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Chapter 28: The Rating Game

Ichigo's group entered into the copy of Kuoh Academy, why Riser wanted to give them a familiar battlefield was beyond them.

"I guess I'm up" Sarah said as she used her psionic energy to bend the light around herself, going invisible.

This elicited a shocked expression from the crowd. They could tell, it was not an item but the girls abilities that allowed her to become invisible.

She quickly made her way to the highest point in the academy. She found the targets they agreed on each person would have.

She removed the invisibility, the viewers saw her standing on the very top of the school with her sniper. The viewers initially laughed at her, a devil using a pitiful gun.

What happened next caused everyone watching to gape in shock.

She quickly fired four times. Four sonic booms erupted from her sniper, each bursting through the air at an obscene speed to their designated targets.

"Riser's four pawns retire" The announcer said.

The pawns didn't even notice they lost until they were teleport out and the medics cared to the gunshot wounds that each had. The wounds were on the same spot on each pawn.

The teams had been told that the underworlds best medics would be on standby so they could go all out.

The crowed was shocked.

That was not the strength a gun should have. They could feel the demonic energy emanate from the bullet, but there was something else with it, something vaguely familiar. A power they did not know.

"I give up" Sarah said nonchalantly.

She was abruptly teleport out of the arena. The crowed gaped, did she use all her energy for those attacks?

"It was a statement" Rias said.

"Ichigo's 2x pawn retires" The announcer said.

This snapped everyone out of their thoughts. She was…the weakest? She was only two pawns, they saw the sheet, that would mean her name was Sarah Kerrigan.

"Looks like Sarah found her targets quickly" Ichigo mused.

Sarah couldn't fight the other members of his peerage head on, but she was very scary at what she did best. A sniper, an assassin.

"You all are free to move how you want, don't worry about holding back. " He said to his family.

The group dispersed.

Shirou was the first to find his targets. Two pawns, Shuriya and Mira. He said he would take out two pawns and it didn't matter which. Apparently Sarah was insistent on wanting to take out both sets of twins.

"We found the little boy" Shuriya said. She wore a very revealing outfit, barely covering her sensitive places. The other was Mira, she wore a more traditional Japanese martial arts outfit, her weapon of choice being a wooden staff.

"He doesn't look very strong, I'll take him Shuriya" Mira said.

Mira charged at Shirou without bothering to gauge his strength.

Shirou watched her charge, she was…slow. Boringly slow. He casually dodged all her strikes.

The crowd watching noticed it. The boy was experienced, extremely so. The girl did not stand a chance.

Shirou merely reinforced his hand and landed a palm strike on her stomach, knocking her out.

"Riser's Pawn retires" the announced said.

Shuriya got angry. She was indifferent to Mira but it represented her Riser's honor.

"That little brat was the weakest, not that it matters we'll probably replace her with one of the girls in your group. That blonde girl was pretty cute, maybe after me and Riser enjoy her we can have her become the new pawn" Shuriya goaded towards the magus.

Shirou did not get angry very easily. He changed after meeting Ichigo, he found something equally important to his beliefs. He not only wanted to be a hero, he wanted to protect his family, especially his saber.

Shirou frowned.

"I was given permission to not hold back…" he said just loudly enough for the words to be broadcast to the viewers and Shuriya.

"Try not to die" He said coldly

The Crowd were amused at his bragging, an ultimate class devil was charging the shield....then they heard the words.

"I am the bone of my sword."

It felt like thousands of swords were at their throats. Steel radiated from the boy. His aura skyrocketed.

"Steel is my body and Fire is my blood"

Again, the feeling radiated out, it was stronger now. What ever he was chanting, it was powerful. It screamed at their instincts to run away.

Shirou didn't go any further into his Aria, it wasn't needed.

"Trace on" He said for the world to hear.

Then it appeared.

A red barbed spear. The famous spear. Anyone who took a look at it would recognize it. It dripped with bloodlust.

