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83.01% Born As The Emperor's Daughter / Chapter 85: New Year (2)

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Chapter 85: New Year (2)

"HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE!!" Risa and Claire both said and as if on cue, fireworks exploded into many beautiful colors in the sky, illuminating the place. Alexandra's eyes sparkled like stars as she watched the night sky filled with multiple colors of various shapes like a snowflake. It was mesmerizing and attractive, Alexandra couldn't take her eyes away from it. Even Carlos and Diana who was standing on each of her sides couldn't help but stare at it.

Alexandra gasped in excitement when she saw that the fireworks exploded into words that say 'Happy New Year!' Amazing, although I have already seen this kind of thing back on my previous life, I can't help but feel amazed, Alexandra thought to herself still staring at the blank night sky. The fireworks show was already finished but Alexandra wouldn't look away, she kept on imagining those fireworks still exploding in the sky. "LET'S HAVE ANOTHER GREAT YEAR TOGETHER!!" Risa and Claire said to everyone with wide grins plastered on their faces.

Their voices grabbed Alexandra's attention, making her look at their direction. They were talking with the other maids, saying their greetings with one another with wide smiles plastered on each of their faces, their gazes, and voices filled with hoy and excitement as they talked with each other. Alexandra just stared at them and watched them greet each other.

"Let's have another great year together, Alexandra," Diana grabbed the girl's attention as she slowly turned her head in her direction. Alexandra met Diana's green orbs which were attractive and beautiful as if they were glowing. There was a hint of joy and excitement in her gaze, her voice was gentle and soothing, and the smile plastered on her face was sweet. Alexandra smiled at her as she nodded before she responded, "Let's have another great year together,"

Carlos witnessed the two greetings each other with smiles on their faces, the aura that surrounded them was light and it felt warm. Just by seeing this interaction of theirs and how Diana called the miss with her first name, they were really close than he thought. He can't help but smile as they watched them have another conversation, probably the continuation of their conversation together. It has been so long since I celebrated New Year with other people aside from the knights at the palace, although all they did was drink and just goof around that they ended up in the bathroom afterward, Carlos thought to himself as he recalled that memory from last year. Since he was just a minor at that time and most of the knights are older than him, he wasn't allowed to drink.

Diana's eyes darted at Carlos' direction and their gazes met. Carlos smiled at Diana and Diana just stared at him before she spoke in a gentle low voice but Carlos was able to understand it even though it was quite inaudible, "Let's have a great year together," Diana simply said before returning her gaze back at Alexandra and continued the conversation with her.

Carlos' smile widened.


Alexandra was being tucked in by Diana, getting ready to sleep since it was already past 12 o'clock and she needs to sleep because it's bad for her health as a kid. Alexandra was fine with it since she was exhausted and tired just by moving around and playing around so much earlier even before their feast started. "Did you have fun, Alexandra?" Diana asked as she sat on the bed, just beside Alexandra. There was a smile plastered on her lips and her voice was gentle like always.

Before Alexandra returned to her room to sleep with Diana and Carlos, she spent some time with them for a bit. They lit some fireworks and talked about many things while doing so, thankfully, nothing bad happened.

"Yes," Alexandra responded as she nodded her head, a smile crept up her lips as she did so. "I see, I'm glad that you did," Diana said before she stood up from the bed and started walking towards the door but before she turned off the lights and leave the room, she looked at Alexandra's direction. Alexandra was just staring at her and she smiled, "Good night, Alexandra," Diana said and turned off the lights as she opened the door. She left the room and closed the door behind her. Alexandra let out a sigh as soon as Diana left.

Diana must be busy after the feast since she wasn't able to sing me a lullaby and just talked with me for a few minutes but I don't mind it. She also looked exhausted and tired, probably because of all of the things that she did earlier. She didn't rest earlier, I think. Alexandra thought to herself, she was worried about Diana as well as for the other maids. Never have I ever heard them complain about their duties or tasks inside the palace, they would just happily do it and they looked rather thankful and happy. Well, I'm glad that they are having fun but I want them to rest.

She recalled what Diana told her earlier while they were eating at the dining room and just watched everyone interact with each other.

"Please do remember that you are still young and a kid, you can take things slowly and rest once in a while. I know you want to achieve your goal fast but it's okay to rest and slow down, you can't change a person's heart and feelings in just a day or two,"

Her voice sounded gentle but it was laced with worry. Diana truly cares for her so much and Alexandra was lucky and happy that she had her. However, how could she say that to me when she doesn't even rest for an hour? Since she was the head maid, her duties were twice of the maids here in this palace. She roams around the palace during the night to check if there was something suspicious although Carlos could do it he needs to guard Alexandra who was sleeping peacefully in her room. Come to think of it, does Carlos even sleep or rest? He was always with me no matter what time of the day it was and he would always guard the outside of Alexandra's room.

