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Chapter 59: A Dream or Not (1)

Brown eyes opened.

Alexandra blinked multiple times before she sat up and roamed her eyes around the room. Her eyebrows creased as her surroundings were different from her room and it felt familiar. Her king-sized bed was now a small one, her comforter was replaced with a thin blanket, there were no couches nor a fireplace inside the room, the door wasn't huge nor wooden, the color of her walls were different and it had papers with drawings taped, and she was surrounded with multiple stuffed toys. It was cold but not cold enough to make her tremble or shiver. She ruffled her hair and tried to think where she is.

She looked at her hands and noticed that it was slightly different than her usual ones. Her eyes darted at the nightstand beside her bed and a frame was placed on top of it along with a book. The frame had a photo of her and a woman who she resembled so much. That's where realization hit her like a lightning.

She was back in her previous life but how? Just a minute ago, she was talking with Harrison and she ended up crying then, she felt sleepy and the pain she felt slowly went away. It feels like she was back to her 9 or 10 years old self when she found herself inside her room when she woke up. Why am I here? Was everything that happened a dream or was this a memory? She asked herself multiple questions and as she was thinking, she heard the door open.

A woman with dark brown hair and blue eyes emerged out of the door and entered the room, she was the one from the frame that was placed on top of her nightstand. A gentle and sweet smile crept up to her lips as she stared lovingly and warmly at the girl who was sitting on the bed who looked confused. "My, my, you're awake already. Are you hungry, my dear?" The sweet and silky voice which belonged to her rang inside Alexandra's ears and it feels like an arrow was sent right through her heart. It was her mother.

"Mom…" She called out to her, she was being overwhelmed with emotions, she was happy, confused, sad, and doubtful. If this is a dream, please make this last longer, she thought to herself and prayed that this would last longer. "Yes?" Her mother responded as she tilted her head sideways, still staring at Alexandra who was staring back at her. "Mom," She called out to her once again as if she wasn't believing that this is currently happening. It felt like a dream to see her mother once again who died a long ago. Is this a memory from my previous life or is this happening just because I was longing to meet my mother once again? She asked herself, still doubting.

She wants to pinch herself but stopped the urge to do so. "What is it?" Her mother responded once again, getting more and more confused at why her daughter is calling out to her for the second time without saying anything and have that expression plastered on her small face.

"Mom," She called out to her once again. This will be the last time that I will call out to her, to confirm everything if this is really happening. "You must be hungry, let's go downstairs, shall we?" Her mother responded once again, the sweet and gentle smile still plastered on her face and Alexandra nodded as a response. If this is a dream, this is a really good and realistic dream, she thought to herself before she got down the bed and walked towards her mother's direction. She passed by her body mirror and saw her appearance, she was wearing her favorite pajamas and her hair wasn't silver or white but it was black, her eyes were brown and not blue. She could guess that she was 9 years old at this time, a year before her mother died in an accident. Nonetheless, she just wants to enjoy this moment, the moment and dream she wants to have an experience for a long time.

Her mother smiled at her and she turned around, walking past the door along with Alexandra while holding her hand. It felt warm and she felt secured when she was holding her hand. A peaceful and bubbly aura surrounded them as they went down the stairs, heading towards the dining room. At the small dining table was multiple plates of food along with two empty plates with a fork and spoon placed on top of each of the two. Alexandra sat on her usual chair and her mother also did. "Eat up, I know you're hungry," Her mother said and that's where Alexandra started eating. It was delicious, it was warm and the taste was too good. Compared to the foods that she ate at the palace, there was more delicious, she could tell that her mother put so many great efforts in cooking these.

It was just simple food for breakfast but it feels like she was eating in a 5-star restaurant. Was she exaggerating? Was it because it has been a long time since she last ate her mother's cooking? How many years has it been since she last ate her mother's cooking? 10 years? 15 years? After her mother died, she wasn't able to eat something good as this, her relative who took her after her mother died wasn't good at cooking and would always order or ask someone to cook for them. At the orphanage, what they cook tasted bland and she was just enjoying just because it is the only food she can eat, and survive from it. After that, she would eat cup noodles or just order something, sometimes she wouldn't even eat when she had a low amount of money.

At the palace, what they cook there is good and she was contented from it but nothing beats her mother's cooking. So when Alexandra started to eat, she felt tears starting to well up in her eyes. She can't cry, she just cried earlier and now she will be crying once again. Her mother noticed that, her weak sobs which she tried to hide and the tears that are starting to escape from her eyes, she panicked and got nervous. She wondered why her daughter was crying while she was eating, "Why are you crying? Did what I cooked tasted so bad that you started crying? Do you hate the food I cooked for you? I'm sorry, I will cook you another one, just please don't cry," Alexandra felt bad for making her mother panic and worry about her.

