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Chapter 84: New Year (1)

Spending almost 3 hours playing and goofing around with each other was quite tiring and exhausting especially for Alexandra who just woke up. Alexandra was sitting on the couch and watching Carlos and the maids play, she insisted or told the maids that she would like to sit first and just watch them play. Well, it looked like Carlos and Diana were battling each other in the game, Jenga. Jenga is a game which includes small wooden blocks stacked up with one another forming a tower and each player draw out one block from the tower, and place it on the top. If the player was drawing out a wooden block and the tower collapsed, the player loses and has to do what the other players asked.

Alexandra let out a sigh as she watched Carlos draw out another block from the tower. The tower looks like it's going to collapse soon because it looked unsteady. They are taking this seriously, to be honest, Carlos and Diana looked rather serious as they stared at the tower while the other maids were just laughing and taking it easy. Alexandra already noticed it before, it looks like they would have a hard time getting along with each other. From the first time, Alexandra and Carlos talked with each other after Alexandra had her tea party with her father when she was being brought back in his arms. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=";s-daughter_15275572105705005/new-year-(1)_42581563224948498">;s-daughter_15275572105705005/new-year-(1)_42581563224948498</a> for visiting.

She could feel the tension and pressure in the atmosphere. Somehow it feels like she is watching a tournament right now. Alexandra gulped as Carlos draw one out and placed it on top without batting an eye, Carlos let out a sigh of relief when he successfully did it, now it was Daisy's turn and as she was drawing out a block, the tower suddenly collapsed forward to her direction. Daisy let out a yelp as the tower collapsed towards her and the sound of a loud crash was heard throughout the room.

But it was quickly replaced by some laughter from the maids, Alexandra let out a giggle as she watched the maids telling some things or orders to Daisy who just loses the game. She let out a frustrated groan and the maids just either grinned, smiled, or snickered at the maid who lost.

"You're going to wash the dishes later," Yulli said accompanied with a laugh. Since there would be a feast later, expect many dishes needed to be washed right after. Usually, it would be Yulli and Risa who would be washing the dishes while the other maids clean up the mess and fix some things. "Eh? But there are like a mountain of them considering how many we are and the food that we made," Daisy said while pouting and it looks like she won't agree.

"It's either we write on your face or you wash the dishes," Therese said while showing a mischievous grin which annoyed Daisy but she just let out a sigh of defeat. "Fine," She said while Therese just lightly laughed seeing her reaction. The maids are truly having fun based on the smiles plastered on their faces which almost reached their ears while wearing a bright expression. The aura which surrounded them was also bright, bubbly, and friendly, their tone and the way they speak were rather different when they are on their duty as a maid. It was like they were completely normal people who are just playing around. There was no hint of formality and they were really close with one another.

It's not like Alexandra hated it but she was glad and happy to see them having fun this New Year's Eve, it was livelier and louder than last year and the previous years. A smile crept up to Alexandra's lips as they watched them.

I wonder if Brother Christian is also having fun this hour with the others. Are they also holding a party or a feast with the other people in the palace? Well, I just hope that he's happy, Alexandra thought to herself. She was worried about her brother since he once told her that their family never celebrated this kind of events after our mother passed away. I'll just visit him tomorrow and play with him like always, she said to herself and closed her eyes as she let out a sigh.


"HAPPY NEW YEAR!" Risa and Claire both exclaimed loudly as their arms were placed on top of each other's shoulders while they were holding a glass of juice. "There is still like less than an hour left," Grace said in a gentle voice as she began to eat while staring at the two maids. Risa and Claire just smiled at Grace while they continued to sing and dance while drinking their glasses of juice. They looked cheerful and happy as they spun in circles, performing a dance, probably.

They are now currently inside the dining room, they surrounded the table filled with dishes and desserts. The sweet and alluring aroma of food filled the air and made them hungry, some of them were already eating while either sitting or standing while others were still playing around. Risa and Claire were drinking juice while playing around, thankfully, they were careful enough for the juice to not spill on the floor. There are just drinking juice instead of wine or something alcoholic because there is a kid with them and some don't even drink.

Risa and Claire were the loudest and most cheerful duo when it comes to events like this but when they are on their duty, they are gentle and unusually quiet although they are also talkative like Carlos but refrains or stopped the urge to talk. Carlos was watching them not far away while drinking a glass of juice while letting out a light laugh.

Alexandra let out a laugh as they watched them, Risa and Claire, bump into each other and stumbled backward almost falling to the floor. They looked like those drunk men when they are having fun. As Alexandra was eating, she felt a presence approaching her from her left making her turn her head around and meet that person's gaze.

