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92.45% Born As The Emperor's Daughter / Chapter 95: Before They Go (2)

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Chapter 95: Before They Go (2)

Finally, they arrived at the vast and empty field where her brothers would train. Small houses surrounded the place and there were some benches to sit on when you are tired or when you wanted to take a rest. It was quiet and it feels like nobody was there. The cold breeze gently blew and caressed their skin, it felt gentle and soothing. Alexandra's hair slightly fluttered and she roamed her eyes around the place as if she was looking for someone. Well, she's looking for Chandler and Calixander to give them the things that Carlos was carrying.

"It seems like they are not here, they are probably in the garden or somewhere," Alexandra said when she saw that there was nobody. Aside from that, it was also quiet and it feels like there was nobody here aside from them 4. "Let's look inside the houses first. Just like I told you earlier that they might just be inside the house," Christian said and Alexandra turned her head towards his direction. Christian showed her a gentle smile and Alexandra smiled back at him before she nodded. "Well, yeah, you're right. I'll go look, would you like to come with me?" Alexandra asked, her tone of voice gentle and warm as always as she looked at him.

"Of course, I will," Christian said before he grabbed Alexandra's hand and looked back to his knight. "We will just go look inside the houses, you can just stay here," Was what he said to Gabriel and Alexandra turned around to Carlos, and just gave him a smile and a small nod that seems like it was telling him the same thing Christian said to Gabriel. Carlos immediately understood what she meant by that and smiled back at her before he spoke, "I'll stay here, Miss. But make sure that you aren't going to escape, run away, or something," Carlos said, smiling at her. Alexandra recalled the times where she would suddenly run away or go somewhere without telling him nor Diana, including the ones where she left the palace with Harrison.

Alexandra let out an awkward laugh before she gave him a thumbs-up, "I promise you, besides Brother Christian is with me and if I decided to do something reckless like that, he will be involved and be scolded right after," She told him and shortly after laughing before she turned around, facing ahead of her before she looked at Christian and gave him a smile which she happily returned. "Let's go," Alexandra said and Christian nodded before they began walking towards the house near them. "By the way, brother," Alexandra called out to him as they walked.

Christian hummed before he responded to Alexandra, "What is it?" He asked and looked at her at the corner of his eyes as they walked towards the house. As they took a step, they are slowly getting closer and the gentle blew against her skin, making her hair flutter along with it. "What is inside these houses anyway? Why are there houses in their training grounds or field?" Alexandra asked, a confused expression plastered on her face. Her tone of voice sounded curious as she spoke. Are there beds inside the houses? Do they sleep in here when they don't want to go back to their room? What about a kitchen or something when they get hungry while fighting or training?

"Weapons, first-aid kits, and such things that are needed when you want to train. Although I still haven't seen the inside of some of the houses here because I fear that they might be inside during that time," Christian explained and as if on cue, they arrived in front of the door of the small wooden house. "I think this was the storage of those first-aid kits and where the wounded or injured would rest. Having the ability to heal was a blessing and not everyone knows how to or not everyone has it. It consumes so much mana, well, it depends on the wound. If the wound is just a scratch or a small cut, it consumes a small amount of mana and it takes less time to heal it than those huge and deep wounds. Aside from that, it also depends on the ability of the healer," Christian said as they stood before the wooden door and stared at it.

Alexandra nodded repeatedly as her mouth shaped into an 'o', sounds like that person would be considered as an angel if he or she has the ability to heal. Does Christian have the ability to do so? I mean, he looks so warm and gentle, it feels like he was an angel who descended to Earth. His smile can cure all of those people who are wounded and it can cure all of those diseases, it looks so pure and innocent, those were the thoughts running inside Alexandra's head since earlier while they were talking. It's not also his appearance but also his personality, he was friendly, kind, innocent, pure, strong-willed, open, and warm. He's giving off that 'I can be the shoulder you want to cry on and I will listen to all of your problems without judging you' aura or demeanor.

Diana told me that Christian was like mother, by personality, and by appearance. Does that mean mother is also as kind as him and was like an angel? She was probably a goddess since the cold and cruel emperor of this land which was my father fell head over heels for her. Alexandra doesn't know if she was like her mother, well, the personality would be like her mother but she isn't an angel. It's not right to call her a demon, she's more like an unidentified human being who doesn't know the purpose of her life or something. Why does it sound like she was an alien who crashed down to earth and has to figure out how she lives and communicate with other people without them finding out who or what she truly is?