Alexandra shook her head as a response and wiped the tears away. "N-No, it's not like that, the food was just so delicious I started crying because of it," She said and her mother didn't believe her but she still offered her a tissue she can blow on. Alexandra accepted the tissue her mother offered for her and blew her nose while using the tissue. "But it's just eggs and ham," Her mother said after Alexandra threw the tissue at the garbage can near her. "Everything you cook is delicious," Alexandra replied back and continued eating.

"That's the first time I heard you say that," Her mother said and couldn't help but smile. Alexandra just smiled sweetly at her and continued eating until she finished. She placed her empty plate at the dishwasher and washed her hands just like what her mother told her to do so before and after eating. Her mother finished too and she started washing the dishes while Alexandra sat on a chair, watching her as she washed the dishes while she hummed a song. Her voice filled the room and it's the only thing Alexandra could hear but she didn't complain. Instead, she felt happy and warm.

Their house was just a small two-floored house. Her mother was the reason why they survived and had something to eat even if Alexandra didn't get to meet her father because he ran away or something like that, she was happy and contented. Her mother worked multiple jobs and because of that, they were able to earn some money. Alexandra wasn't enrolled in a school but her mother was the one teaching her multiple things like how to read, write, and do some simple math which she quickly learned and understand.

Her mother was the only one who was always there for her. Alexandra didn't have friends and her mother wouldn't allow her to go outside because of the danger lurking outside and there will be nobody who will be there to help her or guard her. Alexandra didn't talk with other people aside from her mother but she wasn't sad nor she feels lonely. Her mother was always there to listen to her and tell her many stories before she goes to sleep. She would always cook for her and she worked just for them to survive. How could she get angry at her mother who always did her best?

There was news about child kidnapping and her mother would always go home early and check up on her too see if she was still there even though Alexandra doesn't go outside their house. Her mother was always worried about her.

After minutes of washing the dishes, her mother wiped her hand with the use of a towel before she turned around and met Alexandra's gaze. She gave her a sweet smile which Alexandra gladly returned. "Are you not going to work?" Alexandra asked when she noticed that she wasn't wearing her usual uniform or clothes before going to work, she wasn't even rushing even though this was the usual time where she needs to leave and kiss her on the forehead before she walks towards the door. Her mother shook her head as a response, "I'm going to take the day off," Her mother said and confusion was written all over Alexandra's face. Her mother rarely takes the day off even if she was sick, she will still force herself to go to work even if she was burning or she just vomited before she left. In the end, her boss or her manager would ask her to go home and take a rest.

"But why? You are not sick and it's not my birthday or there is no occasion that is going to happen later," Alexandra asked and her mother ruffled her hair gently before she responded with a sweet smile plastered on her face while staring at her with a warm and loving gaze, "Why, you ask? I just want to spend some time with my lovely and beautiful daughter, is that bad? Besides, it has been long since I last spend or had a mother and daughter time with you, work can come later or tomorrow," What her mother touched Alexandra's heart. Alexandra couldn't help but smile widely at what she said and hugged her.

"Mom," She called out to her just like earlier when they were inside her room. "What is it, dear?" Her mother responded, wrapping her arms around her, hugging her back and Alexandra didn't complain. "I love you," Alexandra said and she could feel how her mother was happy when she heard her say that. Her mother tightened the hug and Alexandra was happy. How warm and loving a mother's embrace is, she thought to herself and buried the side of her face deeper on her mother's stomach. The atmosphere which surrounded them was warm and gentle. The silence was comfortable and it felt bubbly. Alexandra was comfortable and she wished that this moment will last forever even if this was a dream or a fragment of her imagination. With a sweet voice, her mother muttered: "I love you too." Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=";s-daughter_15275572105705005/a-dream-or-not-(1)_41976481773059775">;s-daughter_15275572105705005/a-dream-or-not-(1)_41976481773059775</a> for visiting.

It sounded sweet and caring. It was heart-warming, hearing her daughter say that felt warm and she was contented. "I will spend my whole day playing with you and telling you so many stories as well as, singing you your favorite songs, is that alright?" Her mother asked as they were hugging, breaking the silence which once surrounded them. Alexandra nodded and she opened her mouth to speak, "I will be happy," she said.

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