"THAT'S IMPOSSBILE" the celts at home shouted.

Similar shouts were heard all around the world. The weapon capable of slaying even gods. The weapon of the famed Hound of Ulster.

The Spear of Cú Chulainn.

Shirou held the spear in his right hand, ready to throw it. It erupted in a torrent of magic and bloodlust.

He called the name for the world to hear.

"GÁE BOLG" Shirou roared as the spear launched at the girl in a beam of red light.

"SIRZECHS" Grayfia yelled towards her king.

Sirzechs understood what she wanted, he burst forth as fast as possible to where the shields were being maintained. He poured an obscene amount of energy into them.

Before the Spear met the girl, the shields appeared. The spear fought, it would not be prevented its prey.

"TELEPORT ME AWAY, I GIVE UP!" Shuriya yelled to the announcer.

"Its useless, Gáe Bolg's special ability reverses causality. It will thrust because your heart has already been pierced." Shirou said without any sympathy.

The crowed went silent at his declaration.

The spear and barriers fought. The spear gained ground, the explosion of energy colored the sky red. The spear destroyed barrier after barrier until it met a final defense.

It was the barrier powered by Sirzechs in haste.

The barrier cracked before the spear finally stopped. It had successfully been prevented from its target and fell to the ground.

The spectators were still silent as the spear dissipated into particles and flew back into Shirou.

"I believe she had admit defeat." Shirou said, causing the announcer to regain his composure.

"Ri…Riser's pawn retires." He said, still shocked.

"That was much more powerful since I added in my demonic energy" Shirou thought to himself.

The celts were screaming at the screen. They immediately went to check the vaults for their Gáe Bolg. It was still there and they verified it was the real one. So how did this boy use that?

"I give up" Shirou said with a sigh.

"Ichigo's 3x pawn retires." The announcer said.

That was only his pawn again, the crowed thought. His name must be Emiya Shirou. There had been no information about him and he just went and summoned forth a god slaying weapon.

The going rumor right now was that Shirou was a descendant of Cu Chulainn.

Everyone in the battlefield felt the aura. The feeling of death swept through Riser's peerage.

It was too late to back down now.


Rukia was the closest to Shirou, she felt the power behind that spear.

She was lost in thought when her two targets came upon her.

The last to pawns of Riser's Peerage Burent and Marion. They both wore maid attire.

"I don't even understand what Riser sees in this little girl, she barely as any assets" Burent said while emphasizing her cleavage.

"We don't question his decisions, he wants to play with her so we are going to present her as a gift" Marion said.

Rukia looked towards the two girls. She was wondering if this was some kind of joke. They two were pitifully weak.

"I was going to hold back on such weaklings, but you've angered me" Rukia sad as she released her reiatsu.

The pillar of energy shot to the sky.

"Ichigo said it was fine to go all out" Rukia said with a sadistic smile.

"Try not to die" She said in a similar way to Shirou.

The crowd could feel the energy Rukia was emitting. It was the same power Ichigo used. They heard the reports, she was a Shinigami as well.

It was heavy, it weighed down on their souls. They felt the presence of death lurk about.

After feeling the power and the proclamation made by the petite Shinigami, Grayfia's eyes went wide.

"Sirzechs" She called out.

"Don't worry, I had time to make a proper shield, nothings getting thro...…" Sirzechs was cut off.

"Bankai" Rukia said, the word reverberated through the world. Her reiatsu exploded forth, bringing a deathly cold air to the surroundings.

Everything instantly froze.

"Hakka no Togame" Rukia spoke. Her words were like whispers on the wind.

Her form changed. She looked as if she was made of ice.

The surroundings froze, and started to crumble.

The shields were trying their hardest to prevent the cold from entering. The fail safe determined that if the cold even touched the girls, they would instantly die.

Even the shield began to freeze, it started to crack.

"Absolute zero" Serafall Leviathan spoke.

Her words caught the attention of all present. It was supposed to be impossible to reach such a low temperature.

