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69.81% Born As The Emperor's Daughter / Chapter 71: A Pleasant Morning (1)

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Chapter 71: A Pleasant Morning (1)

3 days left until New Year. 4 days left until Harrison's vacation ends.

Alexandra fluttered her eyes open and the sight of the white ceiling of her room greeted her. Alexandra sat up her bed and looked around her room, then at the clock in the middle of the room. The long arrow was pointed at 9 and the short one was pointed at 6, it was already 6:45 in the morning. Silence surrounded her room and since all of the windows inside her room were closed, she couldn't hear any noise coming from the outside. There are only 15 minutes left until Diana enters the room and wake me up, then prepare my bath. Alexandra yawned and stretched her arms, she had a great day yesterday and she was able to get some information from Christian about Prince Chandler.

She got down and slipped her feet inside her slippers and glided or dragged herself to the balcony of her room to get some fresh air while she recalled what happened yesterday.

After having the tea party with her father along with her brothers, she went to the library and continued reading the book she left. After reading the book, she asked for some things at Christian.


"Hey, brother," Alexandra called out to Christian who was walking around the history section all alone looking for a book to read next since he already finished his first one. Carlos wasn't behind Alexandra because she told him to just stay behind at the desk for she will just go look around on the first floor of the library for some books since she already finished hers. Christian also told Gabriel, his personal knight, to stay behind since he would also look for another book.

"Oh, Alexandra. What is it? Are you looking for a history book too?" Christian asked in a gentle tone of voice when he turned his head around and saw Alexandra standing not far away from him. Alexandra showed him a faint smile as she shook her head as a response. "I want to ask you something," Alexandra said in a gentle tone of voice, a curious expression plastered on her face. As if she was yearning for something, yearning for some information. "What is Prince Chandler like? I mean, you already told me that but I want more, a detailed one. I know I might look selfish or something for asking you that but, I just really want to know," Alexandra said. Her hand made multiple gestures and it moved around many times as she said her last sentence.

Christian chuckled and he smiled at her, "Is it because of what you told him earlier when you chased after him?" Christian asked and Alexandra smiled at him as she nodded. Christian heaved a sigh, "I told you, right? That I would help you when it comes to this kind of thing. We're siblings after all," Christian said in a gentle tone of voice. Somehow, he was radiating this warm and bright aura, he looked gentle and pure, an angel to be exact. His face was beaming with joy and the expression plastered on his face was gentle. Alexandra's smile grew wider when she heard him say that, especially the last part. It echoed and repeated inside her mind and she felt a tug on her heart.

It's not bad to be happy when Christian just called me his sibling despite what they think of me, Alexandra thought to herself. Well, Christian has been treating her like that from the start, although, to suddenly say that with that warm and bright aura, Alexandra just couldn't help it. I wish my other older brothers was like Christian, well, I'm fine with brother Gilbert but the other two are grumpy, it would be hard to deal with them, Alexandra thought to herself. If only they know I really older than them.

Her thoughts cut off when Christian spoke, "However, I can't tell you that much since we aren't that close, we barely even talked with each other because he was either at the academy, studying and training there or when he's here at the palace, he would remain inside his room or train with brother Calixander, I was shocked at why he suddenly entered or came here but it was just to tell us something which ends up in an argument," Christian explained, his gentle smile turned into a sad one but then it was quickly wiped off or changed back into his usual one in just a blink of an eye.

Alexandra nodded repeatedly as she said, "I see," Do Prince Chandler and Christian hate each other? Alexandra asked herself and recalled the fight they had earlier which was stopped by Gilbert. That was the first time she heard Christian raise his voice like that, it seems like he was annoyed or angry. It was quite shocking but Christian was also human, so it's normal for him to act like that once in a while. "You see, brother Chandler and I really don't get along. If I was water, he was fire. Nothing good will happen if we are together. Brother Chandler was a competitive and hardworking person but he was really reckless and brave, let's say that what you did earlier was brave and reckless but that was nothing compared to his. He has a confusing attitude, like earlier morning, while we were having breakfast, he was with brother Calixander standing behind him quietly," Well, fire suits Prince Chandler more because of his personality unlike Christian who is calm and gentle like water, Alexandra thought to herself.

Alexandra was about to say something when Christian spoke once again. "But Prince Chandler, no matter how hot-headed or reckless he is, he actually has a soft heart and he gets flustered easily. Although he was 2 years older than me, he acts like an adult or way older than his age. He works hard and studies hard, I don't know if his efforts were recognized though," Christian said in a gentle tone of voice, a hint of sadness lacing his voice as he spoke.