Alexandra just shrugged those thoughts off and watched Christian as he holds the knob of the door, twisted it and swung the door open revealing what was inside. Multiple cabinets and some open curtains with a bed inside greeted her sight. There were also some desks accompanied by some chairs inside. "I forgot to tell you that this training ground was previously where knights and some other people like palace wizards would train before not until they decided to create another one, which was better and bigger than this. That's what Gabriel told me that's why there are so many things you can find in here," Christian said and he closed the door when there were no Chandler and Calixander.

"They are not here, they are probably at the weapons one," Christian said before he started walking towards the biggest house and Alexandra followed behind him as she looked around the place. This was like the same size as the field back in her school although this was bigger, she thought to herself and looked ahead of her. She stared at the back of Christian's head, he said that there is also a storage of weapons in here. I wonder what kind of weapons I can find in here, she thought to herself and tried to imagine many types of weapons displayed in the wall. Do guns exist in here? Like those pistols or something, I only saw swords, she thought to herself. Well, the gun will be powered with the use of mana, so it would probably be powerful. Maybe the bullets will be surrounded by fire or when it hit a person, that person would become ice just like what she watched in her previous life and what her co-workers would talk about.

They would usually talk about magic and mana although Alexandra never participates since she isn't interested in that kind of thing. They wished that magic exist so that their daily tasks would just be easier. They could use magic to make things move or to warp from one place to another when they are too lazy to walk or they could just install some knowledge in their brain, so that they don't have to study and there are spell books, so they don't have to memorize the chant to make some things to happen. It sounded stupid and unbelievable to Alexandra's ears, so she would just ignore them and continue working but look where she is right now. Look at what kind of world she is living in right now, how ironic.

If they knew how confusing it was to be in this world. There are tiers, levels, and such. Diana told her that spell books are expensive and cost like more than a hundred thousands of eni. The almost impossible things are possible here. This world is unknown and mysterious to her, it feels like you were a kid getting lost in a mall.

Alexandra let out a sigh and as if on cue, they arrived in front of the door of the house. It was slightly open and they could hear some voices coming from the inside. Although it was quite inaudible to her ears.

"Do you think she is coming today, brother?" That voice belongs to Prince Chandler.

"Are you waiting or expecting her to come today?" There are only two people who only have that cold and monotonous voice, father and Prince Calixander. It was probably Prince Calixander because Prince Chandler called him as a brother.

"N-No! I hate her, so I would probably be g-glad that she w-wouldn't c-come today!" Prince Chandler is being a tsundere.

"What are you so nervous about?"

"It's nothing, I just remembered what father and Brother Gilbert told me before,"

"What about Gilbert? I can only recall the one with father while we were having breakfast,"

"Should we trust her?"

"That's what father told us to do, to just be patient and spend some time with her even though it would be short, and try to get close to her,"


"Father also said that it was one of what mother wanted, that even if it was a girl or if it was a boy born with a disease or something, let's treat him or her as siblings. That was what mother wanted and wished,"

"Are you really going to trust her?"

"I'll try to get to know her first and judge her by how she acted but based from how she treated us for the past few days, it seems like she doesn't resent us even when I treated her harshly and she looks innocent,"

"That's weird coming from your mouth, you would always badmouth her before but now… you're sort of… soft,"

"Shut up, I'm trying to be an understanding brother. That is also what mother and father wished and told me before. One of the responsibilities of the eldest sibling is to take care of his or her younger siblings. I am just trying to do my responsibilities, although I still hate her,"


"And you too, act maturely and stop arguing with Christian. You two are siblings, try to get along with him,"

"I don't want to,"

"You just don't know how to,"

"Of course I do! I just refuse to get along with him even with that girl,"

"Even when she gave you the things that you've been looking for since last year?"

"W-Well, I still hate her! Argh, I just don't want to get along with either of them,"

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"I'm not telling you,"

"You tsundere,"

That was the first Alexandra heard Calixander talk so much, he would usually just leave some snarky or harsh remarks and he would just remain quiet but glaring at the person he is talking to when he is annoyed or when he wants that person to leave. That shows how much close they are and how comfortable they are when they are together. Prince Calixander sounded like a real brother there who was spoiling his little brother, Alexandra thought to herself.

Christian told her before that Prince Calixander, no matter how cold or harsh he acts, was actually a caring brother inside and wants to protect his siblings against Alexandra who he thought was a curse and would bring bad luck to the people who will get close with her. He thinks that Alexandra was a threat to their family and might harm them, so he acted harshly and hated her.

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