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Blue Moon Princess Blue Moon Princess original

Blue Moon Princess

Author: The_Chimp

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Chapter 1: Hua Liu

Ha, how did I even end up here? It feels like yesterday when I completed high school and moved into a different home. Well, I guess it really was yesterday when I moved those stuff. Now then, why is it that I'm inside a beautifully decorated room instead of my cramped up room?

Before getting up from bed and making unnecessary moves that could potentially cost me my life, I decided that it would be better if I stay in my…this bed and try to recollect my thoughts. Let's see, I didn't have any money to call in the movers, so I had called my friends to move my stuff that my "very loving" parents dumped before the building that I had chosen to live in. And then one of my friends found my really intimate diary and I tried to grab it from her and I… died? Yea, she pushed me aside to read what's in it and the dumb idiot pushed me to the road instead of the other side. Then a truck hit me and I ended up here.

Since it was a truck that hit me, I could safely assess that I had been reincarnated into a new world. Truck-kun really has an impressive track record in sending people into other worlds! Now, considering that my memory's intact and based on my experience reading so many shoujo manga, I could safely assume that this might be a world that I am familiar with, since that's the usual trope. Although, that wouldn't necessarily help since I've read a lot of mangas and played a lot of games. However, it was worth a try.

I slowly walked towards the mirror placed in the right corner of the room and stared at my face. It was…average, if you ask me. Nothing peculiar about it. No eyes looking like pearls or milky skin or stuff like that. I had extremely normal eyes and an extremely normal complexion, which made it harder to imagine who the character was. At that point, it would've made no difference if I knew the story of this world or not.

As I was checking my face from different angles, trying desperately to find a connection with my favorite female characters, I heard footsteps rushing towards the room. I had no time to hide and assess the situation, so I jumped back into the bed and pretended to be asleep. Soon enough, a small mass of body jumped right into my sternum and rolled around painfully. As I opened my eyes to see what wicked creature caused me pain, I saw it! A blue eyed, smooth skinned boy smiling innocently at me. The kid was cute! I had never previously seen such a blessed existence in my entire life.

"Big sister! You are awake!" The kid joyfully hugged me and then got back up. "Mom! Dad! Big sister's awake!" He shouted. I tried to make him stop, however the kid had already screamed it out.

Since, kids don't lie, I decided to make use of this kid to extract information about this place and my identity. The kid called in his…our parents, so I had to make it quick. "Kid, what's my name?" My idiot brain asked in a hurry. I forgot to ease into the conversation.

"Eh, what's big sister talking about? Mom, dad! Big sister forgot her name!" The kid shouted yet again and before I could stop him, two people ran into the room.

"Hua! What happened? Your brother is just kidding, right? Or maybe it's the fall. Do you have a fever or something? Is everything fine?" The man asked frantically as he took my temperature and observed me with a worried expression. Since his tone of speech is kind and familial towards me, I guessed it probably was my father.

I could do nothing but sigh at this point. Instead of a covert operation, I ended up exposing my lack of information at the very first point in this unknown world. However, I got one key piece of information. My name is Hua. I know about thirteen Hua's from thirteen different novels and games, so now I had to pinpoint to one. Since everything was out in the open, I went along with the flow. "Yes. It seems like I lost my memories." I answered in a grave tone to set the mood of the scene.

And as expected, one by one the domino fell and they started crying like crazy—especially the father. His eyes looked dried up and even then he managed to cry a sea of tears. "My precious daughter! I never should've let you ride the horse. Then you never would've fell down and injured your head!" He squealed.

His words got me into thinking about where the real Hua's soul went. However, since that wasn't the major concern, I got myself back into the conversation. "Who am I?" I asked.

The old man didn't stop crying when I asked that. Instead of him, it was the mother that answered me. "You're Hua Liu of the Blue Moon sect, our precious daughter."

Oh no! Of all the Hua's I knew, there's just one Hua Liu of the Blue Moon sect and that was a disposable evil sidekick, who's only job was to harass the heroine of the famous game, World of Cultivation. I'm not a heroine; not the main villainess; instead I'm a random character that nobody cared about. And on top of that, to make things even worse, I believe I had a rare condition which doesn't allow me to hold much qi in my body. To sum it up, I had a weak body that I couldn't cultivate, which was supposed to be the main premise and focal point of the game.

I had a lot to think about at that point, so instead of asking further questions, I faked a headache and asked my family to move out. They were reluctant to do so. However, upon further persuasion, they left the room. At first, I thought of writing my game knowledge into a book, which usually wasn't a good idea since there could be other trans-migrators in this world like me. And the game knowledge is the only thing I had over them. So, I decided to roughly sum it up inside my brain.

Hua Liu; since I looked into the mirror, I had a rough idea about my age—which was in between thirteen to sixteen. Anyway, the first and only major scene that she appears in is when the villainess sent her to the heroine Qiu Si, to mock her appearance before everyone in the academy during the graduation ceremony. At that time, the heroine's age was fifteen. So, that's the time-frame that I jumped into. I don't know whether the ridiculing is done or not, but that event's one of the most important events in chapter one of the game because that's when the Hero Zhangsun Shan steps in to save her face. Not only did he save her face, but also landed a straight punch towards Hua Liu's face, which disfigured her face for the longest time.

Anyway, two years after that event the Blood Moon sect, under whom the Blue Moon sect were, attacked the main characters sect, the Taiyi sect, leaving four people alive. These four then went on a path of retribution, gathering strong comrades, and finally raised their fangs against the Blood Moon sect and eventually defeated them.

Nowhere did they mention Hua Liu's name after chapter one. However, there was a seventeen year guy named Ao Liu, who was the right-hand man of the main villain. There was a scene when Zhangsun Shan went berserk and killed Ao Liu and even his family and servants as a form of revenge towards the main villain. It was not just Ao's family, Zhangsun Shan killed almost the entirety of Blood Moon's subsidiaries almost single-handedly before Qi Si managed to stop his rampage.

From this, one thing was obvious. Ao Liu is my cute brother that rolled on my bed just moments before. He will die; my parents will die and most importantly, I will die. We are all fated to doom as long as we are the Blue Moon sect. If my guess is correct, the Taiyi sect will fall in two years and the four main characters will come for revenge in seven years. And when that time comes, all I can do is to watch my cute brother die before me.

Wait! That's not the only way for me to doom though! This body doesn't have enough Qi and had to live by consuming Qi pills every other day or so. That means there is a chance that I wasn't involved in the aforementioned family that Zhangsun Shan killed, because I might've been dead by then! Hell, I could die even from the punch that he gave in chapter one.

That might be the case, but I can't give up just like that! I had played this game for about eight years until the end of game one. I have all… well, most of the information stored in my brain. With that, I have to make sure to not die. Since, my life will always be the biggest priority of mine! I could also save my family…. BUT I COME FIRST!


The_Chimp The_Chimp

Okay, here we go! First time writing a cultivation-based story. Hope it works!

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