Serafall was an ice user. She understood just how absurd this situation was. This girl had managed to breach the realm of impossibility. Absolute zero was a concept, and now it was proven.

"Censure of the White Haze" Serafall said with a smirk. It was the meaning of Rukia's Bankai.

It wasn't until the barrier was almost completely frozen over that the girls realized they could admit defeat.

Rukia watched and slowly started to melt and remove her Bankai.

Her familiar clothes returned and the color of her skin wasn't pale white anymore. She sheathed her blade and announced her forfeit.

"Ichigo's 3x pawn retires" The announced said with a shiver.

Again t he world watched one of Ichigo's pawns make them breathless.

"Worthy of the title of Shinigami" Amaterasu praised.

"She called it her Bankai" Susanoo said.

"Does that mean there is also a Shikai?" Susanoo questioned.

Amaterasu sighed. "I feel as though by the end of the fight, we're going to have more questions than answers." She said


Naruto was walking towards his target, he could sense her. He was interested in her ability once he heard her power source.

"Hello" Naruto said to the girl in front of him.

The woman readied her stance. She was Chinese, she used a power source called Qi which was Senjutsu in Japan.

Naruto was a bit excited. He mastered Senjutsu in his world.

"I heard you used the Chinese version of Senjutsu" Naruto said, ignoring her battle readiness.

"Of course, I'm a master" She declared arrogantly.

This caused Naruto to raise an eyebrow.

"Was that supposed to be a joke?" He asked.

"hmph, like you could understand the intricacies of Qi" She said bluntly.

This had started to annoy Naruto. He closed his eyes for a moment. His aura changed. The crowd felt the natural energy of the world start to flood into him.

He opened his eyes and stared at the girl before him. His aura changed. Around his eyes was an orange marking and his pupils turned into those of an amphibian.

"….what is that?" She said hesitantly.

"I thought you were a master of Senjutsu" Naruto said with a smirk and a slightly chuckle.

"Sage Mode" He replied to her question.

"The highest level of Senjutsu"

The crowed were as shocked as the girl before him. He was a sage. Those were supposed to be legends.

"You….You're lying, sages' are myth." She said with anger.

"I learned how to enter sage mode on Mount Myōboku, I learned from the toad sages that lived there" He without any emotion.

Naruto looked at her expression. She had no idea what he was talking about.

"I guess I expected too much" He said with a sigh.

"I'll end this with a bang like Rukia and Shirou" He said with a wide smile.

Grayfia heard this and got scared again.

"Lets go, Kurama" He called out.

A large explosion of smoke occurred on the battlefield.

It was lucky they were further away from the other groups and that the academy's borders stretched into the surrounding forest they were at.

It appeared.

The Kyuubi. The real thing, not the construct. Naruto was standing on his head.

Amaterasu shattered the glass she was holding. The nine-tailed foxes belonged to HER and here one was. It was warped and demonic and…powerful. It was massive. It was larger than any recorded in history.

Kurama stared at the girl.

"You should give up" Naruto said with a smile.

The poor girl fainted. She was teleported out by default.

"Riser's Rook Retires"

The world watched on. This boy had summoned a demonic Kyuubi. It was a clear provocation towards Amaterasu. Not only that, he claimed to be a sage.

"Rias….what is that…?" Issei asked with fear. They all felt the hate and malice that radiated off its being. It was extremely powerful. It could be compared to a god.

"Some kind of…kyuubi?" Rias said.

"Its too evil" Akeno said with an equal amount of fear.

Grayfia let out a breath of relief. If that thing had attacked, she didn't know if any barrier they put up would hold.

The kyuubi disappeared in a puff of smoke just as easily as it appeared.

"I give up" Naruto declared.

"Ichigo's Rook Retires." The announcer said.


Tier was standing face to face with her target. Isabela, the other Rook.

Isabela saw the giant demon fox appear and was startled to say the least. Tier remained calm through the whole encounter.

