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39.43% Blind Love (BTS Kim Seokjin) / Chapter 28: For Everything

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Chapter 28: For Everything

Hearing that Yoongi was Jisoo's older brother, Taehyung immediately backed down. His hatred and anger disappeared and all that was left was guilt. Guilt that he had towards Jisoo and the hurt that he had caused her. And now that he takes a good look at the older brother, he could see a slight resemblance to Jisoo. He broke the eye contact and his head hung low in shame.

"Yoongi Hyung, please calm down. Taehyung really isn't a bad guy. He's just really confused right now," Namjoon stated trying to calm down the older man.

"Confused about what? Where's the tough guy act earlier?! Why the hell are you backing down now huh!?" He screamed at Taehyung, fist ready to punch him.

Taehyung closed his eyes and waited for the deserved punch, but it never came. He fluttered his eyes open to see Namjoon had caught the older male's fist in his hand.

"Yoongi Hyung, Taehyung's in love with Jisoo..."

"More of a reason why I should punch him! Why the hell did you stop me Namjoon!"

"Because he did all this for Jisoo!" Namjoon screamed back to Yoongi.

The older freezes upon hearing Namjoon. Heart still speeding a mile per second and breathing heavily, he slowly let go of Taehyung's shirt.

"I can't do this anymore," Namjoon lets go of Yoongi's fist and sits back down defeated. He couldn't stand to see the two people who he loved and respected go at each other's throat.

"Yoongi Hyung, Jisoo is in love with Jin. She has loved him for a while now and even though Tae loves her, he's been helping her with Jin."

The heat was still pumping through his blood, but Yoongi seemed to have calmed down after hearing what Namjoon had just told him.

"I can't be the middleman no more. You both need to come to your senses. Sunni is a bad person Yoongi Hyung and you shouldn't get back together with her. I know because she even tried to get with me. But knowing she was with Jin Hyung, I rejected her. And Taehyung, you need to confess to Jisoo and Jin Hyung about your revenge plan. You are hurting everyone more with this plan than by telling the truth."

Namjoon gets up from his seat and leaves the two male behind as he exited out the door.

Yoongi stares at the younger male in front of him and noticed that tears had consumed his eyes. They were red and he couldn't lift his head up to look at Yoongi in the face anymore. The older runs a hand through his hair before sitting back down and questioning the younger.

"So, you're in love with my sister?"

Taehyung sits back down across from Yoongi and he nods. His tears that had pooled in his eyes fell. The fell and danced their way down his cheeks and he quickly wipes them away only for more to fall.

"How much do you love Jisoo?"

He looks up to meet Yoongi's eyes.

"Enough to let her be happy with Jin Hyung."

"How are you so sure that your Hyung will love Jisoo back?"

Taehyung smiles. He smiles a genuine smile back to the brother of the girl who he loves.

"Because he's already in love with her."


*Flashback to Chapter 22 - Bulgogi*

Taehyung stopped by the hospital to secretly check up on Jin. He was too worried about Jin finding out about Sunni and him and couldn't sleep. He really missed his brother too.

When he arrived he saw Namjoon leaving the room letting him know that by now Jin has probably found out about everything. His head hung low as he slowly made his way to his Hyung's room.

Once outside of Jin's room, he gently opens the door so that it wouldn't make a sound and slowly squeeze through the small opening of the door before shutting it. He turns around and there was his Hyung sitting up in bed staring off into the front. Jin's eyes reddening with every second that passed.

Taehyung looked at Jin, his own eyes reddening along with his Hyung's. He moves very slow as to not make any noise to let him know of his presence.

Soon, Jin pulled his legs up into his chest as he grabbed a hold of his knees and cries his heart out. He weeps and Taehyung watches his Hyung's breakdown. His own silent tears fall in sync with Jin's. He reaches out to touch Jin only to stop when his hand was an inch away from Jin's shoulder.

I'm sorry Hyung... I'm so sorry...

Taehyung apologizes over and over in his head to his brother. His hand returned to his side and he turns to leave because he couldn't stand to see Jin crying any longer, especially knowing that those tears were caused because of him.

He wipes his tears away and quietly made his way to the exit. He opens the door gently to leave but he noticed Jisoo making her way towards Jin's room. He closes the door quickly and tried to find a place to hide. Taehyung quietly but hastily made his way to the vacant bed on the other side of the room and silently pulls the curtain to shield himself. He stood behind the curtain, his heart beating at the speed of light that he might get caught. He waits to see when the girl he loves would enter.

Soon enough, he heard the door open and her sweet voice.

"I'm back Jin and I have a very yummy lunchbox with me."

"M-Minji, w-what are you doing h-here?"