It was Diana.

She was carrying a plate with a slice of cake on top of it along with a glass of juice on her other hand as she made her way towards the miss who was just sitting quietly on her chair. A gentle smile crept up her lips as she met Alexandra's curious gaze. She stopped a meter away from her and took the seat beside her as she placed down what she was holding. "Happy New Year, young miss," Diana said in a gentle tone as she faced Alexandra with a happy expression plastered on her face.

Alexandra returned her smile as she slightly tilted her head to the side, giving her an eye smile, "Happy New Year, Diana. Calling me by my name is fine with me at this kind of celebration or event," Alexandra's voice was gentle and sweet as she spoke and the eye smile which made her look cuter than before. Diana's smile widened as she heard what the miss said, "Will do, Alexandra," She said and nodded before she began eating.

The two of them were silent as Diana began eating while Alexandra just watched the others play around. Even Carlos was getting along with them and would participate or join in when he finds the chance to do so. They were loud but it wasn't annoying, it made the room more bright and comfortable as if there were no boundaries. Since a knight especially a royal knight is higher than a maid, it's normal for the maids to feel intimidated when they are around them because they are both powerful in terms of strength and abilities. That's probably the reason Diana, the head maid, and Carlos, the vice-captain of the royal knights, had a hard time getting along with each other.

However, right now it was different. They were talking and playing around with each other, Carlos easily fitted in and he was friendly as well, that's probably why the other maids didn't feel intimidated by him unlike before. He had this light and friendly aura with him and a gentle smile plastered on his lips, he wasn't carrying his sword and he was just wearing something casual yet formal at the same time. A grey long-sleeved polo paired with black pants and dress shoes. The maids weren't also wearing their uniforms but rather something like Carlos' outfit, casual yet formal. It was either a dress, a skirt, or pants paired with a blouse or shirt.

"It's lively, isn't it?" Diana suddenly said out of nowhere while she was staring at the maids who are talking with each other and laughing. Alexandra turned her head in her direction and she nodded before she returned her gaze back at the people in front of them. Diana let out a sigh before she leaned back her seat, "Ever since you met your father and got along with him, some things are starting to change slowly, bit by bit," Diana said with a smile on her lips, her eyes gleaming with joy as she recalled Alexandra coming back on Lysander's arms from the palace. Although she cried loudly when the knight left.

Alexandra also changed too. Somehow because of all the things happening to her in just a month, she slowly changed and she became brave. She found her very first goal in her life and that is to make her father and brothers love her like a real sister, accept her, and ignore what they call her. Christian also helped her, without him, she might not be able to meet her father and there would be less chance that she would meet him when she is older. Christian was the one who led her to her father thinking that she was the daughter of those nobles who visited her father. Although it was very terrifying and nerve-racking at the start, Alexandra started to adapt and get used to it.

The weak and timid Alexandra was now a strong-willed and brave Alexandra. It's all thanks to those people around her for guiding her and helping her.

"What do you mean by that, Diana?" Alexandra asked in a curious tone of voice as she looked at Diana at the corner of her eyes. Diana smiled at her and ruffled her hair, "What I mean is that everything is slowly starting to get better," Diana said and Alexandra just stared at her. "Please do remember that you are still young and a kid, you can take things slowly and rest once in a while. I know you want to achieve your goal fast but it's okay to rest and slow down, you can't change a person's heart and feelings in just a day or two," Diana added still smiling at Alexandra as she rested her hand on top of her head. Somehow, Alexandra felt warm and happy. Diana's voice was gentle and melodic as it rang inside her ears.

"Yes," Alexandra nodded with a smile plastered on her face, she looked bright and her aura was glowing. "THERE ARE ONLY 10 MINUTES LEFT!!" Claire and Risa were rather lively and loud as they shouted and ran around. They looked like kids waiting for their gifts to be given by their parents, their eyes were sparkling and gleaming in joy. They were being overwhelmed by excitement. They were also like this last year but it was rather livelier and louder now. They looked excited and anxious as they waited for the New Year to come. Diana stood up from her seat and looked at Alexandra, "Let's go outside to wait, shall we?" Diana said as she stood up from her seat. Some of the maids are already leaving the dining room carrying some things, probably firecrackers, fireworks, and such things that they would need later.

Carlos walked towards their direction and stopped just behind Diana, a meter or two away from her. Alexandra stood up from her seat as she nodded as a response before she began walking.

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