Tier was not a talker, and neither was her opponent. She had been told she could go all out. Tier wanted to show off for her mate, so she would do just that.

She drew her blade.

Her reiatsu erupted, it was different than the shinigami's it was yellow in color and felt…darker. The spectators could feel it. Like a predator was making itself known.

"Destroy, Tiburón" She called out.

A sphere of water enveloped her, not visible from the outside. And suddenly a large bone like blade slashed through it.

There she stood, in a bone like armor. And her blade, resembled a shark's tail fin.

"Try not to die" She said coldly. The familiar words reverberated to everyone watching.

Grayfia and Sirzechs panicked.

She pointed her large blade at her prey.

A yellow light started to cadence into a sphere at its tip.

"Cero" she called out. And the ball burst forth into a laser that shot towards the enemy rook.

A shield created by Sirzechs sprang up immediately and it was met with an explosion of yellow light.

When the light died down, the shield remained. Fractured and almost broken. Tier walked over and gave it a flick. It shattered into small pieces.

She pointed her blade at the rook that was now on the ground.

"I give up" Isabela said quickly.

"Riser's rook Retires" The announcer said.

"I also give up" Tier stated.

"Ichigo's Rook Retires" He said once again.

This was becoming a common occurrence for the spectators. They didn't know what to think anymore. This one was named Tier Harribel. Her abilities were Spanish but they resembled the ones of the Shinigami.

Their minds began to wonder, could that power be taught to anyone? Plans were being made in secret. They would try to pull the peerage over to their side or trade for one of them through Ichigo.


Sasuke could feel his teammates showing off. Normally he would be annoyed but he heard the things Riser said about his friends. He wouldn't hold back.

He met up with his target, a fellow knight by the name of Siris.

They met, they were dozens of yards apart. Siris drew her blade and Sasuke didn't make a move.

He closed his eyes for a moment before abruptly opening them again. They had changed.

The world saw his eyes. One was red with a six pointed start, the other was purple, it had rings and tomas in it. They gave off the feeling of danger. They were not eyes a mortal should have.

Siris wasn't strong enough to understand the danger that radiated from his eyes. She charged forth with reckless abandon. As her blade swept down towards Sasuke, a purple energy intercepted the blow.

It formed into a skeletal shape. It ripped the blade from her hand and threw it to the side. The power felt familiar. To those of the Shinto religion, they would recognize it immediately.

It was the power of Susanoo. The higher ups of the Devils knew the familiar power, they dealt with the Shinto faction a lot. This boy…..had invoked the power of Susanoo somehow and they could not recognize the form.

Susanoo was flabbergasted. He could feel it, it was his power but not his. The boy had not stolen anything from him but it was....his still? He couldn't comprehend it.

Amaterasu looked on in shock, her brother was quick to anger and yet he was wearing a confused expression. Something was definitely wrong. It was only a moment later that she too felt it.

Siris had backed off after she had been disarmed. She tried to gain some distance and asses the situation.

Sasuke gave her no time. He focused his Sharingan and called out for it.

"Amaterasu" He said. And the black flames converged. The barrier sprung up as soon as he finished his words.

It managed to catch the flames in time but the barrier….was being consumed by the flames.

"The flames of the sun…." Sirzechs called out in shock. His barrier couldn't protect from the sun's flames.

Amaterasu now understood Susanoo's thoughts. He had invoked her authority but….she didn't feel like he had stolen the power form her. It was his power.

"I need an explanation" She demanded to the room.

The barrier was consumed by the black flames and melt to the ground. The girl was surrounded by inextinguishable sun fire.

"You should admit defeat" Sasuke said.

"You havn't beaten me yet" She said, the comment was met with a facepalm by the entire world.

Sasuke only gave a smile as his Sharingan started to spin.

"Susanoo" He said lightly.

His skeletal construct began to grow. It sprung to the sky. It changed shaped. It was as big as the kyuubi from before.

It had an elongated nose and paper-like wings. It wore armor and had two swords.

