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32.39% Blind Love (BTS Kim Seokjin) / Chapter 23: Bulgogi

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Chapter 23: Bulgogi

*Yoongi's POV*

When Minji left the house, I quickly followed her. I made sure to keep a good distance away from her so she didn't know I was following her. I missed getting on the bus with her so I flagged down a taxi and told the taxi to follow the bus. The bus stopped at the hospital and I saw her getting off the bus so I told the taxi to pull over. I paid him and followed Minji.

I was slightly confused because she said she was going to work at the bar. So why was she here?

She took the elevator and I followed a bunch of people getting into the same elevator as she did. She got off the 7th floor and I exited after her. She stopped outside a room, but she didn't enter either. She had the door slightly opened and there seemed to be people talking in the room. I walked past her and hid in the corner nearby and watched her every move. I thought about all the times she said that she had to work late and slept over at her friend's. I found it to be odd at first since I didn't know this friend of hers. Now I'm even more curious why she lied to us? If she was visiting a friend in the hospital, she only needed to tell us the truth.

I saw a man exit the room and I took a good look at who it was. My eyes widen when I saw that it was my friend Namjoon. They were walking towards me and I moved back around the corner of the hallway so they wouldn't see me.

"What are you doing here Namjoon?!"

I could hear their conversation clearly since they weren't too far from me.

"I could ask you the same."

"Just tell me how you know Jin then."

Jin? I didn't recognize the name. Did we know of a Jin? Was he the patient?

"Jin and Taehyung are my cousins. The three of us go way back."

"Then why did you tell Jin about Taehyung and Sunni?"

My ears perked up at the mentioned of Sunni. Namjoon knows Sunni too?

"I told him so that he could finally move on. He has every right to know. Jisoo, can I trust Jin in your care?"

I could see her nodding her head to answer Namjoon.

"Thank you Jisoo. I have some things to take care of and will stop by to see you two as often as I can."

"It's Minji."


"My name is Minji around Jin. So don't call me Jisoo. You almost blew my cover earlier."

What? She even took on a fake name? I mean it's not really fake, but still. Only I call her Minji. Why was this Jin guy calling her Minji too?

"Oh, so you're the private nurse that Jin Hyung was talking about earlier?"

Private nurse!? When did Minji get a job as a private nurse? She doesn't even have a nursing degree. That would mean that she faked her identity too? What more have I not known about Minji?

"Yes. I am, but since you told him about Taehyung and Sunni, he might not trust me anymore either since I told Jin that Taehyung was the one who hired me."

"Then tell Jin that I am the one paying you now."

Why the hell would Namjoon pay my sister?! I didn't like the way this conversation was going. I was burning with rage. I wanted to show myself right now, but I held back. Namjoon started heading in my direction. He turned back around to Minji once more.

"Jisoo, don't hate Taehyung too much. You'll find out soon enough about everything."

I was furious. She lied to me. She's got a fake identity and name. What the hell is going on with her? Not to mention that Namjoon knows my sister and offered to pay her as a private nurse to care for someone that I didn't know.

I waited for Namjoon. He turned the corner and bumped right into me. I roughly grabbed him and dragged him away from Minji. When I turn around to face him, his eyes widen in shock.

"Yoongi Hyung?"

"Namjoon, I need you to explain everything to me and tell me what the hell is going on with my sister. Now!"


"Yes, sister! Jisoo is my little sister. Now care to elaborate what you two were just talking about now? I heard everything so don't even think about lying to me."

"Hyung, I can't tell you. It's not my story and life to tell."

I grabbed his shirt and pushed him hard against the wall.

"I don't give a shit whose story or life it is. Once it involves Jisoo, it becomes mine too. Now tell me! I won't hesitate to let your face meet my fist Namjoon."

"Hyung, calm down. Can we talk somewhere else?"

I loosen my grip on him.

"Lead the way."


*Jisoo's POV*

After Namjoon left, I went back to Jin's room. I stood outside his door and ponder about entering or not. My mind was telling me to leave him alone, but my heart told me to go to him. He needed me more than ever right now. My heart ended up winning the internal battle and I opened the door with the biggest smile on my face.

"I'm back Jin and I have a very yummy lunchbox with me."

