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1.28% Blood Wars: The First Bout / Chapter 1: PROLOGUE

PROLOGUE - Blood Wars: The First Bout - Chapter 1 by CyrixIsUplifted full book limited free

Blood Wars: The First Bout original

Blood Wars: The First Bout

Author: CyrixIsUplifted

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Chapter 1: PROLOGUE

In a world full of deadly Supernaturals, demons, and leviathans. Humanity must work together in order to survive. One day, Aran left the town only to come back and discover that his village was attacked by the wolf clan and killed his parents. He was then taken into custody by one of the knights and raised. Since then, the human empire formed seven divisions in order to fight creatures and learn the truth about the mysterious events that happened 2000 years ago.

When everything was still in its beginning stage, a massive divergent of different kinds of species came upon the world impairing their ability to co-exist within each other. Since then, the world has become populated with supernaturals and deadly creatures. A man named Rahel decided to lead humanity in order to prioritize their survivability. He built an entire kingdom with the help of the other men and they decided to put walls around it in order to protect them from these dangerous monsters that lurk around the state.

The effectiveness of this wall had such a great impact and humanity despite being powerless and normal had survived for a long time. But Rahel was not satisfied with the idea of hiding in the shadows for a very long time. He proposed that humanity should be able to fight and conquer the world in order to retain peace. He spent a lot of time gathering resources, hiring weaponsmiths, and creating an army that can supervise the whole kingdom and fight for their sake.

After 10 years, they were ready to go outside of the walls. Rahel and a bunch of knights left the kingdom to see how the world changed. However, as soon as they reached the peak of the mountain, they were ambushed by wyverns and vampires. Rahel made a statement that if he doesn't come back, the kingdom must continue to live on and fight until they reach enlightenment and peace. They named the Kingdom "Ruth" to pay respect and in order to pass Rahel's legacy to the future generation. And that's where blood wars started.

Within the vicinity, a small cabin can be found lying on the front side of the village. It was a clear sunny day and everyone has been proceeding with their work. The locals are selling foods and building blocks while hunters hunt for some food inside the forest in order for their family to have a good meal. Among the chit-chats of the residents, numerous kids can be found playing around the area with their kites and homemade toys. Some of them are running while playing tag.

Among those children were a boy named Aran. A very bright child who is also very diligent. Unlike the other kids, Aran spends most of his time reading a lot of books on a particular topic that talks about human life and other species. He is very interested in learning a lot of things that make the world different. He is different from a normal child who's only limited at playing with others.

The morning sun was rising upward and the sound of the breezing wind resonated throughout the area, giving such force for the leaves of the trees to fall directly onto the ground. The chirping of the birds can be also heard and the crowded noise of the people going outside is balancing the system. Beneath the tall large oak tree, Aran was sitting on it while reading a book.

His reddish hair swayed as the wind blows really hard. The look on his face tells that he is learning more interesting stuff again by reading the book because of his seemingly exaggerated grin. While he was focused on reading, a rustling sound coming from one of the bushes behind him was heard. Aran didn't pay any heed whatsoever and he continued to read. The rustling continued to grow until a particular female child suddenly showed up giving Aran a scare.

"HEY! ARAN!" A loud call from her. Aran stumbled from his sitting position because of the sudden reflexes caused by the surprise and the book that he was reading fell to the ground lying on the grass. He pulled his body up while rubbing his head because of the pain and after that, he saw Lisa.

"Come on Lisa... You literally surprised me. Do not do that again please?" Aran's frustration took over his expression yet his tone and words are pretty polite and it doesn't have any sign of venomous intention.

"Hahaha! I'm sorry Aran, it's just... Once you started reading that old book, you won't be able to notice your surroundings, so the only way for you to wake up is by scaring you." She apologized as she jumped from the bushes and landed on the oak tree. She gave Aran a hand so he can stand up.

"Are you alone again?" Lisa asked. Aran gave her a subtle surprised expression.

"Well, what do you think?" He returned back the question to Lisa.

"Hmm... Well, I think not. Because I'm here..." Lisa chuckled as she spun around swaying her dress. Aran was displeased by her answer and gave her a bad facial reaction.

"Anyway... What are you doing here? Shouldn't you be playing with the other kids? You won't find anything fun here, it will just be boring." Aran finally spoke as he picked up the old book from the grass. He rubbed his hand and patted it a couple of times to rub the dust covering it.

"I'm tired. I actually want to check on you." Lisa answered. She abruptly stopped her spinning and laid down to the oak tree.

"Hey Aran, why don't you just try playing with the other kids? I mean, you're always right here reading your book, don't you find that boring?" Lisa asked. Aran moved his head downwards to the right, identifying Lisa's question.

"I'm not interested in playing, Lisa. I'm more interested in reading and learning. I mean, I want to learn more about this world. Sure, I don't understand that much but I am willing to learn." Aran answered her question in a calm manner. Lisa looked at him as he sits down at the oak tree near her.

"I have a dream. That one day, I will be able to leave this kingdom and explore the outside world. I want to discover a lot of things and I don't want to stay here." He continued.

"Are you serious? Isn't it dangerous out there? Like they said there were a lot of monsters lurking out on the outside of this kingdom." Lisa immediately scooped in beside Aran giving them more closeness to each other.

"I-I know that but, maybe those creatures are living the same way as humans do? Like maybe they have a life as well and we just don't know how they proceed. I want to know if they are really bad enemies that should be killed, or should be friends with." Aran's mindset caught Lisa off guard and she was struck by his delusional words. She smiled and laughed so hard about what he said.

