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77.46% Blind Love (BTS Kim Seokjin) / Chapter 55: School

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Chapter 55: School

After Jin went through his checkup routine with Doctor Lee, Haeun was left alone with him. She had to finish up the check up with monitoring his blood pressure. Seeing how he lashed out at her earlier, she wanted to be sure Jin was relaxed before taking his blood pressure. She asks Jin to relax his arm by leaning back in bed and closing his eyes.

Once his eyes were closed, Haeun wraps the velcro cuff around Jin's left arm. She pumps on the ball and let the cuff inflates before grabbing the stethoscope that was around her neck. She places it right underneath the edge of the cuff as she listens to the knocks beating in his forearm.

After the cuff deflated and she got her numbers, she stops moving and her eyes lingered a little longer on his face. She finally got a good look at Jin with his eyes closed and him being relaxed and just breathing away.

He was just as beautiful as his little brother. She was startled when he suddenly opened his eyes and locked them with hers. Her eyes widen before she adverts them, taking the cuff off his arm. She bows quick and tries to leave the room but her wrist was caught by Jin.

"Miss Haeun, please wait for a second."

She turns back around to face Jin, nervous.

"Y-yes, Mr. Kim?" She replies softly.

Jin let's go of her wrist and apologizes for his behavior earlier in the morning.

"I wanted to say that I'm sorry. I was just really flustered and confused when you suddenly told me that my girlfriend doesn't work here."

Remembering Taehyung's favor Haeun suddenly grew even more anxious and nervous because she had to lie to a patient. It hadn't been long since she started working at the hospital and if anyone were to find out about her giving false information to a patient, she would surely lose her job.

She bit her lips as she wonders what would be the best option for her. Be righteous and lose the handsome man who she just received his number twenty minutes ago or tell a white lie to fulfill her desire to gain the younger brother's attention for a little while longer.

As much as she wanted to keep Taehyung around, she decided against it and tells Jin the truth.

"I wanted to be selfish Mr. Kim, but I don't think I can afford to lose my job..." Haeun started but couldn't finish her sentence. She looks at Jin who was staring with his eyebrows furrowed.

"What are you talking about? Being selfish about what?" Jin asks the nurse. He was quite confused and couldn't understand what this nurse was trying to say.

"I said it this morning and I will say it again. Your girlfriend does not work in this hospital. There is no nurse named Minji here in this hospital."

Why was this nurse lying to him? Taehyung confirmed with Jin just before he left that Minji was really here.

Who was he going to believe now?

Taehyung wouldn't lie to Jin about Minji. There was no way. But he couldn't find any reasons why this nurse, who doesn't even know him, would lie to him either.

His mind suddenly filled with countless thoughts back to Minji and their time together, but he couldn't see her face. All that his memories would exist of is pure blackness. No matter how much he tries to picture a face when his hands would roam Minji's smooth face he couldn't envision her.

Jin stares intensely at Haeun. His eyes glistening as he slowly got up from the bed and stood tall in front of Haeun.

"I'm sorry Miss Haeun-ssi, but I need to check something," and he wraps his arms around the girl and pulled her into his arms.

Jin closed his eyes as he let her warmth and scent lingered around him before noticing that this girl in his arm's felt off. Her touch and scent were completely different from Minji's. No matter how tightly shut his eyes were or how hard he almost squeezed her to death, this girl was not his Minji.

He opened his eyes and let a tear fall down his cheek before slowly pulling away from the hug.

"I'm sorry....." Jin speaks softly before turning around and sitting on the edge of the bed. His hand now covered his face as he silently weeps into them.

He felt like he was going insane. He didn't know where Minji was and where to find her. And worse of all, he didn't know why she left him all alone. Did she really love him? Of all the days that she doesn't show herself, it had to be the day he could see again.

Was she scared that Jin would stop loving her when he sees her? Was she scared that Jin was going to judge her? He didn't care for her looks. He didn't care if she ended up being an old lady. He was in love with her and he wanted no one but her.

And then he remembers. Culinary Institution of Seoul, Minji's school. She even told him about her school schedule and that she was staying in the school dormitory. He made the rash decision to go to her school first to look for her.

