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Chapter 90: Carnival (4)

As Alexandra was aimlessly walking around, not looking at in front of her as she roamed her eyes around the place, she accidentally bumped into someone. She stumbled backward but thankfully, she was able to balance herself before she completely falls to the ground. She heard the other person yelp which made her look at that person to see who was that. It was a girl. The girl looked oddly familiar to Alexandra's eyes as she stared at her. She was slightly taller than Alexandra and she was radiating this warm, bright, and bubbly aura which made her look approachable and friendly.

She has a peach-colored hair which was pretty unusual. Golden colored eyes that looked attractive, bright, and enchanting. She was attractive and pretty.

Behind her were two males, looking at the girl Alexandra bumped into with a worried expression and asking if she was alright or something like that. Alexandra stared at the two males and tried to remember where they saw them. The first guy has blonde hair and golden eyes, his eyes were slightly droopy that gave him a gentle look on his face. While the other person has dark-colored hair and green eyes. "Are you okay?" The blonde guy said as he approached the girl Alexandra bumped into and the dark-haired guy just followed him. His voice sounded gentle and warm with a hint of worry lacing it.

The three of them looked oddly familiar and Alexandra can't remember where she has seen them. Why does it seem like I already met them or is it just my imagination? I probably saw them in the crowd while I was looking for Harrison, she thought to herself as her eyebrows were slightly creased while thinking.

Then after a few moments of thinking, she realized who they were and cursed inside her head when she did. Crap, crap, crap, what are the odds of meeting them here once again? Alexandra panicked. Elise Clarissa Greenwood, Carlos Jerich Felix, and Luke Ashley Collins. Those were the people who Alexandra happened to meet at the café a few days ago when she went out with Harrison. One of them almost knew or guessed that it was Harrison. His identity at that time was almost revealed or spilled by one of them. It seems like they still haven't looked at Alexandra yet because they were busy worrying at the girl with them. She let out a sigh of relief.

"No, no, I'm fine," Elise said, smiling at Luke and Jerich. Alexandra decided to call Carlos one with Jerich because he has the same name as her knight and she might be confused if she called him Carlos. Alexandra was about to blend in with the crowd and escape them but it was too late, "You should check if the person who bumped into me is okay," Elise said and turned her head, looking at Alexandra's direction. Their gazes met and Elise's eyes widened when she saw her. Ah, I smell trouble.

"Ah!" Elise said and pointed at Alexandra, her mouth wide open but she covered it with her other hand while her eyes widened in surprise. Alexandra stiffened at her position, she can't escape now, they already saw her. The two boys behind her looked at Alexandra, analyzing her for a moment before they realized who it was. "You're the girl at the café before!" Elise said rather loudly, her voice sounded cheerful and her mouth formed into a huge smile. Alexandra just showed her an awkward smile before she bowed, "I'm sorry for bumping into you, I hope you'll forgive me. I wasn't looking ahead of me," She said while she bowed. Alexandra just hoped that they would respond to her fast and she will immediately leave.

"No, no, it's okay," She heard Elise say and Alexandra lifted her head, meeting her gaze. Her eyes were beautiful and attractive, it held warmth and was gentle. There was a smile plastered on her lips and her expression looked bright. She had the charisma of the main character in a novel, her aura and demeanor were completely just like it. Just like how Alexandra described her when she first saw her at the café, she was beautiful and attractive just like a goddess. A flower yet to bloom.

Alexandra who was attracted to beauty couldn't help but stare at her. She wasn't envious or jealous of her beauty, in fact, she already has seen people who are on the same level of beauty as her while she was working, on the TV, or in the magazines. She was used to it but this girl was completely different, everything about her was beautiful but Harrison once told her that she was annoyingly mysterious and she looked dangerous. That was what Alexandra was feeling right now as she stood in front of her, it feels like Elise was intimidating and… powerful.

"Wah, your eyes are really beautiful, as well as your hair. It complemented each other," Elise said as she gasped in awe, her eyes were sparkling like stars, gleaming with interest as she stared at Alexandra's orbs. Alexandra had a confused look plastered on her face, her eyebrows were slightly creased when she heard her say that. What does she mean by that?

"I beg your pardon?" Alexandra responded, blinking multiple times as she stared at Elise. What is she saying all of a sudden? Why does it feel like there is something hidden in those words that escaped her lips? Alexandra felt frightened and confused when she heard what the girl in front of her said, it sounded creepy, to be honest, and the atmosphere suddenly turned into an uncomfortable one.

The peach-haired girl just smiled at Alexandra before she waved her hand while speaking, "Don't mind what I said earlier, just forget about it," She said. Alexandra's eyebrows furrowed for a moment before she let out a sigh and her features softened. How mysterious, it's so annoying, she thought to herself. This was probably what Harrison felt when he learned about her or something.

