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Chapter 3 - Blessed by the Gods - Chapter 3 by TruckkunJr full book limited free

Chapter 3: Chapter 3

[Northumbria: Eoferwic]

Dragging an still unconscious bloody and bruised Friedrich from his shoulder. Earl Ragnar entered the hall while dragging Friedrich and a following Uhtred from behind.

Inside the hall was Saxon men nailed to the wood ceiling that kept the place stable, women on the floor getting beaten by the Dane males, children trying to hide away in the corner's far from any Dane, A king was chained on the left an side for entertainment. Cheers and laughter with drinks were shared between every Dane there.

Taking both boys to the furthest part of the hall, Uhtred glanced at a Saxon girl to the right next to the stairs. The girl looked at both boys with an unexplainable expression before going up to the stairs.

"Father! These are the boy's that I spoke of." Earl Uhtred spoke to a old Dane man that set on a chair above where you can see what was happening down below.

"The one that almost killed you and the other one that killed 10 men... You are leaving them with me?"

"I have never seen any man get the best of you yet." Walking back down the stair leaving the three alone. Uhtred looked at his brother, seeing him take shallow breaths took all the worry of his shoulder.

Looking over the wooden balcony, Uhtred saw a group of Danes huddle up cheering from the victory then to the girl he saw before knees together for safety, back leaned against the pillar opposite the stairs.

"Cut me some chicken." The old Dane put a knife Infront of Uhtred without turning his head.

Hesitantly Uhtred took the knife away from the man with caution looking at the knife then at the old man thinking about what the man was planning.

"Careful it is sharp, it can kill a man." Speaking to Uhtred with Carefulness. Uhtred looked at the man then proceeded after a couple of seconds to cut the chicken that the man wanted.

"The chicken is on the plater." Placing the chicken on the plater, the man took the chicken and ate the chicken without hesitation believing the boy whole heartedly. Pausing for a second, Uhtred looked at the man and noticed he was blind.

"Have you always been blind?"

"Ahhh, I see enough....So, who have they been killing below."

Looking downwards to the cages on the walls that had prisoners in being stabbed from below by the Danish man from the gaps. "Prisoner's..." Looking again, a Danish man swung his axe diagonally and stuck it into his neck than out. "Just now, a King."

"Did he die well?" The blind man asked the Young boy, inquiring upon his opinion.

"No." Uhtred spoke with a honest tone.

"Then he shouldn't of been king." The man immediately replied to Uhtred stating his opinion, making sense as well.

As he said that a Dane behind Uhtred threw a Saxon man over the wooden railings, screaming while hitting in the floor with a thud.

"Tell me, who sits in the middle of the hall?" Asking the Boy, Uhtred turned his head to look at the middle of the room showing a tall man with a big build, long blonde hair with a beard standing at 6'3.

"Is it a big man and a small man?" The White haired man asked again to the boy. Directing his attention to the 3 chair on the side.

"Yes, and a gray man sits in between them." Uhtred replied to the Father of Earl Ragnar.

"If you both get to live, you should beware of the big man: Ubba." The tone of the man spoke with nothing but honest and Truth. Continuing again.

"My advice to you and your brother is.... To never cross Ubba and never, never fight him." Hearing the man's words, Uhtred asked afraid.

"If we get to live?" Going through both of the old man's ear's than out, he replied this time without answering the boy's words.

"He listens to no one but the gods.... Men who take their orders from the gods are unpredictable." Finishing his words. He went back to eating his chicken.

"What did you mean when you said if we get to live?" The young lad kept on asking this question, wondering what will become of his brother and him.

"You're my Prisoner's" He replied instantly without no lies in them and even Uhtred could see his Predicament.

"The gray man will be Egbert, he's a Saxon ealdorman." Straight away starting the conversation again, the man talked about the man on the chair seating in-between one on either side.

"He has pledged allegiance and now he calls himself a king.... A king of nothing."

"Soon all of the king's in England Shall be king's of nothing." Briming with Confidence in his words. He continued on wards to elaborate his words.

