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Chapter 68: Outside (3)

Alexandra heaved a sigh once she saw that they were going away. She can't let them know that 'he' was Harrison or else she would be forced to have a fake identity and that would be a big problem for me and Harrison. Who are they? Are they the ones Harrison was talking about? She asked herself and recalled the smile the girl gave them earlier. It gave her chills, it seems like there was something behind it. Alexandra turned her head at Harrison who had a discontented yet troubled expression plastered on his face. He had a frown on his face and his eyebrows were knitted. He was staring at something behind her with that same expression. "If you keep having that expression, you will have wrinkles," Alexandra said when she just stared at him for a few seconds waiting for that expression of his to disappear.

"That won't happen," Harrison said and their gazes met. During that moment, their orders arrived and Harrison saw how Alexandra's eyes sparkled and gleamed because of happiness and excitement seeing all of their orders being placed down by the same waitress earlier. All of the food looked mouth-watering and Alexandra gasped in awe. After the waitress placed it all down, she smiled at them as she bowed her head slightly to show respect. "I hope you will enjoy your food," She said as she bowed before she turned her back against them and walked back to the counter. Alexandra immediately picked up the fork and started tasting each one of the food, she was satisfied and there was a delightful expression plastered on her face. The food melted inside her mouth and the sweetness lingered there as she ate. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=";s-daughter_15275572105705005/outside-(3)_42204853774122329">;s-daughter_15275572105705005/outside-(3)_42204853774122329</a> for visiting.

"You completely forget how you should act when you are with me," Harrison commented and took a bite on what he ordered while he stared at her. With her mouth stuffed, she swallowed it all first and drank the glass of juice near her before she spoke. "Is that bad? I feel comfortable and free when I'm around you," Alexandra replied and continued eating. "Why?" Harrison asked, his voice laced with curiosity as she spoke. There was this silence before Alexandra was able to respond to his question.

"I don't know. There is always this weird, a really weird feeling when I'm around you, although I don't call it bad," Alexandra responded as she shrugged her shoulders. She was glad that she wasn't having the attack or something (The weird voices inside her head that she would hear) now that she's with him and they are having a conversation.

"By the way, are they the ones you are talking about?" Alexandra asked in a curious tone of voice and took a glimpse at the person behind them to see what they were doing, her hand stopped mid-air while she was holding her fork which stabbed a small piece of cake, she lightly pointed it at the person behind them and thankfully, they didn't notice or else they would know that they were talking about them. They were looking at the menu book each one of them are holding, thinking about what they should order completely forgetting what happened earlier.

"The one with bluish-grey hair was Luke and the one with blonde hair was Jerich, they are the people who kept on pestering me at the academy," Harrison explained in his usual bored tone of voice, trying to forget what happened earlier as his expression faded and turned into an expressionless one. "Well, I'm glad that they were completely fine with your attitude and able to stand with it," Alexandra snickered as she took a bite at the cake she was eating. Harrison glared at her but Alexandra being used to it just laughed.

"Just kidding, anyway. But why aren't you with them? Shouldn't they invite you or something? Guessing from their actions, it seems like they were planning to go here together, it wasn't a coincidence for them to just meet or bump into each other somewhere then decided to go to this café. They are sons of the nobles, right? Their actions are just limited and restricted especially that they are kids," Alexandra said in a curious tone of voice as she waddled her fork around carelessly.

"They invited me, then I declined because I don't want to go," Harrison simply said and continued eating. "Heeeh," Alexandra said, having a smug look on her face as she stared at Harrison. A smile crept up her lips, "Then what are we doing here?" She asked in a rather teasing tone of voice. Harrison gave her the stink-eye, there was a frown on his face, and his eyebrows were creased. His eye twitched.

"Just continue eating or you will be the one to pay," Harrison said.

Alexandra hummed and looked at the girl who was with them. She was shining and glowing, the aura that was surrounding her was warm and bright. The color of her hair was really attractive, Alexandra didn't know that such a hair color exists. Well, almost all of the impossible and unexpected things exist here. Her eyes too were like glowing gems, it looked attractive. She was an angel, the sun that shines brightly and warmly, a flower that has yet to be bloom but still looked attractive even if it was a bud. Alexandra was attracted to beauty, so she can't help but stare at the girl behind them. She looked gentle and pure.

"What about that girl?" Alexandra said, referring to the girl she was staring at earlier. She heard Harrison heave a sigh, "That was the girl I was talking about, Elise Clarissa Greenwood. The weak and mysterious girl at the academy," Alexandra's eyes widened in shock and she looked at Harrison. "Really?!" Alexandra said in a rather loud voice attracting almost everyone's attention but she didn't care about them. Harrison groaned and hushed her, "Keep your voice low. You're attracting everyone's attention," Harrison said in an annoyed tone of voice.