I stopped once I saw him. His arms were snaked around his legs that were up against his chest and he was crying into his knees. He lifted his head when he heard me and his eyes were bloodshot red. So many tears were leaving his eyes. His legs slid back into the thin blanket. His voice shaky from all the crying he had done after Namjoon left.

"M-Minji, w-what are you doing h-here?"

I rushed to his side. I sat the lunchbox on a nearby table and held the weeping boy in my arms. He buried his face into my chest and his arms found it's way around my small waist.

"I-I thought I-I was never going to hear from you ever again. I thought you were going to leave me like everyone else. I-I thought... I thought I-I was going to end up being alone with no one beside me."

My heart broke at what he had just said and my tears ran down my face as I comfort him.

"I'm here Jin. I'll never leave you alone."

"Taehyung and Sunni...." He choked on his words. He couldn't even finish his sentence before wailing into my chest once again. We did nothing but just embraced one another for a while before his cries gradually stopped. Once he stopped, he pulled away from the hug.

"Thank you Minji and sorry for hugging you again."

"I told you to hug me whenever you want. I'll always be here for you Jin."

He was silent for a while before asking me a question.

"Why are you still here Minji? Why would Taehyung still keep you around to look after me if he already got what he wanted..." His voice was quiet and new tears were silently falling down his cheeks once again.

I remembered what Namjoon had asked me to tell Jin. He wanted me to say that Namjoon was the one who hired me to care for Jin now, but I choose not to use Namjoon. I wanted to be honest with him. At least about my feelings, I wanted to be honest.

"Because I want to be your side Jin. Will you let me be your nurse and take care of you still? I swear to be a good one and an even better friend."

His ears turned red on me and I thought I saw a little smile on his face before it vanished.

"I can't do anything for you Minji. I have nothing to offer you. I can't pay you to care for me. Do you still want to be my friend even though I'm blind and penniless now?"

I held his hands in mine and although he couldn't see me right now, I was drowning in those dark brown eyes of his. A smile formed on my lips as I look lovingly at him.

"Not just a nurse or a friend Jin, but I want to be your eyes too. So if you let me and don't let go of these hands, I'll never let go either. I promise."

He grips my hands tightly in return.

"You promised me Minji..... So don't let go. Don't leave me...."

"I won't."

And he finally smiled at me. His beautiful smile that I missed so much. I smiled back at the boy even though he wouldn't be able to see. I was glad that he took the news of Taehyung and Sunni so well. And then the loud roaring of my stomach interrupted us and I let go of his hands to cover my tummy. I turned bright red and Jin just laughs it off.

"I guess you would let go of my hand for food though huh?"

I blushed even harder at his comment and grabbed the lunchbox holding back my giggles.

"I packed enough for the both of us to eat together."

I opened up the box and the food smelled so good that my stomach crazily rumbled some more. I had not eaten all day and the smell was getting to me. Jin burst out laughing at me, his high pitched window wiping laugh.

"You seem really hungry Minji. I'm not too hungry right now. You can eat it all."

"Not happening. I will force feed you if I have to."

"Oh yeah, how would you force me to eat?"

"Want to make a little bet? I bet that I can get some of this yummy bulgogi into your mouth."

"I'm blind Minji, not paralyzed. How are you going-"

I had the chopstick in my hand so I quickly stuffed a piece of meat into his mouth as he was talking.

"Hey, that's cheating!" He hollered out while chewing on the meat. I laughed out loud as he continues to chew.

"But it is really good though. I may just have to eat with you after all," he smiled brightly at me. I fed him some rice and another piece of meat and he willing opened his mouth up for me.

"Gosh, your food is delicious Minji. I am going to get fat if you keep bringing me food from home," he spoke with his mouth full of rice. I grabbed a water bottle nearby and handed it to him. He took it quickly and drunk half of the bottle and let out a big sigh of delight.

"We could go walk around the hospital if you want? Get a little exercise in?" I offered. He had been cooped up in his room and in bed most of the time. The only time he would be moving was when he was getting up to use the bathroom or taking a shower.

"I would like that. I could really use the exercise and get out of this room for a while. Now fatten me up first and then we can go for a walk. Ahhhhhh..."

He opened up his mouth wide and I put another piece of bulgogi meat into his mouth. We giggle and laughed while eating with no more tears being shed... for now.

To Be Continued...

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