She never sees Carlos entered his room ever since he went here. Wow, everyone is working hard just for me, I somehow feel guilty, Alexandra thought to herself and rolled to the other side of the bed. Because of all of these thoughts inside her head, her being sleepy and exhausted immediately vanished. I need to sleep because if I don't, it would be bad or me, I don't want to look exhausted the next morning, she thought to herself and started counting sheep inside her head while imagining them jumping over a fence and making those animal sounds.

One sheep jumped over the fence.

Two sheep jumped over the fence.

Three sheep jumped over the fence.

Four sheep jumped over the fence.

Five sheep jumped over the fence.

Harrison popped out of nowhere and stood still beside me. "Alexandra," Weird, how would a sheep call out to my name, can I understand sheep language now? Alexandra thought to herself and continued counting sheep hoping that she would fall asleep as she did so.

7 sheep jumped over the fence.

8 sheep—wait, Harrison? Alexandra immediately sat up her position and looked at Harrison, her eyes wide for a moment before it returned to normal. Harrison was standing still beside her, with a confused look plastered on his face as he was staring at her. I mistook Harrison as a sheep earlier, she thought to herself and gulped. She gave him an awkward smile and let out a small and short laugh. "What were you thinking?" Harrison asked with a curious gaze and dragged a chair to the side of Alexandra's bed and sat on it. His head was being propped up by his right palm while his elbow rested on the armchair.

"Nothing. Just sheep," Alexandra simply responded and leaned back on the wall, it was cold but she paid no mind on it. Harrison hummed before he responded, "I thought you would be asleep," Harrison's voice sounded like he was bored and he wants to play or something. "I thought so too," Alexandra replied back and let out a sigh. Harrison hummed once again before he spoke, "By the way, do you remember our agreement two days ago or somewhere around that time?" Harrison asked. His usual bored expression was plastered on his face and his lips were pursed into a thin line, how did he celebrate New Year? Did he even celebrate at all? Alexandra asked herself as she continued to stare at him, forgetting what Harrison asked her earlier. Well, he told me that this kind of celebration or event wouldn't interest him at all and would just prefer to sleep, so he probably didn't celebrate it at all even if he had friends to do it together.

But his friends are nobles, so they are probably celebrating or having a feast with their families. Ha, poor Harrison. That honestly sounded like an insult, as if she was laughing at Harrison or something like that. Alexandra doesn't know if she should pity him or laugh at him.

"Hey, are you even here with me? Is your mind wandering or not?" Harrison's voice grabbed Alexandra's attention and cut off her train of thoughts. She snapped out of her daze, "Oh, right. Yeah, sorry," Alexandra let out an embarrassed laugh before she answered his question, "Yes, I do remember it, why do you ask?"

"Hm, okay. I thought you wouldn't with that brain of yours," Harrison snickered. "Rude!" Alexandra said and threw the pillow at him but as usual, he just easily caught it and threw it back at her. Alexandra glared at him and turned her head to the side, "Hmph!" She huffed in annoyance.

"Just be sure that you'll come back early or else I would cancel it," Alexandra looked at him, her eyebrows creased. "Even if I was late for like 5 minutes?" Alexandra asked as her eyes narrowed down at him. "Even if you were late for a minute," Harrison said nonchalantly. Alexandra groaned in annoyance. Him and his punctuality, Alexandra thought to herself and let out a sigh as she watched her fingers fiddle with each other. Her features softened as she stared at her small hands, just like a child's. She was used at her thin and slender hands before when she was just born in this world.

Her hands were soft and delicate, unlike her previous ones which were rough yet slender. She was working day and night, so she never had a chance to rest before. But whenever she did, she has to do some things like planning her week ahead, calculating the money she would need in a month, her debts, and such. She lived a rough and unhappy life before and now she is planning to live happily and enjoy things which she never did previously in her life. However, she could only do that when she is older and she is fully accepted by everyone especially her family. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=";s-daughter_15275572105705005/new-year-(2)_42597570014412678">;s-daughter_15275572105705005/new-year-(2)_42597570014412678</a> for visiting.

"I want to sleep," Alexandra muttered under her breath and let out a sigh but Harrison was able to hear it clearly, how did he do it? I don't know. "Then go to sleep," He simply said and Alexandra's head whipped at his direction, her eyebrows creased. "But I'm not sleepy how can I do…" Harrison placed his hand against her forehead and she suddenly felt sleepy, as if all of the energy in her left in her body was drained just by that simple action he did.

"…that," Alexandra said before she closed her eyes and was pulled in a deep slumber. Although it was weird and confusing, Alexandra was thankful when she woke up from her dream, feeling all refreshed and energetic than ever.

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