"Although he was only 3 years old when mother died, he can recall some of the memories he had with her. Believe it or not, Prince Chandler has a better memory than me," Christian added and Alexandra quickly takes note of what he said, burying it deep inside her mind so that she wouldn't forget it when she is going to write it on her notebook. "Do you have any more questions? Would you like me to tell you about brother Calixander if you will unexpectedly bump into him so that you will know what to do?" Christian asked and Alexandra nodded repeatedly as if she was really excited to know.

"Let's see, hmm," Christian hummed as he was deep in thought trying to remember what he was like. "Brother Calixander was a cold person and let's say, rude yet strong. He was the most hardworking person among all of us since he was the heir and will be the next emperor of this land after father would retire from his position. Because of that, a lot of pressure has been put up to him and so, his heart turned into stone. He had spent more time with mother than us since he was 8 years old when mother died when giving birth to you. When he learned that it was a girl and everybody thought that you are going to bring bad luck or a curse to the family, he somehow got wary and he hates you because of that. He told us to not go near you, so nothing bad will happen to us. You see, no matter how cold brother Calixander is, he is actually caring, kind, and understanding, at least that is what I have observed from him. He never rests and spends his time training, studying, and learning," Christian stopped first before he continued what he was about to say.

"So when he saw you with us and getting close to father, he was probably shocked. I don't what will he do after that but father probably told them something after we left the dining room after breakfast," Christian said. He finally finished speaking, honestly, Christian's observation skills are spot-on. Alexandra nodded and smiled at him, "Thank you for telling me, brother," Alexandra said and bowed to show gratitude. "You don't have to bow, you know. Thanking me is already enough," She heard Christian say and she lifted her head, showing him a warm and gentle smile. Her face was beaming with joy and her expression was bright.

Christian smiled, "I hope you will not have a hard time, wish you luck and great success. That's the only way I can help you, I hope you understand," Christian said in an apologetic tone of voice as if what he had done wasn't enough and still useless but Alexandra just smiled at him and patted his shoulder. "It's fine, it's fine. Besides, without you, I wouldn't have the courage to do all of these things and I might not know what to do. What you have done and told me was a great help, so don't be sad or disappointed at yourself," Alexandra said, patting his shoulder. She looked like she was the older sister, she was actually older than him, but in this life, she isn't.

Christian just smiled at her, but Alexandra could see the happiness in his eyes. His gaze was warm and gentle, and his smile was wide.


Then after their conversation, Alexandra looked for another book but then ended up borrowing it along with the other 5 books. Carlos was the one who carried it with the use of magic, he let it float and follow them until they reached the palace. It was placed inside her room, on top of her table surrounded by the couches. She has to write all the information she got from Christian on her notebook inside the drawers of the desk in the study room. Then after that, she ate dinner, took a bath, laid down her bed as she was tucked in by Diana while she sang her a lullaby, but Alexandra failed to fall asleep because there were thoughts inside her head which bothered her.

She can't help but think what and who Sir Mark Devan is, why he is at the palace even with that attitude or personality of his. Is he someone important or something? Alexandra hoped that her father will take action. Alexandra found the grin on his face annoying as she recalled it.

She felt the gentle breeze caress her bare skin as she stood at the balcony, leaning her body at the railings. She closed her eyes and enjoy the peace she was feeling right now. If only my life was as peaceful as this, she thought to herself as her eyes were closed. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=";s-daughter_15275572105705005/a-pleasant-morning-(1)_42251395935566832">;s-daughter_15275572105705005/a-pleasant-morning-(1)_42251395935566832</a> for visiting.

"Eh? Young miss, you're here. I thought you went to somewhere when I didn't saw you at the bed and the balcony door was open," Alexandra heard Diana's gentle voice and her eyes jolted open in surprise as she whipped her head at Diana's direction, looking at her, shock written all over her face. She didn't hear the door of her room open because she was busy enjoying her peaceful and quiet moment. She didn't even hear her coming footsteps nor feel her presence. "D-Diana!" Alexandra said as she looked at her.

Diana smiled at her as she spoke in her gentle and sweet voice, "Good morning, young miss," Alexandra stood still for a moment there before she responded as her heart slowly calmed down and her expression softened. "G-Good morning too, Diana,"

"I'm going to prepare the bath for you, would you like to wait here as I do so?" Diana asked while smiling at her. Alexandra smiled back at her, recovering from the shock from earlier. "I'll just go inside," Alexandra replied back and turned around, heading back inside her room, leaving the balcony. Diana followed behind her quietly and headed towards the bathroom to prepare Alexandra's bath. Alexandra sat on her couch and stared at the ceiling while thousands of thoughts were running inside her head.

After moments of staring and thinking, Diana emerged out of the bathroom door and called to Alexandra, gaining her attention, cutting off her train of thoughts. "Young miss, your bath is ready," Diana said and Alexandra stood up her seat, walking towards the bathroom.

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