Susanoo saw the scene and suddenly smiled.

He was quick to anger, but he also acted like a child at times.

"Ok, that's cool" He said to the room.

The aura he felt from the construct was much stronger than before. It felt like another him was out there the only thing missing was.....lightning.

His smile grew bigger.

"Okay, that's really cool" He reiterated.

The hand of the giant construct crackled with lightning.

The Knight passed out as the giant hand was feet away from her.

"Riser's Knight Retires" The announcer said, he was no longer shocked. He didn't think he could be anymore.

Sasuke returned to the ground and canceled the Susanoo. His eyes returned to normal and he gave up.

"Ichigo's Knight Retires" He said again.

"Uchiha Sasuke" Susanoo said.

"I like his style"


The next ones to encounter each other had Rias on edge.

It was her.

The king.

The other's in her peerage were also anxious towards this fight. The ones around Rias and her peerage could see their expressions. They wondered what secret this petite blonde knight held.

Karlamine met her opponent. She was also a knight.

She drew her blade at entered a combat stance.

Saber also summoned her wind-coated blade and also entered a stance.

Karlamine was the first to move, she was testing the petite girl. After a few rounds she noticed something. That wasn't her real blade.

"Do you hide your blade behind that wind to surprise your opponent?" Karlamine goaded the petite girl.

"Do you question my honor?" Saber retorted.

Karlamine barely followed the honor of a knight, if she could get a rise out of her opponent with a few words, she wouldn't hold back.

"You must be Artoria Pendragon, are you even a descendant of his, did you choose that name to ride on the legacy of king Arthur? What a shameful person." Karlamine said to the girl.

Saber was angry. She didn't get truly angry very often. She had suffered many bad experiences due to the Pendragon name, but it was still HERS. To have it insulted like so, even if it was in an absurd way, was intolerable.

"Very well, you wish to see my blade?" Saber said with a smile.

"Behold" She declared as the wind slowly dissipated around her sword.

It began to shine. The familiar light that once shone to the world.

Those who were watching knew the blade. It was forever etched into their beings. The glory of Humanity it was called. The blade of Assured victory.

The devils watching finally lost it. This light wasn't harmful to the innocent regardless of race but that didn't matter. The light forcefully recalled their memories of times past, the times they overcame their despair and prevailed.

The various devils cried in its warm embrace.

The Angels watching couldn't speak. The light they thought was gone had appeared once again. The message the Excalibur fragments spoke.

"All hail the king" one of the angels spoke, their voice reverberated in the silence room.

The blade that surpassed the one their father made.

Saber lifted the sword above her head.

"I am not a descendant of King Arthur" She declared.

"For how could I be a descendant of myself."

Her words shocked the world. There was too much information to take in. That blade's light was unmistakable, but it was shattered...Not to mention she was a girl. AND a devil? Besides all that…how was she alive?

The yellow orbs of light began to rise from the ground. A bright golden light radiated from around her and converged onto her blade.


"I GIVE UP" Karlamine said as the words left Saber's mouth.

"…CALIBUR" She roared as the blade was swung down.

Karlamine disappeared just in time as the beam of light destroyed all barriers in its way. It shot into the distance.

Again the world was shocked. She called forth the power of the legendary blade. No one could dispute her claim. She was truly wielding Excalibur.

The Pendragon family was going crazy, they were trying to find ANYTHING they could on this girl or any mention of King Arthur being a female.

After the dust settled, Saber promptly admitted defeat.

"Ichigo's Knight…..Her majesty Artoria retires…." The Announcer said in hesitation. He didn't know what he was supposed to say.

Saber only smiled awkwardly at his announcement.

"she revealed it" Rias said.

Sona who accompanied her sister was close by and heard.

"YOU KNEW?" Sona said.

"I had to swear an oath, but now….its technically broken from their end…" Rias said.

"what else did she say?" Sona demanded.

"She's a heroic spirit." Rias said bluntly.

All the people listening in were confused by the phrase.

