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59.15% Blind Love (BTS Kim Seokjin) / Chapter 42: Going Crazy

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Chapter 42: Going Crazy

The moment Taehyung left Yoongi's room, he felt his fever kicking in rapidly. He grabbed his head as the pain slowly started to heighten. He had planned on going into work right after he dropped off the check for Jisoo, but things had changed.

Taehyung made a call to his mother to let her know that he wasn't feeling well and will be taking the day off. His mother worriedly asked him if he was okay, but he dismisses it saying it was just a minor headache. He asked his mother to take over for the day and she accepts.

When he arrived home, he loosens the tight tie around his neck, that was suffocating him, as he sat down on the couch. His phone rang and he took it out to answer it, but he saw that it was a number he didn't know. He tossed his phone aside since he doesn't pick up on numbers that he doesn't recognize. Soon his phone rang again showing the same number calling him. He ignored it until it rang once more, this time though it was Sunni who was calling him.

"Good morning Taehyung Oppa."

"Morning Sunni."

"Oppa where are you? How come I don't see you in the office yet? I have some good news that I wanted to share with you."

"Oh, sorry Sunni. I'm not coming into work today. I'm taking a day off to rest. I think I might be a little sick."

Sunni's heart dropped at the labored breathing from Taehyung. His deep hoarse voice worried her. She had just met Jin this morning and couldn't wait to see Taehyung and tell him the news of Jin but all thoughts flew right out the window once she heard Taehyung's voice.

"Oppa, why are you just telling me now?! Why didn't you call me sooner so that I wouldn't have come into work? I should be there to take care of you."

"It's okay Sunni. I'll be fine. Just stay at work. If I get worse I'll give you a call okay?"

"Ani Oppa. I'm coming to you. I don't want to wake you up when you are sleeping so leave the door open for me, okay? I'll quietly let myself in and care for you."

Taehyung just wanted to rest, but knowing Sunni's persistence, he agrees to let her come over before they hung up. And he could really use someone to care for him right now, even if it was Sunni. He got up from the couch and could feel his body feeling extra heavy. He dragged his feet to the front door and opens it up a tad bit for Sunni.

Sunni exits Taehyung's office as soon as she got off the phone with Taehyung, only to run right into Mrs. Kim. She bows respectfully to the older woman before trying to escape only for Mrs. Kim to call out to Sunni.

"Secretary Choi, just the person I was looking for. Taehyung is not here today and I will need you to assist me instead today."

"Mrs. Kim! Uhhh, I can't I have to leave for the day-"

"But if you don't assist me then who will? I need you to stay today. We have an important meeting on how to increase our sales for the company. I cannot allow you to leave, at least not now. Accompany me to the meeting first and you may leave after."

Mrs. Kim was still clueless about Sunni and Taehyung's affair. Sunni wanted to leave to care for Taehyung, but her future mother-in-law was requesting for her to stay. She bowed her head down in respect to the older woman and agrees. As much as Sunni wanted to leave this very moment, she also wanted to leave Taehyung's mother with nothing but good impressions of herself. Mrs. Kim probably wouldn't agree to Sunni and Taehyung being together, especially since Sunni was once engaged to Jin.

'I'm sorry Taehyung Oppa. Just wait a little while longer for me.'


Taehyung moves back onto the couch opened up the security app in his phone to set a timer to unlock the buzzer outside in 45 minutes for Sunni since it would take her about the same amount of time before she arrives. (A/N: I seriously just made this up. There is no app that does this, or is there? I wouldn't know. Lol...)

He tossed his phone onto the living room table and laid down on the couch. Taehyung closed his eyes and soon darkness falls upon him as he drifts off to sleep.


*Jisoo's POV*

It was later in the afternoon when Jin and I had finished eating. He fell asleep shortly after and I went to clean up the mess I had made in his kitchen before leaving to look for Taehyung.

I stopped by Kim's Corporation and called the number that Jin had given me. He wouldn't pick up on me so I finally made my way inside the familiar building. I went up to the receptionist and asked to meet with Taehyung.

"Mr. Kim didn't come in today. His mother is here to take over for the day. I can schedule a meeting with Mrs. Kim for you if you'd like."

"No!" I blurted out a little too loud and startled the young lady. I quickly bowed to her and thanked her before leaving the building.

It was getting closer to my night shift at the bar and I couldn't reach Taehyung at all. I didn't want to bother Jin about where Taehyung could be either. And I also didn't want to worry him. The only person I could think of was Namjoon so I quickly caught a cab and went to work.

Once I arrived I went inside and found my boss. I asked him for Namjoon's number. He teased me as he gave me Namjoon's contact info. He insisted that I have a thing for his little brother since the last time I went to work for Namjoon. I nod my head in agreement going along with whatever he had to say about Namjoon and I just so he would leave me alone. When he finally left, I called up Namjoon.


"Namjoon Oppa, it's me, Min Jisoo." Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

"Jisoo? How did you get my number?"

"Your brother gave it to me."

"Oh, I see. Why were you looking for me?"

"Namjoon Oppa..."

I paused and inhaled a deep breath into my lungs and let it out before continuing.

"I need to see Taehyung. Do you know where I can find him? He's not at the company."

"Taehyung's not at work? He's never missed a day at work since he became CEO. Have you tried calling him?"

"I have been calling him and he's not picking up on me."

I bit my lip out of nervousness as I talked to Namjoon. Taehyung was nowhere to be found and my only option was to check his home now. His mother is at the company for today so I wouldn't have to worry about her.

