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80.28% Blind Love (BTS Kim Seokjin) / Chapter 57: Remember

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Chapter 57: Remember

" good are you at acting?"

"What did I say Tae? Say it in words that I will understand! What does acting have to do with anything?"

Taehyung let out a loud laugh at his Hyung before taking off his seatbelt and getting out of the car first. Jin soon follows his younger brother's action before asking him to clarify things. He didn't understand how any of this was going to help him see Minji.

"Hyung, you will have to play your role well...." Taehyung calls out without looking back at Jin. He stops in his track and grins to himself.

"...and don't be too shocked and angry when you finally see her."

He resumes his steps and walks into the hospital building leaving Jin a confused and frustrated man. He walks into the building after Taehyung mumbling to himself before screaming at Taehyung.

"Aisshh, this boy is really asking for a beating... Yah!!!! Taehyung-ah!!!! What the hell are you talking about?!!!"

Taehyung doesn't answer him and just continues making his way to Jin's room in the hospital. Once both of them enter the room, they see a worried girl who seems to have gone crazy. Her hair was no longer in a tight and neat bun, but was a mess, as if she had been pulling her own hair out in frustration. Her eyes saw only red when she saw the two enter the room.

"YAH!!!! ARE YOU TWO CRAZY!!! WHY ARE YOU TRYING TO GET ME FIRED ON MY FIRST WEEK HERE!!!! I WILL HURT YOU BOTH IF YOU DON'T GET CHANGED INTO YOUR GOWN AND BACK IN BED BEFORE DR. LEE ARRIVES!!!!" Haeun screams at the two brothers while pointing her finger at Jin. They were hit with the sudden outburst of the tiny nurse who they just met earlier. They found the situation so funny that they burst out in a fit of laughter at the girl's mental breakdown.

"You're laughing?! You think this is funny?!!! I WAS SERIOUSLY WORRIED ABOUT YOU MR. KIM!"

"I'm sorry Miss Haeun. I didn't mean it like that and as you can see I'm perfectly fine," Jin replies to the girl as he tries to let his giggles die down.

Taehyung, on the other hand, found this nurse to be quite interesting. When he met her earlier, she was so timid and couldn't even look him in the eyes. Now she was pointing fingers and screaming at them at the top of her lungs. Taehyung looked at the girl from head to toe as he thought to himself. He will also need her help with his plan. He needed to gain her favor so he grins at the nurse before moving into her personal space, hoping that his usual charms that attracts all the ladies would pay off now.

"I'm sorry Miss Haeun-sii..."

Haeun's eyes widen at the sudden closeness. He was close. Waaay too close. She felt her heart had suddenly stopped beating and she couldn't breathe.

"...we didn't mean to worry you. That's why I ran after him to bring him back. Can't you forgive us?" He cutely protude his bottom lips into a childish pout, looking like the most adorable little baby in the universe.

"W-well, h-he's still not changed and in b-bed yet..." She stutters and mentally curses at herself for letting the handsome younger brother get to her. He made her feel so small and weird. Why was she letting this stranger do things to her? Making her feel things she's never felt before.

She was at work, at her job where she should be acting professionally, calm, and rational. So she stood tall, although her height was nothing compared to the man in front of her. This took Taehyung again by surprise at how the tiny girl suddenly turned bold. He smirks before tilting his head slightly to the side. She just became even more fascinating to him. He moves in and speaks softly so that only she could hear what he had to say.

"Can I take you out to dinner to make it up to you?"

Did he really just asked me out to dinner?

Haeun swallows hard. She freezes, not really sure how to respond to Taehyung in that split second. She didn't like how easy it was for him to make her feel this way. She wasn't going to let Taehyung win. She was pretty competive herself so whatever game this was that he was playing, she wanted to win. So no matter how much she wanted to take his offer, she simply smiles at Taehyung before taking out her phone.

She unlocks it and goes into her contact. She deletes Taehyung's number right in front of his eyes and Taehyung falls back with his mouth open wide at her action.

"Did you... did you just delete my number?" Taehyung asked totally in disbelief that this girl just rejected his offer.

"Yes I did. Now, I assume you got the answer to your question Mr. Kim Taehyung. I don't go out to dinner with my patient's family so if you'll excuse me..." She walks around Taehyung and he scoffs in disbelief.

Haeun grabbed Jin's gown and hands it to him.

"Change Mr. Kim and I'll be back in a few minutes with Dr. Lee to finish up any last test for your eyes before you can properly leave this hospital. And I expect you to stay put in here until then. Do you hear me?"

"Yes ma'am."