"Legendary souls who achieved great deeds in life, having become objects of worship after their deaths. They are freed from the constraints of time itself and removed from the ring of reincarnation and moved to the Throne of Heroes. Thus they ascend to the status of Heroic Spirits." Rias repeated what she was told before.

The people around her gawked. This had….insane implications. How did she escape, were there others in there?

"She made an offhand comment once…..she said that she used to meet up with Jean d'Arc and Atalanta the chaste huntress every so often for drinks…." Rias said hesitantly.

The people listening could only gape in shock...

All eyes were on the King as she walked over to her group. In front of the whole world….she planted a kiss on the boy named Shirou.

Apparently, King Arthur was in a relationship.


The last of the fights were winding down. Jaina located her target with ease.

Ravel Phenex. Riser had added his sister to his harem.

"Give up, you are no match for me wizard" Ravel said towards jaina.

It was easy to tell that jaina was a spellcaster. She had a rather large and magical staff In her hand.

"Why did I have to pick an immature girl?" Jaina said with a sigh.

This set Ravel off as she started to channel her power into her hand. She specialized in fire magic like most of her clan. Just as she was about to fling it at the wizard infront of her she heard a loud "snap".

Jaina had snapped her fingers as the girls spell was about to form. It was immediately dispersed.

"What did you do!?" Ravel yelled in confusion.

"It was just a basic spell my school taught at a young age, -Counterspell-" She said.

The people watching had barely recovered from the previous shock. And now they had just watched this wizard disrupt the casting of a spell. This was an absurdly hard thing to do and yet she claimed her school taught it at a young age.

"That's absurd, that's a high level wizard ability" She said with disbelief.

"You keep assuming I'm a wizard." She said with a smile.

"I am a mage, little girl"

"More specifically I am the highest tier of mage, an Arch Mage." Jaina said with confidence.

The people viewing had never heard of a mage before. It was a nonsensical term, it was made up by human media.

"You seem confused, very well, as your elder I shall give you a lesson." Jaina said.

"A mage is one who manipulates the arcane power in the universe. They shape it into what you consider spells, if I throw a fireball I'm not using fire magic, I shape and manipulate arcane energy into the form of fire and give it the properties of such" Jaina said as if talking to a student.

Again the world was shocked. This mage….was manipulating magic on the most fundamental level. She was shaping the energy that made up the universe. That was something only gods could do!?

"THAT'S ABSURD" Ravel yelled as she threw various fire based attacks towards jaina.

She merely rolled her eyes.

"Ice Barrier" she said.

A barrier of ice formed around her. It easily absorbed all the attacks and left her unharmed.

"My turn." Jaina said happily.

She channeld Arcane energy into her hand for a brief moment, it shone like the stars to all who saw it.

"Arcane Barrage" She called out at a blast of energy that resembled a nebula shot towards Ravel. A small explosion and she was shot backwards. It was a concussive type energy blast.

As the Phenex got back up, Jaina cast another spell.

"Slow" She said.

It was as if Ravel had been shackled down. She moved at less than half her normal speed.

Jaina was having fun playing around with her spells and demonic energy. She was more so messing around with how they interacted outside of the damage capabilities.

She pointed her finger towards the poor girl.

"Cone of cold" She said.

A cone of intense cold erupted and consumed the girl for a moment before she was frozen to the ground.

Ravel tried to burn away the ice, but it was…extremely resistance.


"Arcane magic mimics the properties of ice, it did not become ice." Jaina said with amusement.

The world kept watching, this mage, who was formerly human, was playing around with a Phenex.

They all thought the same thing, she was one of the most powerful Magic users on the planet.

After watching her struggle for several minutes Jaina finally got bored.

"Alright little girl, time to end this." Jaina said.

"Living Bomb" she cast towards the girl, the name sounding very ominous.

Nothing happened for a moment, until she self destruct.

Her ability as a Phenex allowed her to regenerated but the experience had taken its toll.