Taehyung could hear the rushed step of hers running to Jin's side. He pokes his head slightly out to see if the coast was clear for him to leave, but instead what he saw had shattered and warmed his heart.

His Hyung was in Jisoo's arms and the two were embracing one another.

"I-I thought I-I was never going to hear from you ever again. I thought you were going to leave me like everyone else. I-I thought... I thought I-I was going to end up being alone with no one beside me."

"I'm here Jin. I'll never leave you alone."

"Taehyung and Sunni...."

The hidden boy clutched his chest silent teardrops falling down his face once more at the mention of his name. They hugged one another for a while before they broke apart.

"Thank you Minji and sorry for hugging you again."

"I told you to hug me whenever you want. I'll always be here for you Jin."

Silence filled the room. No more cries were heard from the Jin, but soon the talking resumes.

"Why are you still here Minji? Why would Taehyung still keep you around to look after me if he already got what he wanted..."

"Because I want to be your side Jin. Will you let me be your nurse and take care of you still? I swear to be a good one and an even better friend."

Taehyung smiles to himself when he heard what the girl had said. He saw how his Hyung's ears had grown red. A trait that not many girls could get Jin to show. The only girl to ever get his ears to turn that red was Sunni. He knew then that Jisoo had captured his Hyung's heart.

"I can't do anything for you Minji. I have nothing to offer you. I can't pay you to care for me. Do you still want to be my friend even though I'm blind and penniless now?"

The hidden boy watches as Jisoo hold Jin's hand and smiles so beautifully at Jin.

"Not just a nurse or a friend Jin, but I want to be your eyes too. So if you let me and don't let go of these hands, I'll never let go either. I promise."

"You promised me Minji..... So don't let go. Don't leave me...."

"I won't."

And he saw the two laughing and giggling while she fed Jin food that she had brought from home. The two finally leave the room for the walk that Jisoo had mentioned.

Once they left the room, the hidden boy finally emerges from his hiding spot. Tears of both sadness and happiness leaving his eye once more before he exits the room.


*Jisoo's POV*

I decided to make Japchae today for Jin and grill some meat for Yoongi Oppa. I know that Yoongi Oppa was probably still pretty upset at me and I wanted to make up with him.

The front door swung open and I see Oppa making his way inside. He looked different. His eyes were red as if he had been crying.

"Mingi Oppa?" I abandon the food and turned off the stove before moved towards him. He froze once he noticed me. His eyes brimmed with more tears and his breathing had intensified.

"Minji..." his voice was weak. I had never seen Oppa like this before and it scared me. I worriedly called out to him.

"Oppa? What's wrong?"

He starts sobbing hard as he pulled me into a hug and clung onto me.

"I-I'm so s-sorry Jisoo. I-it's all my fault..." he wailed into my arms. His knees soon gave up on him and he falls down onto his knees kneeling in front of me.

"Oppa!" I cried as I tried to lift him back up but he refuses to get up. I kneeled down in front of him and cupped his crying face in my hand.

"Mingi, what's wrong? What happened? Why are you crying?" I cried along with my older brother, but he refuses to tell me anything and just kept crying and clinging tight onto me. I pulled him back in for a hug.

When the crying finally stopped between us siblings, I gently pulled away and ask him once again what happened. He sniffled and wiped his tears away before answering me.

"It's nothing Minji. I've just been too stressed over school and composing a new song for my final. I just had a little breakdown and wanted to give them both up. I didn't mean to worry you sis."

He let out a small broken gummy smile and it tore my heart. My brother had never once let school or music stress him out. Seeing how he cried so painfully because of music, I just couldn't believe him. Music was everything to him.

"Mingi, just like how you always say you can tell when I'm lying to you, I can also tell when you are lying to me. I know that you love school and making music. I see how hard you work towards your dream. I don't believe you when you say that you can't write anymore."

"I've lost my muse Minji. I have no will and motivation to write anymore..." and I noticed new tears leaking out from his eyes.

"Then find a new muse. You have a talent that everyone needs to know about. I won't let you give up on your dream Oppa," and I wiped his fallen droplets away. He smiles wearily to me before finally getting up.

"Thanks Minji. I feel a little bit better now."

"Anytime Mingi. Now come on, I made your favorite. Meat and lots of them," I grinned to my brother.

A small sad smile left his lips. He looks at me once again and ruffles my hair. I noticed that those tears had built up again in his eyes.

"I'm sorry Jisoo..."

Confused as to why he keeps apologizing to me I asked him, "For what?"

"For everything... I'll eat later. I woke up too early and want to sleep a bit more. Be safe and careful on your way to work."

And he leaves me alone and head upstairs to his room.

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