"Namjoon Oppa, do you think you could give me Taehyung's address? I would like to see if he's at home."

I could hear a deep and heavy sigh from the other end of the line from him. He seemed to be conflicted with telling me or not.

"Jisoo-ah, leave him alone. Don't bother or confuse him anymore."

"What do you mean?"

"He's having a hard time right now because of you."

Namjoon's words baffled me. How could I be confusing Taehyung and why would he be having a hard time because of me? I just couldn't understand it.

"I really need to see him. I want to know why he suddenly changed."


"Namjoon, please?" I earnestly begged him. I was at my wit's end. I felt like I was going insane here. I couldn't find Taehyung anywhere and now that I really think about it, Taehyung was such a bright and happy person. I remember how happy he was when Jin went to lunch with us. I remember their laughter that day. How he eagerly wanted to spend some time with his Hyung like a lost puppy who finally found it's owner.

The day of Jin's accident, Taehyung cried so sorrowfully. He was clearly shocked when he learned that Jin had lost his vision. I closed my eyes and was immediately brought back to that day. Taehyung's shaking form as cried to his Hyung for losing his sight.

'H-Hyung, can't you see me? W-why? Why can't you see me?! Where's the doctor! Why can't he see me right now?!'

His painful expression as the doctors injected Jin with sedatives and how he slid down the cream-colored walls of the hospital as if he's lost all strength in his knees.

'Jisoo, what do I do? I just lost my father and now Hyung's blind.'

I had been so caught up in caring for Jin that I pushed the memories of Taehyung and his odd behaviors away. The way his eyes darken that day, how his face would hold a twist of pain for a second before his hurtful words to me.

'I'll take Sunni and the company both away from Hyung. He's going to be a blind and broke man soon.'

"I just don't understand Namjoon. How could Taehyung have changed so much after the care and love he has shown Jin in front of me?"

"Alright, Jisoo. I'll tell you his address, but only because I think it's best for you to hear the answers from Taehyung himself. And if anyone can talk some sense into his thick head, I think you will be able to. I'll text it to you after we hang up."

"Thank you Namjoon Oppa!"

We hung up and shortly after I received a text from Namjoon. I ran as fast as I could out of work. I still had a few hours before my shift starts so I needed to get Taehyung as soon as I could.

I arrived at a huge house 30 minutes later. I forgot for a second how rich Jin and Taehyung's family was. I slowly made my way to the buzzer next to the enormous wall that separated me from the house. I rung the buzzer and waited outside to see if anyone was home. After a while, the door buzzed unlocking the gate door and I was allowed to enter. My eyes widen as I soaked in all the beauty that my eyes could absorb.

I took my time to admire the beautiful front yard that had a stone paved walkway that led up to the front door of the house. The flowers that grew alongside the walkway made it felt as though it was a walkway to heaven. Rich folks really do have it all.

When I reached the front door, I saw that the door was left slightly open. The first thought that ran into my head was 'thief.'

I quickly dug into my purse and grabbed my taser. I was ready to tase any sneaking person that was lurking in their house. I was deathly afraid of the robber, but I couldn't turn around thinking that Taehyung could be inside. His mother was at work and Taehyung being left alone to defend himself was worrying me.

"T-Taehyung?" I called out as I push the door wide open.

I carefully made my way inside, cautious about any slightest movement.

"T-Taehyung? A-are you home?" I called out once again moving deeper into the house. I finally relaxed my tensed shoulder and lowered my weapon once I saw Taehyung fast asleep on the couch. I put the taser away in my purse and made my way towards him.


He was shivering as he slept. Beads of sweat trickled down his forehead while his teeth chattered crazily as he grips his arms closer to his body in an attempt to warm himself up.


I dropped my purse onto the floor next to him and felt his forehead. He was hot. Too hot. He was running a fever. I cupped his cheeks in my hand to feel the burning skin against my hand.

"Taehyung, you're sick! Why didn't you call or tell anyone?!" I worriedly asked him but silence was my only reply.

I hastily looked around at my surroundings and saw the kitchen was across the room. I ran into the kitchen and found a clean towel and looked through the cupboards and found a bowl. I filled the bowl up with cold water and brought both the towel and bowl with me.

I set the bowl down on the living room table in front of me and sat next to him on the couch. I soaked the towel in the cold water and squeezed the excess water from the wet towel. I started wiping his forehead of the sweats and to cool his body down from his high fever.


Taehyung was awoken to a certain voice calling his name. It sounded exactly like her voice.


His head was pounding and he figured Sunni must have arrived.

"T-Taehyung? A-are you home?"

His eyes tightly shut closed as the coldness runs throughout his body. He was freezing. He shivered as though he was held captive inside an ice igloo. His teeth were chattering as he felt her soft touch on his forehead. The touch trailed down to his cheeks as she firmly held his cheeks.

"Taehyung, you're sick! Why didn't you call or tell anyone?!"

He could hear rustling and movements around him. Soon the presence that was next to him had left his side, but not for long. She sat next to him as she wiped his forehead with a damp cold towel that seemed to help him feel a little better.

Taehyung tried to open his heavy and tired half-opened lids. He could make out the faint figure of the female. Her blurry face soon cleared up in his vision and he finally saw her. He lifted his head up slightly with the last of his energy to get a better look at the girl.


Taehyung let out a small chuckle as he closes his lids and lets his head falls back onto the couch thinking to himself.

I must really be going crazy. I'm hallucinating that it's you who's here with me. I miss you, Min Jisoo...

To Be Continued...

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