"Northumbria's ours, Mercia will be soon be ours.... Then East Anglia, Cornwallum and then the biggest prize, is the last kingdom: Wessex." Heard of story by people in Bebbanburg, Uhtred said.

"I've heard of Wessex."

"Anything will grow in Wessex."

Stopping the convocation, a body from the ceilings dropped with massive thud, gaining groans from the Danish men.

"Tell me, both of your names." For the first time meeting, the man asked. Uhtred deciding to introduce himself and his brother.

"Uhtred.... I am the ealdorman of Bebbanburg and my half-brother is Friedrich." Throughout his introduction was Nervousness and a low tone when speaking about being the ealdorman.

"You are, huh?" Sarcasm in his tone evidently, even a idiot could tell from the way he said it.

"I am... I own lands to the north!" Retorting the man's words quickly, the man said after.

"How long have you been an ealdorman of these lands?" Getting no reply like before from the boy, putting his head down in shame. Uhtred couldn't deny these words.

"Your father decided to fight us and he's now... Dead... Your brother chose to protect you from us and unlike your father, put up an effort. Killing 10 of our men, but he was dragged along with you to rot." Hearing these words, Uhtred was on the verge of crying.

"He...He was not fond of me nor my brother." Sighing to the boy words, he nodded once and looked to have clicked something in his head.

"I now understand why my son spared you both... Uhtred of Bebbanburg, You are both Warrior's." Ending these words with conviction like they were some what similar. He put the mug of ale Infront of him. "Drink it... Lots of it."

Now after hours of the Danes parting, the dark finally became dark. Waking up and seeing himself in a familiar but not Surroundings. Regaining his footing and found Uhtred sitting on the stairs with his hands on his lap. Sitting next to him, Friedrich put his hand on his head while ruffling his head catching him by suprise.

"Don't worry. Your not alone, I'll be with you and protect you." Low tone to not get noticed, Friedrich spoke with a warm smile on his face. Noticing a little girl walk towards us, she sat on his right and held Friedrich's hand for support. he knew who this little girl was, she was Brida.

[Next Day]

Rumming around on the battle field finding weapons and armour. Friedrich was only in cloth carrying weapons and armour, Clinging sound of a hammer clashing against a nail were heard on the hill where Earl Ragnar and his Older son, Ragnar was currently on the horse's.

"I am thinking of keeping them, the 2 brother's and the girl. They can help your mother." Taking his helmet of and wiping the sweat from his head. Ragnar didn't reply. "Disagree?"

"No, but we did kill their father and one of them killed 10 of our men.... If we do keep them and it doesn't work, we can just sell the brown haired boy, being an ealdorman, we could sell him for ransom and kill the other one." Telling his opinion, turning to his father. Earl Ragnar replied with one word. "Perhaps."

Walking up the hill, Uhtred was having difficulty carrying the Equipment. Grabbing some, Friedrich walked along side whole supporting him even though he was in worst shape. Getting to the top, Nailed to the post. Lord Uhtred's dead body was stuck to it with an apple in his mouth.

Taking the sword from his hand, the Dane that took the sword places it in Lord Uhtred's dead bodies hand. Tear's almost coming out of Uhtred's eyes and Friedrich's Emotionless face notices his younger brother's action. Walking away from the scene, Uhtred dropped to his knees and about to break down was hugged by Friedrich while speaking comforting words.

[Northumbria: Leeds]

Walking into the open hall doors, Brida was making sloshing sound from carrying water in a bucket. Hearing the sound, Earl Ragnar's Wife: Sigrid spoke at the top of the floor.

"Brida, be careful not to spill the water. You'll turn the floor into mud." Leaning onto the wooden railing spoke again but this time to someone else.

"Friedrich, Uhtred. Wood needs to be chopped....Brida, you can do the goats." Appearing from left side of the hall. Friedrich and Uhtred had a wolf skin adoring on there shoulders with leather shirts and pants.

"Will there be time for Uhtred, Friedrich to play?" Wondering to her mother, this small voice was Thyra. Daughter of Earl Ragnar and little sister of Ragnar Ragnarson. She had red hair, cute small size and black eyes.