Jin doesn't hesitate to take the clothes quick and walks into the bathroom to change. He had done enough to this poor nurse and if anyone had treated his Minji the way he had treated this nurse, he would have been pretty upset at them too.

Once the door to the bathroom shut, Haeun let out a sigh of relief. She fixes her uniform and let her hair fall loose from her messy bun. It hung long and loosely down her back. She runs her hands through her wavy hair to straighten out any knots that may have formed when she was going insane earlier. She turns to head to the mirror to fix her hair back up into a neat bun, but was caught in surprise at how close Taehyung was when she was talking to Jin.

"Oh! My god, you scared me! What the hell are you doing? Why are you so close to me?!"

"Why did you delete my number?"

Haeun sighs and moves away from Taehyung. She looks at herself in the mirror and starts to rake up her long hair into a ponytail.

"Mr. Kim Taehyung, I told you already. I have no interest in my patient's family members."

Taehyung moves behind Haeun again and caught her eyes though the mirror. She stops all movement when she saw him closing in on her again. He learns close and his eyes doesn't leave hers.

"Does that mean that I can take you out once Hyung is discharged and no longer your patient?"

Heart beating fast at the sensation she was feeling, she coughs and let out an akward laugh before trying to quickly finish up her hair bun.

He didn't like that she hid her feelings so well and that he couldn't read her. What was she really thinking?

Taehyung caught both of her hands and it made her let go of the ponytail that she held onto, letting every strand fall and hitting him in the face before it landed on her back. Her hair smelled like lavender and peach. It was smelled so sweet and it strangely made Taehyung a little weak in the knee.

Taehyung pushes his body closer into hers. He lowers her hands down to her sides and he leans in to sofly speak into her ear.

"You look better with your hair down."

"Ha! And how many times have you done this to other girls hmm?"

"What?" Taehyung let go of her hands before she turns around and faces Taehyung. He was clearly shocked and honestly a little hurt at how she responded to him.

"I know of your kind and I would like to keep my heart in one piece thank you very much."

She didn't even know him and yet she's judged him already. He somehow found this to be irritating because he was not the kind of man who would hurt a girl on purpose. Well, except for Sunni but he had his reasons to hate her and hurt her in the first place.

He couldn't help but feel the need to win over this girl's favor. Not only does he need her to help him with his plan, he has his own personal reason in pursuing her now. He watches as she turns back around and quickly finishes putting her hair back into a tight bun before walking out of the room.

"Just wait and see Miss Haeun-sii..." Taehyung says as he looks at himself in the mirror. He moves in close and smirks at his reflection.

"...I'll be sure to keep your heart in one piece with my name imprinted on it."

After Jin got dressed, he went back into his bed and waited for his doctor. Soon after Haeun and Dr. Lee enters Jin's room again for the last check up of the day. His eyes were adjusting well to lighting and Dr. Lee approved of Jin's discharged.

As the Doctor and Jin talk about his condition, Haeun and Taehyung were having their own stare down battle with their eyes. Haeun glares at Taehyung and he just silently chuckles it off at how cute she was. He licks his bottom lips first before lightly biting it to hold his laughter in without blinking.

This just enrages Haeun and she blinks first and rolls her eyes before realising that she just lost the stare down battle between the two.

"You cheated! Cheater!" She screams at Taehyung and quickly realises that Jin and Dr. Lee were both looking at her.

"I'm sorry, carry on," she apologizes and bows quick to Dr. Lee. He clears his throat and shook his head at the girl before resuming his talk with Jin.

Haeun turns to see Taehyung silently laughing his butt off at her and her blood boils at the laughing man in front of her. Her eyes shot lasers and steams were blowing out from her head. She crosses her arms and avoided any eye contact with Taehyung.

He smirks to himself and knew then that Haeun was someone who he wanted to keep in his life. He had not had this much fun picking at another girl ever since Jisoo. And since Jisoo was soon to be his Hyungsu-nim, he couldn't possible pick on her like how he wanted to anymore.

"Nurse Haeun. Get the discharge papers ready for Mr. Kim to sign and he can leave afterwards."

"Yes Dr. Lee."

And the doctor leaves the room leaving the three of them behind. Haeun hands over the papers to Jin and he signs the paper quick before handing it back to Haeun.

"Awesome! You are all set and free to go now Mr. Kim. Take good care of your body and health, you hear?"

"Thank you Miss Haeun."

Haeun turns to exit the room but halts when she hears Taehyung's voice pouting outloud.

"Awwwwhhh, and don't you have anything sweet to say to me Haeun-sii?"

She turns her head slightly to give Taehyung an ugly fake smile before completly ignoring him and walking out of the room.