"Yeah, sorry. But I really thought that it was someone… looking kind of different from that," Alexandra said, her voice unsure as she was making a sort of expression Harrison couldn't explain nor understand. "What do you mean?" Harrison asked and Alexandra heaved a sigh before she responded. "I mean, I thought it was someone weak or thin and small, quiet, wears glasses, and shy not beautiful, attractive, friendly, and such,"

"Why do you think that people who wear glasses are mysterious, weak and quiet? Besides, I 'said' that she had 'weak amount' of 'mana' not literally weak," Harrison said, emphasizing the words: said, weak amount, and mana. "My bad, my bad," Alexandra said as she laughed shortly after she spoke. Harrison hummed and just stared at her while she laughed. He noticed that Alexandra already finished eating, the plates were empty and her glass of juice was half-full. Unbelievable, she managed to eat all of that in just half an hour or less than that, Harrison thought and took the last bite of the food.

"You're done? Let's leave," Harrison said as he was about to raise his hand and call for the waiter near them when Alexandra stopped him. "Wait, wait, let's just stay here first," Alexandra insisted. "No, besides, what are we going to do here? You are just going to stare and talk about them, right?" Harrison said and Alexandra averted her gaze as she whistled. He was referring to the people behind them and Harrison was right. Elise was so beautiful Alexandra couldn't help but just stare at her, however, there was this feeling. Her guts told her that she was dangerous or she was strong. But Alexandra was attractive to beauty, so she just shrugged that feeling off.

"Waiter," Harrison called out to the waiter not too loud but loud enough for him to hear. The waiter turned his head at Alexandra and Harrison's direction and he walked towards them. "Eh? B-But—" Alexandra wasn't able to continue what she was about to say because she was interrupted by Harrison. "We need to go back now, it may look suspicious is we stayed longer. Besides, look at the time," Harrison said and Alexandra took out the pocket watch inside the pockets of her skirt. It was the pocket watch Harrison gave to her.

1 hour has passed ever since they went out. He's right, we really need to go back now, Alexandra said inside her head as she cursed and lifted her gaze. She saw Harrison talking to the waiter while holding a black long notebook-like thing and placed some cash inside. Just like the same thing when paying on her previous life, she forgot what the black thing was called but they would always give that to the costumers when they are paying either by card or by cash.

Alexandra took a last glance at the people behind Harrison as she heaved a sigh and bid goodbye to them inside her head. "Come on, we need to leave," Harrison said as he grabbed her arm and pulled her up her seat. "Wait, I can walk!" Alexandra said and was still continued being dragged by Harrison until they left the café.

Alexandra straightened her shirt and smoothed out the wrinkles of her clothes before they walked towards an alley near them to teleport back to the palace. Once they arrived at the alley, they make sure that nobody was there or someone will suddenly enter. When there was no one, with a snap of his fingers. The feeling of being turned upside-down conquered her whole body but she was already used to it. She remained her eyes closed during the whole process.

"Open your eyes, we're already here," She heard Harrison's voice and Alexandra slowly fluttered her eyes open. The first thing that she saw was her bed, then Harrison who was now wearing his set of clothes he would usually wear unlike earlier. Alexandra's dress was back to normal and she was back on her real appearance. "It seems like you are slowly getting used to it," Harrison said as he stared at her.

"Used to what?" Alexandra asked, her eyebrows creased. "The process of teleporting," Harrison said and Alexandra just smiled at him. Well, she couldn't help but get used to it since he would take her to multiple places by teleporting. Alexandra looked around her room and saw a doll that was identical to her. It was staring at her and it sent a chill down Alexandra's spine, the doll didn't say anything and just stared at her. This was the replica Harrison would leave behind when he decided to take out Alexandra without informing the maids or her personal knight.

"Harrison, this doll is creepy, it's creepily ugly!" Alexandra shouted and turned her head around to look at Harrison who was walking around her room. "That doll is you, idiot," Harrison snorted and couldn't help but laugh when he heard what Alexandra just said. "I know! But still—Stop laughing!" Alexandra said. A(n) (imaginary) tick mark appeared on her forehead which shows that she was annoyed and wants him to stop laughing.

"Sorry, sorry. I'll stop now," Harrison said, quickly changing his expression to his usual bored one, however, his shoulders were shaking, He was trying to contain his laughter but he can't. He burst out laughing. "Why do you find that funny? You're weird," Alexandra said, giving him a glare, her eyebrows were creased. But her expression softened seeing Harrison continue laughing. This was the first time that he laughed like this, he would always have a smirk or mischievous grin on his face. Yes, he laughs but this was different, really different.

"Coming from you. You just called a replica of yourself ugly and creepy," Harrison said between his laughs. Alexandra waited for his laughter to die down.

Before Alexandra could open her mouth to speak, Harrison spoke. "Well, I'm leaving now. Enjoy your day," He said, a subtle smile plastered on his face which Alexandra failed to notice because a blinding light conquered her vision and she closed her eyes. When she opened it, Harrison wasn't there standing in front of her anymore. Geez, leaving like that before I was able to respond, she thought to herself and remained still at her position before she heard a knock at her door.

"Miss Alexandra? Are you there?" Alexandra heard Carlos's voice coming from outside the door and she ran towards the door to open it. Right, I need to go to father's palace, she thought to herself before she opened the door with a smile plastered on her face.

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