"Only when work is done." Reaching down to ground level, went near Earl Ragnar to get things.

"I don't like our daughter having to play with slaves." Ragnar spoke out indifferently.

"They're only Children" Trying to reason with her husband, Ragnar went back and responded.

"They have a place." Shaking her husband's hair said "Grumpy" Hearing them speaking from outside because of his enhanced body function. Having 3x of a regular Human body capability, all of his Senses went up the Same too. Clicking his tongue, Friedrich went back to his daily chore.

While doing his chore, just like in the TV show, Uhtred asked Ragnar if he could teach him to wield a sword. Getting a reply of "We don't teach slaves how to fight....That tongue of yours will be your death, boy."

Letting Uhtred Go off and play with Thyra, Friedrich started on doing his part of the chores. Almost Finishing his brothers side of work, Earl Ragnar came out and leaned on the Stables entrance frame.

"You boy, are different compared to your brother. You have a strong head unlike children your age.... You have certainly killed before meeting me, I could see it in your eyes that you enjoy killing. Only children from legends in Denmark can come close to you." Standing up right and steering into Ragnar's eyes. Sighing at the man, he was smart for a Dane or maybe all Danes were like that experiencing battles at a young age, these kind of things were normal.

"*Sigh* Lord Ragnar, I may of been son of a lord but my mother being a servant made me a Bastard son. Although I grew up with food in my mouth and a bed. I unlike my brother's had a risk to pay for these things, I fought and killed men, woman even children because of jealousy." Giving a half lie, Friedrich did speak the truth but mainly said this while referring his past life experience.

Believing the lie, Ragnar being a Dane didn't respect Saxon's believing them to be just farmer's not worthy being called warrior's. But this time Ragnar could only give respect and admiration towards young Friedrich.

"The way of your up bringing are similar to some of men I have spoken to in the past. And all of them did great things in there life while living. You may even be among the worst." Walking away, leaving these only words. Similar to Earl Ragnar, Friedrich was starting to see him more as a father figure then his own real father.

When everything was done, Friedrich waited for Uhtred to arrive with Brida and Thyra after Sven made her half-naked. Final getting to the hall, Uhtred sat down next to me with Brida sitting next to him and Thyra sat next to Sigrid. Seeing Uhtred's Black eye, Ragnar asked him.

"What's this? You been fighting again?"

"Yes." Uhtred just replied with only one word.

"With Sven?" Hearing her oldest son words, Sigrid Asked to confirm.

"Kjartan's son?" Like last time, all that Uhtred said was "Yes."

"Uhtred, he's much bigger than you." Sigrid said this to tell Uhtred that it was obvious he would win most fights from his blatant bigger size. Clicking my tongue, Earl Ragnar and Ragnar had a brief angered expression.

"I have to disagree Lady Sigrid. Size isn't always everything, I've killed Danes and Saxon men at my current state. Ask Lord Ragnar, he wouldn't deny my claims." Nodding at my statement, Sigrid looked shocked. Probably hearing this for first time would shock anyone.

"Who began the fight ?" The old man that was called Ravn, asked to Uhtred.

"I began the fight." Uhtred Answered.

"What reason did you began the fight?" Ravn continued to question Uhtred.

"Because he is a Turd!" Not liking the answer that Uhtred gave out, the old man spoke.

"For no other reason than that he's a turd?"

"Danes have murdered for less." Taking a jab at the Danish family. Ragnar and Earl Ragnar had a slight angered face.

"Uhtred, that's enough!" Trying to shut up the boy before he gets himself killed, Sigrid looked at Friedrich for some help.

"You wish to be sold boy?" Earl Ragnar ate his food while speaking to Uhtred.

"I wish to eat."

"Speak up!"

"I wish to eat!" Listening to everything around him, Friedrich cletchend his hands withdrawing blood from his hands.

"You want to eat?" Slowly walking away from the table at the middle and going to where Uhtred sits while repeating these words.

