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Chapter 37: Claymore

"Don't suddenly appear behind me like that," Alexandra said, a frown plastered on her porcelain face as she watched him went around the desk and take a seat in front of her. Alexandra calmed her racing heartbeat, as usual, he just ignored what she said. His gaze bore on her face and Alexandra just stared back at him in silence, so are we just going to stare at each other? She asked herself and decided to examine his features. Compared to the first time they met, there were some small changes that she noticed from him although she also experienced that too. He got tall and his face somehow matured, Alexandra's height slightly increased and she was experiencing some small changes which she just ignored. But, Harrison's eyes remained attractive and beautiful as ever.

"Where's your tutor?" He asked as he looked around, obviously to look for her tutor. She forgot to tell him that her tutor was on a vacation since the celebration of the winter star is coming and will come back after New Year which will be a week after winter star. "He's currently on a vacation and will come back after New Year," Alexandra stated and thought of how many days left for Harrison's vacation and he goes back to the academy. Since he arrived like a week ago and his vacation is 3 weeks long, he only has two weeks and two days.

Harrison just hummed as an answer and watched Alexandra continue reading the book with the title, 'Claymore'. He stared at her gentle yet serious expression, the iris that is moving from left to right, the light sound of her breathing, and how she scrunches her nose or furrowed her eyebrows. Alexandra was already in the middle of the book and that's where all the excitement is, it feels she felt what the characters felt and she can imagine what is happening. Her imagination became alive and she was able to escape the reality as she read the book, the more she focused and read the book, the more she gets drawn in and it feels like she's being sucked into a black hole which brought her to the scene of the story she's currently on.

The story was mainly about wars and how it affected the children especially the main character whose father was a war knight while her mother was a maid. The main character's name was Clark, he was given a claymore, a sword that is thin and very long, the hilt of the sword was like a t-shaped or the letter 't'. It was a common sword mainly used for battles or duels. His father gave it to him, told Clark that he bought it in a local shop. It was a birthday gift and at the same time a parting gift. His father died in the war. Clark decided to become a knight just like his father and dedicated his heart to the country but a certain lady caught his eye. Alexandra was still in the middle of the book, where Clark has to go to an expedition with some fellow knights.

Alexandra heard the door of the room open and she suddenly looked up to see Carlos entering the room and Harrison gone. It seems like he left without me noticing, she thought to herself and continued reading the book while Carlos walked towards the table surrounded with couches and picked up the book placed on top of it, opened it and continued reading.


Alexandra closed the book she was reading and she heaved a sigh. That was quite a journey, Alexandra thought to herself. She already finished reading the book and it was pretty good and amazing, it feels like she was in a roller coaster because of the different emotions or feelings that she felt. In the end, Clark died while the lady who caught his eye, Rina waited for his return. In exchange for his death was the victory and peace of the two countries. Alexandra placed down the book besides the pen and leaned back on her chair, Carlos was now standing beside her since he also finished reading the book.

Alexandra brought out the golden pocket watch inside her pocket and opened it to look at the time, 10 minutes left before dinnertime. Alexandra stood up from her seat, the chair making a loud screeching sound as it roughly glided against the marble floor and caught Carlos' attention. He turned his head and looked at Alexandra, "What is it, Miss Alexandra?" He asked and Alexandra lifted her head and looked at Carlos, "It's almost dinnertime, I need to go down," Alexandra replied and Carlos nodded as an answer. Alexandra started walking towards the door of the room while Carlos followed behind her as usual and opened the door for her when they reached or arrived in front of it.

Alexandra walked down the stairs and head towards the dining room. In the midst of going down the stairs, she encountered Risa, one of the maids going up. When their eyes met, Risa smiled at her and Alexandra couldn't help but smile back. "May Queenilia's peace be with you," Risa said and bowed to show respect, trying to sound formal and polite.

Alexandra just looked at her as she bowed and lifted her head after a few seconds. "Great timing, young miss. I was about to call you for dinner but it seems like you're already heading down the dining room, am I right?" Risa said in a cheerful tone of voice as she smiled at her, her face beaming with joy and her gaze warm and happy. Alexandra opened her mouth to speak, "Is that so? Let's head back down the dining room, shall we?" Alexandra said in a gentle tone of voice while Carlos looked at the maid.

Risa darted his eyes at the knight behind Alexandra and smiled at him which he also smiled in return. "Then, let's go, young miss," Risa said and turned her heels around and took a step down the stairs and titled her slightly to look at both of them who also followed behind her. Silently, they head towards the dining room with a calm and comfortable atmosphere not making it feel awkward at all.


Alexandra finished eating her dinner as well as taking a bath with the help of Diana. She heads towards her bed and climbed up. Diana followed behind her, Carlos was on standby outside just like what he usually does when she's inside her room and he wasn't given permission to come inside. Alexandra lied down her bed while Diana tucked her in while humming a song, it sounds soothing and sweet and it made Alexandra sleepy.

"Did you have a good time today?" Diana asked and sat beside her as she stared at Alexandra who looked like her eyes will close any minute from now. Alexandra just nodded her head as a response to her question and she just smiled. Diana continued humming, the moon's light which slightly passed through the curtains of the window and the balcony door illuminated half of her face, her eyes reflecting the light and making her eyes look more enchanting as if it was glowing. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=";s-daughter_15275572105705005/claymore_41582202433102128">;s-daughter_15275572105705005/claymore_41582202433102128</a> for visiting.