"Aishh!! This girl! How could she just ignore me like this?!"

Jin has seen all the interaction between the two today and couldn't help but feel that she was someone whom Jin was going to see very often around Taehyung.

"Yah you little brat. Quit complaing. Go home first. I want to stop by somewhere first before I head home."

"Where are you going Hyung? Let me take you."

"Ani. I have to take the bus to get there. I can see now Tae, so don't worry. I'll find my way back home."

"Okay Hyung. Call me if you need anything okay? I'll meet you at your house later."

"Oh and Tae..."

"Ne Hyung? What is it?"

"Can I borrow some money? I don't have my wallet on me."

"Sure thing Hyung. Here you go."

Taehyung reaches into his back pocket and pulls out his wallet. He hands Jin some bills before leaving the hospital first.

Jin changes into his clothes before finally leaving the hospital. He was ready to go home and finally get his life back to the way it was.

But, he needed to make a stop somewhere first. He walks up to the bus stop and waits for the bus. A bus pulls up and he closes his eyes before slowly trying to recall the memories of that day with her.

'Mr. Kang! Hi! How are you?'

'I could be better. Mrs. Kang has been mad at me lately. She says I 'drive' her crazy. Get it? Haha.'

Jin let out a chuckle at the joke that he remembered from the bus driver. When the door opened up for him he opened his eyes and climbed into the bus.

"Mr. Kang?" Jin hesitaly asks the bus driver.

"I'm sorry who?"

"Are you Mr. Kang?"

"No, I'm Mr. Jung"

"Ah, ne. Sorry this isn't the bus I'm looking for. Have a good day sir," Jin apologizes before getting off the bus.

"Yah, are you crazy? How do you not know the bus number you need to get on?! Why waste my time stopping for you?!" The rude bus driver cursed at Jin before closing the door in his face.

Jin bows towards the bus as it sped off. He waits and soon after 15 minutes, another bus stops for Jin. The door opens and it was a female bus driver.

"Sorry, this isn't the bus I'm getting on."

After a few more buses had stopped for Jin and cursed him out, Bus number 7 finally stops in front of him. The door opens up reveling an elderly man who looked like he was in his mid 40s.

"Mr. Kang..???" Jin asks and the bus driver nods.

"Why yes, that's me. How did you know?"

"Ah, I found you at last," Jin sighs outloud, releif rushes through his body as he climbs aboard the bus. He pays his bus fare and moved towards the back of the bus. As he sat down, he closes his eyes again to remember more of that day.

'How long before we get there?'


'I said how long before we get there?'

'Oh, it's the 7th stop from here so probably another 10 or 15 minutes.'

He remember clearly that it was the 7th stop from the hospital. So he started to count how many times the bus stops to pick up people.







Seven, I need to get off here.

Jin got up quick to push the button and soon the bus came to a stop. He thanked Mr. Kang before turning around and closing his eyes to follow his memories. He remember getting off the bus and taking a left and just walking straight all the way to the restaurant. And so he turns towards his left and started his journey to find Minji's favorite restaurant.

He walks for a while and soon began to doubt his memory when all he saw were houses and no place to dine or eat at all.

Did he get off at the wrong stop? What if he got off too early? Or what if he missed the stop?

He curses under his breath before finally hearing a familiar dog barking it's lungs out at Jin. He stops and closes his eyes to hearing the same dog barking in his memories.

'It's okay Jin. I walk down this road every day. This dog always barks at strangers. You would think that it should know me by now, but yet I still get barked at every day.'

'The restaurant is next to a house?'

'Yep. Now come on. We're here already.'

Jin instantly smiles to himself as he opens his eyes to look at the restaurant that Minji loved so much. He halts in place as confusion can clearly be seen upon his face. There were no grand restaurant. It was just another house. A tiny house that seemed to fit a family of four.

Did I really not remember correctly?

Jin stood in front of the house and rubbed the back of his neck in frustration. He must have not remember it right. He was going to have to try again some other day. He must be too tired from everything that's happened to him today. He decided to call Taehyung to pick him up.

When Taehyung arrived, he was shocked to see that Jin was in front of Jisoo's house.

"Hyung, what are you doing here?"

"I wanted to check out Minji's favorite restaurant. She brought me here once, but I must be too tired Tae because as you can see, I ended up at a house and not a restaurant. Take me home and I'll try again some other day."

Taehyung grins to himself as he learns about this information from Jin. He knew at that moment that Jisoo had brought Jin to her home that day. He was surprised that Jin was able to find his way here even though he couldn't see at the time.

"Hyung, don't worry. You'll see and find your Minji soon. I promise you that you will."

To Be Continued...

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