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Chapter 72: LXXII. The Reptilian

"Nooo! Get up! Shieldwall, shieldwall! Back up!" shouted Dag, turning the other way: the entire enemy troop was breaking into the Temple.

Dag grabbed the hammer and jumped down from the high walls, in the direction of one of the reptilians, who had not noticed the enemy on his head.

During the fall, Dag loaded the blow and the hammer's head began to be wrapped in a dark aura.

When the reptilian looked up, Dag hit him violently on the head: the blow was so strong, that his enemy disintegrated and the shockwave generated in the impact, knocked to the ground many of the enemies who were entering the door.

Pieces of the flesh and bowels of the reptile he had just struck squirted everywhere, covering everyone with blood.

The other two reptilians turned to Dag, looking at him as if they were predators and he was the prey.

Dag, completely covered in blood, stood up, shrugging off the limbs of his enemy.

He looked at the hammer: his head had turned completely black, the liquid in the pores of the rock had dyed the rock itself.

Although he had not ingested the magenta blood, he felt that the weapon was extremely powerful. Now he just had to test it.

Dag screamed, raising his hammer and inciting his comrades to battle.

All the Hammers Of Thor screamed after him and began to counterattack.

While all the warriors of the two opposing troops fought each other, unleashing lightning and powerful jets of water, derived from their skills, the two remaining reptilians continued to walk towards Dag, who watched them defiantly.

"Retreat. You don't know my Masters, they are much more powerful than me. You have no chance to succeed" he said, looking down.

The two reptilians roared at him and attacked him.

Dag clenched his fists.

He felt his heart pulsing faster and the muscles of his arms and legs grow and strengthen.

He had just activated Call Of The Berserkr.

Having used that skill several times, he had probably managed to master it, judging by the ease with which he was able to activate it.

The first reptilian attacked him, trying to hit him with his claws, but Dag lowered himself and dodged the blow, counterattacking the enemy with the hammer.

He struck him in the chest and the reptilian spat blood, kneeling as soon as Dag removed the weapon from his body.

Meanwhile, the other enemy, the female reptilian, fainted a punch and turned on herself, hitting Dag with a tail blow.

Despite the parade, the shot destabilized Dag, who fell to the ground.

The reptilian jumped on him, trying to bite his face with her jaws. Dag raised the hammer, whose grip was wedged between the jaws of the enemy, keeping her at a distance from his face.

In front of his eyes, Dag had that red-eyed monster, who was ready to devour it.

"Aaaaagh!" yelled Dag, as the reptilian's saliva fell on his face, and his teeth began to touch him.

She was extremely strong. Despite Call Of The Berserkr, Dag's disadvantageous position prevented him from countering the reptilian with the utmost might.

Dag thought he was doomed when suddenly the reptilian loosened her grip and her eyes began to look at the emptiness as if she had lost her energy.

Dag managed to push her away and free himself from her grip.

Behind the reptilian there was Aslan, who had just pierced her with a sword behind her back, killing the monster.

"Aslan!" said Dag, astonished to see his former roommate rush to save him.

Aslan smiled.

Before Dag could thank his friend, the last remaining reptilian grabbed him by the neck and lifted him off the ground.

"No! No, leave him! I'm your opposition..." Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

Before Dag could finish the sentence, the reptilian detached the head from Aslan's neck, throwing it at Dag.

His comrade's head rolled until it touched Dag's feet.

The reptilian roared.

Dag looked at Aslan's face for the last time: his eyes were wide open and his mouth open. He had been taken by surprise.

He sacrificed himself to save him.

It had happened again. A close friend of his had lost his life to save him.

It wasn't fair.

As Dag continued to look down, the gray smoke began to come out of the hammer's head, which looked like a scorching basalt.

Dag clenched his fists and looked up at the reptilian.

His eyes were of their original color: he was going to use the dark powers only through his weapon!

Immediately the gas began to condense, becoming black fluid.

The reptilian in front of him stopped roaring, enchanted by the liquid floating next to Dag.

Within minutes, all the warriors around him stopped, both enemies and allies.

It was evident that none of them had ever seen powers like Dag's.

He began to walk towards the reptilian, while the liquid continued to wrap him.

The monster backtracked.

Dag pointed the hammer at his opponent, who began to run away from the other side, after seeing the black fluid heading at great speed towards him.

The reptilian was unable to escape the liquid, which completely wrapped him, immobilizing his legs first and then spreading all over his body.

Dag was able to control the fluid: it was as if a little at a time, he was finding matches between his bodily sensations and the movements of that unknown black mass.

The liquid entered the reptilian's body, crossing his mouth.

Once he had swallowed it all, the enemy got up, as if nothing had happened. He looked at Dag.

Dag, still pointing the hammer at him, turned his weapon, pointing the stone head down.

Immediately the reptilian's body began to implode, just as it had happened for the undead and Hjalmar: his eyes came out of his orbits and his bones broke, skewering his own flesh then.

At the end of the process, the monster's sphere of flesh and bowel disintegrated, evaporating into gas, which flew toward Dag at great speed.

The crowd was astonished, it was as if the battle had stopped.

Dag inhaled the thick grayish smoke, which filled his lungs.

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