"That's not enough to defeat a….."


She couldn't finish her sentence before she exploded again.

"Feedback loop" Jaina said.

"You seem strapped for time so I won't bore you with the details, your restoration is feeding into the magic that is causing you to explode" Jaina said with a smile.

This loop continued for several minutes until the girl finally passed out. Jaina was kind enough to remove the spell so she could be teleported away.

"I give up" She said.


Yoruichi found her prey.

The other queen, she apparently had a title but she didn't care to learn it or her name.

She was actually very angry, more so than Ichigo was. When Ichigo told her the remarks Riser made towards Rukia… She was furious.

Rukia was like her younger sister. They shared the same man without any problems. Yoruichi would protect her family no matter what. And that bastard dared say he would play with her.

Yoruichi didn't bother to hide, she didn't talk to the girl. She was going to destroy her target.

"Another girl to add to Riser's Harem after he wins" The queen said. Her name was Yubelluna.

After the words left her mouth, Yoruichi let loose all her reiatsu.

It was much heavier than Rukia's it was rage induced. The devils outside felt it. It wasn't the by product of using Bankai. It was meant to be a statement.

The weaker devils collapsed. They could sense the death that emanated from the girl. Their souls felt like they break at any moment.

"Shunko" Yoruichi spoke for the first time.

Her back exploded in electricity. Wings maid of pure lightning condensed.

The familiar barrier immediately appeared infront of the queen as Yoruichi reeled back her fist.

"Shunkō: Raijin Senkei" She said. The lightning from Yoruichi's back formed into a circle, similar to a drum, and it unleashed its concentrated electrical energy at Yubelluna in a large pillar of lightning.

The spot she was standing in, and the barrier that was supposed to protect her….were completely eviscerated.

"Riser's Queen…..retires…." The announcer squeaked out.

"I give up" Yoruichi said.

"Ichigo's Queen Retires"

It took a moment for anyone to speak.

"strong" Someone said.

It was an extremely strong blast. It tore through a barrier made by Sirzechs like it was paper. The various factions saw the power from that blast. It could threaten them they thought. That queen was not to be underestimated. Who knows if that was her full power.


Ichigo was walking with Orihime by his side. Riser always kept the Bishop that Orihime would face near him.

They finally made their way to where riser was.

He had apparently been…."playing around" With his bishop while the game had been going on.

"I should congratulate you, you were actually able to match me piece for piece" Riser said.

He hadn't been paying attention except to the announcements. He thought they were "tied".

"Oh who is this, you are very pretty. I will enjoy you later along with the others. Mihae, leave the battlefield please" Riser said.

"Of course Riser-sama, I give up." The bishop said.

"Riser's Bishop retires" the announcer said.

"I also give up" Orihime said.

She didn't really want to fight anyways, she didn't like to hurt people.

"Ichigo's Bishop Retires" The announcer said once again.

Zangetsu spoke for the first time in awhile "show him no mercy Ichigo" He said without his normal haughty voice, They were Ichigo's girls and therefore his girls as well. No one talks like that to his girls.

"Cast off your fear, and cleave the Heavens, ZANGETSU" Ichigo roared.

The familiar pillar of light shot up and it enveloped his form.

When the light finally dissipated they world saw it once again. The large Khyber blade and the trench knife.

The world saw it again, Zangetsu the boy called them. Slaying moon. His blades They radiated power. His aura flared up at least 3 times over.

He performed a small cut in the air with his smaller blade. "Getsuga Tenshō" He called out. An extremely power blade of light shot towards Riser who's eyes widened.

He was destroyed. If he had not been a Phenex he would have been gone forever.

He restored himself and started laughing.

"I admit you have a bit of power, but its useless. I'm an immortal phenex, you are just a broken devil" He said with arrogance.

Ichigo's aura changed.

His reiatsu shot up once again. It was different this time, it had a hint of black to it.

"I use this not because I recognize you as an opponent but because I detest your existence." Ichigo said.

