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Chapter 58: The "secret' world.

The Daily Prophet was quick to put out an evening paper. Practically the entire wizarding world was reading it after the latest information. The headline read as such; "ANGELS AND DEVILS, REAL?".

Ichigo's group got a kick out of this and they were sure Zelretch was laughing his ass off. There was something oddly satisfying about making the wizards think they weren't at the top of the food chain. They had become arrogant because of their magic, most of them didn't even realize that the 'muggles' could wipe them out with ease if they got discovered.

In reality, most mundane governments knew about the existence of these wizarding worlds. They opted to leave them alone to keep the status quo. They didn't want the whole world to learn about the existence of magic, mass mayhem may ensue. They actually had eyes and ears within certain circles that relayed them information, and their little tricks to hide their events didn't do shit against satellites. It was doubtful that 1/10 wizards even knew what a satellite was.

It wasn't a surprise when ichigo's group had received certain invitations from some governing bodies. Some of the more exclusive ones were from the Vatican and the Queen of England. The queen was ecstatic to meet the former King, and the Vatican wanted to know more about their encounters with the Angels and Devils.

It was a bit of a shocker to the wizards in the great hall when the corresponding letters arrived and someone explained that they were from 'muggle' governments. Even the teachers became a bit worried until Ichigo had to explain to them that there was literally no way the mundane world in some capacity did not know about wizards.

This news traveled rather fast and even Fudge had to come out and say he has dealings with the Prime Minister, which was supposed to be a secret until this point.

After this was found out, some wizards got it in their heads that they would go and memory wipe all the 'muggles' who knew their secret. Many bodies turned up the next day with bullet holes. This became another large crisis as the days progressed, the ones who were killed were 'purebloods'. And many more wizards were outraged and called for retaliation.

Something about "Muggle wands" not being that powerful and that they would easily beat anything the muggles could throw at them.

Well, as the wizards started to plan a retaliation, quite openly at that, they were taken out. They were designated as terrorists by various governments and strike teams were sent in.

Once again, the wizarding world was shaken to its core. Their entire system of belief started to unravel. The kids at Hogwarts were having trouble understanding, they had been raised mostly in magical households and brought up with the idea that they were vastly superior to their muggle counterparts. Ichigo was kind enough to display how a gun worked. Something random he had come across and decided to take, guns were cool to a kid who had been raised in a country where you rarely ever saw one.

The wizards were aghast at the power a 'gun' had. For some reason they were still under the impression that everyone still used muskets. These could fire several shots that could penetrate most shields. They were fast enough to not be able to respond and apparently there were guns that could shoot you from hundreds of yards away. Ichigo also explained that these were 'small arms'.

Ichigo couldn't deny that he was taking great pleasure in shattering their world view. It had taken less than a month to bring the wizarding world to its knees.

Apparently Zelretch had done something in regards to the Japanese government so their cover wouldn't be blown. He sent some texts expressing his satisfaction at recent events. Which translated to; he had been laughing his ass off as the wizards were questioning their world views.

Ichigo and his group continued to watch the fallout as the days passed. They started to see more 'muggle' items appear at the school. It started slow with textbooks and the like and then it started to become other items like games or such. Even the teachers could be seen studying up on regular subjects.


As the days passed, there was apparently to be a type of event called the yule ball. It was required for champions to participate so the group just went along and enjoyed themselves.

Rukia wore a beautiful kimono and Ichigo did his best to match her. Shirou wore a tuxedo and Saber wore a beautiful western dress. Jaina also showed up in a dress from Azeroth. It was a good time all around.

It was after the fact that they discovered that the dance partners of the champions would be taken as 'hostages' to be used in the next challenge. The organizers were smart enough to approach ichigo's group and relay that little tidbit and not try actually take the 'hostages' secretly like they did to the other kids.

The golden dragon egg was supposed to be a clue regarding the next event, yet Ichigo just through it away somewhere. He had no idea what was happening as he was led to a floating stadium in the middle of the lake near Hogwarts. The crowd were cheering and everyone was present again.

He looked at the other competitors who were in swimming gear while he was wearing his standard uniform and Zangetsu at his waist. The others looked at him confusion.

"Did you not figure out the clue in the egg?" Fleur asked.

"I didn't know that egg was important, I threw it away awhile ago." Ichigo responded.

The other competitors just looked at him with mouths open.

He had a general idea of what he was supposed to do and he could sense Rukia's reiatsu down in the lake.

As the referee gave the signal, the competitors dove into the lake, Ichigo stood there for a moment as he created a sort of bubble around himself with demonic energy.

He too dove into the lake and propelled himself forward with his reiatsu. He knew exactly where Rukia was and grabbed her, and returned to the platform on the lake in several seconds. The mermaids that were guarding the 'hostages' didn't even realize she was taken until she was already returned to safety.

The crowd took a few moments to register what had happened. 23 seconds was the count. He 'rescued' her in 23 seconds. Part of the task's difficulty was locating their target in the quickest time.

As everyone were lookng at him, he finally spoke.

"Learning to sense another's energy signature is a basic where we come from…" Ichigo said to the crowd.

The other contestants looked at Ichigo in shock when they re-surfaced with their hostages. They couldn't even bother to get angry when they were told he completed the challenge in 23 seconds.

"Was it necessary to do it that quickly?" Rukia said to her lover as they were waiting for the last of the contestants to finish.

"I couldn't bare to be away from you for too long." He said with a smile as he kissed in front of the entire crowd. Some whooping was heard from various sections of the crowd.

"Idiot" Rukia said as their lips parted. Her face bright red as she was being stared at by hundreds of people. She forgot that their conversation was heard throughout the area.

There was a bit of an interlude until the next challenge. The group found various ways to entertain themselves. They eventually got to know Hagrid, the grounds keeper. Saber adored the man who genuinely loved magical animals so much. He eventually showed the group his various 'pets'. One in particular caught Saber's eye. Hagrid was trying to find a place for him to stay, he'd been causing a bit of trouble around the school due to his size.

"Can we take him?' Saber asked, looking at Shirou with her pleading eyes.

Shirou was trying his hardest to resist, there was no way they could take care of that animal at their home.

It only took a few moments before Shirou finally caved "…fine…" He said as he watched the gigantic three headed dog lick the petite king. Saber is generally a cat person, but this dog was just too adorable to her.

Ichigo put his hand on Shirou's shoulder. An act of solace between both victims of those damned eyes. Rukia was currently flying around on her new 'pet', a gryphon.

Coraulten Coraulten

A bit short since i wanted to finish up the last trial as the final chapter for the arc. I have a lot of things i need to do this weekend, i'll try my best to do as many chapters as possible.

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