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38.02% Blind Love (BTS Kim Seokjin) / Chapter 27: I'll Hear You Later

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Chapter 27: I'll Hear You Later

"Please heal me."

His heart hammered against his chest as he drew little circles with his thumb while caressing her tiny face.

"W-what?" Was all that the girl could utter out of her mouth. Her own heart beating in sync with his. Both oblivious to the others rapidly increasing heartbeat.

He remembers his dream from last night. The woman who held him so close and how he tried to hard to see her face but couldn't. He wanted so badly to see again this very moment. He could only envision how she would look as he traces her features. Her smooth skin, her long lashes, the rounded tip of her nose, her slightly plump and soft lips.

He remembers that he saw her lips in his dreams. They were the only thing that he could see and her kiss, her kiss to his cheek that felt too damn real.

That did it for him. He wanted to feel them on his. The temptation had won him over and he moves in slow, too slow that she didn't see his movement but instead had grabbed his hand and pulled away leaving him longing for her lips but, it also woke him up from his trance.

He didn't understand why he desired for her lips. Why she made his heart raced. Why she felt like someone he's known all his life. In the short amount of time that he's spent with her, he enjoyed every second of it. How she attends to him, her comfort, her hugs, her touch.... especially her touch. He found himself addicted to her touches. Always looking for the warmth of her hands and how he found that fits perfectly in his.

He loved Sunni. He knew that for sure, but this girl laying next to him was confusing him. Why did she make him smile when he should be broken?

He jumps back to reality when the girl sit up in bed and he realizes what he had just asked her. He mentally curses at himself for getting caught up in the situation.


*Jisoo's POV*

Every stroke of his finger left my body heating up and I was melting. I felt my heart stopped the moment his thumb traced my lips. I clutched his hand fast and pulled away. I had to stop him before I have a heart attack.

I sat up in the bed and Jin soon follows. I eyed him carefully and waited until my heart had calmed down before asking him again what he meant. He reddened and starts studdering to me.

"S-sorry, Minji. I-I might have lost my mind there for a second. Forget I said anything."

Seeing how red he had turned and how he seemed to be avoiding the topic, I decided to let it go. I noticed how often he's been turning red on me and I found it to be quite adorable. His flustered state and childlike behavior that follows after makes him just so much cuter. I giggled at him and ruffled his black locks.

"Aigoo, my Jin is too cute."

He smiles at my comment as I happily mess up his bed hair that made him incredibly sexy.

"Well, I should get going. I'm going to change and I'll bring you some food later. Do you have anything you want to eat? Drink?"

"Surprise me," he said while grinning widely back at me.

I got off the bed and head to the bathroom to wash my face and tie up my hair. I exited the bathroom and soon I hear Jin whining.

"Hurry up and come back soon. I'll get bored without you Minji."

I let out a laugh at his complain. He was like a big baby. A big whiny lovable baby.

"Yes, Mr. Kim Seokjin," I called out to him. His face soon turned serious. There was no more whiny Jin, but a deadpan Jin.

"Jin?" I questioned him. He was quiet. He didn't say anything nor reply back to me. I eyed the male as he sat still in bed and stared off into space. It worried me so I started making my way towards him.

"Are you okay Jin?"

He broke out from his daze and finally turns towards my voice.

"Sorry Minji, it's just..."

"Just what?"

"You keep reminding me of her."

"I remind you of who?"

"Min Jisoo..."

I stopped in my track.

"M-Min Jisoo?" I asked trying not to let my voice waver.

"Yeah. She was the only person who ever called me 'Mr. Kim Seokjin.' It's funny actually because everyone else just calls me Mr. Kim, but she calls my full name," he lets out a tiny chuckle as he recalls memories of us.

"I wonder how that girl is doing?" He lets out a sad sigh before continuing. "She probably doesn't even remember me anymore."

I bit my lip out of nervousness and let out a small awkward laugh.

"I'm sure she still remembers you. It's hard to come by a handsome fella like you and not remember you."

He grins widely upon hearing what I had just said.

"You think I'm handsome?"

My eyes widen and I realized what I had just let slip out of my mouth. As embarrassing as it was, I was glad to get off the topic of my real self.

"Haha.. Uhhh, did I say handsome?"

He nods with that grin of his still plastered to his mouth.

"Handsome? Pffftttt.. Haha.. I meant.. uhhh... Not handsome."