"Be proud, the last person who forced this out of me was Gilgamesh, king of heroes"

The reiatsu pillar reached its climax. It was powerful, it could be felt all over the world. The devil present were oppressed by its magnitude.

No one had any time to contemplate the word he spoke about Gilgamesh.

The world was silent.

His words echoed to all four corners. They were spoken for the first time in this world from his mouth.


A whirlwind of reiatsu erupted from Ichigo. After it died down, they finally saw it.

His blades became one. His form changed. He had a white horn on the left side of his head. Black marks running down his left eye and merged to the middle of his chest where a hole formed. His left eye had turned black and yellow.

"Tensa Zangetsu" The words broke the silence of the world.

His power increased 10 times over.

The people present shuddered at the intensity of his power. Rias was shaking and her peerage were about to pass out. The weight wasn't even present, it was just his presence that shook them this much.

"He breached it" Amaterasu said.

"....the realm of gods, this mortal breached it with his own power." She said to the quiet room. All the other factions thought the same thing.

If they made guesses towards the power of his other members, then they confirmed It outright for this boy. He had ascended to their level.

Riser was finally shaken. His haughty appearance replaced by fear. He fell down and tried to get away.

"Tensa Zangetsu's ability...Any damage caused will never heal." He stated for the world to gape at.

It was a bold declaration…and no one dared to refute it.

He raised his blade towards the sky. A black energy condensed around the blade.

Sirzechs, Grayfia, Serafall and other ultimate class devils quickly pushed their energy into the barrier. It was crude at best but it was all they could do.

"Getsuga Tenshō" he called out as he brought his blade down.

A blade of darkness shot out.

It collided with the barriers, it cleaved through almost all of them instantly. It finally reached the ones crafted by the Satans. It took effort, but one by one they were cut down. The blade loosing energy upon each destroyed in its wake. It reached the last barrier, the one of Sirzechs. He pushed his energy into it as much as possible. It was a crude barrier that was sub-optimally taking in his energy, he couldn't even convert half of the energy he pumped in towards the barriers strength, most of the energy was wasted. He didn't have time to be meticulous he needed to save the Phenex boys life.

As the blade finally made its way through the last barriers, its energy all but dissipated. The final remnants barely cut the skin of the Phenex's face before it was entirely gone.

He was in shock, blood dripped down his face from the wound. It was a cut from above his left eye, across his nose and to his right cheek.

He was forcefully teleported away.

"Riser...retires…" The Announce said after some silence.

There was no cheering or praise as the Shinigami joined the rest of his peerage. He had returned Zangetsu to its sealed state.

Ichigo turned towards the exhausted Grayfia, "Please announce the conclusion" He said.

Grayfia took a moment to regain her composure. "Winner of the Rating game, Kurosaki Ichiog. As set forth, the marriage contract between Riser and Rias is now null and void."

Again no one spoke, they were all staring at Ichigo and his peerage.

"Lets go home" He said to his family.

"YOUR JUST GOING TO LEAVE LIKE THAT" Rias yelled from the stands, causing everyone to also snap out of it.

Everyone started shouting.

The Satans started to approach the group.

"We have some questions that need to be answered" Sirzechs said with a threatening presence.

Ichigo's lips curled up.

"If anyone had any questions, they can direct them at Rias Gremory, she knows how to get into contact with me" He said with a malicious grin.

Everyone stopped to stare at Rias.

Jaina quickly opened a portal and everyone hopped through before the devil had a chance to respond.

"KUROSAKI ICHGIO, YOU...." Ichigo couldn't hear anything else as he disappeared into the portal.

"You know you're going to pay for that later?" Rukia said, with a nod from everyone.

"I regret nothing" Ichigo said triumphantly.

Coraulten Coraulten

Whew, long chapter. Theres no kill quite like over kill. I will admit, my favorite part was Jaina's fight. It was fun doing her spells based on WoW.

Only chapter for tonight since it was like three chapters in one.

next chapter
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