Alexandra yawned while Diana caressed her cheek as she hummed a lullaby which sounds familiar to her ears, a gentle smile plastered on her small face, her gaze warm and loving just like a mother's. The way she caressed her cheek was very gentle and it made Alexandra sleepier. Unable to hold in, her eyes gently closed as darkness slowly engulfed her whole vision and before she knew it, she already fell asleep.


Tomorrow eventually came. Alexandra is walking around the garden while Carlos followed behind her. She decided to walk around the garden first before she goes to her father's palace and looks for Gilbert. He talked to her about so many things, about the flowers the garden in the palace has. He even told her about the favorite drink what he really wanted to have again but he only had it once since it was very expensive, he had it in a café somewhere outside the palace while he was on a vacation.

"When did I had it? Was it 3 years ago?" He asked his self, deep in thought while Alexandra walked around. She was entertained and interested in what he is telling her, she is actually acquiring or gaining info or knowledge about what's outside the palace. "Right, it was 3 years ago, I still can't forget what it tastes like," Carlos exclaimed, his tone cheerful and happy as usual. From the way he talked about the drink seems like he was in love with it, Alexandra wanted to try those too but the maids won't allow her to come with them since it would be dangerous, they aren't strong enough to protect her from any danger, they can't alter her appearance since they have weak magic or low mana. Alexandra wanted to ask Carlos to take her out or accompany her as she goes out but they still need to have permission from the emperor also known as her father and Diana who is the head maid and Alexandra's caretaker or babysitter.

Knowing them, they wouldn't allow it, Alexandra couldn't help but heave a sigh once she thought about it. Alexandra decided to change their topic and ask about her personal knight, "Carlos," She called out to him and he responded with a hum. "When did you become a knight?" Alexandra asked and plucked out a rose out from the bush. Carlos looked young, really young to be honest. His skin looked gentle and tight, he didn't have a pimple nor a scar on his face. But the callous on his hands due to the sword looked old or something. "Being a knight was in my family's blood especially the males, I started training to become one when I was 8 and I entered or went to the academy a year later. It increased both my spiritual or magical and physical powers," Carlos stated casually. Alexandra's eyes widened, he's that young when he started training?! She thought to herself.

That's unbelievable, Alexandra thought to herself. "Since our family served under the royal family or the emperor's family, I easily got in but it's not that simple, let's just say that it lessens the difficulty to do so since his highness trusts me and my family," Carlos added and Alexandra became dazed as she was deep in thought. Wait, Carlos' last name is Ivanlyer and it sounds really familiar, Alexandra thought to herself and knitted her eyebrows. That's where reality dawn upon her, The Ivanlyer Family!

They are known as the family of knights who served under the emperor himself. The most trusted knights of the emperor (and the past emperors which are also from the Everly Bloodline), they are powerful and strong knights. Not only did my father sent the vice-captain of the royal knights but he also sent someone is very important to the palace to be her personal knight, she thought to herself. Carlos must have noticed her becoming quiet all of a sudden, he called out to her and grabbed her attention.

Alexandra heaved a sigh, "How old are you?" Alexandra asked politely trying to not sound rude and create a misunderstanding. Asking for someone's age sounds rude especially to a lady. But it seems like Carlos didn't mind her asking, "Me? I'm 18 years old, turning 19 next year," Carlos responded nonchalantly. He's that young?! Alexandra thought to herself, shocked at what she heard. "I entered the palace when I was 10 and a year later, you were born, Miss Alexandra," He added and Alexandra fell into silence. She nodded her head multiple times, processing everything as much as she can. Carlos must have a hard time, he was so young yet he already experienced such hardships, Alexandra thought to herself admiring yet feeling sad for him.

Were his efforts recognized? She asked herself and stopped from her tracks which caused Carlos to stop too. He tilted his head and looked at her pluck out a daisy, a yellow one. Alexandra turned around and she faced him, "Bend down, Carlos," She politely requested and he did what he was asked to do. Alexandra gently placed the flower on his ear, it rested on top of it. She noticed how the flower almost had the same color as his eyes, since Carlos looked like a pretty and attractive boy, the flower suited him even though he was a male. "You have done well as a knight and as a human, your efforts are appreciated and recognized, and I hope for you to be happy," Alexandra said, showing a sweet smile, her expression was gentle and her gaze was filled with warmth and gratitude.

The cold breeze suddenly blew and Alexandra's hair fluttered along with it, Carlos too. Alexandra's smile was too precious and too cute for him, he was in a daze as he stared at her. But after a few seconds, he smiled a sincere smile, it was very different from the ones he would usually show her. "Thank you very much, Miss Alexandra," He said.

"But…" He took out the flower placed on top of his ear gently. What he did shocked Alexandra, "This flower suits you more rather than a male," He continued. Ba-dump. Ba-dump. Ba-dump. The sound of her heartbeat sounds like a lion's roar, it was loud and she was afraid that he would hear it. Gently, he placed the flower on top of her ear and tucked a strand of hair that obscured almost half of her face. The yellow daisy looked bright and gentle when placed against her hair, it stood out and Alexandra looked more beautiful. That earned a light blush from her, that's smooth, she thought to herself and calmed herself down.

He smiled at her once again and he stood up properly, he lends out his hand. Alexandra stared at it and at his face, "Let's go to your father's palace, shall we?" He said and Alexandra nodded and placed her hand on top of his.

The feeling and warmth of the tips of his fingers brushing against her cheek lingered there for a long time just like the flower he placed on top of her air that remained intact and still as they walked.

moonvaleriee moonvaleriee

Hope you liked this chapter! I'm really sorry fot he late update, thank you for reading!

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