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2.81% Blind Love (BTS Kim Seokjin) / Chapter 2: Fired or Hired

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Chapter 2: Fired or Hired

"Aish I'm going to be late again!" Min Jisoo cried as she hurriedly tried to rush out the door, but not before grabbing her older brother, Min Yoongi's half eaten toast full of strawberry jam out from his hand and shoving it into her own mouth.

"Yah! You want to die?! Make your own toast!" Yoongi hollered at his little sis. She didn't care to respond until after she had put on her shoes.

"Mianhae Oppa, I'll cook you dinner later! I'm already running late. Annyeong!"

And she lands a kiss on to his cheek quickly before running out of the door.

Yoongi instantly cheered up. If anything, he loved his sister's cooking more than anything. Jisoo had gone to culinary school to become a chef, but since the Min family were struggling financially at the moment, she stopped going to school and started working part-time jobs to help the family.

Min Yoongi had always had a love for music and he would often compose and write music. They had a really close sibling relationship. He was quite protective of his baby sis, as where Jisoo loved him enough to put her dreams on hold so he could achieve his. He wanted to become a producer and share his music with the world so he continued to study at the best Music University in Seoul.

"Oh god, Mrs. Yoo is going to kill me!"

Jisoo ran as fast as she could to the bus stop that was at the corner of their tiny home in Seoul. She waited impatiently as the bus came to a full stop and the door opened revealing Mr. Kang, the bus driver.

"Late for work now are we Jisoo?" He quietly chuckles as Jisoo rush up the step and paid her bus fare before grabbing the seat right behind Mr. Kang.

"Good morning Mr. Kang and yes! This is the 3rd time this week. I'll be lucky if I don't get fired."

Jisoo sulked to the elderly man. In all honesty, she didn't want to go in. The words of Mrs. Yoo repeated in her head.

'If you are late one more time, you can kiss your job goodbye! Don't test me Min Jisoo!'

"Aishhh, should I even bother to go in?" She bit her nails, a habit that would arise whenever she was feeling nervous.

Once the bus reaches her stop, she quickly said her goodbye to Mr. Kang and rush on inside. She tried to sneak her way into the tiny coffee shop but was stopped by none other than Mrs. Yoo herself. She had her hands on her hips as she glared at the girl.


*Jisoo's POV*

"You're late again Min Jisoo!" The cranky owner of Yoo's Latte hissed through her clenched teeth at me.

I gulped as my eye widens in horror at the older woman.

"I'm sorry Mrs. Yoo! Please don't fire me! I really need this job!" I pled to her while rubbing my hand furiously, begging as if my life depended on this one job.

In all honesty, I could probably find another job, but I hated the feeling of getting fired. And I also hated the process of looking for a new job. The application, the interview, and the waiting to see if I landed the job or not.

Working in the coffee shop wasn't my only part-time job. I also worked at night in a bar as a bartender and don't usually get home until after midnight. I just recently started the bartender job so I am still getting used to the hours and juggling both jobs. Well, only one now since Mrs. Yoo just fired me.

As much as I hated the job, I loved the aroma of the coffee and the sweet vanilla smell of the creamy baked goods. It had become a part of me and I found myself addicted to the coffee of this tiny shop.

I slouched and moved towards the front counter where my ex-coworker was working. Mrs. Yoo's eyes watched my every move for a second before telling me to get out of her shop.

"I'm here as a customer not your worker anymore. What kind of service is this kicking out a customer?" I sassed back to her. She scoffed and rolled her eyes before turning away from me and going to the back of the shop. I sighed in relief and resumed to order.

I wanted to drag out as much time as I could before going back home. I didn't want my parent to worry that I've lost one of my jobs. After receiving my caramel latte, I turned around and bumped right into a girl and almost spilled my latte on her.

"Sorr- Oh! Min Jisoo?"

I furrowed my eyebrows at the lady who looked my age. Why did she look so familiar?

"Ne... Who are you?"

"Sunni. Choi Sunni. We went to school together."

Her name and face finally clicked in my head. Choi Sunni, the pretty and popular girl in high school. The girl that every guy wanted and every girl wanted to be her. We weren't friends. Just acquaintance who went to the same high school.

"Oh, Choi Sunni. Hi, how are you?"

"Great, perfect! Never been better!"

Her sarcastic tone sure didn't make it sound as perfect as she was saying. I was about to bid farewell and make my way to the tiny booth in the back but then I saw her face lit up as she eyed me up and down.

"You know Jisoo, maybe you could help me quick. I really need to go somewhere else right now, but there's a meeting going on right now and I was sent here to get coffee. Here's the list of coffees that needs to be ordered," and she stuffs the list in my hand.

She quickly took out a pen and wrote her number on to the list as she tells me to deliver the coffee to the main meeting room on the 7th floor of Kim's Corporation and hands me her badge so that I could gain access into the building.

"Call me at this number and I'll pay you back for the coffee."

Before I could even refuse her, she had already rushed out of the shop and back to her car and drove off. I could only stand and watch her car driving off with my mouth left opened. Dumbfounded and not really sure what to do now after being given such a task by her, I decided to go along with it. I needed to kill time anyways.

I turned back to the front counter and ordered the coffee that was written on the list. The order was for 3 different coffee. Someone apparently has the same tastes as me because I saw "caramel latte" written down in beautiful cursive writing.

"This person has very good taste in coffee," I smiled to myself as I looked at the list.

