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Chapter 74: LXXIV. The Green Eyes

The blow hit the mark, injuring the enemy warrior on the chest.

With the corner of his eye, Dag continued to look at the man with black hair: he stood still at the same spot as if he was waiting for the right moment to attack.

The Hammers of Thor warriors were taking over, crushing enemy troops.

The soldiers of the enemy Clan were now outnumbered and began to retreat towards the inexistent door.

Dargeon raised his shield again, slamming his axe on it to invite his enemy to attack.

Dag began to run towards the man with black hair.

"Wait, Dag! He is dangerous!" shouted Dargeon, distracting himself from his opponent, who took advantage of it to hit him, injuring him on the leg.

Dag continued to run, undaunted: he could feel the reptilian's energy inside. His run was faster than usual and his stride was wider.

The warrior in front of Dargeon tried to hit him again, but he parried with the shield, which emitted an electric shock and paralyzed his opponent.

Despite the wound on his leg, he got up and approached the enemy, who was motionless on the ground.

Without thinking too much, with a decisive blow, he stuck his axe in the center of the enemy warrior's forehead.

Meanwhile, Dag was near his target and jumped towards him, loading a hammer blow.

The man stood still until the last moment before the impact, when he deftly dodged Dag's shot, which was sure to hit him.

Moving quickly, the man kicked Dag's abdomen while he was still in the air, causing him to roll to the ground.

Dag got up quickly, ready to attack his enemy again.

Before he could move, the man pulled a whip from his belt: it was a very special weapon, with a black leather body and metal thorns on the tip.

He swirled his weapon in the air and then waved it toward Dag.

The shot was extremely fast and precise. The whip wrapped Dag's arm, and when the enemy pulled it towards him, Dag fell back to the ground, losing the hammer.

The man pulled the whip again, preventing Dag from getting up.

The iron tips of the weapon were stuck in Dag's forearm and he could not free himself.

"I could take your arm off with one movement" the man chuckled, mocking Dag, moving him as if he was a puppet.

The hammer had fallen away from him, he had to find a way to break free and be able to catch him.

At that very moment, something flew at great speed towards the face of the enemy, who managed to raise a hand to grab the object.

It was Dargeon's shield!

Walking slowly because of the wound he suffered, he launched his shield to save Dag, making it spin in the air as if it was a sharp disc.

The man dropped the shield to the ground and looked at his hand, completely cut and bloodied.

Dag took advantage of his opponent's distraction and grabbed the whip with both hands: the pain of the metal spines tearing his flesh was very hard, but he managed to pull the weapon towards him, destabilizing his enemy, who knelt and lost his control of the whip. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

Dag removed it from his arm, on which a dozen small circular wounds had appeared.

He threw away the weapon and grabbed his hammer.

The opposing troop warriors began to run away, exiting the main entrance, stopping a few meters later waiting for their commander.

"The library! Keep attacking the library! Destroy everything!" the black-haired man yelled, getting up.

"Master Wolnir! The troop that attacked the east wing has been exterminated! There was a warrior with a long white beard, who razed our warriors to the ground!" said one of the warriors about to escape.

"What?!" said Wolnir, the man with black hair.

Egill made it. He could have resisted the invasion on his own.

Dag charged towards him. The hammer began to release gas, then liquid.

He violently hit Wolnir, throwing him against the back wall.

Although the enemy had tried to parry the blow by crossing his arms in front of him, Dag's shot had completely destroyed his defenses, causing him great damage.

"Master Wolnir!" the enemy warriors, who were about to witness the death of one of their Masters, shouted in chorus.

Wolnir got up from the ground sore and looked at Dag.

"And who the hell are you, brat?!" he said.

Dag walked towards him.

"I'm the one who's going to take you out. Don't you dare challenge the Hammers Of Thor again!"

Wolnir clenched his fists and closed his eyes.

The upper part of his body began to glow: his clothes burned and the leather parts began to melt. Within seconds he was bare-chested.

On his chest was a large black tattoo depicting Jormungadr, the same symbol that the warriors had on their armor.

Dag paused, trying to understand Wolnir's intentions.

The enemy turned to Dargeon and all the warriors of the Clan.

His bright emerald eyes began to emanate green flames.

"Behind meeeee! All behind me, quickly!" yelled Dargeon to his warriors, who began to move behind him in a confused way, without understanding why.

Dag backtracked.

Wolnir uttered a verse similar to an internal roar: after loading the blow into his chest, he opened his mouth, which instead of his teeth had sharp snake tusks and from it came a gigantic green blaze, directed towards Dargeon and the other warriors.

Dag fell to the ground to see the green flames, which released heat all around.

Before the flames could reach Dargeon, he left the axe and placed both hands on the ground in front of him.

A huge metal wall rose several meters from the ground, protecting everyone behind it.

The flames hit the wall, which managed to hold them, but Wolnir did not stop and continued to spit flames.

Dag got up, with one hand close to his eyes: Wolnir's fire was blinding.

It was definitely one of Jormungadr's devastating powers.

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