"You know what? I say you starve." Booting away the food with aggression in his voice. Friedrich Stood up and looked up to Earl Ragnar with Anger.

"You want to teach someone a lesson than do it to me! But i won't lie down and take the beating without a fight." Getting into a boxing stance, Ragnar stood up with Rage on his face, Sigrid and Thyra looked worried.

"Fighting is expected. Disobedience is not." About to grab Friedrich by his Cloth shirt. Thyra stood up and said with urgency.

"Sven began the fight!"

[Hour Later]

"Kjartan! Kjartan!"

Stopping Infront of a hut, coming off the horse. Earl Ragnar came directly opposite a man the same height, slimmer body and a Viking ponytail.

"Earl Ragnar, let ms first say he's a... He's a good boy." Panicking and put both of his arms out trying to calms the enraged Earl.

"He brought a Sword onto my land. I will have words with him." Tilting his head up slight to meet Kjartan's eyes.

"In time, he'll serve on your ship. He... he--" With all his effort, Kjartan tried to persuade Earl Ragnar.

"He's offended me."

He'll honor you and he meant no harm, lord." Without no breathing room, Earl Ragnar raised his voice slightly.

"He meant no harm...? He looked at my daughter's nakedness."

"And he was punished, your Saxon slave cut him."

Jogging to follow Uhtred that ran over to the argument. Friedrich and Uhtred looked at the arguement, Losing his anger Earl Ragnar said.

"Shall I make a square of branches? Are you gonna fight me for your son or fetch him?"

Shitting his pants without no option no more, Kjartan Shouted "Sven! Come out here." Opening the door, He pushed for slightly a blond boy a year younger than Friedrich that had blonde hair, standing up at 4'11.

"Tell him what you have to say." Kjartan told his son.

"I'm sorry." Speaking in only audible voice.

"He can't hear you." Kjartan said again.

"I'm sorry, lord, for what I did." This time in a bigger voice while looking at the Earl.

Stepping closely at the 11 year old boy, Earl Ragnar looked down to the boy.

"You laid hands on my daughter. You stripped her naked."

"Half naked, Lord." Trying to lessen his Punishment. Sven looked down words.

Looking behind the left of him at Friedrich's and Uhtred, Earl Ragnar asked for confirmation. "Is this true, half naked?"

"Yes, lord." Uhtred swallowed and confirmed what Sven said was true. Nodding and exhaling, Earl Ragnar decided, and looked at the boy.

"Then I Shall Only take his one eye." Smashing his handle against Sven's right eye giving out painful groans while covering his now bloody eye.

"Kjartan, you are banished from my land." Walking to the horse and lifting Uhtred at the front. Friedrich went behind him and set off back to Leeds. While all this was going off, Kjartan looked at the 3 with an expression you couldn't see through.

Later that night, everything went the same as the story. Laying on the other side of the Fire, Earl Ragnar gave Uhtred a necklace of Thor's hammer. Telling how Uhtred made him proud but unlike story, Earl Ragnar asked a few question to Uhtred about Friedrich's life at Bebbanburg, getting this in return from Uhtred.

"Brother wasn't the most welcomed at Bebbanburg... I have asked father for why this was, but all he said was that Friedrich didn't have the status as me and my other brother... Some days I would see Friedrich with bruises and cuts while laughing about how he got them to me so I don't worry... I'm grateful that Brother is still here for me."

Ragnar being awake listening to this gave Respect to Friedrich for Caring for his family and went through hard times on his own. As a older brother, Ragnar would do anything to protect Thyra, his littler sister. Earl Ragnar like he wanted confirmed that Friedrich was telling the truth about his backstory.

[Couple of Days]

Word had spread to Elfric about Uhtred and Friedrich being alive as well as healthy. He set up a meeting for the purchase of either both me and Uhtred or just Uhtred.

Relaxing next to Uhtred, Friedrich returned the gaze from Ubba. The tall Dane had an expression of all different kind of things, Friedrich was wondering what was going on in the head of his. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

Arriving at the meeting, Elfric looked at both of me and Uhtred. Beocca came of his horse and ushered Uhtred over to him. Leaning a bit, Beocca said in a low tone.