I paid my ex-coworker and took the cup carrier and made my way to Kim's Corporation. Seeing that these drinks were for people in an important meeting, I took a taxi to get to the building faster so the coffee wouldn't cool down. Thankfully, it was only about 7 minutes away from the coffee shop.

The thing about Kim's Corporation is that it was one of the biggest and riches business in the industry. Anyone in Korea has heard of Kim's Corporation and knows how powerful they are. There were rumors that the eldest son, Kim Seokjin, was quite the eye catcher. I've seen him on TV but never really bothered to look too closely. Yeah, he was handsome but I'm sure it was the editor's job to make him look good on television. CEO Kim had remarried after his first wife passed away and so he had another son named Kim Taehyung with his current wife. I hear he was just as handsome as Seokjin. There was also another rumor about the stepmother and half-brother. Rumor has it that she only married CEO Kim because of his money and she is out to get rid of Seokjin and have Taehyung become the heir to Kim's Corporation and that the two half-brothers were rivals.

Now that I was sitting in a Taxi on my way the building, my heart started increasing. I had Choi Sunni's badge to enter the building, but what if people see me and noticed that I'm not Choi Sunni. Just how did she even land a job in such a corporation? What if I get locked up for identity theft? I didn't even want to bring coffee here in the first place! Yeah, you can see I'm a sweating mess right now.

The taxi pulled up to the front of the building and I paid the driver and got out of the car. I stared with mouth opened in awed at how big the building was. I sucked in a deep breath and let it out before I put on Choi Sunni's badge around my neck and made my way into the enormous building.

Amazing that I made it into the building fine. No one has noticed me yet. I walked up to the front desk to ask for direction to the main meeting room. The lady gave me a reassuring smile and pointed towards the elevator to my right. I nodded and thanked her and continued on my way, wondering why she didn't question who I was.

There was an entryway where I saw other workers scan their badge to get through the waist-high doors to get to where the elevators were. I copied what I saw and scanned Sunni's badge. The door opened up and I was allowed to pass through. Another breath of relief left my mouth. I waited for the elevator with everyone else. Once the door opened up, everyone rushed inside and soon it was packed. I ended up waiting for the next elevator since everyone seemed to be in a hurry to get to work on time. I'd hate for anyone to lose their job because they were late like me this morning.

As I was waiting, a brown-haired man made his way to the elevators and stood next to me. He had on a black suit and black tie. I finally caught a glimpse of his face and my heart immediately started pumping extra fast. His visual was no joke. I couldn't look away from him. His side profile was everything to me at that very moment. I saw the corner of his lips curving upwards into a small smile and I realized he must have noticed I was staring at him. I turned away from him and started to curse at myself inwardly. The elevator door opened and he turns to me and gave me the warmest box smile I have ever seen.

"Ladies first."

His voice. It was deeper and huskier than I had thought it would be. It was just two words and yet it caused so many emotions to enter my body.

I nodded towards him and thanked him before entering the elevator. Maybe it wasn't such a bad idea that I decided to run Choi Sunni's errand for her. I get to ride the elevator with such an attractive person. I couldn't help but smile crazily to myself as the two of us rode the elevator to the same floor. When the door open, being the gentleman that he was, he allowed me to exit first. I exited but still wasn't sure where the main meeting room was. This was my chance. I can make conversation with Mr. Good-looking.

"Um, Excuse me..." I managed to squeeze out of my throat before he could get too far ahead of me.

He halted and turned back towards me.



Snap out of it Min Jisoo! You sound like an idiot right now!

"I mean, do you know where the main meeting room is?"

His bright smile lit up on his face as he walked closer to me which just made me go weak in the knees for some reason.

"I can show you. I'm actually on my way to the same place."

And that boxy smile was back on his face. This stranger was doing things to me that I never experienced before and I could only nod and thank him. I didn't want to sound or look any more like an idiot so I quietly followed behind him as he walked ahead. His shoulder was broad and he was tall. I had to walk faster to catch up to him.

"Here we are Miss..."

"Jisoo. Min Jisoo."

"Miss Jisoo-ssi."

My face heated up when I heard him call my name. The way it rolled off his lips and his constant smiling was not calming down my heart.

Calm Thyself (TerryTV reference 😂)

He knocked on the door and soon the door opened up revealing Kim Seokjin on the other side of the door. What I said earlier about him being edited on TV? Boy was I wrong. He looked better than he did on TV. His face was flawless and he was remarkably beautiful.

"Taehyung, what are you doing here?"

Taehyung? Kim Taehyung? As in the other Half-brother?

I stared back at the two brothers who seemed to be having a heated argument with laser shooting out of their eyes at each other.

"Mom told me I needed to be here for this meeting too."

"No, this is a business deal. We're signing a contract with them. You were not needed here."

"I was told to stop by and watch and learn from you Hyung. Let me just sit and watch. I won't be a bother."

Seokjin let out a heavy sigh before he noticed me. He looked to see the coffee in my hands and a smile formed on his face.

"Min Jisoo?"

I literally froze in my place. I couldn't move. The Kim Seokjin knew who I was? But how?

"Ne. Here's your coffee that you ordered. I was onl-"

"Thank you very much Assistant Min."

He took the cup carrier from me and gave me another smile, but he must have seen the confusion on my face.

"A-assistant Min?" I questioned back to him. My eyebrows were furrowed in confusion.

"Aren't you Choi Sunni's new assistant?"

To Be Continued...

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