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47.88% Blind Love (BTS Kim Seokjin) / Chapter 34: I'm Not Sunni

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Chapter 34: I'm Not Sunni

When Jisoo and Jin arrive at the hospital, Jin needed to change back into his gown. Jisoo fearfully bit her nails as she remembered what she had told Jin.

'I will hold your hand after I finish cooking. I will hold it until we get back to the hospital and until you fall asleep too.'

Why the hell did I say I will hold it until he falls asleep. How stupid are you to not think about him changing into his hospital gown?

She mentally screams at herself all while Jin just has an immense smirk on his face.

"So, are you going to let go of my hand or are you going to go to the bathroom with me to change?"

She didn't want to give Jin two wishes but she didn't want to go with him into the bathroom either. This was totally not in Jisoo's favor, but she held a strong front. She wasn't going to go down easy.

"I said I wasn't going to let go, so I'll go with you to the bathroom."

Her response caught Jin off guard. He thought he got her. He thought he was going to gain his two wishes. He didn't think she would dare go into the bathroom with him.

"O-oh... Ummm.. T-then let's go..." He nervously replied back to her. His hands starting to sweat as he thought of the two of them alone in the bathroom and him being in nothing but his boxer with Minji is next to him.

Jisoo drags Jin towards the bed and grabs a hold of his new gown that was laid out on the bed waiting for him. She then led the two into the bathroom and closed the door shut.

"C-close your eyes and don't peek," Jin shyly stutters to Jisoo once they faced each other.

"Just hurry up so we can get over with this!" She impatiently calls to him. Jisoo covers her eyes with her free hand and waits for Jin to finish. She was just as nervous as Jin was.

Jin needed to unbutton his dress shirt. Since one hand was occupied by holding Minji's, he struggled for a while. He eventually got all the buttons undone, but then he thought about it. He wouldn't be able to take off his shirt with Minji in the way. So he went for his pants first.

He just needed to strip into his boxer and he will wear the gown over his shoulder and tie it to cover his bottom for now until Minji leaves then he will put on the gown properly afterward. That was his plan. He trusts that she had closed her eyes so he lowers their intertwined hands down towards his lower region. He needed both hands to unbutton his bottom attire.

And that's when Jisoo loses it. She felt her hand moving towards his pants and heard the unzipping of his zipper and she automatically lets go of Jin's hand and covers her eyes. She starts screaming and makes a run for the door to open it but with her eyes closed, she pulls the door too quick that it hits her right on her forehead.

"Ah! Ow.." She yelps in pain as she crouches down onto the ground and rubs her forehead.

Jin oblivious to the fact that the bathroom door was now opened, worriedly goes after Jisoo only to run into the door the same way that Jisoo did, earning him the same wound on his forehead. He hunches down onto the ground next to Jisoo and rubs his pain. Both were whining in pain before it soon turns into laughter as they both sat down on the floor.

"If you were going to scream and get that scared, you should have just let go of my hand. We could have both avoided getting hurt," Jin laughs as he massages his forehead.

"I didn't want to give you two wishes. I was set on winning," Jisoo replied while stroking her own trying to avoid staring at his toned body. His shirt was now unbuttoned. His pants were still on him, but his fly was undone and his Clavin Klein waistband was showing. She could see the start of the V outline of his lower body. Gosh, he looked so delicious. She had to force herself to look away before she attacks him.

"You owe me two wishes anyways now," he grins victoriously towards her.

She pouts in defeat before silence took over the both of them, each still rubbing their own sore head.

Jin soon stops rubbing his pain and his hand wandered over to Jisoo's head. His hand found her forehead and he rubbed her pain away for her. She was startled at first, but then let out a tiny giggle before she returns the favor and rubs his forehead for him.

Her sweet laugh and touch were making Jin's heart go crazy. No matter how much he says that he still loves Sunni, Minji was slowly making her way into his heart. Jin hasn't even thought about Sunni for a while now and Minji was the only person on his mind. He even got jealous over her 'Oppa' earlier. Minji was making the tiny muscle in his chest beat in ways that Sunni used to do to him. It might just even be stronger than what Sunni had made him feel.

He gently grabs her hand that was caressing his forehead with his free hand. He brought her hand down and kisses the back of her hand. His hand that was massaging her forehead had made its way down to stroke her cheek. He swallowed the thickly formed lump in the back of his throat before slowly closing the distance between the two of them.

Jisoo could feel the swelling in her heart as Jin kissed her hand and slowly inched closer towards her. She was finally going to feel his lips on her. She closes her eyes and waits for it, but then she remembers Sunni. Jin still loves Sunni. She was quick to open her eyes and saw that Jin was an inch away from her lips. Before he could land his on hers, she stops him.


Jin pauses. His heart beating at the speed of light.

"I'm not Sunni..." Jisoo sadly whispered to Jin.

He pulls away, just a tad bit as he thought about it. He didn't care for Sunni anymore. He now knows who is the one he truly cared for. Minji was the only one who was there for him in his darkest times. He had lost everything but he gained her. And for the first time ever, he was glad to become blind. Because he became blind, he met Minji. Because he became blind, he knew that Minji really wasn't after his money. Because he became blind, he fell in love with Minji.

"I know..." He replies back to the girl.

Jisoo looks into his eyes and although he couldn't see at this moment, it was as if those blind eyes could only see her. The way he looked at her and caress her face gently made her fall deeper into his eyes. She was drowning. She couldn't breathe.

"You are Minji. You are my Minji..."

And he grips the back of her neck and pulls her in and their lips finally touch. He kisses her deeply and with so much passion. Both his hands now on her face as he felt her soft lips kiss him back. Her hands clutching onto his shirt as it slowly falls off his shoulder. Their emotions were all over the place.

He finally got to taste her lips and they were oh so sweet. He never wanted to pull away. He wanted to keep their mouth locked together for eternity if he could. But they were lacking air, so he breathlessly pulled away from the heated kiss. His forehead leaning against hers as they both heaved heavily.

"I guess we both do have the same wish..." he voiced out and a tiny smile formed on his mouth before he connected them with hers once more.

To Be Continue...

Shookieillegirl Shookieillegirl

Short chapter but, AHHHHH they kissed! Lol.. It's my fanfic, but yet I'm still so excited that Jin and Jisoo kissed. Does that make me weird? I could have them just kiss and end the book now, but that would be no fun now would it? Lol.. No, this book is not going to end yet so until the next update, take care lovely readers.

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