"Look, I will speak plainly. Your uncle will kill you and Friedrich." Friedrich looking at Uhtred's blank expression heard again.

"Right? You cannot go back to Bebbanburg, you must escape."

"He wants to be the ealdorman. He wants to be the king, in fact, like the pathetic Egbert over there... A puppet king for his Danish masters" Targeting the Saxon man in armour with black hair, crown on his head. "You should go to Wessex... King Aethelred, real king Aethelred, and his brother the Prince Alfred. They are good men, Christian men."

"That is enough Whispering in his ear, priest." Earl Ragnar coming close to them stopped it short. About to say something more.

"One more word and I'll have your balls."

"That is not necessary." Walking away, Earl Ragnar looked at Uhtred.

"What did he say?" He inquired from Uhtred.

"He...He asked if you were treating us well." Looking a bit dazed, Earl Ragnar understood that something was off. Looking at the Priest and Elfric talking with Scallion.

Walking to Friedrich, Uhtred told him everything that happened, every single detail about how Elfric will kill them both if he successfully bought them. Approaching Friedrich and Uhtred, Elfric just gave one short gaze down and left to the meeting.

Starting the meeting, the price started off at 350 pieces of silver. Elfric denied it straight away using the excuse as him being the ealdorman than Uhtred and Saying Friedrich wasn't a strong warrior to cost 100 pieces of silver. Uhtred hearing this shouted that it was his father's banner and now was his. Getting shut up in the end by Ubba.

Getting the price down to 250 Silver with a Pledge of allegiance, Elfric finally gave in and decide to go with the price. But Earl Ragnar having a difficulty deciding in his mind and Deciding something, went to Ubba and whispered something. Shocking Ubba, then turning his head to Earl Ragnar for confirmation getting a nod. Ubba tilted his head to Elfric and said.

"The Boy's are sold to Earl Ragnar."

"What?" Off guard, Elfric said.

"Ransom, Lord!" Shouted Ravn.

"That's what I said! So the matter is closed!" Ubba corrected what he had said. Standing up to leave, Elfric said.

"My lord, I have come a long way, I have offered my allegiance."

"Which is why you are allowed to breathe." Earl Ragnar walked up to Elfric face to face.

"If you have an arguement, it's with me now." Staring into his eyes.

Walking away to both of the boy's, Earl Ragnar said. "If business is find, we have ale to drink."

"And King Egbert needs to shit, HAHAHAHAHAH!" Smacking the king of Nothing's arm, Ubba laughed.

Riding on the horse back to Leeds, Uhtred asked "Are we not up for ransom anymore?" Earl Ragnar replied back "You heard Ubba, I brought you both... I though I might sacrifice you to Odin."

"You brought us for how much?"

"Too much." Curious with the Price, Uhtred carried on.

"How much is too much?" Not giving the boy specific price said.

"My sword's weight in silver... I agree I might of been robbed, but we like you boy's, we're going to keep you." Hearing this Uhtred Smiled, Giving a slight smile as well. Uhtred asked confused.

"It means you both are, Uhtred Ragnarson and Friedrich Ragnarson. You are son's to me now." Turning to the water, Earl Ragnar threw both boy's in the water.

[?? Year's later]


Hope you love the long Chapter, needed to get into the juicy bits of the story when both are older. Changed up the dialogue to fit both Friedrich and Uhtred, So something's won't make sense, but nonetheless I hope you enjoyed the Fanfic and Give me feed back in the woman Friedrich will Have for his 3 woman harem. Here are the woman:

1.Thyra, In law of Ragnar.

2. Mildrith, a bit of drama will come of this.

3.Aelswith but hotter, Juicy story with this one.

4. Brida

5. Gisela

6. Aethelflaed, choosing this may come with issues if you also pick Aelswith.

These are the Woman to decide Upon if there is a woman that I have forgot please put it in the comment, but that's it for notifying. Hope to see you until next Chapter! Bye!! 👋👋

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