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93.39% Born As The Emperor's Daughter / Chapter 96: Before They Go (3)

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Chapter 96: Before They Go (3)

Come to think of it, he mentioned Christian and me earlier about getting along with Prince Chandler, she thought to herself. What's his reaction? Alexandra was curious about how he reacted or what his reaction was when he heard them say that. For sure he heard it since I was able to hear it.

Alexandra turned her head towards Christian's direction. Christian looked dumbfounded and shocked as if he doesn't believe what he just heard. Well, she can't blame him, to think that their eldest sibling, Calixander, asked Chandler to get along with him knowing that they won't. It was like he was being worried and just want them to get along because at the end of the day, they are each other's allies and supporters. However, Chandler refused to do so and didn't tell him what his reason was. Alexandra let out a sigh as a smile graced upon her lips after. Christian was spacing out as if he was thinking about something.

"Brother," Alexandra called out to him, grabbing his attention and pulling him back to reality. Christian turned his head in her direction, his eyes wide with wonder as he blinked multiple times. "What are you thinking?" Alexandra asked in a gentle tone of voice, confusion written all over his face. Christian's features softened into his usual gentle expression. He gave her a gentle yet faint smile before he responded, "Nothing, that was just the first time that I saw Brother Chandler and Brother Calixander act like that. I was just shocked and confused," Well, how they acted in front of everyone and when they are just alone together are completely different.

They act cold in front of everyone. They are emotionless, their faces are blank, and it feels like they are angry or annoyed because of their sharp gazes which were like the emperor's gaze. They are not talkative or something. But when they are together alone, with nobody around obviously, they talk a lot and they are close to each other although they don't smile at each other nor they laugh. However, their expressions weren't that scary nor they aren't glaring but they still look cold. They are comfortable with each other. And what Christian only sees is how they act in front of everyone, so seeing them act like this might be new for him. Although Alexandra was also shocked when they saw them act like that earlier, she remembered that people tend to act differently in front of other people and when they are with someone they are close with. That's just normal.

Alexandra smiled at Christian before she spoke, "I see, so how do we make our intro? How do we give these to them?" Entering suddenly would probably startle them and they might get annoyed or ticked off but then, we have to give these to them as early as possible, Alexandra thought to herself as she looked at Christian. Hoping that he has a solution or something that will help them. "Shouldn't we just knock or something? You heard what they said earlier, right? That they are going to try to get along with us and this is just one of those. Let's just pretend that we didn't hear what they said earlier or else they might get angry because we listened to their conversation and that would be disrespectful," Christian said in a low voice.

Alexandra hummed before she answered, "Well, you have a point. Will I be the one who will knock or will it be you?" She asked him and he pointed at himself while he mumbled: "Me,"

Alexandra nodded and she looked ahead of her, regaining her composure before Christian knocked at the door 3 times before he spoke, "Brother, are you there?" Was what he said before he swung the door open gently and he entered inside, Alexandra followed behind him. As the door was swung open it revealed Prince Chandler looking at them with a blank expression plastered on his face. "What is it? What do you need?" He was back to his cold and annoyed self when he saw Alexandra and Christian emerge out of the door together. In front of him was Prince Calixander, "What brings you two here?" His voice was laced with curiosity as he spoke coldly. A cold expression plastered on his face, they change their personalities fast.

Alexandra bowed at them as she greeted them, "May the Queenilia's sun shine down upon you, Prince Chandler, Prince Calixander," Her voice was gentle and soft like always as she spoke. The two princes which she greeted just looked at her and didn't say anything. "Alexandra actually has something to give to you before you leave and go back to the academy," Christian said. Alexandra inserted her hands inside the pockets of her dress and she took out a small pouch with sweets inside and the other was a small wooden box that has this old-like aura. "This is for you, Prince Chandler," Alexandra walked towards him and handed the small wooden box to Prince Chandler and he stared at it for like 10 seconds before he took out from her hands.

"And these are for you, Prince Calixander. I hope you will like it," Alexandra said after Chandler took the wooden box which she handed to him. She handed him the small pouch and he accepted it. Chandler, with a confused and curious expression plastered on his face as his eyebrows were furrowed, he opened the box while guessing what might be inside it. An antique gold pocket watch that was still working greeted him, it looked valuable and his eyes widened with shock when he saw and realized what it was. His eyes sparkled and gleamed in happiness but he immediately cleared his throat and changed the expression on his face, "Well, thanks. I appreciate it. Although I don't need it," He said, trying to sound cold and look emotionless as much as possible but he was stopping his self from smiling.

You can't say that while your lips are trying to curve into a smile and your eyes are sparkling, Alexandra thought to herself. Alexandra just smiled at him and didn't say anything, she looked at Calixander and gave him a smile too but he just stared at her. Nobody dared to speak and silence surrounded them, Alexandra can't find the right timing to speak and leave along with Christian. The atmosphere that surrounded them wasn't heavy but rather it was awkward. Alexandra fiddled with her fingers, not knowing what to do.