"By the way, are you just here alone? Did you bring someone with you or are you lost?" Elise asked, her eyes wide with concern as her voice sounds like she was worried. "I'm lost," Alexandra said nonchalantly. "I see, I see. Where are you heading to? We'll take you there," Elise said, still smiling at Alexandra who just shook her head before she spoke, "It's fine,"

"Were you with the guy you were with at the café? Was he your older brother, your friend, or your neighbor who you happened to get along with?" Elise asked, curiosity lacing her voice as she spoke. I can't tell them it was Harrison or else he would get mad at me and multiple problems would arise, and I'll be included. Should I go with a friend one, maybe I shouldn't answer. It's not like I need to answer her anyway. Elise was about to speak when the dark-haired guy interrupted her, "Come on, Elise. The little girl might be uncomfortable and doesn't want to answer your questions," Ah, savior. Alexandra was feeling uncomfortable as she fiddled with her fingers, a habit of hers when she is feeling uncomfortable, nervous, bored, or she doesn't know what to do.

She thanked the dark-haired guy inside her head for saving her or helping her escape. "Oh, right! I'm sorry, it's okay if you wouldn't answer my questions. I might be stepping over the line," Elise said and giggled shortly after. "It's fine," I want to leave already but I don't want to look rude in front of them, she thought to herself and just remained still at her position.

"Then little girl, would you like us to take you to the broadcasting room or area to let announce and let your companion know that you are there and waiting for him?" The blonde guy approached Alexandra, his voice was gentle and warm. Even with all of this noise around them, his voice sounded clear. That's a good idea, I don't want to walk around and look for Harrison knowing that the chance of us bumping into each other is rather low, she thought to herself and was about respond when she heard a familiar voice that seems like it was calling out for her.

"I finally found you, you idiot!" His voice rang inside Alexandra's ears and she felt a chill went down her spine. Relief washed over her when she heard that voice and as she was turning her head around, she felt a hand smack her head down. There was a stinging pain in her hand and that was the first time Harrison smacked her. "That hurts!" Alexandra exclaimed as she lifted her head and rubbed the part where Harrison smacked to ease the pain she was feeling. She glared at Harrison as she rubbed her head and he looked annoyed and worried at the same time. Then he looked at the people standing in front of Alexandra and his eyes widened for a moment when he saw them.

Thankfully, I altered our appearances, he thought to himself. His eyes darted at Elise's direction and she was smiling at him, somehow her smile felt weird like it was way too friendly for a stranger or something like that. It was unusual and Harrison wanted to know what was running inside her head at this moment. "Hello, we met again," The blonde guy said, it was Jerich. He had his gentle smile plastered on his face and beside him was Luke who was just staring at him. Harrison just hummed and nodded his head. "We'll be taking our leave now," Was the only thing Harrison said to them before he grabbed Alexandra's hand and turned around, dragging her with him as he walked away from them.

When they were finally away from them and where there are a few people around, Harrison slowed down his pace before he completely stopped and turned around to face Alexandra. She gulped when she saw his angry expression, a vein popping out of his forehead making him look ticked off. She knew that he was going to scold him. "Calm down and let me explain first," Alexandra said as she showed him an awkward smile. "Are you kidding me? How could I calm down first when I was looking for you for like a whole hour? I thought you were already taken by someone else," His voice wasn't loud but by the way he spoke, it sounds like he was angry. Alexandra was always scolded and usually, the reason is she would always wander around and get lost, and they would have to spend hours looking for her.

"Somebody dragged me, okay? He thought that I was his little sister because we looked similar and at the time that he looked at me and realized who he was dragging, that's where his little sister arrived and they left me behind. I was also looking around for you and got lost in the crowd of people," Alexandra explained hoping that he would believe her. Well, she was telling him the truth and it sounds reasonable enough for him to believe.

"Then what about meeting those three?" He asked, slowly calming down and Alexandra couldn't help but feel relieved when he did. "I accidentally bumped into them while I was walking around, I wasn't looking ahead of me, so it happened," Alexandra replied hoping that he wouldn't ask no further questions. Harrison let out a sigh before he spoke, "If you are going to get lost again or out of my sight, I'm not going to take you outside anymore," Was what he said before he turned around and continued walking still grabbing Alexandra's hand but tighter than before.

"Yes, sir," Alexandra responded and giggled shortly after as she let herself be dragged by Harrison knowing that it would be futile to resist because of their difference in strength and such. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=";s-daughter_15275572105705005/carnival-(4)_42697895618608323">;s-daughter_15275572105705005/carnival-(4)_42697895618608323</a> for visiting.

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