"What? I know it is funny but I want to do it anyway..." Aran replied in a monotone voice.

"I'm sorry! Hahaha! I just can't help but laugh. Though, I'm not considering it as something like a joke. If that's what you want, then I can only support you." Lisa stopped her laughing as she brings her body near the oak tree. Aran was left surprised by her statement.

"Lisa..." he subtlely said.

"What are you reading anyway?" Lisa asked. Aran gazed at his book and he opened it to the page where he left off. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

"It's about the adventure of Rahel." He answered with a smile.

"Rahel? Is that a creature or something?" Lisa swayed her head.

"Nope, Rahel is the man who built this kingdom from the scratch. He is the reason why human beings as of now are living and surviving. Based on the book, he provided each and everyone a shelter, food, he even built a lot of walls in order to protect the humanity." Aran explained the main overview of the book to Lisa.

"Heh... He was a good man. Is Rahel still alive as of now?" Lisa asked. Aran lifted up the smile on his face and turned into a frown.

"No... Rahel is dead. He and his team were killed from an ambush of the dragons. And this kingdom continued to live without him." He said.

"Oh, that's too bad." Lisa gazed downward as she felt the exact feeling of grievance. But it didn't take long until she finally regained her bubbly attitude and started motivating Aran.

"Hey Aran! Why don't we play tag by ourselves?" Lisa proposed, her words shattered Aran's overthinking.

"Huh?" He was dumbfounded at first.

"Come on! Let's get you up there. Let's play tag and have you exercise your small body." She said.

"Huh? I don't want to..." Aran became annoyed but he was powerless against Lisa's profound persuasion. Lisa grabbed Aran's left arm as she dragged him outside the bushes.

"Okay, I'll have a head start and you need to catch me. You need to touch me before the time runs out and if you can't, then you'll have to do some consequences. Is that good?" Lisa explained the rules of the game with a simple explanation.

"Yeah yeah... Alright." Aran finally became interested in the game.

"I'll have you know, I am really fast at running, Aran. You shouldn't be able to catch me." Lisa provoked him.

"Oh yeah? That's tough talk, Lisa. I'll definitely catch you." Aran replied as he stretches his legs and arms in an attempt to get ready for the chase.

"Ok ready... Go!" Lisa started running first as she delves into the forest. Her golden hair swayed upward as the wind started blowing yet again.

"Hmm, now then, what should I do? I know this forest very well and I think I might have an advantage since Lisa won't be going anywhere." Aran started walking as if he is taking the game easy and calmly. He started running as soon as the head start went off.

A couple of hours later, Aran failed to catch her. He went through a lot of routes inside the forest but Lisa was yet to be found.

"Damn that Lisa... It's been like 3 hours, where the hell is she?" Aran laid down for a bit to rest. He is sweating tremendously due to excessive running. The sun was about to set but he still cannot find her.

"Lisa! Lisa!" He called her name a bunch of times but there was no sign of answers.

"Is she back in the village? I should definitely go home now, it is pretty dangerous out here." Aran didn't have any choice but to go back to Moriville Village.

As he walked back, he noticed something on the ground.

"Hmm, what is this? A footprint?" He asked himself. He found a medium-sized footprint that doesn't resemble a human foot. It has a bigger mass on the ground, there is 3 circular shape embedded on the top and scratches can be found on the trees. Upon reaching the front side of the forest, the volume of the footprints increases.

"Why is there a lot of weird footprints here?" He asked again. As soon as he reached the village, a massive flame erupted from the vicinity. Aran was shaken and he cannot utilize what is going on with the village.

"T-The village...—"

"Run!" Suddenly, an outburst of a middle-aged man was heard. Aran went back to reality as he discovered that the village was attacked by lycanthropes. A lot of people are evacuating outside the village and is running through the forest.

"Dad!" Aran didn't leave but instead, he ran across the village trying to locate his parents. Along his way, he saw a lot of wolves killing a bunch of humans and some of them are already eating their flesh. He continued to run until he passed the river. The whole village was on fire and the onslaught of these wolves continued to progress.

As soon as Aran reached his home, he saw his father.

"Dad!" Aran cried out. His father looked at him as he resisted the werewolves.

"Aran! Run! Do not go in here!" He instructed Aran to run but the kid was fixated.

"N-No!" He digressed running and started approaching his father instead.

"Aran, no!" With his negligence to resist, Aran's father was stabbed behind his back by one of the lycanthropes and the fire immediately broke out, causing the view to get deserted with the orange flame and black smoke.

"Dad!" Aran screamed loudly. He was panicking and he doesn't know what to do. He started running away from the fire but he was cornered by medium-sized lycanthropes. These werewolves are not in their animal form but instead, they are in the state of a human body. They are wearing red robes and most of them are not covered.

"Well, ain't this child looking tasty?" One of the werewolves started talking.

"He is, but I dare you to touch him. He is my prey!" They started fighting over Aran's body but the outbreak was so large in his parameter. He started running to get away from the human-shaped wolves but they caught up to him.

Aran fell down and as soon as they landed on him, a silver sword went through the wolf's head. The blood burst out from the neck and Aran was stained with it. When he gazed upward, he saw a long-haired man wearing armor while holding a silver sword. The flames grew larger and Aran found himself losing consciousness.

The long-haired man carried him as they jumped out of the fire. Several knights were deployed into the village, killing all of the lycanthropes who ambushed it. The locals were able to evacuate but the village wasn't saved. The whole onslaught destroyed the whole village.

Aran's view was becoming blurry as the knight took him away. After a while, Aran passed out.

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