And a savior arrived. "Chandler, Calixander," The voice sounded familiar and it rang inside Alexandra's ears. She turned her head around and looked at the owner of that voice and saw Gilbert, staring at them with a nonchalant look on his face as he stood by the door. "Your personal knights have been looking for you. They are on their way here now," Gilbert said and his eyes darted at Alexandra, she smiled at him and he nodded in return before he looked at Chandler and Calixander. "Why? Why are they looking for us?" Calixander asked. Come to think of it, Gilbert didn't call Prince Calixander as brother unlike Chandler and Christian, she thought to herself. Well, it's not like I called him brother and not 'prince'.

"It's almost time for us to leave," Gilbert responded and as if on cue, right after he spoke, two knights arrived at their position. Their eyes darted at Christian and then at Alexandra. Gilbert took a step back and let the knights passed by him to walk towards the princes. "Good morning, Prince Chandler!" Prince Chandler's personal knight was rather energetic and cheerful, he was completely the opposite of the prince he was serving. While Prince Calixander's personal knight was just silent and bowed to him.

Carlos and Gabriel saw 3 people entered the house which Alexandra and Christian were in. 2 of them were wearing the same uniform as them and the other was wearing something formal, like a prince's. They used the path opposite from them, so they didn't bump or meet each other when they arrived. Carlos gulped and thought of what is happening inside the house, what if it was those people don't know who Alexandra is and saw her there, I must do something, he thought to himself and looked at Gabriel. "I'm going, would you like to come or just stay there? I could just drag Prince Christian with me but not completely drag, it's like to make him come with me," He said and Gabriel opened his mouth to speak.

"No need. That is my duty as his personal knight, I am going with you," He said before they made their way towards the house. They arrived there after a minute and entered the house, Carlos roamed his eyes around and saw Alexandra standing not far away from them, looking at their direction. She blinked multiple times. The other people inside the house was also looking at them, Prince Christian, Prince Chandler, Prince Gilbert, and Prince Calixander was inside and Christopher and Cortez are with them too. Relief washed over him as he let out a sigh. "Carlos, is it time for me to leave?" Alexandra asked as Carlos approached her.

"May the Queenilia's sun shine down upon you, Prince Gilbert, Prince Chandler, and Prince Christian," He said as he bowed before he turned around and looked at Alexandra. He shook his head, "I was worried at who entered and thought of what might happen if they saw you but it turns out it was just Prince Gilbert, Sir Christopher, and Sir Cortez," Carlos responded after he said his greetings.

"I see, do you have the book with you?" Alexandra asked and Carlos nodded before he handed her the book he was holding since earlier. "Thank you," Alexandra said and looked at Gilbert, smiling at him once again. "This is for you, Brother Gilbert. I hope you'll like it," Alexandra said as she handed him the book she was holding which he immediately took, seeing the title of it. It was his favorite book, the one they don't have at the library since it was old and it was hard to look for it. 'La Casas e Memoires', to think that Alexandra has one. They actually have 3 copies of it inside her palace's library and giving one to Gilbert was completely fine. "Where did you get this?" Gilbert asked as he flipped the pages of the book as if he was scanning the pages. It was the real deal.

"We actually have 3 copies of it and we have tons of old books that are like that, although some of them were already old and the ink faded away," Alexandra replied. It seems like they forgot that they are still people around them as they just talked with each other as if they were the only ones. They just watched them and listened to their conversation as if they were watching a movie. Gilbert nodded multiple times as he hummed as a response. "Thanks, you have a good taste when giving gifts," He said in a nonchalant tone. Alexandra smiled at him, he just complimented me, didn't he? I feel so proud of myself, she thought to herself.

Then someone entered, "Prince Gilbert, there you are! It's time to leave," Philip arrived. They turned their heads in his direction and his eyes widened seeing all of them together along with their personal knights, it was a shocking and unexpected sight. It doesn't look like they were arguing and there was no pressure in the atmosphere, Prince Calixander wasn't spouting out some insults and such things to Alexandra and it looked like they were getting along. Gilbert hummed before he responded, "We'll be there in a minute," He said before he turned around and looked at Christopher and Cortez. "Let's go," He said before they began walking.

"I pray that you will have a safe journey," Alexandra said as they walked towards the door and passed by her. Gilbert was the last one to leave and Alexandra smiled widely at him, "I hope that you'll have a safe journey, brother," She said and Gilbert just nodded before he ruffled Alexandra and Christian's hair. His hand was gentle and warm. Alexandra's eyes widened as she stared at him, wondering why he did that. Christian was also confused at their brother's actions. "I'll be looking forward to seeing you two again," He said before he turned around and walked towards Philip who was standing by the door.

Philip smiled at them before they left. That was completely unexpected, Alexandra didn't know that he was going to do that and what he said before he walked towards his personal knight rang inside Alexandra's ears. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=";s-daughter_15275572105705005/before-they-go-(3)_42859046029553607">;s-daughter_15275572105705005/before-they-go-(3)_42859046029553607</a> for visiting.

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