He let out his squeaky window wiping laughing followed by some self-slapping on his thigh.

"Is that the best comeback you have Minji? You are too cute."

I blushed hard and cleared my throat before moving towards the exit.

"Goodbye Jin."

"Wait!" He calls out desperately to me. "Don't use that word. I don't like it."

"What word?"

"Goodbye... You make it sound like you aren't coming back."

I smile at the male and remembered all the time I had secretly said goodbye to him without him knowing. How sad I had made him when he knew me as Jisoo and left without saying anything to him. I walked back towards the male and pulled him into a hug. He soon returned the hug back clutching on tight.

"I'll see you later, does that sound better?" I softly replied to the worried male in my arms. He nods into my shoulder.

"And since I can't see anymore, I'll hear you later," he joked lightly back at me.

"Pabo..." I said while stroking his back. I could feel the smile that had made its way onto his lips. He pulled away from the hug and I soon left to fulfill his stomach demands.


*Yoongi's POV*

The next day I went to a little shop near our school. Namjoon had told me that he will bring Taehyung to see me today.

I arrived a little earlier than our planned time and sat at a table by the window. I nervously looked down at my hands and played with them while I waited. I was meeting with the man who was currently dating my first love and he doesn't even love her. He only wanted to hurt her. I just couldn't get over that part. I get that he was doing this for his brother, but I still love Sunni. I didn't want him to hurt her.

And I just couldn't get over the fact that my Sunni had changed so much. She was my first and I knew for a fact that I was her first too. So what happened to cause her to change?

The bells on the door rung and my head instantly shot up to see who came in. I saw Namjoon and a young man walking into the shop. I stood up and waved to Namjoon and he smiled showing off his dimples before making his way over to me.

"Good morning Yoongi Hyung," Namjoon calls out to me.

"Morning Joonie."

He pulls the tall handsome man next to him forward before introducing him to me.

"This is Kim Taehyung."

It must be the CEO vibes because he's obviously younger than I was, but I was anxious about meeting him. I bowed and held out my hand to him and waited for him to shake my hand.

"Nice to meet you, Kim Taehyung. My name is Min Yoongi."

He shook my hand firmly before all three of us sat down. Namjoon and Taehyung sat next to each other and I saw across from Taehyung.

"So, Namjoon Hyung here said you wanted to meet me? I don't recall ever meeting you before. Why did you want to see me?"

I sucked in a deep breath and let it out before finally telling him why I wanted to see him.

"I want you to break up with Sunni and let her come back to me."


"Yoongi Hyung!" Namjoon calls out to Yoongi. He sighs deeply before shaking his head at the older. Taehyung, however, seemed to be confused about what Yoongi had just requested of him.

"Who are you? And how do you know Sunni?"

"I'm Sunni's ex-boyfriend. I'm still in love with her and I want her back in my life."

Taehyung let out a loud throaty laugh before moving in dead close to Yoongi's face.

"Were you one of her toys too?" Taehyung's face full of anger and hatred. He hated all the men that Sunni had been with. All the males that she had used and play with behind Jin's back, but he was unaware to the fact that Yoongi was an ex-lover from high school.

"Taehyung. Don't say that to Yoongi Hyung," Namjoon declared. He was obviously regretting to let the two meet.

Hearing Taehyung call Yoongi as one Sunni's toy made his blood boiled at the young CEO. He wanted to punch the man in the face.

"I'm surprised I don't remember you. I know of all Sunni's toys that she had been playing and trying to leak money out from. You look like a nobody. Why would she want you?" Taehyung laughed out loudly and Yoongi had heard enough.

He stands up from his seat and reaches across the table to grab Taehyung by his collar and lifts the boy up. Both their faces were only inches apart and ready to kill one another.

Namjoon stood up along with the two. He couldn't do this anymore.

"YAH! Stop this bull shit right now!" Namjoon's deep voice rung throughout the whole shop causing everyone's eyes to fall upon the three.

"Yoongi Hyung was Sunni's ex-boyfriend in High School Tae, he has nothing to do with Jin Hyung and...."

Yoongi eyes only harden as Namjoon explained to Taehyung.

"...he is Jisoo's older brother."

Taehyung's face falls upon hearing the last bit of information.

Eyes enlarged and mouth hung opened, Taehyung knew then that he had messed up.

To Be Continued...

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