"Culinary Institution of Seoul.." He whispers to himself.

He shot up from where he was sitting and started taking off his gown. Haeun's eyes widen and she shut her eyes closed.

"Mr. Kim! W-what are you doing?!" She screams and turns around while covering her eyes.

"Culinary Institution of Seoul... Culinary Institution of Seoul..." He chants to himself. Jin ignored Haeun's questions and screams as he puts on his clothes.

Once he was fully dressed, he put on his shoe quick and runs out of the room. Haeun heard the door open and she finally opens her eyes to see that Jin had left the room. She's hot on his tail and she screams after him.

"Mr. Kim! You cannot leave! You have not been discharged yet!"

He doesn't answers but runs towards the elevator. He presses the down arrow a few times as he impatiently waits, but the lift was arriving way too slow. The moment Haeun reached the elevators, Jin had already decided that he wouldn't wait any longer and run towards the stairwell. He opens the door to the stairwell and starts running down the flight of stairs.

The elevator door finally opens and Taehyung steps out only to witness Haeun screaming at the top of her lungs.

"Mr. Kim!!!!"

Panic spreads across his face as he moves towards Haeun.

"What's going on? What happened?!"

"Your brother... He just ran off..." Haeun said as she was trying to catch her breath.

"What?! What do you mean he just ran off?! Where did he go?!"

"He kept mumbling 'Culinary Institution of Seoul' to himself and just ran off. He hasn't been discharged yet."

Taehyung knew exactly where Jin was going now. He thanks Haeun before running after Jin down the stairwell.

Jin got outside of the hospital and tries to wave down a cab. One finally pulls up in front of him and he got in and closed the door.

"Culinary Institution of Seoul please," Jin calls out to the cab driver.

As the cab drove off, Taehyung rushes out of the building to see the cab driving off.

"Jin Hyung!!" He calls after the cab, but the car just drove off.

"Damn it Hyung..." He curses under his breath. He runs to his car and takes off to Jisoo's school.

The cab soon arrives at the school and Jin searches his back pocket to pay the driver but forgot that he doesn't have his wallet on him. He hasn't had his wallet on him ever since his accident.

"Sir, that will be $45," the driver turns to look at Jin. Jin panics and runs out the door without paying the driver.

"I'm sorry!" Jin calls out to the driver who had the look of horror fall upon his face as he watches Jin hurried off.

"Yah!!!!!! You didn't pay me yet!!" The driver calls after Jin as he got out of the cab. He screams profanity and curses after Jin. He saw Jin disappears into the campus and the driver lost sight of Jin. Soon a car screeches to a stop behind the cab driver and Taehyung got out from his car.

"Where did the man that you drop off go?" Taehyung asks the driver.

"He ran that way after getting a free ride here!"

"I'm so sorry sir. How much does he owe you?"

Taehyung quickly pays for the cab and the driver drove off still cursing at both Taehyung and Jin. Taehyung runs onto campus in search of his Hyung.

Jin ran around asking students if they knew Minji. Most students didn't know of a Minji. They would ask for a surname and Jin wouldn't be able to answer because he, himself didn't know Minji's last name.

He ran passed many female students but none of them would answer when he screams Minji's name out loud. Instead, they all looked at him as though he's gone crazy.

"Minji!!!!" Jin tries screaming once more. He's looking around at all angles to see if anyone would respond to the name. No one.

Jin was out of breath. He was huffing and puffing while tears slowly made its show. He couldn't find her.

"Minji... Where are you?" He whispers silently to himself. His breathing returns to normal and he wipes his tears before turning around to leave the school. He takes a step towards the exit of the school but notices a girl with headphones on making her way towards him.

She looked familiar and for an odd reason, his heart started beating crazily the closer she got to him. Her head was hung low and she didn't seem to be looking where she was going. She was right in front of him when he finally recognizes her. She bumps right into him. She took off her headphones and bows to apologize to Jin.

"Oh my god! I'm so sorry!" She looks up to meet Jin's eyes and her own two eyes widen when she saw who she had bumped into.

"Min Jisoo?"

To Be Continued...

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