.

"We just got our statuses a few minutes ago….we're all level 1" Ichigo responded.

Again, Eina was shocked. They were powerful from what she could tell. She usually had a 6th sense regarding an adventurer's power and could help them stay within certain dungeon floors that would be more appropriate…yet she couldn't quantify their power. All she could feel was that they were 'strong'.

"I…I see. I will make a note of it while you're here. And would you please present the gold you wish to exchange." Eina said.

Ichigo grabbed his bag of holding and held it upside down over the counter, a few hundred gold coins fell out before he abruptly shut it tight. He didn't want the literal mountain of cold to fall out everywhere.

Eina stared wide-eyed but quickly regained her composure. She took a few coins from different spots and started to test them. Weight, purity ect.

"You wish to exchange all of these?" She asked again as she collected them all into neat piles and proceeded to count them all.

"Yes" Ichigo answered abruptly.

"Very well, the total will be 17,450,310 valis." She responded, handing a card over to Ichigo. Who assumed it was something similar to a debit card.

"You seem a bit confused with the monetary value. I assume you are new to this currency, I'll give you a rundown. A decent meal will run you about 300 valis, a level 1 adventurer makes about 25,000 valis a day and you can buy a good house for about 800,000 valis." Eina explained.

"Ah, thank you. That helps quite a bit" Ichigo said with sincerity.

"On a final note, we need to register you all with the guild and your familia. This will also include your levels." Eina said.

Ichigo did as she asked. She was a bit surprised at some of their odd names and the name of their Familia. She had never heard of the 'kaleidoscope' before, but the guild had already approved his request to form the familia so she didn't question it.

"Very well, everything seems in order. If there is nothing else I will wish you a good afternoon" She said as ichigo's group left.

"What an interesting group" Eina muttered as she watched them leave.

Coraulten Coraulten

As is tradition, first chapter in a new world is an info dump. I also took a few small liberties for convenience sake. Chalk it up to infinite variations of the world.

Also, got the message loud and clear regarding any 'nerfing'. I won't be doing it so don't worry.

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